Classic Shooter Assault Suit Leynos Targets PS4 on July 12

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Classic Shooter Assault Suit Leynos Targets PS4 on July 12

Behold — the original shooter from the 16-bit era, now with stunning HD-era visuals! We announced Assault Suit Leynos for PS4 only a few short months ago, and since then there has been a real surge in excitement from fans of the classic series, known originally as Target Earth.

The game received a staggering showing at PAX East in the U.S. and also at London’s ComicCon. Illustrated by the community reaction, Leynos is fondly remembered by fans of the 16-bit classic, and that’s why we can’t wait to bring this blistering, high-definition remake to PS4 with enhanced visuals and entirely new gameplay features.

Our developer partner Dracue, based out of Japan, is handling the respectful and faithful coding duties (so that’s why you’re stuck with me, a Rising Star publishing person). You’ll see we’ve not dialed down or diluted the series’ (in)famous level of challenge. This is a tough game, but fair — rewarding precision and skill. We’re proud to shout about its hardcore nature. The newly remixed Arcade mode offers extended levels, full voice-acted cutscenes, and recalibrated AI enemies. For those who enjoy a real old-school experience, Classic mode challenges you to battle like it’s 1990 with authentic gameplay, effects, and music.

For newcomers, Assault Suit Leynos provides a rewarding learning curve. With patience and proficiency, you’ll begin to make headway into the game in no time, discovering your favorite weapon loadouts to choose for the mission, and enjoying the game’s climactic set pieces and anime sci-fi story. There’s also the opportunity to apply various gameplay modifiers to customize your experience the way you want it.

As a team made up of fairly core gamers, here at Rising Star Games we’re honored to bring this classic from our childhoods to a new generation of console and a new community of gamers.

Assault Suit Leynos is available digitally on July 12, priced at $19.99.

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  • How exciting! I played Target Earth on the Sega Genesis many, many years ago. The game was in my top 5 on that console of all time. Really loved the game play and the little details such as explosions that looked like I hit the enemies gas tank and they would blow up into streak of flame. The missile pod! HAHA! The best part was the difficulty. When you finished the game you really received that feeling of accomplishment! Thank you for bringing this to the PS4! Day 1 purchase!

  • Wow! That gameplay trailer is stunning and impressive, i will definitely get this. What`s the difficulty like though, are we talking Contra level hard?

    • Nah, I wouldn’t say that this is Contra hard. I would put the difficulty somewhere close to Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator in the U.S.) on the SNES. The Leynos does regenerate health, but it’s easy to get swarmed by enemies. Some enemies have attacks that can kill you in one or two hits. There is a learning curve when it comes to maneuverability, which can make it feel even more difficult if you have never played an Assault Suits game before. The mech is pretty heavy and you have to kind of plan your movement. You can also fire most of your weapons in any direction, requiring you to aim your weapon vertically.

      It’s incredibly rewarding to thread the giant Leynos through waves of enemy fire while punching and shooting everything that moves.

    • Contra is nothing compared to this. This game will destroy you and your children.

    • Arcade mode is doable, if you’re careful, but only the brave will go trophy hunting.
      Classic mode is true to the Mega Drive original, which is to say it’s difficult.

  • Can’t wait. I imported the Japanese release, and I will be buying this one too. Thanks, Rising Star Games, for bringing this to the West. And for only $20!

  • Cybernator (Assault Suits Valken) is one of my favorite SNES games, so I’ve been looking forward to this game!

    I downloaded all 3 trials/demos from the japanese PSN and can’t wait to get to play the full game!

    By the way, have you considered speaking with Limited Run Games for a limited physical print of your game?

  • Is this related to Assault Android Cactus or vice versa?

  • I thought you guys planned a physical release as well. Has that been cancelled?

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m excited that there’s a date – but I’m curious about the physical/retail release. I was really hoping to get my hands on that. Hope we hear details on that soon as well!

    • You thought correctly! We have had some delays; we will be following with the physical launch for PS4 in September this year.

  • No physical release like japan got? Damn, that’s a bit disappointing.

  • That looks a lot like Target Earth. And after looking it up, I am happy to see that IT IS. HOLY BALLS. That game was so much fun when I played it as a kid. I could never beat the second level though. I am amazed to see this game again. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to this and curious to see if I can progress farther as an adult. HYPE!

  • is this a sequel to “Leisure Suit Larry?”

  • Your_crazy_uncle

    WOW! Cybernator 2.0! I LOVED THAT GAME! NICE!

  • Any bo3 or gta5 gamers add me @BlueKush_818

  • What about Ps Vita to play on the go this amazing game!?..

  • From time to time I would consider purchasing an Import, so I am very pleased to see this get a western release. I will purchase the digital version on the release date and will probably grab a physical copy this September. Thanks, Rising Star Games.

  • Looks really fun,great trailer…its always good to see trailers that shows exactly how the game plays,wish more devs did that.Anyway I’m definitely getting this game…not on release but on the future I will.

  • OMG!!! I can’t believe my eyes… just saw the trailer & started to get SEGA Target Earth flashbacks… didn’t realize it was same game but re-mastered… THANK YOU for bringing this back to life… beat it a few times… BTW, will this have couch Co-op? Can’t wait for my son to experience this masterpiece!!

  • Neat. Never played this one, loved Cybernator though! And LucasArts’ Metal Warriors – I know it’s not actually part of the Assault Suits series, but it’s been a spiritual part of the series for as long as their have been false rumors of it being called “Assault Suit Gideon” in Japan or something. Hope this is successful enough to lead to more remakes of these games (I’m 99% sure Disney doesn’t know they own Metal Warriors if anyone wants to go ahead and remake it, lol), or brand new Assault Suits titles. I’d be super down for that! I keep seeing stuff like Gigantic Army on Steam and thinking, “Yeah that’s… sorta cool” but it’s just not the same, I dunno. This feels like a more substantial production than Gigantic Army. I want to see more Assault Games like this remake :)

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