PlayStation Blogcast Episode 213: Beards Among Us

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PlayStation Blogcast Episode 213: Beards Among Us

Today is a special show. Not only do we sit down and talk with the legendary Ed Boon about the recently revealed Injustice 2, but we also say farewell to one of our dearest friends as he embarks on a new adventure. Join us for a heartfelt episode, and enjoy!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • The PlayStation Plus July lineup
  • Injustice 2 interview with Ed Boon
  • Street Fighter V’s big new Update
  • The Witness
  • Our favorite indies
  • A heartfelt farewell to one of our hosts

Listen in for our interview with Ed Boon!

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The Cast

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast - Nick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Justin MassongillOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

Sid Shuman – Social Media Sr. Manager, SIEA
Nick Suttner – Lead Account Manager, SIEA
Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA
Ryan Clements – Social Media Specialist, SIEA

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  • Nick….All the best!

  • All the best to you Nick!! Thank you for all the fun moments and for your insights on gaming, movies, TV shows, etc. And thank you for faithfully bringing us Sid’s Grocery Box.. Maybe he’ll share some of those tea sachets with you! hahaha

    • Thanks Colonel! Much appreciated. The heavy burden of Sid’s groceries now falls on Justin and Ryan, but I trust they’re up to the task.

  • Best wishes to Nick as he joins the group of Blogcast alumni, and here’s hoping he’ll be back as a guest in the not too distant future.

  • Wow really sad to see you go Nick. Thank you so much for all the great indie games you helped bring to PlayStation. I hope that with you leaving we don’t stop getting those kinds of games. Best of luck in your future sir.

    • It’s been my pleasure, thanks! Sony has an awesome team in place to keep the indie love going, worry not.

  • About Metal Slug Anthology PS2 version on PS4.

    The PS2 version of this is known for having severe input lag in Metal Slug Anthology. Will this be fixed before releasing this version on PS4? I imagine PS4 emulation will add even more input lag plus with today’s TV input lag vs CRT it would be pretty bad and annoying.

  • Wow, from 1up to Playstation to …

    Always loved your stuff, Nick, and always good to have a beard around!

    • Thanks kindly, one of the other guys is going to need to step their beard game up asap. I’m going with…Sid?

  • One last time.

  • I will miss you dearly Nick, you are in my top 5 of favorite Blogcast hosts.

    But seriously good luck to whatever you do. Thanks for everything.

  • Nick you will be missed on here good luck with whatever you do next

  • Best of luck in your next adventure, Nick! Been a fan since the 1UP days, you’re a great voice in the industry!!

    • Nice, old school! I really appreciate that, I’ll definitely be sticking around the industry. :-)

  • I will never buy another NetherRealm game.

  • Good luck finding another hipster to replace Nick! Thanks for everything.

  • Sad to see Nick go wish him the best and thanks for hooking us up on some of those great Indy games ( I say Indy because I’m from Indiana) and that’s how we say it.. cheers

  • What a touching blogcast.. Nick, it must be a bittersweet time for you — having to leave friends, but moving on to something undoubtedly exciting. I’m eager to hear what is in store! I have little doubt that it will be great!

  • Sad to see you go Nick! Thanks so much for all the good times on the blogcast and your devotion to bringing us quality indie goodness. Hope to hear about your next endeavor soon. Maybe little baby Soma can be your replacement…

    • My pleasure, thanks for saying so! I trust Soma is up to the task, but he may need a couple years…

  • Thanks for all you’ve done for PlayStation, Nick! Best of luck to you – and I’m really interested to see what’s in your future :-)

  • I hope that your replacement will be a

  • Also, this time I will care about the Gloud of War.

    Having a child changes everything.

  • Nick, thanks for your time with the Blogcast, and good luck on future endeavors! I have to imagine that Nick is to thank for many of the cool titles that PlayStation has been able to put on its platforms. Cheers and hope to have you as a guest one day!

  • Happy Independence Day fellow citizens of the U.S.A.

    I’m sad to hear about Nick’s departure, he will be missed.

    • Is it just me or did they end the show, go to their meeting and then extend the show, with a farewell to Nick. I think he may have just lost his job. I’m going to assume (you know what they say) further that Nick had been unofficially working third party acquisitions and hoping to make it his full-time job. When Playstation was un-willing/able to accommodate him, he didn’t renew his contact. I’m just guessing, but his official title never seemed to fit his job description.

    • *contract

    • Thanks! No conspiracy here though, just a normal instance of someone leaving their job after many years doing it. Time for a change!

  • Wow, sad to see Nick go. Loved hearing him talk about movies, games, music, pretty much everything. And I loved the dynamic between him and Sid; Nick oftentimes dumbfounded by the many curiosities of Mr. Shuman (like his Amazon grocery box or tendencies to leave things unplayed or half-watched), Sid seeming to know exactly how to push Nick’s buttons. Good times. As a listener of the blogcast from the beginning, I can say he will most definitely be missed.

    Best of luck in whatever you do Nick!

    • Thanks Blue! That dynamic will inevitably continue when Sid and I hang out, maybe I can record some of it and put it on Twitter. :-)

      Joking aside, I really appreciate the kind words, especially from a listener who was there from the start! <3

  • Farewell Nick! I’m going to miss your in-depth discussions on indie games and films. Be sure to catch The Neon Demon if you haven’t already. I know you weren’t big on Only God Forgives, but Refn’s newest is still worth a watch, imo!

    • Oh, forgot to add: One of my favourite Nick memories is when Sid was talking about poutine, but mispronounced it, and Nick was laughing so hard he had to go off-mic. Kinda sums up the show’s dynamic in a way!

  • Need Persona 3& 4 on ps4 store P5 is to far off

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