System Shock by Nightdive Studios is Coming to PS4

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System Shock by Nightdive Studios is Coming to PS4

Some of you might have heard about our Kickstarter that we started a few weeks ago. It’s still early in the project, but there was such a huge demand for a PS4 version that we immediately did what we could to make that happen. Today, I am incredibly proud to announce that System Shock will be coming to PS4 around Q1 2018. We’re excited to be working with Sony on this and can’t wait to see what all of you think of the game!

System Shock by Nightdive Studios is Coming to PS4

Rebooting a game series that so many hold near and dear is a daunting task. Luckily, we have some amazing folks on the team to help us out. Stephen Kick, our CEO, has been an inspirational visionary for Nightdive Studios and is responsible for making all of this happen. I often call him the Captain Picard to my Riker ;-)

Revisiting a game that has inspired other awesome games (such as Dead Space and BioShock) requires the right team for the job, so we’ve been ramping up our team with AAA talent from projects like Planetside, Fallout, and even the original System Shock. To help produce the best content possible, we’ve brought on several members of the Fallout: New Vegas team including myself, Chris Avellone, Jessica Johnson, Kevin Manning, and Dan Rubalcaba. Chris Avellone and I worked very closely on the New Vegas DLCs, especially the award-winning Old World Blues, where we explored a variety of scifi themes in the world of Fallout. We’re bringing a lot of experience to the table and will make a System Shock game fans old and new will be sure to love.

System Shock on PS4

System Shock on PS4System Shock on PS4

If you’re not familiar with System Shock, here’s my take on it: Imagine you’re a hacker in the future. You’re trapped on a space station with a megalomaniacal AI bent on mankind’s destruction named SHODAN. You need to survive and defeat her, or mankind will be lost. No pressure, right? Oh, and you’ll be facing her monstrous constructs and warped mutations of humans along the way. Your tools are your wits, weapons you find, computer systems to hack, and corners you can hide in. Good luck!

SHODAN is one of my favorite AIs in fiction, and probably inspired a lot of the twisted AIs you see in games today. I love scifi and can’t get enough of it, so this project and story are right up my alley. Being able to play a hand in SHODAN’s recreation is an honor and a dream come true for me. We’re also working with the original voice actress that played SHODAN in the first two games, Terri Brosius. She’s incredibly talented and I eagerly await her calling me an “insect”!

The Kickstarter ends next week and we have more stretch goals to hit. Please help support us so we can make this game as amazing as we’re envisioning for PS4!

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  • This is super exciting to hear. I’ve only watched people play the original when it first came out. never played it myself. The fact that it’s coming to PS4 has me more hyped than ever. Thank you for your effort and the long wait I’m sure will be more than worth it.

    • I’m sooooooo excited! ^_^

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  • Couldn’t this announcement have waited till Q4 of 2017? (if it’s really coming Q1 2018) then the wait wouldn’t be so annoyingly long for people.

    • Obviously, Nightdive Studios is asking for your support on Kickstarter and the campaign finishes in a week. So no, it could not.

  • Amazing news!

  • 2018 is a loooong while from now, but I’m in!! Never played these games and only heard of them once I got into Bioshock. I’m very gladly surprised that this is coming to PS4!

  • Reading the comments on the Kickstarter, kinda interesting how the game was always going to release on Xbox One, but not initially on PS4, but due to the massive outcry (as I can imagine from the many more consumers who bought the PS4), it became a priority. Just my point of view.

  • Great news! Better late than never.

  • Already back it on kickstater, the alpha demo on steam is pretty good.

  • Can we get the Alpha demo on PS4 like what we got for Indivisible?

  • People: PLEDGE NOW !!!

  • The PC demo is surprisingly good (not considering performance though), backed the project on Kickstrter already. Good luck to you guys reviving the classic!

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    This is really awesome you guys are trying to recreate the madness System Shock puts you in I never played the original unfortunately but when this comes out my money’s yours and I tip my hat off to you to make this a really good game

  • That melee combat needs some serious work, but other than that I’m super stoked for this game. Can’t wait!

  • Will there be a PS4 retail version w/ box and manual? I was looking at the Kickstarter page and the rewards but there’s no mentioning of a physical PS4 version, only a steelbox PC version.

    The original PC game is one of my alltime favorites and I’ll never forget Shodan’s now famous “Look at you, Hacker!” line :D

    Looking forward to re-live the horror on my PS4 but I’d also like to know if there’s gonna be a physical PS4 reward before I back.

  • Im not a backer but i will support the Xbox 1 version when it releases cant wait. Times like this is when i am glad to own both consoles

    • But this game is coming to both consoles, so I don’t know why this is a time you should be glad lol. I could buy both consoles too, but the hundreds of dollars I could put towards another console, I’d rather put that towards games and controllers for the first console. I only have so much time in life to play video games.

  • Always wanted the Bioshock series to go back to System Shock sci-fi style… but 2018? Lol what? Isn’t this announcement a bit early what are you Square Enix?

    • @phinnv8 it amazes me how you missed the point of this post being so early, which is to get more Kickstart backers before the campaign ends.

  • awesome news !
    one of the best games of all time !

  • I really hope to get a collection eventually. This, ss2 remaster and ss3. Loved ss2 on pc years ago. The only problem with ss in my opinion was the clunky interface, but I hope that’s remedied in the remake.

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