Neverwinter Heading to PS4 on July 19

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Neverwinter Heading to PS4 on July 19

Earlier this month, we announced that Neverwinter — the free-to-play MMORPG based on the Dungeons and Dragons franchise — would be coming to PS4. The wait will soon be over as we’re happy to reveal that Neverwinter is launching on July 19. Starting that day, you’ll begin your adventures across the Forgotten Realms with your friends — all available for free.

For those that want to get in a little earlier than July 19, we will be offering a Head Start pack that will get you into Neverwinter a week early on July 12 for $19.99. The pack will also come with additional in-game items including an Onyx weapon pack, a 20-pack of enchanted keys, a special Onyx Horse mount, and more!

After launch on July 19, Neverwinter will continue to grow with in-game events and upcoming expansions. We have already announced our tenth expansion called Storm King’s Thunder that will have players investigate the sudden return of the Giants to the Forgotten Realms.

Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder will be coming to PS4 later this year giving you even more free content to play!

We’re extremely excited to welcome you all to the realms. Neverwinter on PS4 will contain all nine expansions in addition to the base game and eight playable classes, each with varying paths. You’ll travel all across the Forgotten Realms to locations such as the frozen peaks of Icewind Dale, the sunless Underdark, and the radiant forests of Sharandar. Amidst your journey, you will fend off orcs, the undead, elementals, and even a five-headed dragon. All of this will be available for non-PlayStation Plus player,s too!

Adventure awaits around every corner. Are you ready to defend the realms?

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  • I am extremely excited! Some of the best gaming experiences of my life have been with the original Neverwinter Nights for PC. Seeing this on console, I could not be happier and forsee this consuming my gaming time now. Already marked on my Calendar lol

    • I loved NWN too, but you do realize that this is a port of the 2013 action-MMO by Turbine, right? Totally different games, and both are fun in their own ways.

    • I was excited too, until I saw the micro-transactions are way too-pay-to-win

      I’d much rather play FFXIV, then sit there knowing I could get an exp boost, a health boost, etc…

      Then 12 inventory slots costs $6
      24 inventory slots costs $10
      36 inventory slots costs $16

      If this game is going to drastically penalize me because I spend too much time on Smite, Dungeon Defenders 2, FFXIV, grinding stuff, then it’s not going to find a spot in my rotation.

      I’ll try it on PC for now and then see what happens.

    • And again someone who things microtransactions = pay to win. Being able to hold more items or level slightly faster does not give someone a significant advantage over another. Those are simply tie savers. I mean if youre rotating a million different MMOs you clearly dont came if other level faster tan you right? Pay to win are things that can ONLY be bought for money and cant be obtained in game through normal means even if those normal means might take 6 months.. Like a “Super powered overpowered sword of l337 death” that goes around killing everyone in one hit that you can ONLY get with money and not from grinding in game. THAT would be pay to win. Or a weapon thats not THAT broken but is more powerful than the best weapon you can get in game through grinding that can ONLY be gotten through money, thus all of us who are wasting weeks and months in endgame raids and what not are wasting our time because the gear we got in months is still inferior to what someone can get in 5 mins for 50 bucks etc etc. Learn how pay to win actually works before using it. Thanks.

    • I played this when it came to Xbox one for over a year and then it got repetitive and haven’t played it since any of the expansions came out. Am definitely going to play it on ps4 now and then the swordcoast comes out next year.

    • @MakaiOOkami
      Funny i have never spent a penny on this game on Xbox 1. Its been over a year since i first played it on xbox on again off again and yet as i said i havent spent a cent on it but hey keep up that hate.

    • “And again someone who things microtransactions = pay to win. Being able to hold more items or level slightly faster does not give someone a significant advantage over another.”

      Play the game and you’ll realize at it’s core it is pay to win. Yes you can get by without fluff like more inventory and bank spaces.. You always don’t need every (overpriced) companion and mount. However basics like refining enchantments and artifacts, things which very much “give a significant advantage” over another, are very much geared to those who can spend $$. Good luck grinding out those $10 coalescent wards when you need them.

    • Soulaxion you’ll probably never see this but i don’t know how “I’m gonna try it on PC but I’m concerned about the Pay to Win” is somehow hating on the game. Jeez dude get a life. It’s just a game.


      Inventory slots, leveling up faster because you paid money, getting more HP in groups for each person that pays money, special benefits you only get for paying money for several months to the point that people recommend you team up with a VIP who can call out an NPC to sell stuff too… all of that stuff is pay to win. It might not be egregiously so, but me sharing a “concern” about it should not warrant the kind of response I get back.

      To be honest the hostility I got makes me more skeptical about the game. I said I’d try it anyway, but I shared concerns so that people could look it up.

  • Seeing this announcement makes me REALLY wish we had Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal on console.

    • I was just thinking that as well. The next thing we need is the Forgotten Realms series like Baldur’s Gate. A bundle with both one and two would be awesome.

    • Considering the fact that you can play the “Enhanced Editions” of several old Infinity Engine titles on mobile toys as well as PC, I’d say that BG II on PS4 isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility.

  • While I am very happy about this announcement as well, I am curious about the possibility of PC crossplay, as I have friends who have been playing the PC version for a long time but can not afford a PS4. Would be great to play with them. Awesome job either way!

  • Hello Alex,

    This is great news!

    I will be buying the Onyx Head Start Pack. Is their any chance you and your team can go in depth about this pack on your Twitch live stream on 1 July?

    Also I wanted to ask if you and your team would consider doing several scenic Dynamic Themes of each of the areas in the game, as well as Avatar Pictures of the different classes (male and female, as well as different races) for the PS4? It would be cool to show our support for the game in our PS ID as well showing a cool Dynamic Theme of our favorite areas on Neverwinter.

    Thank you,

    Rob aka Graf

  • I cant wait to get lost into this all over again. I use to play this all the time on xbox 1 now i can play it on my console of choice the PlayStation 4 thanks Neverwinter team.

  • Between this and Star trek online I am so happy to own a PS4!

    • Agreed ! and about time we finally saw Neverwinter on PS4. Depending on ho bad the “micro transactions are”? I might switch from ESO.

    • STO was pretty fun years ago, but most vets left after the game changed hands and mucked things up a bit. But hey–it’s still mostly F2P, so who cares?

  • Yes i love Neverwinter can we play with pc players or is this a different server

  • Goodbye free time.

  • Excited for this and Star Trek Online! PS4 and Sony are just destroying all in their path! Between this and FFXIVARRH I will be an extremely happy MMORPG gamer! Thanks for making this possible.

  • It looks really neat! I remember playing Neverwinter Nights on PC back in the day, and I was QA on Neverwinter Nights 2 at Obsidian many moons ago. Good times all around! I’m definitely interested in this one!

  • The only issues I have with this game is I hear the combat is great but it gets boring and repetitive fast…. which is true for ALL free MMOs. I mean DC Universe online was a blast… for 8 weeks… then I realized all I was doing is logging in once a day to complete 1-2 daily quests and daily hunts which took about 1-2 hours followed by 3 raids once a week which was 1-2 hours. it got old quick.. whereas games like FFXI and XIV Ive been playing since launch (and XI came out in 2004) and Im not bored of THEM yet. Why is that? Easy because they have so much content (thats that happens when you pay a monthly fee, you get new stuff to do very 2-3 months) that if it werent for work I could easily spend 8 hours a day EVERYDAY playing those games because I have so much **** I need to get doe instead of just a handful of quests once a day and a raid once a week. I mean XI has so much to do that Ive been playing for 12 years and theres still content Ive never even DONE or so much as SEEN yet.

    • The other thing is you can only use 3-4 abilities at a time because of an extremely small hotbar? That sound extremely limiting and very un MMO like. Every other MMO Ive played if you have the ability you can use em at any given tie.. so if you have 50 abilies youve got 50 different things to use at any time you please. As opposed to having 50 but can only take in 4. That seems like a really cheap way to make ppl who play the same class, unique or different because just cause we have the same class we could have a completely different loadout. But hey you get what you pay for.. and this game IS free so yeah.

    • this game has alot of dailys and quests that reset on real time during the end game that is when you first start you spend at least a day leveling up to max (non stop grinding) and than you have your campaigns nine of them to be exact which have even more things for you to do ..

  • Will be playing, though I don’t think I’ll be dropping money on the starter pack. Need to get a feel for the game and see if it’s something I can enjoy and play enough of before investing into it.

    • i would reccomend it as you will get a head start and good starting gear which is important to keep you from dying from lack of levels

  • Neverwinter is coming…

  • It is amazing how much teasing and taunting players works isn’t it? I mean the longer they leave it up in the air the more flustered we get about it I mean think about it how crazy have people been getting about horizon dawn zero and now the release date is out they kinda dulled down on their excitement. As gamers we obsesses over games and they know it. This is used as a marketing tool, an amazing way to get a player base and to top it all off there is no better way to motivate a gamer then to tease and taunt them. Black Temple patch of world of warcraft NO ONE in the whole world downed Kael’thas Sunstrider in tempest keep 3 days after the release blizzard was like “want more gear? come get it.” 3 days later EVERYONE was downing kael’thas for the first time. That and it’s smart on their part too gaming is dying out on the pc. I mean think about it what was the last NON internet based game(MMORPG, Moba, Games that require the internet like starcraft 2, so on) you got for your pc?

  • Finally D&D comes to the PS4. I will definitely check this out.

  • Finally something that actually might give DCUO a run for it’s $$$$$ hopefully but no likely. But I know there are tons of Neverwinter and Star Trek fans out their. This wil hopefully tide me over until Start Star Trek Online?

  • I just want to know if I will be able to access my existing account and characters from the PS4 – Anyone??

  • Do those of us who bought founder’s packs on PC get our stuff on PS4? I spent like $100 or whatever and really hope I get to at least carry that over. I don’t care about characters because my PC died before I got very far anyway.

    • If anyone else was wondering, the answer seems to be no. Unfortunate but not really surprising I suppose.

  • Might give this game a shot, I loved the original one.

  • The biggest thing working against this for me is that, as an FFXIV player, this comes out right when patch 3.35 is supposed to be hitting with the new Deep Dungeon stuff. Neverwinter is going to have a very hard time pulling me away from that.

    • Xbox/PC users will NOT be able to transfer data/content to their Playstation account. All players will have to start from scratch. \,,/,(~.~),\,,/ ..::$m0k3..G@m3..R3p3@+::..

  • I played this when it came to Xbox one for over a year and then it got repetitive and haven’t played it since any of the expansions came out. Am definitely going to play it on ps4 now and then the swordcoast comes out next year.

  • SUPEr excited, i have this game on pc i had t stop playing because its just quite not good enough to perform how i need it to. so im glad ill be able to play it!!

  • I can’t find it online. When will the download be ready today?

  • So whats the deal here? I found neverwinter zen nut no headstart package?

  • Been looking forward to playing this since it was announced it was coming to PS4. Nothing to download as of yet. I would like to stop waiting now :)

  • Please let us onow somthing… I stayed up till 3am just incase i could get a jump on the download lol I know thats sad, and still nothing? Let us know something please please!!!

  • Thinking about getting the starter pack today and giving it a go. I have a friend who said he thinks I will dig the Game. He played it on Xbox. I know it will be F2P next week but I don’t have as much gaming time as I used to now that I have a baby. So I could use the head start. Lol

  • Has anyone had any time with the Starter Pack yet? Trying to decide if it is worth it and I want to pick this up tonight? Thanks

  • Hey, i’m interested in giving this game a go! But i can’t seem to find the download for the game in the playstation store….. Is there other ways to get it or am i just blind? O.o

  • Well come the 19th , we’ll see if the game has been worth the wait? I will never pay $$$ for early access.

  • Question is what time will we see the download for the game on the 19th? All I see is the stupid early access thing? Watch it will probably get delayed or something. It always seems to happen when it come to PS4 “sigh” there are days that I can count, I think about trading in my ps4 for an xbone. And this is one of those days:( It’s after midnight on the east coast an still nothing? This sucks!!!!

  • According to Neverwinter’s twitter page, they’re going down for maintenance around 7 am PT. It doesn’t mention when and IF it will go live? Man this sucks! A time frame would be appreciated , PlayStation aka Sony:I

  • You can read the patch notes here

    plus their is nothing on the official forums!!!

  • It says free to play starting July 19th but I can’t find it anywhere in the store, only the $20 starter pack? Any help on how to download it for free?

  • guys this is PWI, a company notoriously bad for not getting stuff on time and for procrastinating- nothing to do with sony, chill out and relax.

  • This is bull

  • Neverwinter game on PS4 I’m the one playing in the platform game XONE and PC platform in the Turkish language options available on PS4 platform Workers would ask the addition of Turkish language option in our country, too many PS4 users have really respects it would be nice to play their own language in our Neverwinter .

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