Tricky Towers Arrives on PS4 August 2, Free for PS Plus

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Tricky Towers Arrives on PS4 August 2, Free for PS Plus

Hi everyone, Niels from WeirdBeard here. We have some exciting news! Tricky Towers will be released on PS4 August 2, and to celebrate we’ll be doing a live stream to show you all the game and answer any burning questions you might have.

We’ve been quite busy over the last year both developing and showing Tricky Towers off at events around the world. We’ve had a great response from players and we really enjoy engaging with gamers and being able to talk about the game and the work that has gone into it. Livestreaming seems like a natural step for us to take, and it allows us to show you Tricky Towers and answer your questions no matter where in the world you happen to be!

The livestream event will take place on August 4 at 11:00 AM Pacific. You can already register for it via Events in the PS4 menu — make sure you’ve connected your Twitch account so you’re ready to send in questions when the stream starts.

For those who need a bit of a refresher — Tricky Towers is a physics-based tower building game. Using tetromino bricks you must build a tower higher, faster, and better than your opponents. You can also cast magic spells to either stabilize your own tower or sabotage those of other players. When your tower is swaying and magic spells are flying thick and fast, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, cheering and jeering along with your friends!

We’ve added quite a bit to Tricky Towers since our last blog post. There’s now a whole new mode called Puzzle which is all about fitting as many bricks as you can below a destructive laser line. Smart building wins over fast building in Puzzle mode, so if you’re looking for something a bit more zen then this is the mode for you.

Along with that we’ve added different difficulty levels for all three modes, online and offline (local) multiplayer, a huge number of single-player trials and a single-player endless mode where you can compete with players around the globe for the top score.

We’re really looking forward to releasing Tricky Towers on PS4 and letting you all in to play. See you in the live stream on August 4!

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  • Looks interesting guys. Ignore all the hateful comments regarding your game on PS+ from people who haven’t even played your game yet.

    • I’d love to see people around here have a little more respect and tact to not yell garbage at developers in their own blog posts.

    • Yes, yes you are.

    • You’re what’s wrong with gaming/the hobby.

      Failing to realize that these games are made by small teams consisting of people who are passionate towards this hobby.

      The people making these games hope to be making Big AAA in the future but…

      …Others won’t thanks to inconsiderate/entitled “gamers” such as yourself that should be spending the $4.16 charges monthly on a box of tissues instead of expecting AAA Big budget titles on every PS+ monthly offering announcement.

  • Not really feeling it …but for part of PS+ im not gonna hate. Might be fun with some friends

  • I’ve played this at BIG Festival in Brazil and its awesome! Great fun to play with friends =)

  • I’ll try it with my wife, and next time I have 2 good friends over, we’ll boot it up and try it out.

    If it doesn’t impress I still have Jack Box Collection games, as well as Towerfall Ascension and a lot of other great party games the Blog trolls are apparently too stuck up to give a chance.

    • Thanks, we also love Towerfall and the Jackbox collection. We hope Tricky Towers will also become a regular at your place!

  • Can’t wait to try this on my phone….

  • Thank you for talking about the game on here. I had not read any news about this title before and was completely unfamiliar with it until I saw that it was a free Plus game, however now I am excited about it. I love playing puzzle games with a twist and this really has that it seems in spades. Especially being able to cast spells against your opponents towers. Hopefully I can get my wife to play it with me.

  • I’m into it, can’t wait to play locally!

  • Looks like a fun game. Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you for making it available for PS+ members!

  • Looks hot! So happy you guys opted for a platinum trophy. Definitely checking this out on Tuesday :)

    • We’ve added some cool and challenging trophies for you to bite your teeth in, definitely worth a platinum :)

  • Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Any chance does the Multiplayer have a leveling system? That way there’s longevity to it.

    • For sure, we have an xp based leveling system and we do matchmaking based on your skill level. We’re really excited to see how the community will play our game and are fully committed to add extra features in future updates based on your feedback.

    • That’s really awesome to hear. I really can’t wait to try it out now. Thanks for your hard work :)

  • Brilliant! Game looks like a blast for a silly sit down with the kids game. I’m definitely in the minority but this is why I love PS+ and awesome developers.

  • looking forward to playing this, couch co-op is hard to come by these days!

  • This looks so fun, I can’t wait to play!

  • Not hating on this game, but ps+ had seriously been garbage fir the most part since it became mandatory to play online. Thus and most other games released for free the last 2 years are better suited as 3ds games, but ps4. My opinion, happy I’m able to express it. Although I’m sure no one cares. Maybe psn should look at how many ps+ users actually download and play these games, and how many uninstall after 5 mins.

    • If they went by the metric of how many PS+ people grab the games, there would be no free games at all. The vast majority ignore that stuff.

      We’ve gotten tons of great games over the last 2.5 years. I’m sorry you don’t enjoy them at all.

  • Can we play 2 people local, against two friends online? I talked my good friend and his wife into getting a PS4 after he moved out of town, so we could game as a group, but most good multiplayer party games on PS4 don’t allow this (and it’s INFURIATING).

    • Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment, but we hear you and will look into adding this in a future update.

    • Without having you ignore this game and not trying to push you to buy other games, but you do have Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, and Little Big Planet 3. Probably more, but those are the ones I know of. It would be awesome if they update this one as well.

  • Patapon 3! Going to for sure getting my sub back for that.

    Can’t do a year, I feel ill supporting walking sims. never again.

  • This looks like a super rad take on Tetris! Looks like another great ps+ lineup this month! Don’t listen to blog trolls trashing on this game it’s new and innovative so they have to come bash it for not being a military FPS with a full multiplayer suite, lame. Try something new and be pleasantly surprised!

    • Niels Monshouwer

      Thanks! We had a lot of fun coming up with the different modes and the magic spells. And we’re hoping to add some more features as time goes on :)

  • This looks like something my daughter and I will have a blast playing. Thanks!

  • Wow i’ll give the developers a thumbs up they have the grapefruits to post a blog update after everyone calling there free game trash. Anyways i’ll check it out since its free anyways people are just butthurt that a trash Triple A game isnt free. Maybe the next game theses developer make will be free exclusively on Xbox1. Then everyone well be crying why aint we getting the game.

  • Awesome! My brother and I played this game at PSX and loved it. Really looking forward to it.

    • Niels Monshouwer

      Very nice! We’ve added quite a bit of polish and some extra content since PSX so hopefully you enjoy it even more than the last time you played ;)

  • Looks like a fun game! I can’t wait to play it next week. Congrats on the release!

  • couch co op is a big win for me as i only play couch co op games with my wife. single player is too boring to keep up

  • Game looks great. Thanks for making it free for plus, can’t wait to test it out next week. Remember seeing a post a little while back about this and it intrigued me.

  • I love that you have a focus on local multiplayer (testing speed), but also have a chill one player puzzle mode that sounds like it is turn based not timed. This seems like an excellent balance and something that is not often featured in the same game. And to top it all off, have it free with PS+? Thanks! :-D

    • Thanks paulogy!

      The Puzzle mode is also real time like the other two modes, but in Puzzle mode you can take a bit more time to plan out how you’re going to place your brick – since the drop speed is a lot lower and there’s no bonus for finishing first.

      A turn-based mode is an interesting concept though! Perhaps we can work in something like that in a future update.

    • Niels Monshouwer

      Oops – must be Friday, we’ve responded with the wrong account! (WeirdBeardGames is us too, don’t worry).

      Bonus fact since we goofed: we once tried to have a multiplayer “musical chairs” mode where players would swap towers mid game. Sadly it just became too confusing to be much fun. We are always interested in hearing about new ideas for modes though!

  • wow thats a bad line up xbox has wwe 2k16 as part of there line up…. i love you sony but step it up

    • Wrong comments section and I would take any game over WWE. Those games are just not enjoyable to me and I have a Xbox One with Live. None of their Games with Gold have pulled me in to switch consoles.

  • this will be fun :)

  • Trash game. looks like something a 5 year old would play on a ipad. ****** choice sony.

  • This looks brilliant, hats off to the developers! Really looking forward to adding it to my PS+ collection. Just hope I can find some likeminded people to play against.

  • AMAZING! Can’t wait to play!

  • I understand that you guys are trying your hardest to give us free games for PlayStation Plus and I REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY appreciate it so please don’t take this the wrong way. I feel like you should do the thing you did with Broforce, where we could vote on which game that we could get, and then add on another game like you did last time. I’m SORRY I understand that you might not have the money for it or anything, and that’s perfectly fine, I don’t even care, but don’t you feel like you should give your fans at least a LITTLE more say in what they get to play. If people like me, who have paid about 50-70 dollars on PSPlus aren’t really getting that much except for online play, WHICH IS GREAT, then I’m sorry, because I’m slowly getting disappointed. If there is some way that I could vote but I don’t know then please inform me, but either way, yes I appreciate this service and either way, I would love anything you throw at me regardless.

  • Be prepared for hours of family and friend fun fun fun for all. Love the up and coming devs. Thank you from your customer ambassador to the PlayStation Network.
    Keep up the hard work for our fun.

  • I watched this being played on Giant Bomb on Unprofessional Fridays. This game looks amazing. Cannot wait.

  • I wonder, how did Sony made this game free on Ps Plus? Was it a deal that you guys made? I am looking forward to playing it. Tetris and Jenga had a baby.

  • Started playing it today. Not sure if I love you guys or flipping hate you at this point…. It is fun, but so mean. So very mean.

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