Paragon: New Hero Greystone Joins the Fight July 12

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Paragon: New Hero Greystone Joins the Fight July 12

Hey PlayStation Nation. We’d like to introduce you to the latest Hero joining our MOBA Paragon. We call this fighter Greystone. He’s a noble force who leads his team into battle. Get your first look at Greystone below. You’ll be able to play Greystone as part of our update on Tuesday, July 12.

The TLDR on Greystone is that he is a fighter who thrives in team fights and excels on the front lines. Using “Assault the Gates” to close the gap on high-priority targets, Greystone then activates “Make Way” dealing damage in an area around him. He doesn’t mind taking a few blows since his “Stoic” ability grants him passive bonus resistances.

When Greystone’s opponents think they’ve bested him, he turns to stone and is respawned through his ultimate ability, “Reforged.” With his spirit crashing down from above, Greystone returns from the dead with a portion of his HP and full Mana while damaging and knocking up enemies around him.

As always, all Heroes in Paragon are free, so if you’re in Early Access you’ll be able to jump in as Greystone on Tuesday. PlayStation Plus members get the Paragon Starter Pack for free during the month of July.

And if you’re not in Early Access yet, you can pick up a Starter or Founder’s Pack now to get into the action.

See you on the battlefield!

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  • Ive been enjoying this game immensely since last Tuesday when it opened up to PS+ members. All the characters ive tried so far feel very unique to each other even though i can tell a couple things in this game may have been borrowed from Smite. (Not that its a bad thing, Smite is a fantastic MOBA) Really looking forward to trying this new hero out.

    • actually same here i been enjoying this game very much already put 9hrs of gameplay since tuesday..
      one thing i love about this game that i didnt get in Smite.. is that i feel the hits idk how to explain it…

  • I know im not the only one that got a Grey Warden vibe… aka Dragon Age lol

  • Been playing since day 1. You guys have made many great improvements to the game since then. The only thing I ever questioned was the balance of individual characters before crit was looked at, I was one of the many that called for a crit nerf from the get go.

    The thing that concerns me most, and the reason my play time has slowed drastically, about this game is the complete lack of any new support characters, more so healer types. They are my favorite to play in mobas and mmos, and one can only play Muriel so many times before boredom sets in.

    I understand about your original concerns of adding them in, that things could get out of hand, but with draft mode now available there is no reason to keep them out. There are no more blind picks, if one team picks a healer then the other has the option to as well and if they don’t then thats on them.

  • This character looks interesting. Do the characters have lore around them? It doesn’t matter that much, but I’ve been so entertained with how over-the-top hardcore some of the characters appear that I’d be interested. Every time I see the victory screen team lineup, I bust up over how ridiculous the characters look. Like Grim Reaper guy. And Swamp Thing guy.

    Been entertained by the game for the past couple of days playing with a buddy of mine. Not really having played MOBAs, it’s definitely a different style of game. The matches can be surprisingly long, and being locked into a single character after a lot of hours in Overwatch is a little jarring. Would be great to have more than one map.

    Probably be playing for a while… interested to see how it looks when it officially “releases” next month (for example once all the cards have art!).

    • Oh, and I forgot to add: We want trophies! Thanks!

    • No lore as of now, I’d be interested in seeing some myself as well.

      Don’t expect too much to change next month right off the bat either, it is after all only open beta. If memory serves they are shooting for a fall release. Just don’t want you to get your hopes up and lose interest if nothing groundbreaking happens right away.

  • So he’s basically Jamie Lannister lol. I like it. Shoulda named him KingSlayer

  • Looks a awesome game now can I make my own person and is it going to be multiplayer and open world?

    • Well it’s a Lane Pusher so…
      1) No. You pick a premade character from a selection, like in a Fighting Game. Or like Battleborn, or League of Legends
      2) It’s multiplayer only
      3) I have to reiterate, it’s a Lane Pusher. There’s an arena with 3 lanes, you run down a lane, or another lane, or the third lane. Hit stuff in the lane until it dies, or you die, then run down them again. That’s all.

  • what time does he come out PST?

  • Sorry I got robed and they jacked my PS4 and evertthing. Don’t know how long its going to take to get anothr one I got to re bye everything

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