10 Second Ninja X Out July 19, Tips for Being a Ninja Pro

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10 Second Ninja X Out July 19, Tips for Being a Ninja Pro

10 Second Ninja X is a blisteringly fast platformer where you’re a Ninja destroying robots in less than 10 seconds. Try, fail, repeat. Try, fail, repeat. Try a bit better, fail, repeat. You get the idea. It’s a game about finding the fastest routes and getting the best times possible. It’s frantic, challenging and very rewarding.

We’ve been inspired by games like Super Meat Boy and OlliOlli, trying to create a game where every single frame of movement feels deliberate and satisfying. Any failure, missed jump, or abrupt death feels fair. The gameplay in 10 Second Ninja X is the result of almost five years of polish and I hope that you can feel that refinement every moment that you’re playing.

However, there’s only so much that we as developers can do to help you, so here are some basic lessons to get you started with how 10 Second Ninja X works.

Your Ninja may only have a few moves, but they unlock a lot of options. You can jump, double-jump, throw a shuriken, or get up close with your sword.

The enemies — robot servants of the curmudgeonly Captain Greatbeard — are your targets. It might look like they’re just sitting there, itching for your sword, but your surroundings may tell a different story. Spikes and lasers wait to destroy the unskilled, and the robots themselves can have defenses.

A well placed shuriken will rip through their aura of death and right through the circuits of the robot inside. Try not to be distracted by the cool explosion; it’ll cost you precious milliseconds in the level.

Jumping is not a ninja’s only method of traversal. Some levels feature the grappling hook. This device may look like an unassuming bit of background decoration, but trigger it and you’ll be rocketed across the level and (hopefully) right into the faces of your unprepared enemies.

Stuff like the grappling hook can also be combined with other tools littered around levels for skilled players to really speed up their runs.

Not everyone you’ll meet in 10 Second Ninja wants you dead. Captain Greatbeard’s own crew may be ardent admirers of your ninja skills. Spending time with them can unlock secrets, mini-games, and more.

This is just a taste of what you’ll need to beat 10 Second Ninja X, but I believe in you! 10 Second Ninja launches on PS4 and PS Vita on July 19 — that’s tomorrow! Oh god!

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