Blade Ballet Whirls onto PS4 August 9

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Blade Ballet Whirls onto PS4 August 9

Emma from DreamSail Games here with a super exciting announcement: Blade Ballet will launch on PS4 August 9! We’ve been through a lot since our first post on Playstation.Blog, and we’d like to share a bit about how our journey has been going so far.

Six months ago, we made a big, scary, public promise that we would get online multiplayer into the game.

We’d been showing Blade Ballet off at events, holding playtests, and gathering advice from other studios, and one recurring theme stood out to us. Though people loved playing in-person with one another, they wanted to take it further. They wanted to share the experience with friends who (for one reason or another) couldn’t get together to play on the couch, and also to use it as a way to connect with new people in fun and interesting ways.

We hadn’t anticipated this shift in direction when we first started development. It was a risk to take on this new challenge, one that wasn’t guaranteed to pay off. Not every team can make it through the gauntlet of a big change like this — stress puts pressure on professional relationships, leading studios to either crumble or emerge stronger than ever.

Our team rose to the challenge. They poured their skills and passion into making Blade Ballet accessible to as broad an audience as possible, rewarding those players and fans who have stuck with us from the beginning by giving them what they asked for.

Amidst the flurry of new tasks related to implementing online multiplayer, there was still a lot of work that needed to be done on the core game. We added new levels to provide more options and keep things fresh for frequent players. Visual polish to bring our well-loved bot creatures to life. Effects to pump up our already energetic and colorful style, and make each life-or-death moment even more intense. All of it brought us to where we are today: excited to and ready to launch in a little more than a month.

Along the way, we continued to show off Blade Ballet at events and shows, and players delighted us by taking the game in directions we’d never imagined. One moment in particular stands out to me: at MomoCon, we ran our first tournaments, and a group of competitors committed themselves to winning, honing their skills for hours over the course of the con. One of the players made a vow to win with a bot that our team previously considered mid-tier (at best). He lost match after match, but refused to concede that this character was weaker. As his skills increased, crowds gathered to watch the clutch moves he was suddenly capable of pulling off with an underrated pick. And finally, after the most intense game of Blade Ballet that I’ve ever watched, he whirled his bot to breathless victory.

This, as game developers dedicated to creating engaging multiplayer experiences, is the moment we dream of. We’re hungry for more. Join us in the world of Blade Ballet on August 9 — we’ll see you in the game!

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  • Is it like Robo battles or those robot completion shows on TV?

    Any death traps that you can sink your opponent into(fire, hammer, spikes)? Customization or pre-set robots?

    Will there be a demo?

    • No affiliation with any TV robo battles, but we do get that comment a lot, and are happy to be compared!

      As for death traps – absolutely! We have lava, player-activated lasers, deadly avalanches, and more.

      We don’t have plans for a demo at this time, but it’s something we might consider in the future.

      Thanks for the questions!

  • Awesome! Looks like a PSX game! I mean, not visually – duh. It looks super modern and cute and clean there. I just mean, like, they had more arena/cyber/future/sports/combat-type games back then I feel like. And I loved ’em! I still bust out games like Blast Chamber every once in awhile. I definitely love the looks of this; I’m gonna be looking forward to giving this a play next month! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING IN ONLINE! I swear, the local only fad has been baffling me for years now – yeah, it’s nice when you’re with your buddies in person. But after college, that hardly ever happens — I just don’t get why more devs don’t offer both options for their multiplayer games. It’s completely tanked my enthusiasm towards games like Capsule Force in the past, and even they had to drop the price of that to $5, I still can’t justify picking it up because it’s local only. This having online too means so much! This went from “interesting but pass” to “Seriously; gotta pick this up!” :)

    • Thank you! That’s definitely the vibe we’re going for :)

      We’re crazy lucky to be able to offer online multiplayer in our game – it was a tough decision to get it in there, and has been a challenge. It’s not always an option (especially for indie devs) to put in the time and resources, and we have a ton of respect for awesome devs making local games.

  • Looks infinitely fun and funny. My son’s and I will definitely be getting this on launch day. Congrats on finishing!

    • It was typed sons without the possessive ‘. Thanks again auto correct!

    • Thanks! We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how popular it’s been with families at the conventions we’ve shown at. One of my favorite things to see is kids playing with their parents and everyone having a fun time – the young’uns generally figure it out really quickly, but it’s not so simple that adults get bored.

  • Is this kind-of like Crash Bash? Video has left me confused.

    • Our dev who’s played a lot of Crash Bash appreciates the comparison! He says there are a couple of similarities – different arenas, different game modes. For the most part though it’s more of a brawler/fighting game – smash into each other with weapons until there is only one bot left standing.

  • This game looks even better than the last time we saw it here. And I’m glad to see all those game mode variations – it seems like you’ve really taken your core gameplay idea and run with it. And congrats for adding in online multiplayer, that is definitely a feature others have struggled with. Are you able to play local and online simultaneously (ex: 2 at home, 2 online)?

    • Aww, thanks! For launch, it will be either local or online (not both at the same time) but mixed local/online is something we’re looking at for a future patch.

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