5 Tips to Survive Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, Out August 2 on PS4

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5 Tips to Survive Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, Out August 2 on PS4

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is getting ready to set sail into the wild waters of PlayStation! In our first announcement we had estimated an ambiguous target of “spring.” We know lots of people have been patiently waiting and wondering where it is (Especially since it’s summer now…). Well, we’re able to confirm that the wait is almost over and on August 2 it will hit PlayStation Store with a 10% launch discount!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five useful tips to help you survive treacherous waters and craft your own island paradise — assuming your idea of paradise includes hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, poop flinging Prime Apes, vicious Tiger Sharks, and trying not to starve.

1.) Beware of Mutinies
Don’t be fooled by their cute, vacant faces — monkeys aren’t your mates, “first” or otherwise. These adorable thieving scoundrels are just itching to get their lil’ hands on your hard-won goods, so remember, it’s “finders keepers” ’round these parts… unless you can find something to keep them occupied.

2.) Don’t Feed the Quacken
It’s best to not go trawling for trouble, but if you do choose to face off against this deepsea behemoth, you’ll have do so on his turf. Pack your sails and ready yourself for terror on high seas. (And be warned, his screech is as bad as his bite.)

3.) Always Wear a Lifejacket
Remember, safety first! The sea itself may prove to be one of your worst enemies out here, and it’s best to come prepared. Craft a cozy life jacket and you might narrowly avoid a watery grave if you happen to find yourself overboard. When it’s sink or swim, we recommend the latter.

4.) Appease the Volcano
There are few things more dangerous than an angry volcano, and you won’t want to get on this one’s bad side. Offer your finest odds and ends to the fiery titan at the Altar of Snackrifice and you might just stave off its wrath. For a while, anyway.

5.) Don’t Starve!
With tons of new ingredients and tasty dishes including lobster dinners, seafood gumbo, and even dried jellyfish jerky, there are now dozens more foods for you to daydream about as you waste away on your own scorching archipelago.

With these survival essentials under your belt you’re one step closer to conquering the tropical unknown. We’re really excited for the PS4 community to experience Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked on August 2. We look forward to hearing all about your harrowing tales of nautical misadventures.

Keep those bellies full, and happy sailing!

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