Trove Brings MMO Action, Voxels to PS4 in 2016

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Trove Brings MMO Action, Voxels to PS4 in 2016

You seem like the kind of gamer who loves the finer things in life. Well, if adventuring through a multiverse of endless possibilities alongside thousands of other players, building massive worlds of your very own, collecting phat loot, and riding dragons is your idea of the finer things, we’ve got good news for you. Trove is coming to PS4 later this year and things are about to get voxelated.

What is Trove?

Trove is a voxel-based, action MMO with more than a dozen unique classes to choose from, massive adventure worlds loaded with baddies to battle, and countless dungeons to conquer. You can collect thousands of unique items (designed by our team and players like you), explore incredible lands, like the rolling ice cream hills of Candoria and the pirate-filled Treasure Isles, fight against the forces of shadow who serve Q’bthulhu (you read that right), and so much more!

What isn’t Trove?

Trove is not a sandwich…though you can dress like a hot dog in Trove and wield and ice cream sandwich as a weapon…

Tell me more about player-created stuff!

We’re overflowing with thousands of player-created items such as swords, staves, helmets, mounts, and yes, even the aforementioned dragons — lots of them. For those of you looking to take on gaming at a larger scale, we’ve got you covered.

Club Worlds are your very own corner of the multiverse where you can invite your friends to join you in building wonders. The only limit is your imagination — and how many blocks you can collect — so really, just two limits. Also time… I mean, you’ll probably need to eat at some point or catch a movie. Look, the main thing is that there are not very many limits. It’s a really small number.

What if I just want to melt faces and rack up numbers?

If building isn’t your scene, you can pick from a huge array of classes and take the fight to the forces of shadow that have invaded the sprawling landscape. Jump into our adventure worlds and face off against fearless foes in the open, or test your mettle by bashing bosses in our vast collection of dungeons, to achieve new heights of power.

We even have PvP: team deathmatch and capture the flag. Not only that, but in totally Trove fashion, you can create custom PvP arenas in your own Club World!


Trove is a free-to-play MMO adventure that brings you, your friends, and thousands of other players together to battle, build, and explore. We’re incredibly excited to come to PS4 this year. Join us on this epic journey!

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  • Wow, heard about this game a long time ago and forgot. I cannot tell you how excited I am for his. My nephew and I will be playing this game for a long time hopefully. Thank you!

  • This sounds interesting and really fun :) A few questions; Will it have a platinum trophy? Will It come to PS Vita, and how come you guys choose free to play? Most of the time i just prefer to pay at least $10 for game and then play a free to play game, and pay for microtrasnactions. I will be try this out though, it looks like allot of fun :D

    • I would imagine this wouldn’t run on Vita. Still stuck on Vita Island alone… But I’m dumb so who knows.

    • One is never alone on Vita island, one just simply has to walk a few thousand miles to find another occupant.

    • Trove would be awful on Vita. It barely runs on high end PCs. It just is not optimized very well.

    • Ha! I’m a proud resident of Vita Island with 73 games and counting.

  • Hell yea! Played this game on PC a little and always it would be a perfect fit for consoles. I know a lot of people who are going to love this game on PS4. Thanks for coming to PS4! Can’t wait to play it.

    • Steve “Fasti” Haines

      It really does fit in very well on the console! Once people get a chance to check it out I think they’re going to be really happy with how it all looks and feels.

  • When exactly will this come out!!!!

  • Question: Will we be able to migrate our PC accounts to PS4? I easily have over 3000 hours in Trove but I don’t play anymore. I would pick it back up if I can transfer my account.

    • Steve “Fasti” Haines

      Hey there,

      It’s not possible to move your account from the PC version to the PS4. The two versions of the game will run independently of each other.

  • Will it have split-screen couch co-op capability?

    Always in search of new games to play with my kids.

    • Trove is a singleplayer experience in an online world. It’s not likely that this would be a feature. Think of it as an MMORPG.

  • Any word on whether or not PC players will be able to link accounts. I started wayyyyyyy back in closed beta and would love to use my account. For those that havent played Trove before, its amazing :D

  • Wish there was a video in the article. Definitely want to see what actual game play looks like but from the pics, looks promising.

    • if you want to see gameplay you can look on youtube the game is already out on pc so you can see what the game is like

  • This game is awesome. Always wanted to try after watching people play it. Hopefully y’all get it released before Dragon Quest Builders in October, even though it’s very different.

  • This looks like a mashup of 3D Dot Game Heroes, Minecraft, and MMOs. Probably one of the better ideas I’ve ever seen. And it’s free-to-play… I’ll definitely be checking it out. Looks amazing.

  • Will this have split screen multiplayer?

  • Im totally down for TROVE! I heard about it a long time ago and always hoped it would come to console.

    Cant wait for this one.

  • Oh cool; I’ll probably check this out. Every once in awhile, I’ll think about Trove and want to play it before remembering a) I don’t have the hard drive space to dedicate to Massively Multiplayer Online games on my PC and b) I really don’t wanna sign up for an ARC account (sorry Trion; that’s just the way it is – don’t need any more personal information, real or faked, out there on the internet. I loathe the “every company gets their own profile” approach). If it’s on PS4 though, that addresses both of those concerns quite nicely. I’m looking forward to this, even though with Dragon Quest Builders coming out West later this year, this (as well as every other game like it; Portal Knights, Cube World, Boundless, etc.) are much, much less of a priority to check out. I played the DQB demo and MAN, I can’t wait for that to hit our shores. It’s SOOO Good. But this should be a fun distraction in the meantime too :)

    • ArtificialSkills

      Yes, because making an alternative email is such a pain in the arse, But seriously, you do know that the game is 2-5gigs, and Runs on minimal Specs, Also ARC is going to ask you to create an account on consoles too, It’s literally, this Username: Password: Email: are you a robot?, It’s not asking for your damn SSC, Just a simple username and password.
      and besides, if you don’t have an Email mean’t for Games that’s a bit strange one might say.

  • question if you have played the game on pc will you be able to transfer your characters and data from trove to ps4.

  • I’m excited for Trove. this was one of my favorite games on PC.

    Any chance you can bring Rift and Defiance to PS4 as well?

  • Will we be able to transfer our pc accounts to the ps4 version? Glyph had something like that with defiance on ps3 i think.

  • I am so exited i played this game so much on Computer! but since my computer is a terrible gaming computer i got a ps4 so i’m happy trove is coming to consoles i told my parents the day it comes out i’m staying up all night playing it!

    QUESTION: how well do you think the servers will run on the ps4.

  • Once TROVE finally comes our and releases, I’m going to make sure all my friends get it and we all will grind the absolute crap out of the game till it is dry of content! :P

    You don’t understand how excited you’ve made me to see this be confirmed and made possible.

    I need to get an amazing game like TROVE!!

    • Steve “Fasti” Haines

      With all the imagination of the builders in the game there is no end to the content, but I’m excited that you’re excited!

  • Sucks that pc accounts don’t transfer over but its also a good thing since my friends will be getting it and we could grind that game. Excited to see it comming to consoles. Wish I knew when this out. I’ll be one of the people who will stay up all night to just to get it and play it.

  • Hell yeah ! 250+ hours on Steam ! Loved it… Until something happened and I can’t log in anymore .-. I really hope that we will be able to play it using PC accounts, or else I’ll just buy a new PC and get back into it c:

  • Absolutley LOVE this game on PC, but on PS4???!!! Man, get me some water this is amazing!

  • Trove!!!! Finally coming to consoles. I’m a bit disappointed that we can’t migrate our accounts But I’ll still enjoy the game. Most of my friends play Xbox so the grind will be tedious for me.

  • Will it be cross compatible with xbox one players


  • ArtificialSkills

    Cannot wait for this game, I stopped playing on the PC once I heard about this coming out soon, just so I don’t over play the game, Like I typically do, I Love you guys for bringing this to consoles! <3

  • good afternoon! Dear moderators if you release date on PS4 game port is known , and is looking forward to release , looking for information about the release date of this toy , but nowhere to be found ( Будьте добры ))

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