The Drinkbox Vita Collection Launches July 13

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The Drinkbox Vita Collection Launches July 13

Hi everyone, Chris McQuinn here! We’re proud to announce that an idea that has been in the works for a very long time is finally happening — our very own bundle for PS Vita! Starting July 13, you can get all of our PS Vita games in a single package.

Let me introduce you to the Drinkbox Vita Collection which includes:

The Games

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack — Designed for PS Vita as a launch title, Mutant Blobs Attack puts you in control of a hungry blob who escapes from the confines of an evil scientist’s lab and sets out to seek revenge on all mankind.

Guacamelee! — A “Metroidvania” style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican-inspired world. The bundle also includes two DLC packs that were released for the game: a Costume Pack which allows you to change the appearance and gameplay statistics of your character, and El Diablo’s Domain, a series of challenge levels with completion rewards.

Guacamelee! is also a cross-buy title, so you’ll be able to download the PS3 versions of all of these items as well!

Severed — Our latest PS Vita game Severed was designed for PS Vita, making heavy use of the touchscreen for combat and the glorious D-pad for navigation (lefties can use the face buttons for navigation). Severed has you playing as Sasha, a one-armed warrior who embarks on a journey through a surreal fantasy world in search of her missing family.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out Drinkbox’s PS Vita games, then now is your chance! And, if you are familiar with our games, then please pass on the word.

Much love and thanks for all of the support from the amazing PS Vita community!

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  • 3 of my favorite games on the Vita. Highly recommend every Vita owner pick this up. I am a little confused though. Is this a retail bundle?

  • Thoroughly enjoyed Mutant Blobs Attack. Not too keen on the Metroidvania game design so didn’t get into Guacamelee much. Really need to give Severed a try. Don’t know anything other than people have enjoyed playing it.

  • I hope this means an actual physical cartridge!

  • Great timing…bought Bundle Fantastistco and Blobs Vita this week :).

    Will pick up Severed in the future.

  • No Ps4 No buy.

    • So you want a game you can’t play on PS4 on PS4?

      I do however hope that they make a Severed like game for PS VR.

  • thanks, but digital doesn’t really mean much… a physical collection… now that would be something

    • I disagree. I bounce between games all the time, and I can’t imagine swapping those teeny little cards playing like I do. My entire collection is on a card I never take out of my Vita (except for Uncharted, but that’s only because I got it new for $6).

      I don’t discount your appreciation for physical, but I never want to own another cartridge again.

    • Digital only now is also kinda pointless because odds are most people own one of these titles… the better solution would be to just permanently discount each title by a certain percent.

  • I really loved all of these games. I have to say, though, that Guacamelee worked much better on PS4 than Vita. The game demanded far more precise controls and timing than I could achieve with the Vita. On the Vita, that treetop level just gave me hand-cramps and frustration (it forced me to quit the game altogether), but it was an enjoyable challenge on PS4….

    Mutant Blobs and Severed work beautifully on the Vita.

  • Assuming there are not secret plans for a release already, maybe get in touch with Limited Run Games, I already own all your games but like a lot of people I would buy them again if they get a physical release. Even at a premium price I might add.

  • I already own two of the three (I really need to get Severed, stupid limited free time….), but I’d snatch up a physical release in a heartbeat.

  • Dragonslayer_023

    I mean that’s a pretty sick bundle, but with how cheap Mutant Blobs and Guacamelee get in sales you probably wouldn’t be saving any money. I don’t really see the point unless they were to put it out physically with new trophy lists or something.

  • Already own guacamelee and severed. Is this just a digital bundle or is it more of a collection with a separate trophy list? Might get me to double dip ;-)

  • Oh Yeah!!! I will some money on that! Can’t Wait.

  • Thanks for the Vita support. Please influence other developers to do so.

    • If they aren’t in the works on a Vita game by now, it’s gonna take 2-3 years to make a good vita game starting now. It’s 5 years into it’s lifespan. There’s a lot of good games coming out for it, but the Vita is going to be on a decline. The PSP cost 10s to 100s of thousands to develop for, where as a Vita game is hundreds to millions of dollars to develop for.

      At 13-15 million units, with only 3 million ish being in the U.S. it’s tricky.

      The real issue comes from a good pixel density on the Vita, but it’s not as powerful as a PS3. Games can look brilliant but it’s hard to do because the pixel density is higher than the PS3 and so the Vita is kinda like the Wii trying to push HD.

      The moral is, don’t expect there to be a huge train of developers putting games out from scratch on the Vita. We’re win the down swing. Unless the Vita sells 15 million units next year… it’s just too far into the cycle for developers to be hugely excited, and the ones that DO port to the Vita run in to massive issues. Mighty No 9, Banner Saga, Minecraft, the games just keep getting delayed.

  • Really Anxious to play Severed. Been on my vita since launch and is next in the queue after Odin Sphere.

  • Nice click bait. Not physical? what’s the point? =/

  • I would love for a retail physical release! These are some of my favorites on the Vita!

  • Just bought the Tales From Space bundle in the current summer sale. I already had Guacamelee! (haven’t played it yet, but I will soon) and Severed isn’t going to run on my Vita anyway. Thanks!

  • what self respecting vita owner doesn’t have at least 2 of these 3 titles?!?!?

    • I don’t but as I’ve just spent my spare cash on a Vita and it hasn’t arrived yet, can I be let off?

    • You’re not even a Vita owner yet! You gotta have the Vita in your hands for 6 months or more to not have an excuse to own 2 of these fine titles.

  • You guys are awesome developers and thanks for supporting Vita!!

  • First, thanks for supporting the Vita. We can’t stress that enough.
    Second, one thing is supporting the Vita. One other, completely different thing is supporting sony. NO, we are not going to feed their already-full pockets buying memory cards. Those proprietary, over expensive Vita cards are just not worth it. Simply put, an Ultra High Speed I 64GB memory card costs nearly $20, while the class-2 32GB Vita card is 3x that price. That’s insulting!
    So if you want your collection to sell, go for physical, team up with Limited Run and see how it goes. Now if you’re just doing this for the show off, psn is the place to be.
    We can’t endure the devs turning a blind eye on the Vita, let alone sony playing the greedy son of a b…. with our hard-earned money. Enough said.

    • You’re not really telling the whole story.

      Game devs and publishers have an option of taking 10% off of the price of a game for owning it digitally. Plus there’s all the PS Plus offerings that get doled out to millions of Playstation console/handheld owners on a regular basis. Now why does that 10% matter?

      Well a lot of companies were going to boycott the Vita. Why? Because why would they sell the vita, and then sell the games, if you can go and spend less 10% less on all the games and the store just ends up with wasted shelf space…

      So the memory cards are less about “greed” and more about retail not boycotting the Vita 10% discount option because the store can get a nice chunk off of the accessory and make more of a margin than they would from individual game sales.

      Then there’s the second issue. The PSP is NOTORIOUS for being hacked/hackable. By having a proprietary format you reduce that risk dramatically. God of War game released, PSP sales were amazing, GoW was far lower, Piracy Downloads was in the millions… >_<

      The final piece to the pie is on the 3DS people didn't always buy that fast a memory, and games sometimes chugged or had issues if they let the consumer just grab any ol card and slap it in

    • TL:DR

      1. Companies were going to boycott the Vita over digital discounts and PS Plus.
      2. Piracy rampant if the format isn’t proprietary enough.
      3. There’s encryption being done on the cards to further prevent hacking.
      4. You can buy terrible memory and end up with games just running terribly.
      5. The discounts and sales you get on the Vita (compared to like a 3DS) are way better when you consider the quality of games you can get for $3 versus the quality of games you can get on the 3DS for $5-6 since Sony will release games for $5 that are amazing, but Nintendo generally keeps their best in the $15-30 range you make out like a bandit even at the inflated costs of the memory cards.

    • @MakaiOokami One thing we can all agree on is that even sony knows proprietary stuff is NOT the way to go to combat piracy. Sony knows the proprietary way is not good for business, that’s why they didn’t use the same approach on the ps4. No need for a stupid card which will fail to read or write stuff while you’re gaming online and then you get “kicked out” all of a sudden because of that ridiculous memory card error code C2-12828-1. I got three cards and run into the same problem with ALL of them every so often since 2014! Sent reports to sony to no use and yet their “stability updates” never proved to fix anything, let alone this issue. So not only is it expensive and slow, but it’s also buggy as hell.
      If sony ever played Nintendo and let me choose my own card, I wouldn’t blame them in case a card of my choice didn’t work. Since the Vita card is 3x more expensive, I can buy two 64GB cards and still have some money to go for digital games.
      And after the Vita is done living, we WILL SEE Vita games in an ISO container, despite their “effort” to “combat piracy”. Then you’ll be asking yourself “what was that vita card used for anyway?”; Answer: “a poor excuse to steal some more from you”.

  • Soooo, what’s the price?

    And as others mentioned: Any chance to see a physical release of this triple pack of Drinkbox goodies?

  • Glad it is coming, and I can live with Digital only but why did you not list a price for it. Nothing appears in upcoming games on PSN store so have no idea even if I want to pre-order it or not.

  • Looks neat but as I already own two of these games I wouldn’t buy this unless it was a retail version. Maybe from limited run games or something? :)

  • Hey people from Drinkbox! Is there any hope for a re-realease of About a Blob? Vita, maybe??

  • I’d buy each one of these again if you made a retail print. Some of the best games on the Vita.

  • I’m only interested in buying this if it gets a physical release.

  • I want the bundle on PS4. Guacamelee and Severed are legitimately two of my favorite games of all time. Tales isn’t quite as good as those too, but it’s still a unique and fun experience.

  • Best Vita developer, hands down.

  • I already own Mutant Blobs and Guacamelee. I’ll pick up Severed soon. For anyone that hasn’t played these games, they are wonderfully fun, with crisp art, smooth controls, and clever level design. Drinkbox has risen to be one of the developers that I will purchase whatever they release, because their games are fun. I’m sure Severed is awesome as well, but it’ll have to wait for this weekend before I snag it!

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