I Am Setsuna Arrives on PS4 Today

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I Am Setsuna Arrives on PS4 Today

Hello everyone. This is Kumagai from Tokyo RPG Factory. I am the director of the English and PC versions of I Am Setsuna. I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to talk about the game on its release.

I Am Setsuna is the very first game to come out of “Project Setsuna,” which was started with the idea of using current technology to replicate the engrossing JRPGs from the 90’s — the golden age of the genre. The concept we sought to express through the game’s story is setsunai, an emotion unique to the Japanese language.

The game tells the story of a young woman by the name of Setsuna, who decides to become a sacrifice to restore the peaceful lives of the people, and her subsequent journey through the bitter snow. When her journey towards her own death comes to an end, what the player feels is the setsunai emotion that we wanted to convey.

I Am Setsuna, PS4

I Am Setsuna, PS4I Am Setsuna, PS4

The game has a unique battle system and customizable elements. The battle system is based on Active Time Battle, but has its own twist. Weapons and items can be customized for upgrades, and by combining with other equipment, the player can take advantage of different skills and effects in battle.

The music in the game is composed mainly on the piano, adding another layer of depth to the game’s world.

The main story can be completed in 20 to 30 hours. You can, of course, keep grinding after completion, but before that, I hope you reach the end of the story and experience the emotion of setsunai.

I Am Setsuna, PS4

I Am Setsuna is the first release from Tokyo RPG Factory. I hope you stay tuned to our activities in the future. Thank you for your support.

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