Alienation: Local Co-op, Leagues, and More Arrive July 5

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Alienation: Local Co-op, Leagues, and More Arrive July 5

At Housemarque we believe that community is king. We read every comment you write and discuss every piece of feedback you send. Your opinions are really important to us, and for all of those that requested the addition of local co-op, I am pleased to let you know that local co-op play will be released to all players as part of the next free update that is scheduled to go live on July 5th!

So gather your friends and family, buy some snacks, and make space for your squad to do battle with the Xenos from the sofa. Local co-op supports up to four players on the same screen, and in classic friendship-breaking fashion, after opening loot crates, you’ll have to fight over who gets the loot!

The new update also introduces Leagues consisting of five ranks with each league cycle lasting for one week. Leagues allow you to climb the ladders of glory and unlock additional bullet colors in the process. In addition to this, after updating the game, you will also find two new difficulty levels called Expert and Master, and a richer Arkship experience with new rooms, harder enemies, and better loot.

For veteran players, there are also more Hero Levels to be gained and a few new Trophies to be hunted down, and lastly we have adjusted details such as Legendary weapons and loot drop rates.

All of these changes will be released entirely for free to all players, but if you’d really like to support us and the further development of Alienation, we hope that you will also pick up either the Season Pass or the Survivor’s Pack, both of which will be available on PlayStation Store on July 5.

The Survivor’s Pack includes the Vortex Grenade, a new piece of gear that sucks all enemies in its path into a kind of black hole, dealing constant damage to all enemies trapped within. In addition to this, all Primary weapons are available to all hero classes, and you will also have three exclusive bullet colors at your disposal to make the game more colorful than ever and allow you to blast the Xenos with a bit more personal style. The Survivor’s Pack will be available to purchase for $5.99.

The Season Pass is also available to buy on July 5 for $9.99. For a single purchase you get the Survivor’s Pack as well as the upcoming Conqueror’s Pack, Veteran Heroes Pack, the original soundtrack, and a dynamic Theme. All at a deeply discounted cost in comparison to buying this content individually.

We will release more details regarding more free content that we will be adding to the game in the future and spill the beans on the Conqueror’s and Veteran Heroes Pack as soon as possible — most likely in the months ahead.

It’s been a long time coming, and now we can’t wait for you to sit down with friends and family to play Alienation together!

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  • Definitely interested in supporting you guys further. You guys never cease to create fantastic games.

    • Preordered and have been loving it since launch, but is the theme for the season pass the same as the preorder theme? It’s a great theme, but i want a new one.

  • I’ve been *really* looking forward to local multiplayer! I cannot wait! The season’s pass sound cool as well (and for a great price)!

    • Consider the season pass bought at 9.99, great price. However, can u please add new weapons to the mix? I had a dozen maxed out legendaries within a month.

      Great game as always, i can’t wait for some gameplay trailers for Matterfall.

    • Does the season pass include everything (survival pack and etc).

  • This game should be on the Vita!!!! No Vita, no buy sorry.

    • Do you not have a PS4? The Vita is on life support. It’s time to upgrade!

    • yeah, Vita is pretty much dead since we had no news about it on this year’s E3.

    • @D_Makoom They have been saying the Vita is dead for years lol. #VivaLaVita

    • Yea, VITA is so dead that Zero Time Dilemma, God Eater 2, and God Eater Resurrection just came out on the same day…

      16 million VITA owners would agree that it is very much alive.

    • I mean there’s Severed and a bunch of localized Japanese titles but yeah we can go ahead and say it’s dead. It’s on life support, I jut wish they would flip whatever the switch is so us Vita users can also play most or all PS1 titles. I mean they’re not supporting it so why not and no doubt they’ll do the same for PS VR.

  • Added Local Co-op = Added another customer

    Thanks guys! Really wanted to get this at launch because it looked like a great game to play locally with friends, then I found out it didn’t have it. Sure is nice to see a dev actually stick to their word when they say they are going to add certain features down the road. Keep it up!

  • Great! Been holding off on playing until local co-op was added, thanks!

  • Any chance we could get some sort of item trading? Gear, resources, etc.

  • this update comes a little too late. i already got my platinum, but i’m happy new players can experience a better game than i did. With better loot drops it will certainly be easier to get that 12 slot legendary weapon :D

  • Awesome news – I’ve been waiting for this ever since I pre-ordered the game!
    Me and my wife bought the game already but we didn’t begin playing the game because it didn’t include local co-op (as the Dead Nation developer I expected that in version 1.00).

    Too bad we have to wait for next week, but I hope the game will be worth it. We really enjoyed Dead Nation!


  • Woohoo! Thanks Housemarque. Can’t wait to play this with my brother.

  • This game is awesome… Was waiting for this to play couch coop with my son since this game launched. Always impressive to see the amount of guys you put in POST release on your games… Resogun was a favorite of mine, and same with Alienation. Count me in for the Season Pass no doubt!!

  • Finally! Thanks Housemarque!

    Now me and my wife can finally play together. We played the hell out of Dead Nation couch co-op, and she was super bummed we couldn’t play Alienation together when I told her! Woot!

  • Awesome! I’m honestly shocked it didn’t have Local coop originally, this had been on my Local coop wishlist since it’s release because I was under the impression it already had it lol.

    Well, with luck in finances I’ll support your improvements and pick this up on the 5th :)

    Thanks a lot guys, if I had found out that it was online coop only it wouldn’t have been a purchase, but now I can introduce it to my friends and we can have a blast :)

  • Pay for bullet colors? Wow. This game has huge potential but lack of story and customization was a letdown how about gear and more varied loot like fire bullets elec bullets ect

    • Everyone gets 3 new bullet colors for free.

      You are correct about more weapons and elemental bullets being a needed addition. Fire bullets, ice bullets, electricity, bullets with huge kick-back. I love Alienation, but i want more toys, add a bunch of vehicles to the game as well.

      I’d pay $15 or more (in a heartbeat) for a huge expansion adding a new character, vehicles, new story missions/new area (Alien homeworld), weapons, elemental bullets, and a new SUPER legendary weapon class. It’s way too easy to aquire legendaries.

  • Local co-op was definitely the feature I was looking for! I’m glad to see that after hearing that you’d look into adding it, that you actually did. Bravo!

  • Nice, I was waiting for it to get back to it. Can we mix modes? local + online?

  • Not to be super picky, but I’m curious as to if we’ll be able to play a combination of couch co op and online, as in two players on one console, two players on another console. Me and a couple buds have been waiting to pick this up so we can play together, but they live together a state away from me, so more often than not they’d play on one console, and I’d be on my own at home. Is there hope for me!?

    Thanks guys!

  • My husband and I played through Dead Nation on PS3 in local co-op mode and were disappointed when Alien Nation missed that feature. Thank you so much for following through and supporting your titles — it’s for this reason I buy your titles and season passes immediately.

  • Add visual customization please.

  • Enjoyed this game for awhile at launch, but stopped playing when I started to feel a lil burn out. Didn’t want to be fully over it before local coop was added. Definitely looking forward to that!!

    After previous DLC seemed great from this dev, what’s being offered here doesn’t seem to match up tho? Hoping that’s not all you get for the paid portion.

  • Yes! My sister constantly asks me when will local co-op release and this is it. Bought the game on Day 1, still loving it, I’m going to support it some more by buying the Season Pass. Also I hope we get to see more of Matterfall.

  • With loot being unassigned will we be gaining the ability to drop loot? I’d hate to “steal” a gun my buddy can use only to find out it’s not better than what I already have equipped.

  • Nice, I haven’t played since I hit around lvl 30 hero 54 I think and got some good legendary gear. It just got to be the same thing over and over again. But I’m glad I pre-ordered it and played on day one. It was fun building up my bio class guy and playing through the story but I wanted more places to go and more weapons to try. I really liked the loot aspect of the game. It kinda reminded me of my Diablo 2 Exp days more then a decade ago… Thanks though for a good game!

  • Is there any chance of a physical NA release after you guys roll all the content you want to put in the game out? Or at least have some sort of physical release like Helldivers does?

  • I can’t find the add-ons on the store , is it not out yet ?

  • Are legendary weapons with an effect harder to find now? I keep finding legendaries but with no effect… And what primary weapon would be the best for my Bio Class? I finally got all 3 that are legendary with an “melee at enemy” effect but do primary weapons come with the “shoot at enemy” effect? I found 2 legendary vortex’s too. One had “speed jolt” which didn’t make sense like it did on a legendary mine I have, whats up with that? The other is the one I use now. Its a legendary vortex with the “fast recharge” effect. I do like the league thing to get bullet colors you can’t buy on the PS Store. I’m 2nd in my league. But if someone could share what they think the best primary weapon would be for my Bio Class it would help alot. Thanks….

  • I realy hope they add a local and online combo . Didnt know it didnt have that

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