Headlander Comes to a PS4 Near You on July 26

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Headlander Comes to a PS4 Near You on July 26

In the future, we all dream of waking up to a beautiful utopia of hoverboards, clean air, and flying cars. But the future’s rarely what we’ve idealized, and in Headlander, you wake up on a derelict spaceship to the stark news that you are the last organic life left in the known universe and Methuselah, the leader of the robot society that has supplanted humanity, wants you dead.

Oh — and to top that off, you’re just a head. In a space helmet. With a rocket booster attached to it.

That’s just the start of Headlander, Adult Swim Games and Double Fine Productions’ side-scrolling action-adventure game heavily inspired by science fiction films of the 1970s.

At the start of the game you can select from three different heads as your player character, and solving the mystery of who you are and why you’re the only human left is one of the major plot points of the game. Luckily, you can dock that noggin into plenty of other things — humanoid Citizen and Shepherd bodies, robot dogs, turrets, computer terminals, and robot vacuum cleaners; anything with a universal docking ring will accept the connection.

The game world is a huge sprawling network that all kicks off in the Pleasure Port, a futuristic space resort where Citizens relax in locations like the Fondlarium and Boob Tubery while Shepherds patrol and keep the peace. Each Shepherd has color-coded security clearances so bouncing from one body to another becomes crucial to traversing the game’s world. Additionally, with each Shepherd body step up the ROYGBIV color spectrum, your lasers will become more powerful and bounce an additional time off walls. Violet lasers in close quarters can be challenging to maneuver around when you’re just a head!

With the helpful voice of Earl in your helmet, you navigate each area and find transfiber nodes that’ll grant your head new abilities. Those combined with an upgrade tree with even more abilities provide you with a lot of freedom in approaching combat — whether it’s on a Shepherd body or just as a head (each has a separate health gauge). Do you go in guns blazing? Maybe you’d rather stand back or duck behind cover and target/shoot off enemy heads with more precision. Or pop your head off and vacuum the heads of your enemies. Deflecting an enemy’s fire right back at them with your bounce shield is especially satisfying.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the game’s release on July 26, 2016.

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  • Been looking forward to this game. My guess is that this is one of the games in the PLAY 2016 PlayStation Store promotion.

    • Hopefully! That and ABZU are what I would love to see in the lineup.

    • Yesterday when they announced they were doing the PLAY promotion again I predicted that Headlander, Abzu, Bound, and Moon Hunters will all be part of the lineup this year.

    • I’m anxiously anticipating Rainworld and Death’s Gambit.

    • Good picks for PLAY, Mercenary09! I imagine we could see 2064: Read Only Memories or Alone With You in there too.

  • What an awesome trailer

  • Adult Swim games are so fun! It’s nice that some of them are finding their way to the PS4.

    • Adult Swim is publishing some great looking games. Rainworld, Death’s Gambit, Headlander, Ray’s the Dead.

    • OMG I didn’t know they were publishing Ray’s the Dead! I’ve been waiting for that one for two years!

  • Wow, haha, this looks great. PLAY 2016 candidate? This is on my radar big time. Great trailer!

  • This seem like it’s gonna be good

  • This looks weird and good

  • Awesome, I’ve really been looking forward to this game since I saw Kinda Funny Games demo it.

    Any idea on a price yet?

  • So Headlander, ABZU, Bound, and No Man’s Sky are all coming in the next 5 weeks? RIP Wallet.

  • Sounds like the mechanics are similar to Space Station: Silicon Valley from the Nintendo 64 days. Excellent

  • Lol. This looks amazing. That is all.

  • Wow. I love Double Fine and kinda some adult swim stuff, but every property is so different, you just never know until you see it. Wow.

  • I saw gameplay of this game during E3 it was when I was introduced to it and it instantly got ma interest ha…lemme say what a nice idea for a game.It looks really great,gorgeous visuals too…this is how a PSN game should be on PS4…I may not buy it at launch but I’ll gladly buy it thats for sure.

    Good job y’all at Adult Swim/Double Fine.

  • Its great to see such a nice production come out of Adult Swim Games. I mean, the pixel art in most of their titles is pretty top notch – actual good stuff with nice animation, not “minimalistic” garbage from programmers who never could cobble together basic art skills. But seriously, it’s real nice to see something honest-to-god pretty from them, that absolutely nails the style it’s going for without having to resort to box people or something (like Jazzpunk). I hope this is the kind of thing we can expect to see more of from them in the future. Adult Swim Games and Devolver Digital are THE best publishers for indie titles that are actually fun & good – instead of the boring, “artsy” award bait garbage most game critics fall over themselves to recommend. But DD puts out games like Shadow Warrior and Talos Principle in addition to Hotline Miami, so it’s about time Adult Swim started upping their game too :)

  • Btw props to the ASG marketing team and Double Fine for NAILING this trailer. From the repeated, dramatic reading of the title, “HEAD LANDER!!!” to the name of the sentient A.I. being Methuselah and the general “Sort of Logan’s Run-ish” look of the World, it’s all just SOOOOO “70’s movie trailer”. I feel like if I looked up a trailer for Zardoz, Westworld, or Dark Star, it would sound and be cut pretty similar to this :)

    Amazing to me that Movie trailers are so, so routinely terrible now but Game trailers are so often good. I mean, I know “AAA” publishers make the dumb mistake of Hollywood studios in having some outside company cut (or entirely produce) the ads and trailers too, instead of the creators. But generally, Video Game Trailers kick the heck out of Movie Trailers now, and this is one of the best I’ve seen in ages.

    • The trailer was all Double Fine, and agreed – it’s so good! Glad you’re digging the trailer and our games!

  • This looks good. But I will wait for Duck Game, another Adult Swim game.

  • Wow my one of my favorite video game developers and TV makers are coming out with a game on my bday?!? If I’m done broken age and day of the tentacle(double fine games) I’ll buy it for sure I don’t even care what it’s about.

  • Looks fun! Consider me interested.

  • Saw this on E3….very different. Can’t wait to get it launch Day!

  • this looks like a return to form after the rushed/under-resourced Costume Quest 2 and Day of the Tentacle Remastered. Seeing the abstract concepts from Stacking iterated on again are r ally cool.

    Please bring Stacking and the original Costume Quest to PS4 and/or Vita. Since CQ was already ported to iOS, it should be straight forward!

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