Introducing the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

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Introducing the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

If you’ve seen anything to do with World of Final Fantasy, I think you’d agree that it looks like a storybook come to life (that, and it’s so adorably cute)!

In World of Final Fantasy you take control of twin siblings Lann and Reyne as they step into the world called “Grymoire” to try and rediscover their lost memories.

When we were coming up with ideas for the collector’s edition for World of Final Fantasy, we wanted to do something a little bit different to really bring you into Grymoire yourself and we came up with the perfect way to do this.

So here it is, the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition, exclusive to PS4.

Looks pretty cool, right? So here’s what you get in the Collector’s Edition of World of Final Fantasy:

Exclusive Pop-up Book
To house all of the physical and digital content in the Collector’s Edition, we’ve created a very special pop-up book featuring various scenes from World of Final Fantasy brought to life through striking 3D paper cuts — just like a story pop-up book!

Since all of the content in the Collector’s Edition fits inside of this pop-up book, it’s also pretty big!

Special Art Book
World of Final Fantasy is an adorable game and has a unique style when compared to the rest of the Final Fantasy franchise. This 80-page hardback artbook shows off the stunning World of Final Fantasy creative direction and I’m sure it’ll put a smile on anyone who reads it.

Mini Figures
In World of Final Fantasy, you can summon legendary, legacy characters from the Final Fantasy franchise — so in the Collector’s Edition we wanted to include some of our favorites. You’ll get mini figurines of Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII), and Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) in their adorable chibi form. Each figure is approximately 4-5cm tall.

Soundtrack Selection
A 20 track soundtrack selection CD featuring enchanting music from the game.

Extra Digital Bonus Content
You get five bonus bits of DLC which you can use in game:

  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) — A special summon that will aid you in battle!
  • Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo, and Glow Moogle — These are special versions of mirages (monsters) you can recruit to join you on your quest and aid you in battle. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, I’m sure you can recognize which mirages these are based on!
  • Japanese voice-over DLC — This allows you to play the whole game with the Japanese voice overs.

World of Final Fantasy!
Obviously, we had to include the game itself! The Collector’s Edition will only be available for the PS4 version of World of Final Fantasy.

You get a lot of cool stuff in the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition and copies will be limited so make sure you pre-order one so you don’t miss out! You can pre-order the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition exclusively from Square Enix Store.

As well as the Collector’s Edition, we’re also announcing the Day 1 Edition of World of Final Fantasy! The Day 1 Edition comes with the full game and all of the extra digital bonus content (the Sephiroth summon, Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo, and Glow Moogle mirages and the Japanese voice-over DLC). The Day 1 Edition will be available on both PS4 and PS Vita so whatever format you choose, you’ll be able to get all of the digital bonus goodies!

If you’ve got any questions about the Collector’s Edition or the Day 1 Edition of World of Final Fantasy then feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Square Enix Store if you’d like to pre-order the Collector’s Edition or the Day 1 Edition and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

I hope you’re looking forward to World of Final Fantasy which is coming out October 25.

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  • No Vita CE >:(

    • I want to see a new exclusive Final Fantasy Dissidia exclusive for PS4 with the best graphics.
      Also have a Vita port with lower graphics.
      I would rather buy that than this.

    • @CommandingTiger Dissidia Arcade is supposed to be getting ported to PS4. Since it’s made by Koei Tecmo, hopefully it also gets a Vita version. KT does a lot of Vita ports.

    • Support the PSVita vers.!!!

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  • I don’t see the collector edition in the store yet, how does it work for Canada?

  • Super looking forward to this (even more so than FFXV!!). Will there be cross-save support? I’d love for it to be cross-buy too but that might be unreasonable.

  • Will this come to ps vita as a retail release with a game card? Or it will only be available digital. Thanks for the vita support.

  • Will the Japanese voice DLC be available to those who do not pre-order? I would like to play this someday but not if I don’t have the original audio. Thanks

  • when is it going up?

  • There is a physical Vita version?

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Releasing this the same day as The Last Guardian is frustrating, especially since I want to support the increasingly rare physical Vita version (especially since Square Enix is skipping out on the Dragon Quest Builders Vita physical version). However, I do not want to support companies that lock Japanese audio behind a pre-order/collector’s edition, it’s something that should be free or already built into the game.

    • Look on the bright side, you can pre-order the game and not worry about express shipping. Play Last Guardian when it comes out, then when WoFF arrives from the pre-order, you should be probably pretty close to finished LG ;)

    • @Seluhir

      That’s the plan for now lol. I have a thing about playing games I want on Day 1, though. I also don’t like to juggle multiple games at once. So it’s either this or TLG on 10/25.

    • I say be happy it’s getting Japanese VO in the first place considering that itself has been a battle with SE. My bet if it’s like their previous titles the VO will be purchasable soon after release. that said, day one copies, aren’t per-order DLC they are simply the first print, which in my experience can be purchased months later. I got Far Cry Day One 6 months after release for 30$. and when i was at best buy recently they still had DAY ONE copies of Dragon Quest Heroes.

      I’m just happy it’s a physical release and will support it based on that alone.

  • if anyone is curious the order basically came out to 129 bucks

  • Great another cool collector’s edition once again only available exclusively through square enix online store! =/ And cannot be pre order in store or anywhere else. I hate it when companys do that! LoL. Oh well at lest I was able to pre order The Last Guardian collector’s edition at my local GameStop store and not exclusively to one place.

  • The artbooks always draw me in. This looks very good.

  • The vita version is being sold at $40 while the ps4 version is sold at full $60. Are there significant differences between the two, in terms of gameplay content, visuals or anything else?

    • AssaultMonkey150

      Probably not in terms of content but I’d imagine graphics and framerate won’t be as good on vita.

    • Both versions are practically identical. $60 is the full retail price for any AAA game on PS4, while it’s $40 in the PS Vita’s case.

  • I’m still waiting on Vita footage before buying. Please show us how the game looks and runs. I asume it will look worse but as long as it runs well I’ll be getting the Vita version.

  • If the Collector’s Edition is exclusive to the SE Store, why is it PS4-only? Could you not design a generic box to house the trinkets and individually package the game per order? I know some other publishers have done this with CEs to better manage stock.

  • Will the Day 1 Edition be available on PSN?

  • AssaultMonkey150

    If it wasn’t for the weird chibi style characters is say I’m more excited for this than FF15

  • Physical Vita! also the Japanese VO is awesome as well. sadly it’s not bundled so it means my memory card will need to get rearranged again. rats.

  • At first i was like YEAH!!!!

    But then i saw it was the SE store again and i was all like SCREW YOU SE

  • Yes! What a treat. Between this and the FF15 collector’s edition I’ve got my fill. The Square Enix shipping stinks…. 5 to 10 days… but worth the wait, for sure.

  • The collectors edition is a Square Enix Store exclusive? ok then, i will just buy the standard edition from amazon for 20$ this black Friday.

  • Why everything in October!!!?? :( my pockets!!!!

    • Dude I know how you feel. Good thing I just up my PS4 to 3TBs thought I’m starting to believe that 4TB might have been a better idea lol.

  • I wish it was $99.99, but probably getting it anyway. Skipped out on Star Ocean 5’s CE, won’t on this!

  • Getting the collector edition if the game is good :)

  • Will get the vita version…thanks for the Physical version. Wished DQ Builders could have gotten the same physical version.

  • I am another one getting the Vita version. I am also another one who wishes DQ Builders had a physical Vita release.

    Anyhow, October will be a good month for Vita owners.

  • Square Enix Store doesn’t give an option to select Australia as a delivery address, does this mean the edition will not be made available at all in Australia? I can’t find any other information online regarding an Australian release although considering it has only just. Even announced fingers crossed it makes its way down under without the need of costly import. Any update please let me know, I’m sure other Aussie fans are in the same not boat.

  • Oh come on. Localize the collector edition to our local store like ebgames and gamespot. Make it happen please. I am a collector for final fantasy stuff. So I don’t want to missed one.

  • I wish it had free shipping since it is a product over $100, but nope, of course not. Did Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition get free shipping back then? Either way, I’ll just get standard game from Amazon with free shipping and save 20% off.

  • “The Collector’s Edition will only be available for the PS4 version of World of Final Fantasy.”
    -But I don’t want this game on PS4

    “You can pre-order the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition exclusively from Square Enix Store.”
    -Suddenly do not care about the collectors edition.

    Thanks square you made this much easier for me.

  • Is the Limited Edition with the art book actually going to be released on Vita? You didn’t mention it on the PS Blog, but the SE press image for it says so, but the SE store only lists it for PS4.

  • Considering Australia is still waiting for its promised 2nd round of FFXV UCEs, I don’t hold out that much hope for us getting this either, or if we do it will be in a stupid limited number again, pity since it looks really good.
    At least The Last Guardian which we’ve been waiting for came up with the CE units for Australia.

    • Seconding for Australia, I’m starting to get annoyed at this ****, the SE store won’t sell to us, yet it is a SE store exclusive, WTF are we meant to do? Move country?

  • Yep, totally getting this collection and also the vita version. I need both.

  • Those lines at the end of if the trailer, they hit me man, it’s gonna be like being back in the PSX/SNES era. Isn’t wait for this game. THANK YOU Square Enix and Sony.

  • Square Enix just wants to mock Vita owners at this point.

  • Will the Day One Edition be available on the Playstation Network? It’s more convenient for those who only want the digital extras.

  • alternate language audio as dlc…. this preorder and dlc crap is getting out of control.

  • I really want this. But the price to get it in Canada is going to be ridiculous. Hmm… :

  • Day one will also be available in digital psvita on same day?????? PLEASE REPLY

  • So will my dlc for the day one edition be a cross-buy for the PS4 and Vita version or just for one version?

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