Call of Duty Black Ops III Descent Out Tomorrow, Zombies Livestream

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Call of Duty Black Ops III Descent Out Tomorrow, Zombies Livestream
Call of Duty Black Ops III Descent Out Tomorrow, Zombies Livestream

As a long-time fan of the Call of Duty Zombies series, I’m dying to get my mitts on Descent, the third Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC pack launching tomorrow on PS4. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Treyarch is going gonzo with the latest addition to the Zombies saga in a new chapter called Gorod Krovi.

Good news: We’ve invited Treyarch’s Director of Zombies, Jason Blundell, to join us for an extended live demo and discussion of the new Zombies experience. Watch live at 10:00am Pacific Time tomorrow on Twitch.

Gorod Krovi continues the story of Zombies Origins star Nikolai, thrusting players into an alternate universe version of 1940’s-era Soviet Union. On tomorrow’s livestream, we’ll talk to Jason about the new enemies, gameplay mechanics, and weaponry they’ll encounter in the razed remnants of Stalingrad.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent DLC pack will also include four new competitive multiplayer maps, including a re-imagining of the Call of Duty Black Ops II fan favorite Raid. Read on for more details on the four new competitive multiplayer maps.


Located far off the coast in the Dead Sea, an isolated compound holds some of the world’s most dangerous criminals in frozen isolation. Sentry towers keep watch over the small map’s circular design as frenetic combat is funneled around the prison’s cryogenic tubes which offer plenty of opportunities for wall running attacks.


Ancient sentinels from a lost civilization guard the entrance to Berserk, a Viking village frozen in time. Fight through blizzards and control the center bridge as you navigate this medium map’s wooden buildings and craggy rock outcroppings.


Fight it out among mechanized warriors in Rumble an arena where giant robots battle to the roar of the crowd. The small to medium sized map funnels high-speed combat to the central pit with tight corners throughout the exterior of the stadium.


The fan favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops II map, Raid gets a fresh upgrade enhanced by the BO3 chained movement system. The classic medium sized map features an authentic Roman villa recreated by a modern-day eccentric billionaire and mixed site lines enable any style of gameplay.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent debuts on PS4 tomorrow, July 12th. See you on Twitch!

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  • -yawns-

  • What time are the maps available from?

  • Anyone wondered Sony is making too many new IP? I mean sure people like “new IP” but when it announced, people criticized or even if they like it, they won’t buy it!
    So far the 2 best rated (and best selling) on PS4 is a sequel (Uncharted 4) and a spiritual successor (Bloodborne). Until Dawn is perhaps the only true new IP that got the success.
    I think milking a franchise is not cool, but when you abandon franchise that love by many, that’s even a bigger issue. Lot of people want a new Sly, Resistance, inFAMOUS, SOCOM, Twisted Metal, etc and etc.
    But im not here to complain, im here to give idea, from the perspective of an outsider. My suggestion: Make a PlayStation Extended Universe. No not like that super flop copy-cat smash bros (PS AllStar). But like MCU/DCEU. And NO, you should not make every games connected, it would be a mess, just games fit the best. Such as: Sly Cooper and Ratchet & clank, KNACK, Dream, LBP, the animated world. TLOU and DaysGone, the realistic world. Killzone and Horizon, the Sci-fi world. inFAMOUS and maybe the new IP ? This way, you can make as many new IP (for the sake of not get bashed for milking) as you want while still have a bond with some of other people favorite franchise.

    • Ughh just reading that was confusing let alone actually trying to make all of it make sense and be justified in the respective lore of each series. Maybe Sony could do something like a kingdom hearts style thing but definitely not what was suggested above.

    • go home kid get some sleep

    • I have to agree with nemo and Jersey boy here and what write does make sense only u havent the baron capacity to realised that playstation should implement a bit of old school in their products like said inFamous.(NEW products)

    • That was poor granat pardon me. :P

    • Grammar . -face palm-

  • Oh and almost forgot, make Bloodborne connect with Demon’s soul! A fantasy world :).

  • “Call of duty, now with everything including zombie-robot-alien-dragon hybrid-kitchen sinks”


  • idk i havent been feelingZombies on BO3 all ppl do now are the quests its kinda boring.. no one cares for surviving anymore took the fun out

    • No wonder you’re not feeling zombies, if you don’t do quests you CAN’T survive, you’ll be dead in a few rounds and the game will go nowhere, you’re taking the fun out of it yourself.

  • You can download the DLC already it’s a 7.1GB file download.

  • I can’t play any of the map packs and I have it downloaded what could be the problem?

  • lol it looks ludicrous

  • Does anyone have any discount codes to share

  • I have DLC 3, i downloaded it like 7 times and when i go to custom games and zombiez to check the maps it sais purchased and at the bottom it sais dlc3 required

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