Dragon Quest Builders Launches October 11 on PS4, PS Vita

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Dragon Quest Builders Launches October 11 on PS4, PS Vita

Get ready to build for fun, adventure, and to save the world because Dragon Quest Builders is coming to PS4 and PS Vita on October 11! Today we’re announcing the Day 1 edition of the game and below you can see the all new (and wonderfully colorful) box art for Dragon Quest Builders, too!

In Dragon Quest Builders you gather materials, craft items, and build everything you can imagine in a sandbox world packed with memorable characters and dangerous monsters. This is all set in a unique Dragon Quest story, so let’s quickly go over that story to get you all up to speed.

Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, ruler of all monsters. Mankind was robbed of the power to build and forced to wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive.

Now it’s up to you, a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess herself, to return the power of creation to the people and rebuild Alefgard. Only when the wonder of imagination has been returned will mankind be able to overthrow the evil Dragonlord once and for all!

Now that you’re all up to speed with the story, let’s talk about what you get in the Day 1 edition of Dragon Quest Builders.

The Day 1 edition comes with a voucher code to unlock three exclusive recipes for unique building materials which can be used in Terra Incognita (Free Build) Mode. The recipes are:

  • Springtide Sprinkles Recipe — An item that allows you to transform trees into festive Cherry Blossoms and soil into comfortable straw floor blocks.
  • Slimy Blocks Recipe — Allows you to craft delightful blocks adorned with cute blue Slimes! (The blocks aren’t actually slimy but they are super cute!)
  • Gold Blocks Recipe — Allows you to show off your opulent side with blocks made of pure gold!

You’ll have access to these recipes as soon as you start up Terra Incognita Mode (which is accessible after you complete the first chapter of the main story) but you’ll still need to gather the raw materials to craft the items — but you can make as much as you want so long as you have enough raw materials. Then you can build all sorts of amazing creations!

Hope you’re looking forward to Dragon Quest Builders which is coming out on October 11 for PS4 and PS Vita. Don’t forget you can pre-order the Day 1 Edition to make sure you don’t miss out!

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  • Since there’s no physical release on Vita (or preordering for digital Vita games in NA), do we get it automatically when we buy it on PSN?

  • Look’s awesome!

  • Is there a physical version coming out for the Vita and will it be cross save? Thanks! :D

    • There’s apparently an English Physical VITA version being released in Asia. Hoping it comes out here.

    • The game is download-only on Vita in the west. However, as Ryu mentioned, there will be an R3 English release which you can import and play with ease. Play-Asia and Heavy Arm should be stocking it. It’s reportedly due out alongside the western releases in October.

    • Thanks Ryu and Generic, I’ll have to import from Play-Asia. I like having physical carts. Anyone know if it will have cross save?

    • I don’t believe it’s cross-save.

    • This is great news. Then I will wait a little to see if Square Enix will release a physical version here (I would rather support the game’s US editions so we can get more of them), but if they do not, I will be importing this.

      I already imported the Japanese version, and I would do it again to play the English version with a physical card.

      Square Enix of the US, I want to give my money to you (especially for Dragon Quest). Please announce a physical Vita version soon.

  • So wait… Asia is getting a physical ENGLISH release… and we’re not here in North America?


  • My most anticipated game this year!! Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait to play this on the Vita. Finally a DQ game for Sony(bar DQ heroes), hopefully this sells well enough to show the support from Dragon Quest here in NA.

    Hopefully, influences DQ heroes 2 to come to both Vita and PS4. This time physically for PSV.

  • Thank you for bringing this to the west, I’m very excited, and happy to support and preorder the title on PS4

    Regarding the Vita version, it’s disappointing that there’s not a physical release in the west. With the recent news of the Asia region physical release, it becomes even more concerning. I understand the Vita doesn’t have a strong presence in retail stores, but between SquareEnix’s online store, Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy online, I’d like to think you could have a wide enough distribution to justify the effort and outlay. People obviously want this game, and Vita fans are absolutely willing to support physical releases for these titles. Just look at the demand for Asia/English physical releases at any distributor.

    I just worry the western branches of SE are leaving money on the table since so many die-hard Vita/DQ fans are going to import the physical Asia/English release. That bums me out because I want to support you and “vote with my dollars”, but I’m not given the opportunity to pledge my vote for the product I want.

    Perhaps SE’s western branches don’t care because, at the end of the day, SE still “Wins”?

    • I’m disappointed in the lack of physical releases too, I buy physical whenever I can. Yes, digital is convenient but if the service goes away so can the games if you don’t have them backed up somewhere.

    • +Bijatron I can personally confirm that I’ll be getting the physical version from Play-Asia if it doesn’t show up in stores here. I would have loved to walk in to a Best Buy and pick it up rather than paying the international shipping, but not much I can do about that…

  • Just wondering if there is a estimated date for preorder through PSN?
    Been waiting on it the hit the store now since it was announced.
    Also bring DQH2 next year please!

  • love the Dragon Quest series and I’ll buy this one

  • i was hoping for a turn based game but since this is a an action game with minecraft elements to it then i will pass.the 3ds are getting a couple of good turn based dragon quest games this year though =/

  • I wish this had cross-buy so bad =(

  • I’ve always wondered why we get all the Dragon Quest spin-offs and hardly any of the mainline games.

    • The only main Dragon Quest game we haven’t gotten in the West is Ten. There are way more spinoffs we haven’t gotten.

    • Indeed. I would love to have all the Dragon Quest games released here, but it is evident the main games have not been ignored (VII’s 3DS version was, for years, but it is announced now; the original PlayStation version was also released, while many spin-offs are totally left out).

    • Yeah my mistake, I never realized the main DQ games were so old.

  • Im looking forward to this game, and dont mind the lack of physical release, maybe because the lack of phisical there will be a cross buy discount later on, assuming cross save support. I wouldnt mind making a purchase like that so I can take it on the go. Even if the discounts low like 10 bucks I imagine a lot of us ps4/vita owners would jump at the opportunity to play this at home and on the go

  • Day 1 on vita for me. The preorder bonuses will probably be free downloads for a limited time on vita. This is how Namco and others handle preorder bonuses for their digital vita releases.

    I really hope this does well in NA so we get DQ Heroes 2 on Vita.

    Importing R3 carts will hurt its sales showing for NA so I don’t know why people would do that. The game is only like 200 megabytes.

  • physical copy on Vita or no buy. I can’t afford Sony’s absurdly priced memory cards for digital downloads

  • This looks too close to Minecraft, so I have to say no thanks. However, while on the subject of Dragon Quest, how about releasing an upscaled Dragon Quest VIII to PS4? That would be a day one purchase!

  • So, it’s minecraft? Is there anything that differentiates this from minecraft? Cause, to me it looks like Minecraft with a dragon Quest skin job, and I already have minecraft.

    • It has a story and defined goals. I have not played Minecraft, but I have read that game is more open, and some people may prefer to have specific tasks instead of absolute freedom when playing a building game.

      That, plus the settings, music, history, spells and monsters from 30 years of Dragon Quest.

    • It’s an action RPG with block builder gameplay. So there are quests, characters, enemies to fight, a story (which they lay out the premise of up above), equipment, towns, etc. Then on top of all that, you have the building gameplay and can shape the world. A lot of it seems to go hand-in-hand, based on the demo (available on the Japanese PSN). Goals may be something like “Build me a house with this stuff in it”, or “Go rescue that guy” (ex: you find him in a sinkhole, build a way out of it and he’ll follow you), or “Get up there and get that thing” – I mean, I don’t know what the text said (I can’t read Hiragana or anything), but there was a lot of that. It adds structure to the aimlessness of Minecraft and other clones like that. That is a MASSIVE improvement.

  • Looks quite good. Hope that’s how it looks on Vita.

  • I’m so happy to see this coming west!

  • Day 364 for me since the Vita version is digital only. That’s how long it took Soul Sacrifice Delta and The Ratchet and Clank Collection to go on sale. A limited retail version would be day 1 for me. I’ll just wait for a sale like I am on those Bandi Namco digital rentals they have been putting out.

  • So SAD! No physical release for PS Vita means I don’t buy the game. I am not jumping through hoop to import, if I can not buy from Amazon, then I do not buy it.

    • You… you know you can get imports from Amazon, right? Not Amazon Japan (though they ship internationally); just normal Amazon. What hoops are there anyway? No current Sony console is region locked, you don’t even have to live in a country to use that country’s PSN either – it’s literally zero amount of walls you have to go through. You don’t need to mod your systems, you don’t need boot discs, you don’t have to buy another region console – if you think ordering it online and playing it when it arrives, like a normal game, is a “hoop to jump through”, you must have never imported anything :P

  • Really wish there was a physical release for the Vita version.

  • Will there be a digital preorder up? I was planning on getting it digital. If so, will there also be preorder bonuses?

  • This, along with Toukiden 2’s demo, was my favorite demo that I downloaded from the Japanese PSN so far this year! It’s so fun and charming, and adding quests and… well GAMEPLAY, and STRUCTURE… to this block builder genre really turns it into something special. It’s also nice to see a non-hideous version of this, as Minecraft is just awful looking, whereas a lot of the textures here are straight-up trying to emulate old NES sprite art when viewed from above (ITS SO GOOD). I was hoping for DQ Heroes 2 western announcement at E3, completely didn’t expect this, but I’m thrilled. Can’t wait to pick this up on Day 1; I’ll also pick up the 3DS Dragon Quest remakes whenever those come out, but I don’t even think I’ll play ’em that much because who cares about handhelds? I want to sit in front of my HDTV and enjoy some PS4 Dragon Quest some more :)

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  • all did was make a playstation version of zelda to be honest

  • This game will be very cool.

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