I Am Setsuna Arrives on PS4 Today

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I Am Setsuna Arrives on PS4 Today

Hello everyone. This is Kumagai from Tokyo RPG Factory. I am the director of the English and PC versions of I Am Setsuna. I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to talk about the game on its release.

I Am Setsuna is the very first game to come out of “Project Setsuna,” which was started with the idea of using current technology to replicate the engrossing JRPGs from the 90’s — the golden age of the genre. The concept we sought to express through the game’s story is setsunai, an emotion unique to the Japanese language.

The game tells the story of a young woman by the name of Setsuna, who decides to become a sacrifice to restore the peaceful lives of the people, and her subsequent journey through the bitter snow. When her journey towards her own death comes to an end, what the player feels is the setsunai emotion that we wanted to convey.

I Am Setsuna, PS4

I Am Setsuna, PS4I Am Setsuna, PS4

The game has a unique battle system and customizable elements. The battle system is based on Active Time Battle, but has its own twist. Weapons and items can be customized for upgrades, and by combining with other equipment, the player can take advantage of different skills and effects in battle.

The music in the game is composed mainly on the piano, adding another layer of depth to the game’s world.

The main story can be completed in 20 to 30 hours. You can, of course, keep grinding after completion, but before that, I hope you reach the end of the story and experience the emotion of setsunai.

I Am Setsuna, PS4

I Am Setsuna is the first release from Tokyo RPG Factory. I hope you stay tuned to our activities in the future. Thank you for your support.

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  • I would be more excited for this game, if it did a better job at separating itself from its inspirations.

    • Agreed. It’s fun for a bit but it’s art isn’t even as good as some of the snes games it’s trying to emulate and it shows… Graphics are poor for ps4 game! It’s just a half baked remake of an old jrpg, there’s no mixing with today’s technology. Booooo! I expected more. And the all piano soundtrack gets annoying real quick. Ugh I just want to tell the Pianist to take a break or something-i get it its an emotional story…. With white penguins that dance around in the snow. Better kill them before the penguins take over earth… Ugh

  • I played an hour or two of Setsuna this morning, and it’s really neat. Scratches the ole’ JRPG itch. The music is fun, the combat is quick and snappy, and the setting is beautiful. If you’re on the fence about this, $40 may be a little steep, but let’s use our wallets to tell developers that we want MORE games like this!


    • Seconded. Would buy this for Vita in a heartbeat.

    • Thirded. Would buy this for Vita immediately!

    • Would only buy this game if released for the PS Vita on the west.

    • Developer said it wasn’t bringing the Vita version to the US, but the PS4 version plays great over Remote Play.

    • @dekarguy Sorry, but I’m not interested on playing this game over remote play. What I want is the localization of the PS Vita version that was already released in Japan, which shouldn’t represent such a hurdle given that it can use the same translation used for the PS4 version.

    • @dekarguy: maybe it’s just me, but remote play isn’t so hot while I’m on the train. I’d have bought this if it was on Vita.

    • @Hakumen_ There’s more to it than just cutting and pasting.

      If you ever want a bit of an insight into what goes into localization, check out some of XSeed’s Trails blogs, because it’s more than just ‘oh hey we have a translation, everything’s golden’… they have to make sure the text fits the space, that the right triggers trigger the right text, that there aren’t any bugs caused by the new characters on the system, or other random glitches that popped out of nowhere that make no sense.

      Not saying they couldn’t have done it, but as much as I love my Vita, it’s a hard sell to try to convince people to bring games over for it because so few of us still use the console.

    • Nobody makes games for vita because nobody uses the vita. Nobody uses the vita because nobody makes the game for the vita.

      Somebody has to break the cycle, but gamers can’t break the cycle if the developers don’t make games in the first place.

  • I played an hour and a half last night and really enjoyed it. Thank you for bringing the game over!

  • I am really looking forward to this!

  • I played for an hour and I’m hooked. thank you for making this amazing game and hopefully we’ll see more JRPGs from you in the future.

  • I’m super stoked for this game, but I REALLY want to hold off for a Vita version. This game would be PERFECT on Vita.

  • I would’ve bought this in a heartbeat had it come out on the Vita, preferably a physical copy :(

  • Thanks for the little background info. Enjoying it on my Vita :P

  • Not sure why this was live last night but I snagged it a little after midnight ET. Sadly it was too late to actually play so I have to wait for this evening to dig into it.

  • I wish this game was on ps vita in America right now. I refuse to buy this game on my Ps4 so much that I am buying the Japanese vita version, even though I can not read Japanese. If there is a will there is a way.

  • will this game ever come out for Asia? I’ve been waiting for a long time and it’s still not available in PSN store.


  • Excellent game the soundtrack is awesome full piano sets!!

  • Vita please ,

  • Glad this is finally out. Was interested from the initial announcement, still excited now.

    Will be streaming this tonight.

  • release retail version just like in JAPAN…. then i buy it.

  • I like this game, reminds me of old school FF that I love far more than anything SE have been putting out lately..

  • This game looks fantastic, but I speak for many when I say that I reaaaaally want this for Vita.

    I’m a dad, and it’s tough for me to find time to sit down in front of the TV for a long RPG. Vita, on the otherhand, allows me to play games like this in 10 minute bursts when rocking my girls to sleep in the middle of the night, or let’s be honest, sitting on the toilet for longer than I probably should.

    • Lol. I do the exact same because I am also a dad. I will definitely buy it if it comes to the PS Vita.

  • I will have to decline on buying the PS4 version, but Will look forward to the PS Vita version.

  • If this comes to the Vita, will get it 100 percent.

    Still like your game even though you guys abandoned the available Vita version., TRPGC. If I see it on sale on PC…I may get it.

  • Shame you’re not bringing the Vita version for no reason, and you’re not bringing it to retail at all. You really don’t know what JRPG fans want do you SE?

    • Speak for yourself, not everyone. I’m a HUGE JRPG fan, and I’m thrilled with the digital PS4 release. They know exactly what I want.

      And there IS a reason for them to not bring it over. You may not LIKE that reason(and I wish the reason weren’t true, but… you know what they say about wishes), but there is a perfectly valid business reason to not bring the Vita version over. It’s an expensive venture that is unlikely to pay off.

    • You do realize, that digital release was going to happen regardless right? Bye Felicia.

      And there is no reason. It’s not a valid reason. You know nothing. You’re just a shill.

    • Why is ‘it won’t make us money’ not a valid reason for a business to do something?

      I take it you’re not running a successful business, are you?

      I’m not a shill, I’m just a rational human being who takes time to logically think about things. I love my Vita, although I don’t use it as often as I used to since I started streaming.

      Some of my favourite experiences were on the Vita… but I also recognize that the console sold REALLY poorly in the West and that software for it frequently underperforms expectations, with the exception of certain indy titles. So the cost of localizing a title is rarely worth the expense.

      As a result, while I am never HAPPY to hear that a Vita version isn’t going to be localized, at the same time I understand why it happens.

  • Instant buy for me if released on VITA
    Seriously, I can go for PC but it is really not convenient to play at PC

  • I’ll be getting this as soon as I get a PS4! Hoping for good things from this developer, can’t wait to see their next game.

  • I’ll only be buying this if it arrives on Vita. That’s where I want to play it. A Vita release would be a Day 1 purchase for me.

  • so expensive. not worth the price. im guessing its a really good rpg. but making this kind of game was so effortless. you can see it from the graphics and file size but the price is so high. ill just wait for 2 months and add $13 for FFXV

  • If it comes out for the PS Vita then I will buy it. I can’t play this on my PS4

  • It’s interesting that more than half of the comments posted here reference people asking for the Vita version… Let the “dead” console with a dedicated fan base speak for itself. The Facebook Square page is flooded with comments from people asking for the Vita version as well. Much like Adventures of Mana, I’m sure we will see this game come to the Vita (West) eventually… Keep on making noise boys and girls!

  • Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.

    Square Enix please release the Vita Edition as well in the west even after 3-6 months. I’ll wait for it.

  • I am Setsuna was great, I’m glad I was able to finish it, It has a really good story line and I enjoyed listening to the soundtrack a lot, I’m glad I was able to play this game.

  • The PS Store “I Am Setsuna” preorder bonuses mentioned the soundtrack being included with the preorder. I got the two PS4 themes and have been enjoying the game so far, but when it said “soundtrack,” did it really mean just one track?!

    One song: “Eternal Winter.”

    When I read the preorder bonuses, it said that the soundtrack was included, which I was looking forward to, and even more so now after playing the game. Please clarify. Thanks.

    Looking forward to more great JRPGs from Tokyo RPG Factory in the near future. Take care.

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