What Can You Do in No Man’s Sky?

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What Can You Do in No Man’s Sky?

Hi everyone! So we’re starting the countdown to the launch of No Man’s Sky on August 9. With just a few short weeks until you can get your hands on the game, we wanted to tackle one of the questions we’ve seen crop up a few times: what do you get to do in No Man’s Sky?

As Sean Murray from Hello Games has talked about before, there are four key pillars to the game: explore, trade, fight, and survive. Some of you may have seen Sean’s video with Anthony Carboni in which he talks through the game in great detail, but for those of you that haven’t, we’ve pulled together a series of short videos that highlight each of these key pillars.

Keep an eye out during the coming weeks as we’ll be dropping new videos showing the highlights of what each pillar means to a player in No Man’s Sky.





With more than 18 quintillion planets to be explored across billions of miles of space, there’s plenty to be seen in No Man’s Sky. As the discoverer of flora, fauna, and even planets, you’ll be able to name your discoveries and claim them to be seen by fellow space pioneers.

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