Laser Disco Defenders Gets Groovy on PS Vita

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Laser Disco Defenders Gets Groovy on PS Vita

Update: the release date for this game has changed.

Hey PlayStation players (and PS Vita owners in particular)! My name is Alexander Birke and I run a small indie studio called Out Of Bounds. You might have seen the last post I did where I announced my game Laser Disco Defenders was coming for PS Vita. Well this time I’m back because the game will launch very soon!

I’m happy to announce that the game will also come out on PS4 with cross buy support later in the year. Since my last post, I have been busy putting even more grooviness into the game. The outfit system where you customize how you play has had a lot of new items added to it.

Keep your enemies at bay with the visor! A reticule will show you if your shot will hit an enemy. Perfect for sniping from a distance and for those who want to make each shot count.

Chrome Suit
Nothing like a bit of chrome to lighten up your day. Whatever clothes you are wearing determines how you shoot and with the chrome suit you get a rapid fire stream of beams. This is great if you want to clear a room quickly but you then have to deal with all the lasers bouncing around afterwards. It is also not as precise as the other options in the game.

Moon Boots
Why do you only weigh one sixth on the moon? Because you are wearing moon boots! Personally I like to combine them with the Visor since it makes it even easier to hit enemies from a distance. You do pay in slower acceleration though, so it can be tricky to get out of a tough situation after you have cleared a room.

Have any questions about the game? Let me know in the comments!

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you want to follow the rest of the development.

I also plan to do an update to the game after launch so if you have any feedback on the game let me know through social media.

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  • Looks neat. Love the art style. Thanks for supporting the vita!

  • Is this game like a Metroidvania? It looks cute.

    • Hey Trendy_Kid It’s more like a rogue lite in that it is procedural levels but you don’t get the random item drops that makes the difficulty between each run vary a lot for those kind of games.

    • Thanks for responding, I’ll definitely keep this on my radar! :)

  • Looks great ! Day one buy here and Thanks so much for supporting Vita..

  • Should mention the free soundtrack, available here:

    Like the music, hope there is a few and not just one track. Did you guys make the soundtrack?

    Thanks, for supporting the Vita.

    How long did it take to develop for? Any struggles trying to develop for the Vita?

    What inspirations did you use for laser disco defenders?

    • Yup soundtrack was specifically made for the game by the talented composer Matthew Walker. You can check out more of his work here

      Development has taken roughly 11 months up until now. The biggest hurdle was to get the game to run fast enough. Releasing on the Vita first made this a lot easier though since I could change the gameplay to fit the limitations of the platform. The game also uses a lot of clever tricks like a custom lighting system that speeds up the rendering a lot.

      It was primarily Space Disco (yes that is a music genre!) that inspired the game. You can read and hear more about that over on our dev blog for the game

  • Free Soundtrack Here:

    Does this have a platinum trophy?

    Congratz, on the release and thanks for supporting the Vita.

  • Always grateful for Vita support, and the game’s visuals look mighty nice.

  • This game looks promising, I really like the art style. The colors should really pop on the vita’s oled screen. I’ve been playing Attack the Light on my phone, and the art work seems very similar. I’m guessing your artists were heavily inspired by Steven Universe.

  • I remember loving the trailer! Still looking good and thanks for the Vita support! Twin-stick shooters control well on it.

    • Thanks! Yeah the two analog sticks and shoulder buttons work really well for this kind of gameplay.

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