Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Lost Treasures DLC & Patch 1.08 Out Today

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Lost Treasures DLC & Patch 1.08 Out Today

Naughty Dog has been floored by your reception to Uncharted 4 Multiplayer since it was released on May 10. Since then, we’ve seen over 1.8 million people play nearing a total of almost 54 years of matches played. Multiplayer continues to be important to the team and we’re continuing to work on patch deployments to deliver improvements and gameplay tuning. Our first major post-launch update, patch 1.08, launches today and includes our first MP DLC drop, a Level system and an entirely new Rank system with special rewards. Yes, this is a big update (patch 1.08 is just over 1.3GB in size).

Lost Treasures

Lost Treasures is our first post-launch content drop, and includes our first map release, new gameplay items, and amazing-looking character skins.

Sunken Ruins Map

As promised, all DLC Maps are included with purchase in U4 MP, and our first map is Sunken Ruins. You may recognize some areas from the single-player campaign, but the Sunken Ruins map is a small, fast-paced map with tight fronts and some hidden water flank routes.

Gameplay Items

You can now purchase DLC Gameplay Chests with Relics. These unique Chests will grant you all the new gameplay DLC items, including the new P90 Long Gun or the incredibly exciting Path of Indra Mystical that allows you to teleport your teammates. You will never get duplicates of any item you have already unlocked through our DLC Gameplay Chests.

The full list of new gameplay items is:


  • P90 – A full auto submachine gun with a very large magazine
  • Arrowhead A3c – A full auto long range variable rifle (choose to scope in or not)
  • Enforcer G26 – Semi-auto very fast rate of fire pistol
  • Agarwal .40 – Semi-auto hard-hitting 40-caliber pistol
  • Harbinger Sniper – A Heavy Weapon sniper gun


  • Enhanced Radar – increases the range of radar and show directional arrows for enemies
  • Gunslinger – swap weapons faster and reload faster while rolling
  • Hardened – reduced damage wobble
  • Gifting – give allies a full gear recharge


  • Path of Indra – teleport to any ally

Vanity Items

In addition to new gameplay items, we have also introduced a wide variety of Vanity items for all our beloved characters.

  • Over 50 new Skins and Pre-Sets
  • Over 70 new Hat and Face Wear items
  • An assortment of new Taunts and Weapon Skins

Some of the new items (there is a new skin for each character for example) present certain characters in in some fantastic Pirate and Military themes – who doesn’t want to play as Pirate Sullivan or Military Lazarevic? Our Character team put in a ton of time and love working on all these new Skins and it shows.

Patch 1.08

Level System

One of the most significant pieces of feedback we’ve received was that Uncharted 4 Multiplayer did not release with a Level System. We’re glad to say that we are addressing this in 1.08, which introduces a system that many of you will be familiar with. Our Level System features 70 levels, with each level awarding you with items ranging from Relics to Chests. Every 5 levels you will earn a vanity item that cannot be attained through any other method. They are unique and a great way to show off your veteran status. They are quite mystical, actually…

You will level up by earning XP which comes from three sources: completing matches, earning score, and earning medals. We have also introduced a wide variety of new medals into Team Deathmatch and Ranked Team Deathmatch.

Ranked Team Deathmatch

The Multiplayer team at Naughty Dog is extremely competitive and this is a big reason we did a full revamp for Ranked Team Deathmatch Mode, which is also included in 1.08.

Ranked Team Deathmatch will now be occurring over the course of Seasons. Season One will last 60 days, ending on August 20, 2016. When the Season is over, we’ll take a short break before the next Season starts to allow us time to make and implement any changes and updates.

As you reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond, you will be awarded with a vanity item. These vanity items will be available for Ranked Team Deathmatch for the Season, so if you do not reach the needed Rank for a reward, you may never be able to get that reward again.

We have also made Rank a much easier system to understand in how points are awarded/taken, removed the restrictions for parties, and introduced a forfeit option. This patch will also introduce an entirely new goal for the highly competitive players among you – Master Rank.

I highly suggest you visit our Ranked Team Deathmatch details page for some more insight into how this mode works – we think it’s awesome and everyone should be playing it!

Triple Pack Update

For those of you who purchased the Triple Pack, Multiplayer Pack 1 of the Triple Pack is available today. Your items can be found unlocked in the customization and loadout menus.

The Triple Pack contains:

  • P90 Long Gun
  • Gifting Booster
  • Pirate Drake Skin
  • Pirate Commodore Hat
  • The Rubber Leg Taunt

We will continue to hand pick content for inclusion in the Triple Pack for those who have already purchased it or those who purchase the Digital Deluxe version. The Triple Pack was a great launch offering, but we’ll soon be offering the Explorer’s Pack which includes the much anticipated single-player DLC and 3,200 Uncharted Points. This will provide players with even greater choice on which items they prefer to own. You’ll start seeing this roll out in the coming weeks.


In addition to all the above updates, we have made a number of more minor improvements that work together to make Uncharted 4 Multiplayer even better. Check out the full details for 1.08 on our Patch Notes pages.

  • The ability for a player to accumulate an offline Relic bonus; log back in and play games to pull Relics from your offline bonus
  • Leaderboards have been fixed
  • The Brute Sidekick can no longer detect players behind them unless they are damaged
  • Spirit of the Djinn – Increase Duration mod will now grant you an additional 5 seconds for each KO you get while your Djinn is active
  • The Farmer Booster has been totally revamped so you can deal with Sidekicks more effectively
  • Damage wobble and blind-fire have had significant balance updates

Most of these improvements will have a deep impact in how Uncharted 4 Multiplayer plays and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. We will continue to make updates to deliver the best Uncharted Multiplayer experience possible.

Don’t forgot to join us on our next Twitch broadcast later this week as we do a rundown of Ranked Team Deathmatch and answer your questions to any and all of the new content that was released as part of patch 1.08. We’ll be broadcasting on our Twitch channel at 11:30 AM PT / 20:30 CET on Thursday, June 30.

See you online!

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8 Author Replies

  • I am SO excited for these changes. I love that the ranking system is coming back, and I look forward to collecting the skins and various vanity objects. Keep up the awesome work Dogs!

    • We’re trying. This patch was huge. And while we missed the mark with the lack of a Level System at launch what was delivered today is pretty neat in regards to what kind of rewards you can get. Hope you enjoy it!

    • I was too now im just pissed The update took away everything. I unlocked everything they had to unlock all the characters their outfits everthing wtf. I had 4,550 relics and 100 gold now it just says connecting on both bars I waited 10 15 min and it still says connecting unbelievable Naughty Dog you guys better fix this ****.

    • Can you all please add clans custom characters and flags like in uncharted 3 mp
      Thanks ND keep up the good work

    • Thanks for the new update! Can’t wait to see it for myself. Just one thing I do wish is in the next or future updates is splitscreen multiplayer.

    • TheNaughtyPlayer

      I want everyone to see my level not just people in my party


  • Interesting update I see lots of content being added really enjoy the game but sometimes the games are not balanced wish this could be looked at. It’s nice to see a number rank being added this is both for regular games ranked and unranked right? Looking forward to download the update and seeing this new content today.

    • I still haven’t had the update yet I’m starting to get annoyed with and I’m in the UK has any one got an idea what time the update will be in the UK

  • Keep Working on MP, maybe one day goes competitive and be bigger.

    Go ND , Love From Portugal.

  • I want to choose 2 maps when the match begin as The last of us

  • Just commenting to say thank you to all the team at ND for listening to feedback and implementing a level system so quickly. I know that myself and many others will be playing a lot more of this great game now. :)

    • That’s great to hear. Don’t forget we’ve removed the party option from Rank Team Deathmatch. You can now also play that with your crew without any restrictions. Get that Master Rank!

  • Will this finally fix the game from crashing. My game has been crashing on launch since I got it on May 10th. Lots of people are having this issue and Naughty Dog has given us no update on the issue. And no. My console is not the problem.

    • I have over 60 hours into Uncharted 4 through SP, MP and achieving Platinum and have experienced only 1 crash. Just sayin……..

    • I’m sure you do. I didn’t say everyone has this problem.

    • I haven’t had this problem. Maybe its disc related?

    • No. I have tried both disc and digital. Done everything short of buying a new console but I will not do that cause my 100 other games play perfectly on it.

  • Im looking forward for this update but u need to work more on it to make it the best of the best just 2 things needed: I think it would be great for players if they can choose to play first person, and voting for maps b4 the match starts, but still this game it’s awesome u did a good job naughtydog

    • Why would you want to play a game like this in first person? You are jumping around, crouching, climbing, etc.

  • Sounds like a solid update! Looking forward to putting more hours into this game. Thanks ND!

  • Been wanting a Level system for ever.. stopped playing cause I felt no progression. This will get me to play today and for along time..

    Next, could we please get a playlist for only SOLO players. An option for no groups in regular modes and Ranked mode. Would be great for solo players like myself. UC3 had it and that was the best thing ever, no other game did it at the time, and few even do it now.

    • See you online.

      Solo playlist is not a feature we’re currently looking into. We are always looking at our stats when it comes to how influential parties can be. So it’s not entirely ruled out.

    • Thanks for the reply. I understand y’all aren’t looking into it right now. Maybe down the line. Can’t wait to see what’s next though :)

    • Yes this. Its extremely frustrating as a solo player playing ranked because regardless of how well I play, its impossible to win any matches which is necessary to rank up. I can completely and consistently obliterate the opponent team but it doesn’t matter because the game only pairs solo players against party players which makes every match completely one sided. If Naughty Dog wants to encourage people forming parties, why not eliminate the ranked option for solo since you’re guaranteed to lose if you play solo anyways. Seriously, if no one believes, try playing ranked solo. Its literally impossible to win.

  • A level system! This is all I’ve been waiting for! Now I can go back to U4 multiplayer. The other stuff is nice too! Congrats ND, for the HUGE patch!

  • Great work, cannot wait to try out the new pistols. BTW those new Pirate outfits would look incredible in single player… Just sayin

  • I like the idea of a level system, just wished it would take into account the stats that we already have and give us a level rather than starting from 0. My guess is we all start from 0, but will see later tonight.

    • And all rhis actualization is right now on the store?…

    • Later tonight do you live in the UK or Europe because i live in england UK and i have been waiting all day and its 17:13pm now :( i just want it so badly lol :) ;)

  • How amazing would it be if Uncharted did a crossover map pack to one of the best 3rd person shooters ever. SOCOM 2.

    map pack would include Uncharted4 versions of Frostier, Crossroads, and Desert Glory.

    All i need in this game for me to play forever is
    -Big Bomb
    -Propane Tanks.

  • THIS is how you be an awesome dev. I am having a blast with the multiplayer. Best Uncharted game yet, sp and mp wise. Thank you Naughty Dog team for all the time and care you put into your games.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the game. Don’t hesitate to head over to our forums and share your ideas!

  • Will we be seeing any co op play, as from uncharted 2 & 3. Loved that stuff

  • I actually cant wait for the co op adventure wich will come in october

  • OMG

  • Yeah hi everyone, could someone please tell me the specific time that this will release i know its today (29th june 2016) but i live in england UK and its already 17:05pm so yeah and iv been hyped all week well actually simce i got this game plus i should get it instantly because iv got the triple pack. Thanks.

  • Please bring back hi-fives and fist bumps for aesthetics purposes..

  • This sounds great but, I recently restarted the campaign on crushing and in Chapter 7 ran into a bug while switching between filters and camera settings. Are you guys still working on patches to the campaign side too? BTW, bring back classic maps.

  • Can’t wait for this to go live

  • OneManArmyAndres

    Hi @Naughty_Dog, i am glad you guys have a coherent vision for the mp community.
    I have a request for you:
    my request is to add a competitive side to my favorite game mode Plunder,
    My idea is to add a betting system where people can bet reliqs (30 reliqs Bet per player every match). The benefit you guys would be, you wouldn’t have to give relics away ;)
    The players would be playing their best for those reliqs and you would have a competitive side for plunder without the all the complexity of a “ranked game mode”. I mean, we are fortune hunters right, so why not!

    What do you guys think.

    ps: i have already posted this suggestion on your offical forum

  • OneManArmyAndres


  • OneManArmyAndres

    Hi @Naughty_Dog, i am glad you guys have a coherent vision for the mp community.
    I have a request for you:
    my request is to add a competitive side to my favorite game mode Plunder,
    My idea is to add a betting system where people can bet reliqs (30 reliqs Bet per player every match). The benefit you guys would be, you wouldn’t have to give relics away ;)
    The players would be playing their best for those reliqs and you would have a competitive side for plunder without the all the complexity of a “ranked game mode”. I mean, we are fortune hunters right, so why not!
    What do you guys think.

  • Map choices and if you guys come around to adding custom skins from other games like uncharted 2….that would be cool

  • The gift that keeps on giving. I need to jump into multiplayer, (have yet to on the launch copy).

  • Finally got the update just before 7pm UK time, but it stops preparing to download at 2%, then says can’t download…? I don’t understand what’s wrong, has anyone else had this?

  • did the dlc/update get delayed or something still not out yet…

  • I really hope they release some of the maps from the other games, especially ones like Molten (or Flooded) Ruins and Yemen

  • the code I got from the Uncharted 4 Special Edition doesnt work and Sony’s chat wasnt any help. Anyone know who I should contact?

  • More gimmicks and guns to hold the casuals hands.

    Back to rainbow 6.

  • How about a bit of improvments to the main game frame rates and performance..

  • Fantastic!!…I’m like super glad that you guys addressed the lvl system problem,it was a shame that the game released without it.Way to go guys,with lvl system no doubt it’ll be much better to play.

    PS:I hope someone at ND is reading this…where is Sully’s island outfit?…with that white shirt from the last parts of the game.Where is Drake,Sam and Rafe prison outfits?…I hope they were added with this patch.

    PPS:ND please put different drawings in each type of medal…its really lame that the beta had this and the full game does not.Since UC2 every medal had its own drawing representing what you had to do to earn it.

    PPPS:Let us choose the skins during the countdown to choose the character and give more time to choose too.

    Also this is SP related but would be cool to be able to see all cut-scenes through the Extras…every Uncharted had this option.

    Oh well I’m really excited about this update…can’t wait to try out the new map and see all the new stuff.Can’t wait!!

    Thank you ND and so far great job.

    • Also forgot to say…should not have added more weapons,this is a terrible idea for any game…I remember TLoU and how it made the online worse.

      But most importantly where’s Schaffer,Skelzor,Marco,Gengis,Platzor,Glowzor,Prakoso,Dragan,Zorskel,Vodnic,Volac and etc?…I really hope they’re coming in next updates.Also some UC2 maps wouldn’t hurt.

  • I was happily playing U4 on multi and suddenly update came adding new leveling system which as is good idea or should I say missing thing from previous version. it makes more sense now. But then new maps came – those maps are completely different and are creating massive wars with lots of things to hind behind so it creates leaves place for lots of action to go, but they feel completely different – weapon balance got changed again allowing for more action – to be honest U4 feels like more Uncharted but less one at the same time – it’s not about proving that different people can lead creation of good uncharted – it’s a different game has a different pacing which is like what generally games looks like as of now still it feels different. In U3 I didn’t ever wanted to reply single player in U4 I’m almost forcing myself to do it it’s that due to forced mechanics

    • As it goes for multi – it’s actually nice with kind of team fortress game play style. First of all it’s not another call of duty that’s a major plus, it’s simple enough to have some fun and balanced enough so that one setting won’t dominate it all. Still personally I don’t really get the idea of shotgun it’s kind of week in close combat – I’ve done a few actions just to get as close as possible and stick the gun to ones body and then pull the trigger and then I died – it happen time after time so I don’t think that it was good strategy to do in U4 but still it proved to be less effective than a pistol from time to time :(

    • I’ve said some bad stuff about the game, which is one of the best games on the PS4 system currently in my opinion, that’s bit unfair. This game is simply put an art, an art of making video games, where every detail has that extra touch to it, pacing is just one of those things that’s astonished me to be honest, even if the story line wasn’t the best it still was immersive. The game itself is piece of spitted parts that were developed separately and got connected to each other in the way that’s just so damn good. That takes a lot of skill, passion and will to do so and it feels in details. There’s that ugly thing that everything has an end and that’s like almost as sad for the makes as for the players – I kind of the feeling that we both had a great times with it. Uncharted series has become something more than a simple game it made its own statue in the hearts of fans.

  • I have the triple pack and I didn’t receive my unlocked items

  • We are currently looking into the Triple Pack issue

    Glad there are some of you enjoying the changes we’ve made. We put a lot of thought in the balance changes and tried our best to address a number of bugs in the game. The next patch will be even better!

    For those not pleased, maybe we’ll get you next time!

  • Triple Pack issue is being looked at right now. Keep an eye on our twitter page for updates.

    Glad there are some of you enjoying the changes we’ve made. We put a lot of thought in the balance changes and tried our best to address a number of bugs in the game. The next patch will be even better!

    For those not pleased, maybe we’ll get you next time!

  • Hey Naughty Dog, please don’t add any ridiculously-impossible multiplayer DLC trophies like you did in Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, lol thanks! =P

    • The trophies in those games mostly required me to do an extremely mundane and repetitive task for 20 hours straight for a single bronze trophy, it actually turned me and most other trophy hunters off of U2 and U3 multiplayer altogether. =/ DLC or add-on trophies should be fun and relatively easy to get in a reasonable amount of time, even if you come back to the game years later. they should still be obtainable and enjoyable.

      Can’t wait for the single-player DLC, you guys usually do a great job with the trophies on those! =D

  • Im_2_Kewl_4_Cool

    I cant get my MP 1 Content and my relics and uncharted points are saying Connecting…

  • Store issue. Looking into it now!

  • Ive also lost all of my unlocked characters. Not sure if thats related to the store issues or not…

  • I have different file sizes, first I had 1.3gb file now it is showing up as 1.1gb. it also keeps saying failed to download

  • I’ve purchased the triple pack dlc but the content wont show after update. Please advise.

  • We are working on a TP fix right now!


  • I got the Triple Pack Expansion, shouldn’t the items be free to my access? Meaning I can already wear the items instead of buying them with Vanity Points or saving Relics just to get them?

  • When I downloaded the update I was excited but then it realized my characters were gone and so were my skins. Naughty dog please fix this soon

  • Naughty Dog where the hell is my triple pack???

  • Hey naughty dog. I like the way your going with this DLC its so exciting. I just have one problem. I have the triple pack and I downloaded the patch and I checked to see the new things that I should get but nothing comes out. Everything is just locked. Please help.

  • Wow. People need to calm down. A few posts up, they said that they are working on it. Don’t get your panties in an uproar. They’ll fix it.

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