Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

We’ve been hard at work on the next PS4 system software update, and could use your help testing it ahead of the official launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4.

Click here to sign up. You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta in early August. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we’ll close registration — so don’t delay!


As you may recall, we ran betas for the PS4’s 3.00 and 3.50 system software updates. Participants got to see all kinds of upcoming features before they were officially rolled out, like Events, Communities, and more.

If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 with an internet connection, and access to a Master Account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software, version 3.55, at any time.

If you aren’t already signed up to the PlayStation Forums, make sure to do so. That way you’ll get access to our beta forums to discuss the new features with other testers. We’ll monitor forums throughout the beta, and it’s always valuable to hear your feedback. We’re listening to all the comments we get to help guide the direction we take.

We’ll be back in early August with an update on the features you can expect in the beta.

Thanks to all of our returning beta testers, and welcome to everyone signing up for the first time!

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  • Awesome, can’t wait!

  • A PSN Vet ready for service! Sir!

  • Backwards compatible please.

    • Wow I can’t think of anything I want less than that.

    • Whats wrong with wanting backwards compatibility. It will make life whole lot easier

    • I cant think of anything more I’d want then that. But a way to pin/manage games and custom PS4 themes would be a close 2nd.

    • I cant think of anything more I’d want then that. But a way to pin/manage games and custom PS4 themes would be a close 2nd

    • A way to move your notification bar to a different location on screen would be nice

    • I can’t think of anything I want more. Let us play all our digital purchasrs!

    • You’ll need some extra hardware pieces and another $300 for that. Plus the expenses you’ll have to pay for Sony to send out techs to upgrade your hardware in order to make that even possible.

    • As in life, look forward, not backwards.

    • Backwards compatibility adds value to the system, the year of the game you play doesn’t matter, only that you have more to play.

      “As in life, look forward, not backwards.”

      Please, just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean it’s not a good suggestion, why would they keep trying to resell us the games we already own if there wasn’t some value to them?

    • What is the primary reason for needing /wanting backwards compatible (B-C) ? Are the PS3’s failing or have you sold yours? Is another HDMI connection not possible? IMO, the cost (development $, reputation risk, etc.) /benefit is too high for Sony to enable B-C on PS4.

    • The Cell processor is far too powerful to be emulated by the PS4’s hardware, or any current x86-64 hardware in general probably. PS Now is only possible because it is a server farm of Cell procs.

      BC is NEVER coming to the PS4, because it is an absolute impossibility, unless they sell a hardware add on that includes a Cell processor. Personally, I’d buy something like that, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

      If you really want to play PS3 games, buy a PS3. That is the best option, IMO. I still have my PS3, and don’t plan to get rid of it.

    • Agreed. I still have my PS3. For the people who foolishly think Sony is trying to sell you games you already own, you obviously aren’t the target audience. Millions of PS4s were sold and guess what? I never played GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Manhunt, Mark of Kri, or Rise of the Kasai. So I bought the PS4 versions when they were each on sale for $4 (also got the Star Wars classics with my Battlefront bundle). Next up to buy, The Warriors. With 1080p upscale, trophies and other features: thank you Sony. Now bring on Battlefront 2.

    • I’m sure Sony is losing $$$ by not offering BC. Myself, and I’m sure many others are done buying PS3 titles. I have a 1TB hard drive full of digital games. I would purchase more games but I am not going invest any money into my PS3. Also many new Playstation customers I’m sure would purchase PS3 digital titles.
      Playstation Now is not the solution.

    • Im sure sony is losing a lot just because YOU want a feature. They are the highest selling home console right now, they aren’t losing a dime. The fact that the cell processor is the main reason for not having BC at all has been explained a while back, quit begging for stuff that isn’t going to happen. Like others have said, if PS NOW isn’t an option you should just get a ps3.

      I for one am in the crowd that I do not need BC nor do I find it that appealing, yes those games in the past were good, but new tech means new games and theres plenty of that. If theres a classic I like that they remake I dont mind spending the extra bucks if I really want to play an old game for nostalgias sake.

    • Rumors are that it’ll have PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility…!

  • I hope there will be a UI overhaul
    Delete demo
    But one weak aspect of the ps4 is features that’s one thing Xbox one has over ps4 there need to be more features in a regular not just stability updates !!!

    • UI overall design is going to stay the way it is (unfortunately). What can change is how much control we have over customizing it. Which I hope happens.

    • What is it with the minority wanting to destroy a quick function GUI. Do you want and abomination like we went through on the 360 and now xbox one. I rather not.

  • How about supporting external hard drives, like every other available current-gen system? You’re getting lapped by Wii U.

    • That would be a great feature.

    • The Wii U external requires one that has either AC power supply or a Y-Cable. According to Nintendo they only want you to really use the one with AC power supply. Having tried to add storage to mine recently that has been annoying. Unless I want to buy a 3TB that I can only ever use 2TB of.

      I already replaced my internal PS4 hard drive and I like that option. I just wish there was larger than a 2TB Slim. Not interested in having the Nyko thick cover to use a 4TB.

    • The Wii U is a last-gen console IMO. I call it the Indii U instead.

    • Both the Wii U and the Xbox One support external hard drives.
      Having more options is always a plus. Especially considering that most people won’t change their internal hard drive like I did.
      If people have access to more memory, they will buy more games on the platform and you will make more money.
      Everyone wins.

    • They really do need to add this feature because these installs are not small compared to last gen especially.

      Come on SONY!!!

    • “Especially considering that most people won’t change their internal hard drive” Then that’s their problem that they lack the small time and minor ability to switch a drive in less then a couple minutes. All the whining for a useless feature they could have already alleviated it.

    • It does support external storage, it has since launch.

      Are you confusing the term “external storage support” with being able to play executable game applications from external drive?? Because that is something entirely different, and no thanks, there is a reason pc gamers don’t run the latest games from an external… perhaps read up on that issue.

    • This is my no.1 feature im looking forward to. More space on your ps4 = more games = more money for Sony. Good for everyone :)

  • Being able to change online ID

  • Hoping they finally fix the system storage errors. It’s such a hassle to have over 150GB of free space and still can’t download games or updates because of system errors

    • I would say thing please adjust the party chat to like 12 people and doesn’t matter to me with the new features tho. But what are they tho

  • Sony its a request, please add the option for usb mode for Dualshok 4 from wireless mode so players can connect a usb to their Dualshok 4 and switch from wireless to usb……..its reallu important for competitive online gaming.!

  • Sony its a request, please add the option for usb mode for Dualshok 4 from wireless mode so players can connect a usb to their Dualshok 4 and switch from wireless to usb……..its really important for competitive online gaming.!

  • I know we can use mp3 music on our PS4’s, but is it possible to make it possible to use on ALL PS4 games, or is that a patent by Microsoft if I had heard correctly?

    • They want you to use Spotify.

    • You can. Download the Media app in the store and start it before you open a game.

    • People are telling you to use the Media Player app to listen to tunes while you’re gaming but don’t do that. The only way you can change folders/change things is if you suspend the game you’re currently playing. USB Music Player is much better as you can go into it mid-game at any time. Once you insert your compatible USB go to your library and you’ll see the USB Music Player. By default, it’s hidden in there until you use it. I think it asked me if I wanted to use that as my preferred music player over Media Player when I used it. I actually didn’t know Sony brought it back and had been angrily using Media Player which also has MAJOR sorting problems, but it’s there – just hidden in your library.

  • Being able to switch the party settings to private and/or public would be a nice feature to add.

  • To pin you apps where you want on the menu screen. To make folders, also to be able to use media share. The ps3 could do it but not the ps4. Hopefully be able to run our ps3 games on the ps4.

  • external hardrive support please…..

  • Signed up!

  • I’ve already signed up! I bet this update is going to be awesome.

  • External hard drive would be nice like the Xbox1 yeah I drop the name cause right now they are doing more for the consumers the PS4… Facts are Facts you shouldn’t have to keep worrying about space for your console….. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE PLEASE

    • “Xbox1 yeah I drop the name cause right now they are doing more for the consumers the PS4… Facts are Facts you shouldn’t have to keep worrying about space for your console….. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE PLEASE”


      I have a xbox one and they aren’t doing anything, they havent even fixed the horrendous GUI. pro-tip:put in a hard drive bigger then a few gigs.

  • PLEASE give us folders! And let us organize our homescreen–customized wallpapers / music, pinned apps, etc. These are the most-needed fixes to an otherwise amazing system. Thank you!

  • I’d just be happy if they finally got around to adding the wishlist to the device’s Playstation Store. Sony does realize most people buy their games while on the device, not online, right? Why put the wishlist on the website, but have it inaccessible while on the console? For some reason, they just keep on ignoring this.

    • Wishlist is available on the website (Has been for years). Are you using Internet Explorer or something?

    • @Lersal It seems more like Corgan meant that he wants to be able to see and use his wishlist while shopping using the ps4 system rather than only the website.

  • Here’s hoping they finally bring folders back. Combing the library is getting a bit ridiculous. I also used them to keep my PS+ games separate from my purchased titles on PS3.

  • Being able to delete betas from download list
    Change psn Id
    Search feature in download list
    External hdd support

  • I didn’t realise Wallpapers/Folders were required to enjoy your games. Peoples OCD these days..

    • Stop being a fanboy, please.

    • A fanboy of what exactly? Wallpapers?

    • I have over 300 PS4 games, all digital. Being able to put them in folders would severely enhance my gaming experience.

    • You’re all over the place

    • Customization and Organization are important to some people. One of the main reasons why people have been on Sony’s butt about it is because they were both features on ps3, ones that set it apart from other consoles. Sony went from an extremely powerful entertainment console to a bland facebook/twitter console. It upset a lot of people. We don’t expect you to understand.


    Please give us Folders. I don’t like UI of PS4 right now because of having no way to specify categories of my games.

  • Surprise us with some amazing features the community has been begging for Sony!

  • Reporting for duty :)

  • Please let me Turn OFF notifications while watching Video!!! PLEASE!!!!

  • Hope I get selected this time around.

  • They need to fix the software issues before they add features, yes features would be great but they need to put a more aggressive fan control firmware update, and fix the artifact issue with dynamic backgrounds and things like that, there is no point to update features to a system that does not work right in the first place

  • I honestly would rather be able to change my own gamertag than have them work on backward compatibility.I dont get why gamers out there still want t play games we have played already before and if you still got an xbox360/ps3 you could always go back to it it aint that hard really…..

    • Wolverines_Salza


    • That’s quite a self centered opinion; “we” all haven’t played every game from last generation, some of us sold our ps3s and 360s to get new systems, some of us had the hopes we’d get to play the many games we purchased on the new gen, but that dream seems to be unrealistic for us PlayStation gamers, especially when there’s people such as yourself posting detracting comments.

    • Well…it is pretty hard when my PS3 is going bad..And I have a were console that is SUPPOSED to replace my old one..yet the newer one doesn’t even play the majority of my games I own…That is a bit of a problem….

  • Wolverines_Salza

    It would be super cool if you guys made it able to change your (PSN) ID (Gamertag). First change should be free. :)

    See when your friends were last on.

    Update when you see recent players right away for example on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 right as you see them in the lobby put them in recent players seen.

    Automatically notify you when all your friends get online, not having to keep putting that new friend you add.

    Backwards compatibility. I’m pretty sure you guys would make more money doing backwards compatibility for the PS4.

    Make locking a party much more simpler.

    Other than I can’t think of anything else. You guys are doing an excellent job. :)

    • I have like 200 friends. I do not want it popping up every time someone comes online, however I’m perfectly fine having it pop up with the one or two I regularly play with.

    • You can already choose which friends you get notifications for for when they come online. It’s in Setting > notifications

  • Make sure you make a separate post so people can be able to see it

  • Do you think we will ever have the ability to sort our trophies by date/time we won them? That’d be cool to see.

  • Sony, please, add the feature of external drive support. I understand with new firmware and the new system rolling out bigger internal drives wil be supported, but the ease of just adding an external drive is more bliss than ever. As of now I am on my second internal drive that goes to 2TB and even then it is still not enough for my library of games (mind you I do have an extensive library including GTA & COD Blackops 3, which have DLC updates that are huge), but the fact that I have to pick a game to be deleted everytime I want to install a new game or install a game that I have deleted before for the same reason and go through a whole process of installation that can last more than two hours (Destiny) is not a easy process what so ever. I am a avid gamer, I play both xbox and playstation equally, I have love for both systems, but the fact that majority of times I have to pick multi-console games for xbox over playstation due to conserving memory for my PS4 is frustrating. So I ask as a longtime Playstation Player, please add external drive support, and make my life and everyone elses a whole lot easier. Thank you.


  • Hopefully this new update lets us organize/pin games into folders (like PS3 could do!) but probably not.

  • Please allow us to remove betas and demos we will never download again from our Library.

  • You really have to add external hdd support. Pleases Sony. It’s a must. A lot of people have switched to digital gaming and you can only fit between 8-10 big games on that factory 500GB HDD. Really that’s all? I don’t want to be constantly deleting my games off my harddrive so I can have room to download a newer one in its place. I want instant access to all my games. For me there is no gaming store nearby and I have to resort to buying digitally. Since you’re obviously having somewhat trouble with hdd’s over 2tb being compatible on the ps4. I believe the primary reason is because of the 3.5 inch size of the hdd over 2tb. Just add external hard rive support. It just makes a lot of sense and is a lot more convenient than an internal hdd and we won’t have to worry about constantly redownloading games over 50GB during the day and over night as not everyone has access to high speed internet. Thanks for reading

    • Also I forgot to add please:

      Allow us to be able to remove betas and demos from our game library and have an indie section aswell maybe. Also I don’t know why dailymotion and media player apps are in my game library section.

      Another thing is trophy organising. We should be able to sort out trophies just like the ps3 does. It’s a simple feature. Surely you could add that? Alphabetical order (A -Z) OR Z -A or last played etc..

    • If you buy a 2tb hdd i doubt you have trouble with space on the ps4 even a 1tb hdd probably is enough lol but i have the factory hdd and im doing just find with it just delete the games you dont play anymore and clear out old videos and screenshots from the capture gallery

  • Friends offline notification
    Friends last sign-in, even though some of my friends on list are offline, i would like to know when thier last sign in was

  • I dont understand why people who buy playstation +, arent given priority for beta testing.

  • Folders and the option to organize trophies alphabetically please? Step up Sony.

  • I really don’t see the point, unless this adds modability to fallout 4. I’m seriously considering selling my ps4 and getting an Xbox one. Aleast players can count on Microsoft to add functional mods for there games.

  • Hope I get in this time

  • Are we finally getting custom wallpapers?


  • I can’t wait to discover the new features and test them fully

  • where do I sign up at, I clicked on each link above and do not see where to sign up at

  • The option to create Folders, to allow us to organize our games more efficiently. For example, i would make a Resident Evil folder with all the games from that series, and another folder for my final fantasy games and so on.

    The option to arrange icons in any order we want and lock them to prevent them from moving to the end of the row.

    The option to hide icons from apps or games we don’t use. For example, i never use ps video, live from ps, etc.

    Custom themes and backgrounds, or release a free app that enables us to create our own themes and import them to the ps4.

    Backwards compatibility is a must. It’s every gamer’s dream, to have a console that plays all games.

    The option to change psn id, also a must.

    Option to delete whatever from the library.

    Change the psn store search with the normal, more efficient keyboard, it’s way better and faster.

    The option to hide overview, recent activities and related items.

  • Hey there, I know they say they’re listening to all the comments, but I’m not sure my voice will be heard among the others. However, I’ll list my hopes for the next update. Communities: Having a tab to add pictures to. Sort of like a community album, you get what I’m saying? (I’d plan to use this with No Man’s Sky). Option to change the size of the posts so you can see more on the screen. Better reply system. (For example if you “@” a player’s ID, it will notify them. But they can turn this feature off in the settings if they don’t want to be bothered.) Also, a reply chain, so if you press “show more”, it expands everybody’s replies to one post. A “Like” button for posts. No “dislike” buttons though. An option to “sticky” posts to the top so the moderators or owner can use so people can see it. Either posts made by other users or the mods/owners themselves. Profile: Ability to allow your avatar to be seen by “everybody”. Not just “close friends” or “no-one”. Messages: Ability to “checkmark” messages you want to leave, instead of manually and laboriously deleting them one by one. Ability to delete comments. A “favorites” bar for your messages would be nice as well.

  • How about let us deletes things in bulk instead of 1 by 1. Trying to delete old friends and invitations is a joke.

  • Signed up. Got to test drive 3.50 and hope to do the same here.

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