Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Launches Today

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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Launches Today

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is out today in North America, boasting a real time action battle system — a first of its kind for the series. It’s a JRPG with an immersive story and a unique sci-fi twist.

For those who have never heard of this title, the Star Ocean franchise has a rich history spanning 20 years. For long time fans, yes, it has been awhile, and we’re so excited to bring it back! Star Ocean: Last Hope the previous Star Ocean game released in 2010 and prior to that, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time launches back in 2004.

For those who have not had a chance to see the launch trailer, check it out here!

If you’re new to the series, don’t worry that the game takes place on Spacedate 537 or that you’ve never played Star Ocean before. Although all Star Ocean games are part of the Star Ocean universe, new players will not need prior knowledge as the latest installment has its own unique story with all new characters, environments, and familiar elements for the veteran fans!

What is the charm of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness? First off, the gameplay and art creation of the all-star development team is exciting — including Director Shuichi Kobayashi, Tri-Ace producer Hiroshi Ogawa, and character designer Akira Yasuda (akiman) known in the gaming and manga community. Being able to have 7 characters in battle creates a thrill as you will be able to experience fast-paced action with an option to switch between 6 of the players.

The Battle Role System allows players to customize how the various characters will attack, heal, cast magic, and more. Battle tactics will enhance as you level up the roles, creating a very fulfilling experience.

Another fun feature in the game is its dynamic Party Skills system that includes fun things like gathering and crafting elements. Note, there are plenty of rare skills that you can unlock like the Emoter, lockpicking, mining, and more!

Next up, the incredibly epic music from the famed composer Motoi Sakuraba! All of this comes together with the talented voice-over cast! With the variety of the character roster, it was very essential that the VO actors breathe life into each of the party members.

In closing, thank you to the outpour of support and love on all of the Star Ocean social channels! To celebrate the launch in North America, the development team is stopping by Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention center from July 1 to July 3. We’re having an “Aligning the Stars” panel with the VO cast and developers, Akiman signings, cosplay gatherings, and a launch party, so if you’re in the area definitely stop by to enjoy the festivities!

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, now’s your chance to get the digital version on PlayStation Store! The digital version comes with a Dynamic Theme that includes Fidel, Miki, and Relia!

We can’t wait till you get your hands on the game to traverse the stars in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Please leave your comments below!

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  • I hear people are suffering from motion sickness due the the in-game camera.

    • By people you mean just one person, it’s really hard to see what motion sickness is for a lot of people. They couldn’t even spot it at first until they watched it again but it’s very unnoticeable.

    • People effected by this must be extremely prone to motion sickness , even final fantasy type zero’s camera dident effect me so its up to you

    • Well they should stop by the OPTION menu, where you can – as always by the way – CHANGE the camera speed-.-‘

    • Changing the camera speed does not help at all. The camera moves up and down with what seems to be every little variation in the ground level. It’s something that needs an immediate patch. Even if it’s not causing you motion sickness, it just looks terrible. constantly bobbing up and down.

    • I’m one of them. The hip-up camera really does cause headaches. It’s even worst when you’re playing on an 120hz TV too.

      If the camera can pull back a little more then it’ll be fine.

  • I can’t wait to play this game. Loved SO4, hope this is as fun. Sad there won’t be another Meracle, she was hilarious(wish she’d been a bit more conservatively dressed though)… but hopefully there’ll be another character the resonates as much.

    Will definitely be streaming this game tonight.

    • Hi + Seluhir! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy this game as much as Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I’m curious to see which character you end up liking in the new Star Ocean! Have fun streaming the game!

    • Thank you for taking the time to reply.

      I definitely enjoyed the ~4-5 hours I got to spend with the game yesterday. So far, the characters seem pretty good but none have stood out to me quite yet. But there’s plenty of time still.

  • SE, Is killing it with releases today.

    Is this another 1000 hours hurdle :) ?

  • Just waiting for the truck to show up with my copy. So excited to play!

    • +FifthDream— hope you started playing! Will you zip through the game or play bit by bit? I’m gonna play after work myself!

    • I plan to play as much as possible for a while! I actually made sure to not start any new games over the last few days so i could devote all my gaming time to it for the next few days. We’ll see how far i get by the weekend. ;)

  • At work waiting for my “delivered” text. SO EXITED TO PLAY THIS TODAY!!!!

    I’d love to see remasters of Star Ocean: Last Hope International & Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on PS4. Please forward my request!

    • +LokeSTL Hello! Hope you delivered in time. I will definitely forward your request to the team!!!

    • + Kaori Takasue – Got it, and it’s fun! I have one request: Please patch the camera movement. It is soo tight that every little change in the terrain bounces the camera. Not a game killer, I’ll probably finish everything in the game before you have time to get a patch out. :)

  • Way to torture people with that english dub.

  • I love the series, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Picked up my game and strategy guide pre-order, and have already put in a decent amount of time into it! Loving the battle system! It’s so addicting!

    • +DPtheGOD Happy 20th anniversary to Star Ocean! We’re very thankful to have fans of the series like you! I’m glad that you enjoy the battle system! I hope you end up enjoying the entire game!

  • Playing it now!

    • +andremal– woo hoo!!! Hope you have fun with it! We’re super excited to go home to play tonight too. Thanks for your support!

  • Gotta finish off Odin Sphere first. Then, onto this.

  • Started playing yesterday and got a few hours into it. Great game so far!!!

    • +Geddy2003 Glad you like the game so far!! Hopefully you enjoy all the details about this game like battle system and the cool reserve rushes!

  • Hey, can we have the PS4/Vita ports of Star Ocean Second Evolution too?

    Also, why limit the theme to just digital copies? I mean I bought the Collector’s Edition so I think I should get it too.

    • +Tjoeb123 I’ll send through your request to the team! Send us a tweet on @StarOcean referencing “Tjoeb123” and I’ll see what I can do on that theme!

  • Why does FF15 look like it was made a whole 2 console gens after this? Is it really budget or is the dated look on purpose cuz thats what the fans like?

    • You do know that FF15 took a century to finish and that it is by far their most expensive title? Also after playing SO5 now for about 2 hours I can only say the screenshots dont even compare to the actual game on my TV. The game looks GORGEUS to me!

    • Star Ocean on PS2 1.72 million copies sold.
      Star Ocean Second Story. 1.10 million copies sold.
      Last Hope 360. 0.79 million.
      Last hope PS3. 0.73
      First Departure on PSP 0.64
      Second Evolution 0.34
      Star Ocean SNES 0.23

      Total sales for all Star Ocean games estimated 5.86 million sales across it’s entire lifetime.

      Final Fantasy VII 9.72 million copies.
      Final Fantasy X 8.05 million copies.
      Final Fantasy 8 7.86 million copies.
      Final Fantasy XII 6 million copies
      Final Fantasy IX 5.3 million copies
      Final Fantasy X-2 5.29 millions copies
      Final Fantasy 3 3.42 million copies
      Final Fantasy Crisis Core on PSP 3.19 million copies.

      Has this sufficiently answered your question?

  • Game’s really great so far! If you’re even remotely interested, go for it.

    • + Nikos, THANK YOU so much! :) Comments like this make the entire Star Ocean team very happy!!!

  • I’ve been waiting years for this game!!! I have the Collector’s Edition waiting for me at my front door when I get home from work today :D

  • +Meteorgun7— Hope you’re wrapping up work soon to start playing the game!!! I’m looking at the clock myself so I can get out of here soon to play! The collector’s edition is pretty slick– I can’t wait to pop in the soundtrack of “Sounds of Star Ocean” too! Have a great day!

    • I went straight home and played, the packing is beautiful!!! i need to pop in that soundtrack as well during work :)

  • I’ve been enjoying it immensely!

    Any chance we can get First Departure and Second Evolution released for PS4 and Vita with cross-save? That would be fantastic!

    • +LordAbsu– thanks, that’s great to hear!! It’s always worth asking to show that there is demand. There’s never a guarantee, but it helps the team know what’s being requested~ Have a wonderful day!

  • Cant wait to play this game! also, we need more SO games! old and new ones <3

  • Hello + Roll_chan– More Star Ocean games for sure. Since it has been twenty years of Star Ocean, I’m hoping there will be plenty more in the next twenty years! We appreciate your support!

  • I know for some its not a huge deal, but honestly the camera bobbing up and down has me disappointed and worried. I love the star ocean series, but the camera in SO4 was the first to ever make me feel motion sickness in a video game. Would it even be possible for a update to allow this “camera bob” to be disabled or changed? It would really help to cement my purchase as playing a game that makes you feel sick is no fun for anyone :(

  • 3 hours in and really enjoying the gameplay.

    I know this maybe a bit far-fetched, but how about a Star Ocean 3 and Radiata Stories remaster?

    I really loved Radiata Stories, it’s a forgotten gem.

    Would it ever be at least possible as a PS2 original release on PSN??

  • The game is fantastic! Is there a chance for a star ocean 1, star ocean second story, star ocean till the end of time and star ocean last hope coming to ps4 digital psn store? Because i haven’t played it and i want to try it . I would totally love to buy it if you guys make it happen. You might get newcomers and will support the star ocean series

  • Cant’ wait to play it for myself. :D

  • I bought this game day one and it was supposed to come with DLC content. At least that’s what the description showed. However, the content is not available even after sleeping in the bed for the first time. I would appreciate any insight into the issue. Thanks!

  • This game was an epic letdown. I pre-ordered the physical release from Amazon as well as the CE from SE. I’ll never pre-order again. Any franchise can deliver a lemon as I now learned. From the apparently re-used assets and animations to the jerky camera work, everything about the game reeks of a budget title. Your character will ghost walk through ALL characters in the game, which is distracting and annoying since he apologizes for it. Gone are the long, well-produced cutscenes of Star Ocean IV. Instead, the NPCs babble to you as you move on the field, making it hard to follow. The save points are few and in-between.

    It is as if the development took everything we all dislike from JPRGS and MADE SURE they were in the game and worse than ever before.

    The story is beyond inane, subpar to even the most subpar JPRGs. SO4 got criticized for the hammy English VO. The Japanese, however, was acted in the same manner. Regardless, the voice acting sounds like something you would find in a budget title. It’s either really flat or cheesy in a very bad way.

    The game looks pretty, but aside from higher resolution textures, nothing will stands out as better.

  • My Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness story…I just got my collector’s copy of long awaited Star Ocean for PS4. The delivery was delayed a day due to USPS not being able to locate my house…go figure. But I was extremely happy to receive the game since I am a fan of the series. The background graphics and atmosphere are top notch and I like it so far…until that treacherous camera moving ever slightly up and down whenever the surface you are walking are uneven…I am a hardcore FPS player (Battlefield, Over Watch you name it) and I never had this kind of dizziness in my gaming career. If this can be fixed by patching it I would be most grateful because I do not want this single thing to prevent from playing a good game..

  • I really loved the game for few hours, but then I started to notice that camera pouncing up and down constantly, made my eyes hurt and then came headache, please fix it so that you can make the camera not move at all, only when you move it.

    I hope it gets fixed fast so I can play longer hours, was awesome. I will keep playing it, but only short periods of time in a day, I don’t want my head to hurt all the time :)

  • The camera is way too tight lol. Everything moves it around. I can’t stand the lack of true cutscenes. Just people talking and standing around. Real lazy. And you can’t change audio from English to Japanese in menu. You have to quit the game and go to start up. That’s lame. Other than that, love it

  • I’m about 8 hours in and I’m absolutely loving the game! It’s definitely an improvement over The Last Hope, and I love how smooth the gameplay is from battle to exploration to mining nodes. My only complaint is, like with many other people, the camera. Would it be possible to send feedback to the programmers to make it less jumpy? This is the first time I’ve ever experienced nausea playing a game, and it’s unfortunate because I could spend hours in this game otherwise!

  • Game looking good but like many others i get sick from camera bouncing, its’s a shame that you pay good money for it and can’t play it.
    Please if you can fix it soon.

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