PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July, 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July, 2016

Attention, PS Plus members! We’re happy to share your free PS4 games for next month. Prepare to raise a little mayhem in the depths of hell, or battle brutal bosses in a strange, ruined world.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July, 2016

First up, we have Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Enter the open-world sandbox setting of New Hades and wreak havoc. If you’re even remotely familiar with the Saints Row franchise, you know that over-the-top antics are waiting for you. The developers at Volition have been honing their craft on this franchise, and playing Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is a great way enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Next up is Furi, a new title from The Game Bakers. Built on the premise of making a game that is both simple and deep, Furi is a fast-paced, intense, and ultimately rewarding gameplay experience. While play mechanics allow for an easy approachability, the depth comes from the ways with which you use those skills to take on unique opponents. Furi pits you against guardians, each with his own style, in what feels more like carefully crafted duels than boss fights. The Game Bakers have made something special, and we hope you enjoy it.

Full lineup:

  • Furi, PS4
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, PS4
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, PS3
  • Fat Princess, PS3
  • Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, PS Vita
  • Prince of Persia: Revelation, PS Vita

PlayStation Plus Extra: Paragon

As an added benefit this month, PS Plus members get early access to Paragon before it hits open beta on August 16. Paragon is the new MOBA from legendary developer Epic Games. Besides getting to play the game before it hits open beta, you will also receive a Starter Pack that includes three Master Challenges for the heroes Gadget, Murdock, and Rampage (to unlock skins, XP boosts, emotes, deck slots, and more — a $40 value).

Make sure you take advantage of this huge head start! With a constantly expanding roster of unique heroes, Paragon lets you customize your strengths and play style to complement your teammates and dominate the opposition. Check out the trailer here.

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • prepare for the whining..

    • We want Evil Within PS4 for august please! thank you!

    • Lol you know it’s coming, lol. Solid free gameshipping imo.

    • If you want The Evil Within, then buy a copy of it. But its not worthy enough to be a ps plus free game offer.

    • You are right. There will always be whiners, but I do think people have a right to comment on a service that they are paying for. I actually think that July’s + is a grade B. There is a little something for everyone.

    • While every other month I would agree with you, this month is a bit *********.

      Anyone who has just bought Saint’s Row 2 days ago while being a plus sub has a legitimate point.

      Anyone who has a smartphone or Vita can get Fat Princess for free in like 4 minutes of puzzle gameplay on the app.

      Those 2 are legitimate sour points to the lineup. If I bought Saints Row 4 Gat out of Hell yesturday like I was considering, I would be pissed because I don’t have the money to waste on games I was going to be given away for free a week and a half later.

    • Looks OK to me.

    • Considering Fat Princess is free with the mobile app, and Gat out of Hell is on sale for $6 and some people probably just bought it… This line up is a bit more meh.

      If you see a longer comment, that means the one where I was a bit more upset got through moderation somehow and you’ll see a Bull word in there.

      The games overall are pretty good, but those 2 are justifiable for people to be upset about.

    • I love the game line up for july. but i think it’s time we go deeper… a nice RPG would work.. and for October you better do a resident evil.. but hey.. thats just my point of veiw…

    • Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! lol when you’re right, you’re right.

    • @MakaiOokami: You’re right. The mobile app is free to play, and the PSN code for the full PS3 game is received as a reward for clearing level 15.

    • this game is fun i played it on xbox 360 until thy banned me for killing a microsoft agent in gta5 lol

    • Lethal_Slender33

      Well at least the ps4 is getting another AAA title this month. I’m not even a sports guy and I’m still having fun with NBA 2K16. Free games is free games people. Back when I was a 360 boy I had bought a 500GB hard drive,on top of the 250GB hard drive the console came with. So do the math…750GB. Almost a TB of games worth roughly…$4-500 easy. Download the games that you want to play though,because that **** fills up quick…and it can sometimes be hard having to choose which games you have to let go of,regardless of whether or not it’s in your library because of downloads and updates. Needless to say,be thankful that this program even exists…because most companies just don’t throw money out like that.

    • Hey Sony! How about instead of adding an expansion pack, how about you add the whole game! Like, Saints Row 4 w/ the expansion would be even better! Come on now!

    • Spectacular list of games.

      Saints Row PS4 is a legit AAA that i almost bought numerous times.

      Furi is a brand new PS4 game that looks very interesting.

      Oreshika is a highly rated AAA VITA game that i always wanted to play.

      Fat Princess and Bound in Blood are quality PS3 titles.

      I am so excited for Oreshika.

    • Its a long shot but can I get a KH 1.5 and 2.5 final mix never saw an American release. If not that dexus director cut just in time for the new one.

    • Can we have madden 16 for August

    • @Harpfam88 Ummmm KH 1.5 and 2.5 include the final mix versions that never came to the states. You should look it up.

    • Makelele- just buy it, it’s cheap anyways.

    • For August, we need some resident evil game and fifa to come out

    • @tkd_mouse Don’t expect to see Saints Row IV for the PS4 on Plus – both III and IV were previously free Plus titles for the PS3. I haven’t seen many (maybe none at all) where a game that had been free on the PS3 is later free on the PS4 as well, unless it ended up free because it was Cross-Buy.

    • Bought me SR 4 last night
      Thought of buying gat out of hell but tried it on pc a while back and I’d rather buy since I’ve yet to experience SR 3 multiplayer mode despite that I don’t mind grabbing gat out of hell for free
      Just ordered me a vita on Amazon, look forward to the games. My brother demolished my psp, this vita stays with me..

    • Evil within for August man that’s my birthday month fam

    • Hey Sony this is a good idea for August you gave the nba fans something why not give the madden fans something with madden 16 if you do i will deeply appreciate it even more then i already do for the sweet gift of free games tnx

    • I’m just trying to patiently wait for wolfenstein to go on sale good games this month tho sadly I already have saints row hopefully I can look forward to the sales

    • wow im surprised they gave us NBA 2K16, AND NOW SAINTS ROW!!!! Thats awesome!!!! Playstation is coming up with some great lineuos im extremely pleased with the lineups of free games since june. Great job Playstation Plus!!! Keep em coming. I do have to agree with some people, since nba was released for those fans, lets release some madden and some Fifa, Please!!!!.

    • XxexitBulletXx14

      When do the monthly games change?

    • I think it’s kinda mean to put Gat on your mid year sale then a few days later put it on Plus. I bought it off the sale and feel abit cheated. Granted it’s a mere $6 but it’s the principle that irks me.

      And worse still I couldn’t get a refund.

    • BIGBOY4333567778

      Well I would like some call of duty or at least Battlefield but I’ll take saints row I mean…. you know


      @The_Dukenator and NBA 2k16 was worthy enough? Evil Within is a fantastic survival horror it’s on Resident Evil 4 level.

    • i also want evil within plz sony or god of war main think is we want AAA games plz and love u

    • I’m still wondering why have they not releasedoing yet it’s already July 4th and we still have nba and home for free

    • Good to see ps plus is stepping it up can see you guys have bin paying attention to games with gold on the xbox looking forward to this months free games on all platforms!

    • go BUY the evil within i already have it and it is worth it to buy. it’s to good to be free or the big 4 bucks we pay if you want to be a …..

    • What time can we get the free PlayStation games for free.

    • When can we get the free ps plus games

    • Again no AAA title (last mont was the first in ages). What the hell is going on with ps plus. It’s getting worse every month.
      Stop giving us rubbish indi titles and give us what we want. More AAA titles.
      Seriously thinking of giving up my ps plus subscription, selling the ps4 and go to the dark side. At least they get AAA titles every month.

    • Recap gat out of hell is just the full dlc not game
      The other game Yuri is the full game paragon is basically a starter pack combined with the full game so these are the main games that are out for psn there other games that are just free

    • Can we have dying light for free in August please.

    • People don’t seem to grasp this concept, if you complain about how you already boughthit the game, that goes for every single game they release or will give for free in the future, they don’t cater to you, and just because you don’t like their particular choices for what THEY thought would be fun and interesting games to give you for free doesn’t mean: “Oh they are terrible for making us pay for these crappy games we get for free” So please stop the complaining that you aren’t getting full priced triple a games for free every single month.

    • I really like it actually, I’m really impressed with S4 Gat out of hell it’s a really fun game and especially a great pass time !!! Probably Rocket league was one of the best free offers yet i still play it . Keep it up Ps Plus

    • Omg a GTA game would be amazing ps3- or ps4

    • I like this month where we get actual games. Saints Row is pretty fun. Fury supposed to be good. Ps vita has Prince of Persia and Oreshika is a pretty good game on the psvita. Don’t listen to guys like makai who always says psn free games are always good except this month. Where we actually get good games.

    • I wish I could get something like Disgaea or Neptune, I mean PlayStation to get rid of a few good games lately but I think any games are okay but why don’t you give up I don’t know like some original PS4 game came out when the system first hit stores. The gambino been with for years and so so that may have a long list of titles just sitting up in that archives, hell be okay with a PS2 game. How many I’m not trying to whine and complain or anything but you think he is if you’re paying for a service I think the customer input should be taking it into content or Playstation you can go back to the way it was at first where you can play the game online without having PlayStation Plus and you probably hear a lot of complaining and all that good crap you do now just saying don’t be like Xbox.

    • Thank you for 2 months

      I wish august ps4 would get last of us the game that i really want to play
      And ps vita would get civilization
      We love you
      And give us more than surprise

    • Games were dope for this month but next month put a real racing game or something or something other than shooting but racing is where its at just a thought hope y’all listen

    • Can we get that heavy rain for next month or any Disgaea games?

  • OH YES! Fat Princess!!!!! Never heard of Furi but i’ll try anything once :D portilloNick

  • Excellent lineup PlayStation!

    • Thanks, we hope you enjoy the games.

    • You have very low standards I reckon…

    • Oh look, Greg from Sony only replies to those who say something positive. Shocking.

    • Awesome lineup.

      Oreshika is great

      Saints Row PS4 is very good

      Furi is an exciting new PS4 game.

    • So this month I’m “that guy” who already owns 5 of the 6 free games (everything except Furi, which isn’t released yet). And yet I can’t complain because I’m thrilled with this lineup. 4 AAA retail games, an indie on its launch day (Furi), and a popular well-known indie (Fat Princess). Plus as a bonus, Paragon early access and starter pack. What more could you ask for? PlayStation definitely “won” this month. Best PlayStation Plus lineup in a long time.

      The Saints Row games are the most hilarious and over the top games I’ve ever played. I’m glad the 20+ million PS+ subscribers will get to experience Gat Out of Hell.

    • @xClayMeow If you walked into a room and saw a crowd of people who looked really upbeat and happy and a group of people who were crying and whining and glaring at everyone…. which group would you talk to?

      There’s nothing he can say to the people whining except ‘I’m sorry we didn’t cater this lineup to your specific tastes’ so it makes more sense for him to reply to the upbeat people.

    • I do hope that scarcasm!!!!!

  • another PSP game and a game you put on sale this week? Amazing! ./s

    • Who care saving me money.

    • PSP game? I hope you aren’t referring to Fat Princess, because those are two completely different games…

    • I assumed he meant the PSP game being release for the Vita. The third month in a row, we get a PSP game for Vita. Unbelievable. The prince of Persia game is the PSP game guys. Not the fat princess one.

    • I logged in to say the same thing. WTH Sony. A year ago or so we voiced our opinions that we didn’t want PSP games as our Vita IGC and you listened. Now all of a sudden it’s three straight months of PSP games, and it’s not like any of the the PS4 or PS3 games are cross-buy where you can even make the argument that Vita users already have two Vita games. No, it’s just 1 Vita game and 1 PSP game.

      I do not play PSP games; I do not want to play PSP games.

    • Yea, i’ll take a PSP when we also get a game like Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines. Oreshika is a AAA VITA game, i so excited we are getting it.

    • The problem is that there are few AAA Vita games in recent years, and people complained that every month PS+ gave Vita “indie trash” and mobile ports. I think that’s why they’re now giving PSP AAA games, because there are lots to choose from.

      Normally I prefer an old AAA game over a new indie. However, I think I might actually prefer “indie trash” for Vita because:
      1. PSP games have no trophies
      2. Vita indies are often cross-buy with PS4 and/or PS3
      3. indies are small, and Vita memory cards are so expensive

    • Watched gameplay for oreshika tainted bloodlines and even more disappointed now that Ik what it actually is. That game looks god awful but for u who enjoy it happy u. Also I enjoyed ghost of sparta but yes I am sick of PSP games as well

  • Unbelievably dreadful offering for the month.

    • you kidding? furi looks sick

    • Definitely dreadful. Woeful even.

      @ProdijysX no, sick looks like sick. Bloody sk8r boi

    • Not as dreadful as your life

      @MrXile shut up you loser neckbeard

    • U guys are ridiculous.

      I’d rather 1 PSP game and 1 great AAA VITA RPG like Oreshika. I think the problem is that ppl are too casual to know anything other than AC or CoD. Oreshika is top notch.

      Saints Row Gat Out of Hell is a AAA PS4 game. It’s a full games with a platinum, i’m excited for it.

      Furi is a brand new PS4 game that looks really good.

      Bound in Blood and Fat Princess are good, older PS3 games.

      Great lineup!

  • The whining begins

    • There were people out there expecting titles like watch dogs, black flag, well done Sony!

    • Lol, crying over getting games that while cost you more than $49.99. NBA 2K16 damn near the cost of PS plus, lol. Saints Row Hat out of hell $14.99 off Sale.

  • Saint’s Row FREE right after it went on sale… Congrats….

  • Wow, I’m happy overall! Not sure about Vita though. But I feel bad for anyone who bought Saints Row when it was just on sale lol.

    • What are u talking about? Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines is a AAA VITA RPG, learn things. It’s a great VITA game. Would u rather 2 insignificant VITA games or 1 great and 1 bad VITA game? I’ll take 1 great game over 2 insignificant games.

    • Are you kidding me? What are YOU talking about. I said I WAS NOT SURE. I was NOT dissing them. I had NO idea what Oreshika was, and later when I looked it up I was impressed. I’m still not happy with PSP games as part of Vita’s lineup. Next time, read what’s said – CAREFULLY. Good night and good luck.

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    I already have Gat out of hell I’ve had it since it released alongside saints row 4 re-elected

  • Sweet I was thinking about Oreshika.
    I have Gat out of Hell on PS3, but i’ll get double plat for the PS4 version

  • You’re “happy” about this list?? Well you shouldn’t be. Microsoft has taken a dump on your lineup for the 3rd month in a row. Over 20 million Plus subsribers and you still shovel crap into the IGC. How about The Evil Within (PS4) like you gave Japan last month? Too much to ask? I thought so smh.

    • Feel free to only speak for yourself since you clearly don’t speak for everybody here.

    • For those that complain all the time keep it coming because it won’t change. If PS Plus is not to your liking then go & buy what you really want.

    • Ppl are cheap they whine about games being loan to them every month. To go with a $50 online subscription, the amount of complaining is

    • NBA 2k16 says hello it was free 60 dollar game last month

    • Microsoft have no new games so of course they’rethey’re giving out more, lol.

    • um Xbox only has Bannered saga 2 and R6 Vegas 2, PSPLUS gets Furi, Saints row GOOH, Call of Juarez, Fat Princess and prince of persia revelations a good PSP game back then. SONY wins by a long mile with the 6 GAMES and im saying that because i have all 3 consoles.

    • ” Xbox only has Bannered saga 2 and R6 Vegas 2…. SONY wins by a long mile with the 6 GAMES” -aaron_bush_96

      You realize that Xbox is giving away more than just two games a month, right? Xbox i also giving away Tron: Evolution and another launch day game, Tumblestone. Both companies are giving away two games for their respective consoles.

    • GWG hasn’t had a Triple A title in It’s line up for two now.

    • *two months now

    • Feel free to only speak for yourself, My 2K16 from last month and 2 awesome looking games for my PS4 of course I’m happy ☺… PS plus i pay for it just to play with friends this thing payed for it self months and months ago…. Also if your tired of paying $50 ebay always sells the codes for $40.

    • I got both consoles (actually posting this from my xb1 lol) and the two lineups are great, specially for the average 1 dollar per game price of ps+/gwg.

    • Funny just came from the ign page with the games with gold. Looks like the people with XBox complaining how the GWG games suck. It Proves it doesn’t matter what games they give not everyone is happy. Sony could give Uncharted and people will say Sony sucks. You all pay 4 dollars or less a month and demand 50 dollar games every month. Say that Sony does not listen. Maybe that is because your demands are ridiculious. Songs games the last two months have been better then XBox. NBA16 alone pays for my 50 dollars for the year. This month looks good too.

    • @stilldoingitbig

      If we are going off of current gen only games and discounting BC, this month (June) they offered The Crew, which certainly was a AAA title. I understand being a fan of Sony and enjoying the IGC selections more than the ones offered with GwG, but when it comes to the number of AAA games that have been offered on the current gen consoles in the respective “free” programs, MS has been putting out more launch games and AAA titles..

    • Games With Gold doesn’t have a very good line-up next month and it didn’t this month.

      It’s like people who complain (not saying it’s you) about not getting Killzone: Shadow Fall. The game was recently on sale for $5. If you didn’t get it at that point, then I don’t see how you actually want the game.

    • Yeah because people buy PS+ for free games right?No they dont they buy it to play online at least 70% do

    • @airJordan_Xx

      NBA 2k16 is a $10 game… check G2A yourself. However if you want it on PlayStation instead of Steam then it will be $20 but still far from $60…

    • NBA 2k16
      Gone Home
      Saints Row PS4
      Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines

      Awesome past two months imo. NBA2K16 and Oreshika are huge games for Sony to give and Saints Row is AAA.

      Furi looks awesome and Gone Home is pretty new to console and critically acclaimed. Two straight months with AAAs.

    • @TheGamerCyclops

      It is annoying when people compare console prices to PC prices. Yes PC will always have the better deal. However, PSN does not offer NBA 2K16 for $20. That is just not true. It is has been a $50 game digitally, when on sale. Otherwise, this is the value of the game on that platform.

  • …actually not a terrible month for once! Congrats

  • Looking forward to saints row really liked the older ones.

  • This is actually a solid month, Furi looks amazing and the fact they give you a $40 starter pack with early access to Paragon is fantastic. Dissapointed with GotH a bit, but considering they had (and still are) monstrous sales you can’t expect a high end AAA title this time around

  • Very happy with this months line up! It caters to me a ton. I am also glad I waited on Saints Row. I assumed it would be free at one point, just because every other Saints Row was free at one point. Really intersted in Furi as well.
    I like these games way better than Banner Saga.

  • (kinda crappy to give Gat for free after getting people to buy it on sale this week though, eh?)

    • Its definitely not on sale everywhere i constantly check the store and never saw that game on sale

    • thechristreborn

      It’s on sale this week and it was on sale also a few weeks ago for the deep silver sale on PSN. Twice in less than a month…

  • Bound In Blood is realyl it that is good for me. Fat Princess is MP I think, which I don’t care for. Also, I own Gat Out of Hell (Decent game, though pretty much the main gameplay is just activities. still fun though, especially when you get the 7 Deadly Weapons <3),

  • Nice! Furi looked AWESOME from the gameplay boss trailer I saw. Looking forward to playing it for myself soon now, too :-)

  • Not going to complain. Furi looks like something i will like. Saints row?! Yuck i hate sandbox games. Sandbox games are old news these days they are all the same.

    • If you don’t like Sandbox games, you should try Arkham Knight or Shadow of Mordor. They will definitely change your opinion.

  • Wow! So happy with this! No one seems to be pointing out the fact that Furi literally comes out tuesday, So were getting the game free first day! Was thinking of buying it anyway so this month is great just for that!

    • remember we also got Rocket League and Dead Star free on the day it came out and those were great even though Dead star has no one playing now.

    • Yes, Furi is launching next week and we’re very excited about it being part of the PS Plus game lineup. The game is incredibly rewarding.

    • Xbox is getting The Banner Saga 2 on July 1, and Tumblestone when it launches on July 16 for free, and Sony is launching Furi for free at it’s launch. This is a good month for owners of both consoles when it comes to new, free games.

    • @twinsareawesome I know, right? PlayStation has done this before, where they fail to mention that one of the free games is a Day 1 release. Why sell yourselves short? Also, why only talk about the 2 PS4 games when you give away 6 free games per month? Especially since the PS3 and Vita games are often bigger names than the PS4 games.

  • I am getting all games, except for PoP Revelations. Please stop putting PSP games for PS Vita! That’s not what we want from VITA!

    • there are loads more psvita games they can give out, but if they do PSP games please give us 2 of them to add up the old game that they are.

    • Yeah, they gave out Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone: Mercenary, and Tearaway, all games I bought physically. But where is Resistance: Burning Skies lol? XD

  • Oh cool. Actually debated getting fat out of hell but it would just been an impulse buy. Happy it’s on plus

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about! Excellent month for Plus after a few duds. Furi’s visual style looks gorgeous and can’t wait to check it out. Never got around to this Saints’ Row either, so that’ll be fun. Aaaand I suppose this is as good an excuse as any to give Paragon a shot ;)

  • When was the last time we got a AAA title that actually appealed to the fan base majority?

    • NBA 2K16, which was probably one of the best selling games of the past year.

      There’s no such thing as a “fan base majority” since nothing appeals to everyone or even most people.

    • Exactly, I hate basketball so it didn’t make me really excited lol but I didn’t complain about it. I added it to my games library without a fuss.

    • I get you, only indies are appealing nowadays!

  • Cool month. Looking forward to Furi.

  • For the people complaining about already having Saints Row, and wanting Watch Dogs and Black Flag…if you are a gamer, how have you not already played those…it’s a good lineup of games I don’t have…so very happy with it and last month. 2 monthes in a row better then xbox in my opinion.

    • Eeeh Games With Gold gets the Banner sage 2 for free

    • Because not everyone has the money to buy new games very often. :-) I wasn’t a complainer, but just explaining how it is possible to be a gamer and not be able to play all these new big name games. The list of AAA games I’ve played on ps4 is way shorter than the ones I have yet to play.

    • The games he mentioned in his post have had many price drops/sales since coming out.

    • so what they get it for free, we get more games overall, and more are better then Banner saga 2 which is just one title we get furi which is just as good actually it might be better.

  • Furi looks amazing but Saint Row was on sale just two weeks ago, so should we ignore some games on sales cos might ends up free later?

    • It’s on sale this week too. I didn’t buy into any saints row games considering three of them were free in the past. Why buy something when the rest of the series was free?

    • @DawningWolf55 Exactly. That’s why I hesitate to buy any Square Enix non-JRPGs, because so many of their games have been free in the past: Tomb Raider, Thief, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman HD Trilogy, etc.

      On the other hand, there’s never been a free game from Rockstar. And I think only one so far from Activision – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

  • Really (pleasantly) surprised to see Furi will be free!

  • Cue the whiners *looks up* oh too late

    To all those whiners sony is doing just fine without you all PlayStation Plus has reached nearly 21,000,000 subscribers so it wont matter if you leave lmao.

    Anyways glad i waited on gat out of hell now i get it for free thanks sony once again great games. We dont need trash like Skate 2 or Black Ops 3 on Plus.

    • yep im happy every month, im only paying $8 for $80+ a month because i have all 3 consoles, wish we kept them like Xbox dis though (now you cant im pretty sure only xbox 360 games you can keep)

    • Thanks for the advice Dad.

  • thx sony for this games. i already have saint row.

    • Your welcome! Enjoy online Multiplayer, The main reason to pay for PS+….. Wait you dont even pay for it why are you here?

  • 21 million subscribers and this is what you get….I have not found one reason to renew my sub yet all year….You may be winning the console war but you’re losing fans… going to go turn on my Xbox now

    • I’ll see online then kiddo i have xbox too.

    • Turn on your Xbox One and play what ?, lol.

    • A true Sony fan is in it for the diverse games, especially first party exclusives, NOT for what they offer month to month. You think Games With Gold has amazing games every single month? Think again.

    • Don’t feed the troll people, we all know why we bought a PS4. It’s the game portfolio and not just for a free side service that sony gives to PS+ Members let’s be real here for a second, the main reason to pay for PS+ is to play online… And as a fairly new service it has been giving away games from the beginning unlike MS Live where for about 12 years a grand Total of “0” games were given for free to its subscriber’s

  • Really excited for Furi and nice to see yet another AAA title in Gat out of Hell. Keep em coming guys. One thing though. Please stop with the PSP games on the Vita.

  • I can tell that PlayStation is really putting effort into their monthly free games lately, so I can’t fault them.
    Oddly enough, it actually works out perfect for me this month, because I bought Saint’s Row IV, but NOT Gat Out Of Hell! Weird!

    • Same here I was going to buy the Saints Row bundle last night. Now I’ll just buy Saints Row 4.

    • ive been tempted 10 times to get Saints row IV bundle on PS4 since last july, but brought other games instead, now im happy, because i have the normal one on PC and will get this for PS4, but FURI ill need to see some gameplay before i download onto my 850GB console with 78GB LEFT.

      SONY WHY YOU TAKE 100GB off my 1TB HARD DRIVE. i think you need to give people 5% space reserved for 1TB not 10% like on the 500GB, because why is that.
      i have 410GB on my 500GB hard drive. i upgraded the Drive to 1TB and its only 850GB, i think you need to add 2 HDD one 100GB for updates and OS and the 1TB just the user generated content (games, themes, apps, recordings, screen shots and savegames.)

    • @ aaron_bush_96. Research drives. You’ll understand that this has nothing to do with Sony & more to do with the actual drive itself. bits. bytes, bops, an actual GB is X MB yet a 1 TB drive is actually only X GB which is technically smaller than a TB. That’s about the jest of it.

    • @aaron_bush_96,

      Hard drive manufacturers use base 10 units when reporting storage sizes, whereas software (usually) uses base 2 units. That’s where the discrepancy is, it has nothing specifically to do with Sony.

      Eg. Hard drive makers use the following units:
      1000 bytes == 1 kilobyte
      1000 kilobyte == 1 megabyte
      1000 megabytes == 1 gigabyte
      1000 gigabytes == 1 terabyte

      Software, such as operating systems like Windows, Mac, *nix, and your PS4 use the following units:
      2^10 bytes == 1 kilobyte (1024 bytes)
      2^20 bytes == 1 megabyte (1024 base 2 kilobytes)
      2^30 bytes == 1 gigabyte
      2^40 bytes == 1 terabyte (or roughly 1.1 trillion bytes)

      This makes a significant difference, and drive manufacturers’ practice of using base 10 units is quite dishonest, IMNSHO.

      In base 2 units, a terabyte is 1,099,511,627,776 bytes, where in base 10 it is exactly 1 trillion bytes. That’s almost exactly a 10% discrepancy right there. So the PS4 is not reserving any amount of space whatsoever. Your available space is the real size of the drive minus the space taken up by the OS.

  • Wow Furi isn’t even out yet, is it?! It’s been on my radar for a while now.

  • I usually don’t complain about ps plus offerings but giving away psp games is a pretty big downgrade. Not even indies you can offer? I’ve always preferred indies to old games I can pick up for like 5 bucks.

  • Good month.

    Already have Oreshika when it was on sale for 5…hopefully this means someone will make a trophy guide when it is free for PS+
    and Fat Princess which I got free from Piece of Cake.

    Would take a PSP game if it means it is combined with a stellar Vita game. Better than 2 mediocre vita games.

    Will play Saints Row in the future and Furi hopefully has a plat.

  • Good one for PS4… it’s been a while…

    I was hoping for a FIFA since you hosted the American Cup.. but I won’t complain

  • Thanks.

  • Not bad overall…

    Of course I personally was expecting more from PoP series than a PSP title w/o any trophies…

  • I’ll try Furi and Oreshika, but it’s not a very promising month for me.

  • Most curious about Furi. Not really anything else for me this month.

    Honestly I do not really look forward to the Plus or Games with Gold anymore simply because I usually buy most of the games I want day one now anyway.

    • Same here. I like Plus cause of the discounts. I really don’t expect a lot for free since I pretty much own all the games that usually are PS Plus freebies.

  • Oh my god yesterday was beginning of mid year sale week 1and saints row re-elected and gat out of hell are in it,today they put it for free next month really ,for anyone will ask why not the bundle or re-elected because saints row re-elected freeze the ps4 completely and must unplugged it from the power cable, the **** is why you put it in sale and then yoy make it free why ,this month it is not good the last 4 months were perfect thank so much but this time for ps4 not good at all , by the i pre-orderd saints row day one and play gat out of hell and stop re-elected for the reason i meantion .any way this month is fall down

    • I want also to say it is good month for ps vita and ps3 owners ,but for ps4 may be furi i ,i just this month angry because saints row in sale then you put it free after 24 hours how that ,also yesterday i warn gamers about saints row re-elected which deepsilver does not care to fix it ,but may be gamers whom did not play saints row will love to play , thanks for all here in playstation and gamers wish all happiness and healthy and joy and fun

    • Mr Greg Lewickyj ,why my comments is not viewed ,i do not insult anyone or harm ,i was saying my opinion about line up and i am upset because of the saints row are in sale and now you gone put part for free,also i said it is fun to play saints row gat out of hell for whom did not play and said good month for ps vita and ps3 but bad very bad for ps4 ,also warn gamers from re-elected, want to say something last 4 month i thank you and ps for good line up games and specially last month because i was so happy that you care and listened to us gamers and give us sport as i was suggested thanks wish our opinions be done ,but this month is not good sorry ,thanks wish you happiness and success and progress

  • Best so far this year surely! Well played Sony :o)

  • Well, expected another AAA title after getting NBA, but furi looks cool and hope next month will keep it up like last month

  • Already have Gat out of hell, but still decent. Never heard of Furi but i’ll give it a shot. Worst case scenario – download, play a few mins, remove.

  • Rebel_Ghost_1861

    I can see people complaining about Saints Row. I was going to buy it myself this weekend. I think it is pretty shady to throw a game on steep discount to intice sales,then while it is STILL on sale make it the free game. It makes one very cautious of future purchases.

    • Except it’s not free yet. When it is free next Tuesday it won’t be on sale anymore. So you have a choice. Buy it on sale to own it forever or wait for it to be free. Pretty simple.

  • This is what I’m talking about a fun looking AAA a fantastic looking indie plus a 40$ starting pack/early access to a nova just cuz

  • Just don’t get why people who complain continue to keep their Plus membership. If you’re upset each month, express your displeasure with your wallet like I did and don’t renew your Plus when it runs out. You’ll feel much better waiting for flash sales and finding the quality titles you want for sale elsewhere (Walmart has great used game prices and sometimes even great new game prices). Best Buy matches if you want to use BB gift cards credit. You can also find relatively good PS4 game deals on EBay also. Stop relying on Plus….it’ll just let you down.

    • Some people foolishly bought a years sub!

    • Lol….yup, crazy!

    • lol I got my for 3 years XD

    • They should let us pause our sub

    • I agree….they should. I just think it’s better to be a smart shopper and instead of hoping on a wing and a prayer that Plus will offer the titles you want, that it’s better to look for good deals elsewhere on the titles you really want. IMO, Plus was very good before the PS4 was released and the titles were excellent. Even right when the PS4 was launched, they offered titles like Outlast. Now, it’s a barren wasteland.

      Just find good deals on the games you want somewhere else. If you’re smart and wait for price drops at the big box stores or flash sales here, you can stretch your dollar and get great value on the stuff you DO want.

    • They just should STOP spend our (ps4 user’s) subscription money on vita and PS3 games! Majority of subscribers are ps4 users and they (like me, only ps4 users) don’t give a poop about vita and PS3

  • why the low rating? this seems like a good line-up to me. the vita stuff isn’t particularly interesting, but i also don’t have a vita to begin with so eh.

    furi looked really good to me from the announcement earlier, i’m excited to give it a go.
    i’ve heard good things about the saints row games (even, of all things, the idle animations) so gat out of hell seems like a good place to jump on.
    call of juarez: gunslinger surprised me when it was free a while ago, so getting to try out more of the series seems great to me.

    3/6 looking great ain’t bad, really.

  • Pretty great month! Wish I had actually played Oreshrika or Gat Out of Hell after buying them earlier this year! LOL.

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