Garou: Mark of the Wolves Returns on PS4 and PS Vita

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Garou: Mark of the Wolves Returns on PS4 and PS Vita

We at SNK know how excited fighting game fans are during EVO. To celebrate, together with SIEA Third Party Production, we’re pleased to announce that our next game to hit PlayStation Store will be the legendary Neo Geo classic Garou: Mark of the Wolves on both PS4 and PS Vita — with cross buy support!

This upcoming version, developed with Code Mystics, Inc., will once again have cross play functionality and of course online multiplayer as well.

25th Anniversary of the Fatal Fury Series

Some fans may ask why we’re announcing our latest PlayStation game at this time. When we asked the PlayStation Nation which Neo Geo classic they would like to see most on PSN, there were a huge number of fans who voted for Mark of the Wolves. Additionally, the beloved Fatal Fury series celebrates its 25th anniversary.

For the staff here at SNK, there was little hesitation in this decision.

Gallery Mode and Sound Test Features

Both the PS4 and PS Vita versions will feature an illustrious Gallery Mode, where you’ll be able to unlock many stunning pieces of Mark of the Wolves and Fatal Fury series art through gameplay.

Furthermore, Garou’s original soundtrack will be available to sample in the game menu. We want you to feel the real Garou / Fatal Fury fever along with your memories of the Neo Geo system.

High-quality Netcode

For this title, we at SNK have decided to adopt Code Mystics’ proprietary netcode once again, which was used on our previous Neo Geo classic The Last Blade 2 and received praise from both fans and the press. The team in Vancouver is doing a fantastic job on Garou’s online multiplayer, giving new life to a legendary fighting game classic and ensuring the online gameplay brings SNK fans and series newcomers a great experience similar to the good ol’ days in the arcades.

We’ll be sure to come back with more information on Mark of the Wolves and other upcoming releases from SNK. Please stay tuned for more announcements on PlayStation.Blog!

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  • Now do it for Capcom vs Snk 2 ;) thanks…

    • Please add a disabling option for interframe blending like in The Last Blade. Also more filtering options would be nice.

    • lol; Capcom made that, dude. That’s why their name is first in the title ;) You mean SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

    • They snk really needs to remake these fighting like they did king of fighters 14 . Samurai showdown,mark of the Wolf, and fatal fury revamped they could open new doors to fighting games. Snk don’t half you know how awesome samurai showdown would be if you did it like Kof 14.

  • please more Capcom fighting games on PS4 and Vita too … please sony :)

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PS4)
    Street Fighter III (PS4 and Vita)
    Rival Schools / Project Justice (PS4 and Vita)
    Star Gladiator / Plasma Sword (PS4 and Vita)
    Marvel VS Capcom 2 (PS4 and Vita)
    Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS4)
    Power Stone Collection (PS4)
    Darkstalkers 3 (PS4 and Vita)

    • This isn’t a Capcom game we’re talking about. Sony doesn’t handle making these PSN versions of classic third party games anyway. Why… why are… what… what is the point of putting this here? o_O

      Maybe spend a little less time port begging and a little more time actually paying attention to what is being talked about? Because Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves is supposed to be one of the greatest fighting games of all time right here

    • Hey Sony, I agree with most of these as well. If you guys take suggestions, some old school redone Samurai Showdown, and Marvel Vs Capcom, and Omg RIVAL SCHOOLS!…. Would be appreciated by several. Just a suggestion from a long time user and fan. Talon
      “Do you have a gieger counter?! “

    • That would be rad. Hopefully Sony will make those games for PS4. Been really itching to play more Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max!

  • That’s AWESOME!

    Now please please please, bring Samurai Shodown 2 and Fatal Fury Special to PS4 too.


  • Freakin’ SWEET! Was hoping the previous SNK classics would lead to this – had a chance to pick this up back in the day on the Dreamcast, never did, not sure I regret it quite, but I definitely want to check it out NOW. Looking forward to this!

  • When it was announced that LB2 would be receiving this treatment I secretly hoped that Garou would be next. Can’t wait!

  • Please add a disabling option for interframe blending like in The Last Blade. Also more filtering options would be nice.
    (accidently made this comment a reply first, i can’t delete it)

  • This is glorious news.

  • Can`t wait, day 1 buy. Thanks for supporting the Vita!!

  • “Come on, get serious!”
    The greatest SNK fighter! Thanks for bringing it back to the world of the living! Looking forward to what you guys have planned next!

  • Are you OK? BUSTAH WOLF !!!

  • Day 1 buy for me… Just give us a date and a price.

    Bought LB2 Day 1 and only trophy I haven’t got yet was beat 30 in Time Attack. I’m not even a Trophy hunter, but the feel of an Arcade challenge is alive in my SNK games.

    Thank You All at SNK, Code Mystics and Sony for bringing these Classics Gems back and reviving SNK. And Thank You SNK for supporting PS Vita, I Love my Vita and Vita is great for Fighting Games on the go.

    How about KOFXIV for PS Vita too ;D

  • Awesome!!!! Thanks for the vita support as well! Only wish we could get physical copies of these classics. Am I overlooking the release date on this? I may just be too excited so if someone sees it then let me know. If it’s not listed in the article then that’s the big question:) when is it coming out? Thanks again

  • First, current Garou is available on the PS3 PSN in Japan, please bring it to the PS3 PSN in the US. Thanks.

    Second, please give us SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

    Third, we want the PS2 KOF, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and World Heroes collections to come to the PS3.


  • This is glorious news, I’m loving all the games SNK is putting out there, I’m hoping for KOFXI and Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2 to be on PS4 as well :)

  • Real Bout 2 or KoF UM2002 next

  • Day one purchase, just like I did for The Last Blade 2. Keep making em, and I’ll keep buying em.

    Hope Samurai Shodown V Special, KoF 98 UM, KoF 2002UM, NeoGeo Battle Colosseum and Art of Fighting Anthology get ports in the future

  • Dont comment often but willl buy for sure. Bought Last Blade 2, Metal Slug 3, and Metal Slug Anthology

  • As a software architect I am holding you to your promise of netcode.

    Thank you.

  • Is this any different than the Android version?

  • Laurent,

    Sir, this is most welcome news.
    Will certainly will see a day one purchase from me – no doubt from quite few a folks, I suspect ;D

    Absolutely loved Mark of the Wolves on MVS. Of course Garou won my vote, & thank you for this – please extend our appreciation to SNK & Code Mystics.

    Congrats on the 25th – sweet stuff indeed! MOTW across Vita & PS4? Tears of joy :*D
    Such a release being pure beauty!

    BTW – out of interest, Laurent – are you or SNK aware of the folks @ Limited Run Games? If not, I’d recommend looking these gentlemen up. They work magic for Vita & PS4 digital titles looking to reach physical release.

  • Now if only they can get King of Fighters 98 and 02 Ultimate Match, Samurai Shodown 2, and Fatal Fury Special on the PSN, I’m sold!

  • I grow up playeing this, and I’m so happy now I can’t breath

  • The netcode is more than likely going to be the same as Last Blade 2 also from Code Mystics and the ping rates are going to be 90-200ms for most of us with a lot of matches. This is completely unplayable. I know for sure it has nothing to with my internet. It has something to do with what region you live in the US and other countries against the other players you match up with (mostly Japan plays LB2, so I always get 200ms with them). Because most matches are broken, people just give up on the online and you never get matches in the US. Even people I talk to in other countries other than Japan have this problem.

    It is a shame because they addressed all of the emulation issues and made other improvements from launch. Unfortunately, it seems they will never re-write the netcode if it is shoddy. The main reason I buy these SNK fighters on PS4 is for the online since I already have most of these games on Neo Geo AES Cart, Neo Geo CD, PS2, and Sega Dreamcast.

  • SNK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring…. SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos To the PS4

    We need this on a PlayStation Platform and nows the time to do so….

    SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos

    SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos

    SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos

    SNK Please bring this to PlayStation…

  • LOL, now makes you wonder what Netcode SNK used for The King of Fighters XIV then???

  • Sweet, cross-buy with vita, thanks snk :)

  • But will the throw escape glitch be fixed? :^)

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