Neverwinter Launches for Free Today on PS4

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Neverwinter Launches for Free Today on PS4

The gates have officially opened for Neverwinter on PS4! Step foot into the Forgotten Realms to begin your adventure through ancient cities, sweeping fields, and fiery mountains.

Before you get your hands on our free-to-play MMORPG, we thought we would share five facts about Neverwinter for the PlayStation.Blog readership.

1.) It’s completely free to play!

Neverwinter is free to play for all PS4 players –PlayStation Plus is not required! This means that all nine expansions and eight classes are yours to explore. All you need to do is head to PlayStation Store and download Neverwinter in order to begin your adventure. Launching free on PS4 also means that future content including our tenth expansion will launch for free on PS4.

Every account is also offered two free character slots, which means you don’t have to stick with one class if another piques your interest. Everything you see in-game can be obtained with in-game currency giving a true free-to-play MMORPG experience. You won’t find another game like Neverwinter!

2.) Free Electric Tiger mount and PlayStation Plus Cosmetics

In celebration of our launch, all adventurers can obtain a free Electric Tiger mount, which is exclusive to PS4. Simply complete the tutorial and head to the Rewards Claim Agent near the top of Protector’s Enclave.

This electrifying feline increases your mounted movement speed by 50%. Though named as such, this magically-altered beast cannot actually conduct electricity, meaning you’ll be safe and sound around it.

In addition to the free mount, we are also giving PlayStation Plus members a free fashion and emote pack!

3.) Are you a Dungeons & Dragons fan?

If you’re a fantasy fan, you’ve probably heard of Dungeons & Dragons and perhaps partaken in a campaign yourself. Neverwinter, a city in the Forgotten Realms, is based off of the D&D franchise from Wizards of the Coast.

You’ll even meet fan-favorite characters such as Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc & Boo, Elminster Aumar, and many more. We have also teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to bring unique storylines to Neverwinter that follow their pen and paper RPG. If you’ve played some of their latest expansions, including Tyranny of Dragons and Rage of Demons, you’ll find several familiar faces and storylines within our game. We even had acclaimed author R.A. Salvatore write an entire quest line exclusively for Neverwinter!

4.) Leveling Your Characters

Being a continuously changing MMORPG means you’re about to walk into a ton of content in Neverwinter. One question that we’ve been asked before is: what is the best way to level your adventurer?

As you play through Neverwinter, you’ll encounter our main story arc, which we highly recommend playing for maximum XP gains… and some Trophies, of course. In addition to that, we’d also recommend using systems like professions once you hit level 10 to find additional means of gathering small chunks of XP. Finally, gathering a group of friends, starting a guild, and building up your Strongholds will give you even more quest options as you push your way to the level 70 cap.

5.) Don’t Forget to Queue

Playing through Neverwinter will bring you all over the Sword Coast from the Blacklake District all the way to Icewind Dale. One thing we highly recommend you do along your adventures is queue for our dungeons, skirmishes, and PvP matches. At the beginning stages of your character building, these queues will give you loot needed to help you tackle some of the new zones.

Once you’ve hit level cap, the dungeon and PvP queues will help you get the best loot in the game as you maximize your character’s potential. We will also have large group queues that will be available at launch including a 25-person raid against the five-headed dragon queen, Tiamat. Band your friends together and tackle some of the most fearsome monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

Those are just five quick tips for our massive MMORPG. Have more questions? Ask them below in the comments and we’ll try to answer as much as we can. Look forward to seeing you all in Neverwinter!

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  • WOW!!!!

    You just screwed over every single person that spent $20 for the head start week along with the supposed to be items that came with it.

    Good job! Moves like this is what cause people to not want to support companies when they do this head start stuff for money.

    SMH…. very very disappointed in this company. Will def cause me to second quess ANYTHING your company puts out in the future!

    • Malfunction-3000

      Screwed over? It’s a “headstart WEEK” for a reason, not headstart month.. You should’ve understood it from the start
      Plus they mentioned that they were gonna release the game on July 19 BEFORE the release of the early access pack, so…

    • Im talking about the Tiger!!!

      They made it seem like the Tiger was something for the people who bought the $20 pack along with other items. Then they go and give it out to EVERYONE!

      Sorry if that was clear enough. Had nothing to do with the time play, but thanks for your wonderful input.

    • Had they made it known from the start that the Tiger would be given to EVERYONE regardless i would have not spent the $20.

      I got it cuz they made it seem like the Tiger was only available to those that got the $20 pack. You know like every other company does where they only give out special things to those that buy the “early start” packs.

      To turn around and give something from that pack to EVERYONE is a slap in the face (cant say what i really want to on here).

    • Eh… its whatever…. dont really care any more.

      To each their own…… have fun to every one who will play it.

    • Nice try mixedkid, but the tiger wasn’t prt of the 19.99 head start pack. You got an onyx horse in the pack. The tiger is a freebie for all.

    • The $20 was worth it in my opinion. Just for the fact u play early and u get 20 ENCHANTED KEYS which is alone over 20 dollars.

    • @mixedkidbx You had a choice so stop crying so much.

    • Like someone else said, the enchanted keys will cost you $20 anyway. Plus there were a few other things only available in the early release.

      Not to mention I had a great time. Well worth $20. I have spent $60 on FAR worse experiences.

    • brandonlikeab387

      Shut up man it’s your own fault th at you want to spend money on such a game no one forced you. You should be glad that the game did not take away your stuff for complaining so much

    • Malfunction-3000

      Lmao @ this xD
      Didn’t read the starter pack properly lol

    • Actually, no. First you got to play a whole week early as well as level your character up way ahead before those that waited to get it free. Secondly, those cool keys you need to open the purple drop boxes, 20 of them? People who waited to get the free download did and will no receive them. They keys are the special reward for the early access pass. Who cares about the Tiger? It’s neat. But not a game changer.

  • At what time, I can’t find it

  • Malfunction-3000

    Still waiting for the game’s release. I tried to download Neverwinter on the PS Store a few minutes ago but it kept saying “This content cannot be selected at this time.” Release it already ;-;

    • The psn store updates when ever it does like always on tuesdays. You should know that by now… then again….

    • search for it to download

    • Malfunction-3000

      @mixedkidbx don’t know what you’re trying to say, but there’s always a bug right before the store is fully updated where it mentions that I can’t select it. If you’ve been impatient about a release of some game not coming so soon before, then you should know bugs like this.

    • @mixedkidbx, you sure are taking some angst out on these people. You made your choice and decided to gripe when you obviously didn’t have all the facts. Like the Onyx Horse and Enchanted keys. Stop trolling. Pretty sure you will get burned.

  • The Deep Dungeon Palace of the Dead just hit for Final Fantasy XIV, but once I run through that a few times over the next couple of days I’ll certainly give this a shot. Couldn’t hurt.

  • This’ll keep me busy til star trek comes out in a few months. :)

  • Can anyone who’s played this game comment on how fun it is? Are the controls and menus intuitive? Is it grindy? I will probably give it a shot anyways since it’s free, but want to know what to expect. Thanks!

    • It’s not that grindy to level at all. Just follow the story and your level curve as you go from area to area flows quite nicely. I found the levelling quite pleasant compared to other mmo’s. Got my guardian fighter to mid forties in about 2-3 days playing on and off.

  • Huzzah!!

  • I’m also getting the “This content Cannot be selected at this time ” message , what time does that store generally get updated on Tuesday’s ?

  • I enjoyed the 19.99 week headstart instead of complaining i say welcome those who jump. See you all out there.

  • Go thru PSN Store ->Games -> New -> Neverwinter
    and this way you don’t get any errors, enjoy!

    Anyone who wants to give a shot to this game, can go ahead and add me.
    Had surgery last week and I will home for one more whole week.
    I played this game on the Xbox One for a couple of days and it look cool.

    I will start playing this game alongside with ESO (new patch update next month)

  • If your looking to join my guild add me. We will be active and helpful

    Psn: tonetofly86

  • Just so happens my FFXIVARRH subscription is ending today. I have canceled it so I could give Neverwinter a try. Finally made it to Heavensward, became a Machinist, can fly and loving it so it’s going to take a good game to keep me from resubbing FFXIVARRH. Thanks for bringing this to the PS4. Downloading right now and can’t wait to try it out.

    • That’s the worst day for your sub to end. They just added casual low level, exp gaining content called the palace of the dead where you go into random rooms and try to gain exp as you get to play entire jobs from start to finish with all the new abilities and everything.

      It’s a whole new way to play the game with any 4 classes, and items that let you turn into succubi and manticores, with bit of challenge. Like the worst time to let your sub relapse.

  • You say everything is available in game for free, with in-game currency. Yet I haven’t discovered a way to get Enchanted Keys to open the Shaundakul Lockboxes. I went through the 20 I got for free with the Onyx Early Access pack fairly quickly, now I’ve got another 31 lockboxes just sitting in my bag… The only way to get them seems to be spending almost $20 to get 10 keys at a time. I wouldn’t call that in-game currency, unless you’re expecting players to use Astral Diamonds to try and buy “Zen” off the auction house? The Enchanted Keys specifically are non-tradeable, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I’m enjoying the game, but it’s kind of annoying having all these lockboxes thrown at me with no way to open them…

    • You can exchange the astral diamonds which you mentioned. So technically that is in game currency. Seems shady,but I have yet to find another method. And like you,got 30+ boxes sitting there waiting to be opened.

    • This is exactly what I’m trying to find out, actually gonna go post about it on the forums in a few. My character is level 17 and I’ve got 21 of these lockboxes which appear to be basically impossible to open without real money. I am not even sure if I can give them away :)

    • The lock boxes are not impossible to open without real money. You just need to get astral diamonds, exchange them for Zen, then use the Zen to buy the keys from the Zen store. It can all be done completely free of charge, it just takes time getting enough Astral Diamonds to make it worth while. The only thing i have found so far that actually requires real money is the Dragonborn race.

  • That voice talent is terrible lol

    • It’s not bad. Some characters get a really weird echo during some of their lines, as if they were recording in an empty warehouse or something.

      The old guy that runs the lighthouse, his voice and lines are amazing. He had me laughing so hard I had to catch my breath.

  • I have always been a fan of perfect world. Im so happy that they are coming to console!

  • im loving my free tiger mount….im riding around at high speeds this is sweet and it was free yay

  • Will UK be getting the free fashion and emote pack with PS plus as I noticed It’s not listed as free for us yet.

    • Agreed. I started playing it 3 days ago, while awaiting NMS, and saw an article on google that stated that PS+Plus subscribers get the Fashion and Emote DLC. Weird.

  • Vai sair a tradução para o português do Brasil????

  • I played for about an hour last night and it seems pretty fun for a completely free game. Looking forward to my next day off to really put some time in

  • Haven’t played a D&D game since Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2. (YES, I’M OLD, SHUT UP.) Giving this a shot.

    2 questions:
    1. Do we get dragonborn as a playable race?
    2. Do we get monks as a playable class?

    • 1. Only if you pay $75 (yes, for one race)

      2. No. The classes are Wizard, Paladin, Rogue, Guardian Fighter, Great Weapon Fighter, Ranger, Warlock, and Cleric.

      This game is loosely based on D&D 4th edition, which was itself loosely based on MMOs. It is a fun game and seems well made and ALMOST everything (except the dragonborn race) in the game can be had for absolutely free, as long as you are willing to put in the many many hours grinding for Astral Diamonds.

  • I have never played an MMO & tried this yesterday & enjoyed it! Will gladly take friend requests for raids. Thanks!

  • Love the game. Level 30 character not loading. Bug needs fixing

  • My lvl 34 char wont load either. Hope its fixed soon

  • yeah,um,so…i got this hype when everyone was talking about this game coming free on ps4.
    but crap,is it unavailable in asia?or my eyes are too blind to see?

  • Is anyone else experiencing issues downloading this? I tried twice and the download stopped after maybe 1 Gb and when trying to resume it said “data corrupted” (I had to delete the partial download to try again).

  • Define free

    If you could turn zen back into real money I would spend more time in obtaining atstraldimonds .

    Time = diamonds = free zen

    If your lazzy or frustrated then this game will cost u big $

    A free tigger , a nice touch to get people hooked , but I bet you only a handful of people know it’s there to collect , as it’s not apart of the mission story line . Should have been … Would have been a nice touch.

    In 3 weeks I made over 500 zen ,

    There are server isues with some maps currently , and the game can frezz up in co op etc , it’s a shame they didn’t re master it for the power of the ps4 , but just ported a 720 Microsoft one game over.

  • “Everything you see in-game can be obtained with in-game currency giving a true free-to-play MMORPG experience.” Well, no, that’s simply not true.

    I see dragonborn in the game and no matter how much in game currency I earn, I can’t gain access to that playable race. The only way I can see to play that race is to spend $75 in real world money, which is an INSANE price for a single race in a game that already has 8 other races. I don’t care if the game is free to play. Even games that aren’t free to play are still cheaper than $75 FOR THE ENTIRE GAME.

    Hell i just bought Killer Instinct on Windows 10. It is a free to play game but i just purchased 25 characters for $49.99 and I also got alternate costumes, accessories, and 18k worth of KI gold. If it was the Xbone version I’d have also gotten the original two KI games from the 90s. See, now that is value. I’ve been playing Neverwinter for about a week and I haven’t seen many dragonborn around. I bet the price is so high they simply aren’t selling that many packs. I bet if they lowered to price to a reasonable $20 or so, they would probably sell 10 times more packs and make 3 to 5 times more money.

    • Oh, and I purchased the Eternal chest or whatever it is called from the seal vendor which says clearly in the description that it will give me one rare item for my class and level. What it gave me was a shield for a different class and the level was too high by 2. So it wasted my seals.

      I don’t know if that was just a bug or if they changed something and didn’t update the description.

      But other than that stuff, i am enjoying the game. I just wish they would put the Dragonborn race up in the Zen store to be consistent with their claim that the game is 100% free to play. At the VERY LEAST they need to lower the price of the pack.

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