Alienation: Local Co-op, Leagues, and More Arrive July 5

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Alienation: Local Co-op, Leagues, and More Arrive July 5

At Housemarque we believe that community is king. We read every comment you write and discuss every piece of feedback you send. Your opinions are really important to us, and for all of those that requested the addition of local co-op, I am pleased to let you know that local co-op play will be released to all players as part of the next free update that is scheduled to go live on July 5th!

So gather your friends and family, buy some snacks, and make space for your squad to do battle with the Xenos from the sofa. Local co-op supports up to four players on the same screen, and in classic friendship-breaking fashion, after opening loot crates, you’ll have to fight over who gets the loot!

The new update also introduces Leagues consisting of five ranks with each league cycle lasting for one week. Leagues allow you to climb the ladders of glory and unlock additional bullet colors in the process. In addition to this, after updating the game, you will also find two new difficulty levels called Expert and Master, and a richer Arkship experience with new rooms, harder enemies, and better loot.

For veteran players, there are also more Hero Levels to be gained and a few new Trophies to be hunted down, and lastly we have adjusted details such as Legendary weapons and loot drop rates.

All of these changes will be released entirely for free to all players, but if you’d really like to support us and the further development of Alienation, we hope that you will also pick up either the Season Pass or the Survivor’s Pack, both of which will be available on PlayStation Store on July 5.

The Survivor’s Pack includes the Vortex Grenade, a new piece of gear that sucks all enemies in its path into a kind of black hole, dealing constant damage to all enemies trapped within. In addition to this, all Primary weapons are available to all hero classes, and you will also have three exclusive bullet colors at your disposal to make the game more colorful than ever and allow you to blast the Xenos with a bit more personal style. The Survivor’s Pack will be available to purchase for $5.99.

The Season Pass is also available to buy on July 5 for $9.99. For a single purchase you get the Survivor’s Pack as well as the upcoming Conqueror’s Pack, Veteran Heroes Pack, the original soundtrack, and a dynamic Theme. All at a deeply discounted cost in comparison to buying this content individually.

We will release more details regarding more free content that we will be adding to the game in the future and spill the beans on the Conqueror’s and Veteran Heroes Pack as soon as possible — most likely in the months ahead.

It’s been a long time coming, and now we can’t wait for you to sit down with friends and family to play Alienation together!

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