Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Summer Sale Begins Today

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Summer Sale Begins Today

With Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, we wanted to give players more choice — whether it’s more ways to personalize your character, more variety in weapons and gear, more control over your loadouts, or new ways to celebrate victories over your enemies. Most importantly, we wanted to keep introducing new multiplayer content well after launch.

We kicked things off earlier this month with Lost Treasures, our first multiplayer DLC, which added a new map, a new ranked play system, and even more weapons, taunts, boosters, and an all-new mystical. With so many new items to unlock through chests or purchase with Uncharted Points, we wanted to celebrate with a four week sale in the in-game Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store.

Starting today, Wednesday, July 20 and lasting through Wednesday, August 17, we’re introducing discounts of anywhere from 25% to 40% on everything that can be purchased with Uncharted Points in the multiplayer store. The sale covers community favorites like the Chloe character, new skins like Dread Pirate Drake, and new gameplay items like Path of Indra and the new P90 weapon. Alongside individual items, we’re also discounting bundles, like the Scalleywag Bundle or the Git Gud Bundle.

Uncharted Points are available via the in-game multiplayer store or the PlayStation Network Store, beginning with the 500 Uncharted Points Pack all the way up to the 10,000 Uncharted Points Pack. Larger packs of Uncharted Points include bonus points from 50% to 100% — the bigger the pack, the bigger the bonus.

But again, this is only the first stop in our Uncharted 4 Multiplayer road map. We’re planning to introduce more new multiplayer content updates coming this year and another on the way in 2017.

Keep an eye on NaughtyDog.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for more updates.

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  • neat.

    • Please bring back Classic Mode. Mysticals and sidekicks take very little skill.

    • @lingeringregime neither does endless running and gunning with the pistole. The mysticals and sidekicks help to dampen this playstyle

    • @ LingeringRegime – As a major UC2 online playa I agree 100% with this.I’m ok with mysticals and sidekicks but a classic mode would be great.

    • yes there are 3 challenges per they don’t change every day to go on your schedule if you finish one you have to wait until next day then take another one


  • LingeringRegime this isn’t the time and place and honestly I love sidekicks and mysticals. Just go play Uncharted 2.

  • Corporeal_Monkey

    Nice! When does it go live? Checking the store now and it doesn’t seem to be updated yet, thanks.

  • How about we get a Uncharted GAME sale, so you can get more customers.

  • How about give the options to buy weapons I’m tired of grinding for 10relics a game maybe 50… The options to buy the Hero weapons wouldn’t hurt keeping it real

    • Thanks for the feedback. Personally, I find the fastest way to earn relics is to focus on the daily challenges. They can reward 350 – 450 per and there’s three available per day. As for the weapons, have you checked out the Git Gud Bundle?

    • @ Scott Lowe – 3 per day?…lol…its 1 per day.

    • I bought the 1500 points pack and didn’t get the bonus points, how to fix this?

    • So you don’t even know the challenges system of the game you work for? are you serious? we never get 3 challenges at once.. we get 1 every 24h and then we can stack them up to 3. btw i didn’t get any bonus uncharted points.

  • I think The NEW DLC is over priced for what it is 3,000 points for 1 bag and U don’t even unlock a quarter of DLC just one or 2 items at a time. Forget these sales we need double XP weekends back

  • Black_Dynamite19

    Scott, very nice to hear from you again. Hopefully ND is treating you well!

  • Can we get a grenade throw back perk please for multiplayer and have that added to the single player. The fact that this isn’t in the game is really annoying. Yes you can knock yourself out with a 6 gig update if thats what it takes, just get it in there.

  • Awesome! I might just buy some points and take advantage of this. Much appreciation to the Naughty Dog Team for making such an amazing game! I’m hooked on this multiplayer!

  • wish “Big Bomb” and Cluster Bomb” came back. we also need “Chateau” and “Village”.

    something a little more off the wall, but would be AMAZING is a cross-over map pack. can you imagine how many people would be excited if we got Maps from the best online game of all time(Socom 2)

    Uncharted versions of Frostfire, Crossroads, and Desert Glory would be the best DLC content ever. i would pay $60 just for that.

  • When will you guys be adding another map?

  • Thanks, but if this costs real money, then no thanks. I didn’t play too much so I’m not in the know about how these systems work.

  • This isn’t nice in the slightest way…UC points is for people lazy enough to not play the game,to buy things just like those lame shortcut DLCs some games have…this is a cancer in the gaming industry.

    How about a sale for relics?…DLCs items costing 2000 and 3000 is insanity even though now its much more easier to earn relics than before the Lost Treasures update.

    Also how about fixing the super overpowered run n’ gun on the game?…its nonsense and completely unbearable that run n’ gun is more efficient than actually aiming and shooting.All you see in the online is people running n’ gunning and the worst of all is that it works like a charm.This is lame as hell ND and it needs to be fixed.

    Also fix the models of Salim,Navarro,Roman,Eddy,Talbot and Marlowe…they look nothing like themselves and the worst of all is that there are pics of them in the bios showing how different they are from their real models lol.

    Get real ND as much as you do great things you’re also the best devs out there to ruin your own game.A nerf for P90 and Arrowhead A3c is a must.

    • Preach!

    • What do you mean when you say a team is “favoured to win”?

    • Jeeze, just go play another game if it’s so hard for you to come to terms with the fact that ND doesn’t make games for only you.

    • On the one hand. I’m sure there are some computer programmers who work 12-14 hour days, with few days off in which they can laze around all day. I’m sure that paying $60 for booster DLC does almost nothing to their paycheck, but at the same time, they don’t have to endlessly grind for things to play the game the way they want to.

      I imagine people who work on ships, people who work on oil rigs, and military also appreciate being able to skip some grind with their extra money.

  • When are we going to start seeing weekend events and community events for relic gain? There is 1 daily challenge that will get you anywhere between 250 – 450 relics plus a chance at 10 relics per win so you’re lucky to open 1 premium chest a week that has 1 item in it.

    The relic cost of chests have gone up 2000% and there has been no increase to the relic gain.

    Also if Chloe is a community favourite then you need to work on her vanity a bit more, no pirate or military or anything interesting other than reskins of the same outfits.

    • Agree with you but there was an increase to relic gain…now its much easier than before.There is the offline bonus and also you earn relics from every 3 lvls you pass and it starts with 50 but it goes up…on lvl 20 to 30 its 75 relics.

    • @Welmosca it really is hardly anything when the chests have had an 2000% increase. I’m level 47 now and the higher the level you get the longer it takes you to get the relics. This is really no different from the Trials that actually rewarded more and not to mention there was the mobile app that gave 5000 relics when the chests used to 150.

  • 3 challenges a day would be appropriate seeing how expensive those DLC (premium) vanity chests are.

  • For a second when i saw the title i thought “is this because of how they screw people with 1.08 update with the outrageous chest prices?”

    Then i click the post and i see it’s only for Uncharted Points… what the heck is up with you guys? (not you Scott, you just started)
    I’ve certainly cut back playing to like 2 days a week since the last update because i’ve put so much time into the game and then you introduce these new guns that only digital owners get from the getgo and everyone else has to grind for… or i mean pay for with more money..I bought the Limited Edition U4 Ps4 for Gods sake….and the Steelbook collectors edition. You gotta treat your fanbase right people.

    Also, i think it’s messed up that they would throw Scott right to the wolves as soon as he started because they know what they are doing and they don’t want anyone of the main guys taking the heat. I blame Cogburn, he ruined U3 after all, atleast that’s what i think.,

    • Wow, that’s very interesting. Didn’t know digital owners and limited edition physical owners were treated differently.

  • Will the sales be constant all four weeks, or will the sales change per week? For example, the pirate skins are on sale, but then next week a different skin is on sale.

  • What happens with people who got the season pass before it transformed to explorer pack?

  • That sale graphic is amazing and I hope the person who put it together is having a good day


  • My DLC still hasn’t been unlocked? What a waste of money that was if I’m just going to have to unlock normally? Not very fair. :/

  • Not to take the limelight (do limes actually give light?) from the Multiplayer but did I miss the story DLC already or has that not come out yet? I’ve been sculpting (last month with Gio Nakpil and this month with Adam Skutt) and animating for the last month and a bit out of touch with Uncharted 4 updates. Anyway, thanks for putting together a great game and if the story DLC hasn’t released I’m super looking forward to it!

  • Sony really need to take Multiplayer mode seriously. Multiplayer is the backbone of fanbase. With Multiplayer, it give people a reason to keep playing and contributing their money on it. They also have more contents to share. The more people spent their time (and money) on that game, the more they become a fan.
    storytelling games are great, cinematic experience game is unique. But Most people won’t replay those games, this is why multiplayer games GENERALLY sold better than SP games.

  • Or have much larger fanbase. Games like Fallout & Skyrim are exception because they have MOD community support.
    If Sony want a big fanbase, they need to have strong Multiplayer oriented EXCLUSIVES!

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  • they made Ucharted 4 Multiplayer sale but not a full game sale disappointing

  • i didn’t get the bonus for buying a pack for the summer sale. I think it’s probably 9.99 and up packs that give definitely not the 4.99.

  • Excuse me , I saw the news and paid HK 389 to buy “10000 points”,but ,i haven’t gotten any bouns points so far ,I emailed to PS4’s Hong Kong’s service systom, they said they don’t know about this ….

    So ,please tell me , is this a campaign of deceit?

    who can tell me where is my bouns 10000 points?


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