Street Fighter V Update Out July 1, Features Balrog, Ibuki, Story Mode

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Street Fighter V Update Out July 1, Features Balrog, Ibuki, Story Mode

Hello again, Street Fighters! We have a ton of new information to share with you today regarding the latest update to Street Fighter V! As many of you may have seen last night during CPT Premier Event CEO2016, Balrog will also be released with this update alongside Ibuki and the Cinematic Story Mode!

The update will go live in all territories on July 1 at Midnight Pacific after the scheduled server maintenance is complete, which starts on June 30 at 2:00 PM Pacific.

That’s not all, though! We have even more content lined up for this release including additional costumes and new stages.

Balrog is one of the most iconic characters in Street Fighter history, first appearing as one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo in Street Fighter II as a boss character. He’s always been one of the most vicious characters to ever appear in the series, using his devastating boxing style to knock out his opponents.

Before joining Shadaloo and moving his way up in the ranks to become one of M. Bison’s highest ranking officers, he was one of the greatest boxing champions of his time. His style of boxing, which uses illegal techniques such as head-butting, eventually got him banned from competing due to causing extreme harm to his opponents. In short, Balrog will do whatever it takes to win a fight and with the end goal always being to obtain more wealth.

Outside of Street Fighter II, he also appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter IV, not to mention various cross-over titles such as Capcom vs SNK and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Balrog in Street Fighter V still remains as one of Shadaloo’s top enforcers, working alongside M. Bison, F.A.N.G., and Vega. Be sure to check out his Character Story and of course the Cinematic Story Mode to see what sort of trouble he gets himself into this time around.

His playstyle in Street Fighter V puts the focus on his devastating punches, and with the use of his V-Trigger, he can chain these attacks together to deal serious damage. He also has a few cheap attacks up his sleeve to keep the fight in his favor, so don’t let your guard down for a moment!

V-Skill: KKB
A unique move that twirls his body while moving forward. While activated, you can dodge projectiles as well as string together attacks. You can even activate KKB before a special hits you, allowing you to be a technical inside fighter.

V-Trigger: Crazy Rush
A chance to be the aggressor when activated! Steam rises from his body and allows you to string together specials like Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo.

Critical Art: Gigaton Blow
Unleash the fury from your fist with this simple, yet destructive critical art. It can be connected with various moves. Make sure to include it in your combos.

New Stages and Costumes

To ensure this release packs an even bigger punch, Balrog’s story costume and premium battle costume will become available on 7/1, as well as a revival of the classic Las Vegas stage from Street Fighter II! The streets are lined with neon signs as you are cheered on by a fired-up crowd.

That’s not all, either. This summer, Street Fighter V is about to heat up! The Kanzuki Family Private Beach will now be available as an all new battle stage. This will also be released with the update on July 1 and can be purchased for 70,000 fight money. Also, Karin’s premium summer costume will be available to purchase as part of this latest update. These can both be purchased from the PS Store and Steam for $3.99.

As a reminder, all character Battle Costumes will be available for purchase on July 1 through both PlayStation Store and on PC.

Juri and Urien

All of you probably saw the teaser we released for both Juri and Urien as part of the Balrog trailer. While they aren’t ready for official release just yet, they will be playable in the Cinematic Story Mode, and we wanted to share their official artwork showcasing their designs. As you can see, they have a brand new look with Urien in a high-end suit and Juri in a biker outfit. Updates on their playstyles will be coming soon!

As always, thanks to all our fans for the continued support. We’re committed to making Street Fighter V the best in the series and value everyone’s feedback as we continue to update the game. We’re eager to hear what you think of the Cinematic Story Mode and all the additional content included with this update coming later this week.

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  • Way excited for this update! Fix those Flickr links to they don’t require auth!

    • ha, that’ things been like that for years. Unless if PSB can broker a deal with Yahoo, that may never change :D

  • Do season pass holders get Balrog’s stage for free? what about the Kanzuki Family Private Beach?
    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the story and playing Balrog! :D

    • Nope, only Guile’s Air Force Base, sorry. >.>

      Though hey, at least getting them both are in-game unlockable, though at a possible grind, but hey, the update will have more chances to do so.

  • Great update! Do season pass holders get either stage free? More so the Balrog stage as so far I don’t feel I’ve really gotten anything for buying the season pass since everyone has gotten Alex and Guile for for the last few months. Not even a sense of entitlement, just more so want something to show the the value of the $30 I spent in blind faith for my love of the franchise.

    Also, anything further coming about a possible offline Arcade mode like in previous Street Fighter games? Could really use this mode more so just for someone like myself who’s not great online to be able to enjoy playing real matches and customize the difficulty to my skill level.


    • No, with the season pass you get the 6 DLC characters and their premium costumes. I’ve seen a lot of people asking these kind of questions lately, did you seriously purchase the season pass without reading the description? lol

    • No, the newer stages aren’t free with the season pass, though you get Guile’s Air Force Base stage as compensation.

      But at least they’re in-game unlockable.

  • Hope you are thinking of adding Arcade Mode soon rather later. Vs CPU is nice, but we hope you don’t forget about adding Arcade Mode… :-) Still exciting for those awesome contents this Friday! Can’t wait.

    • What’s the functional difference between this story mode you are getting, and the arcade mode you want. More randomized fights versus a strict progression?

    • You know, I’m curious. Why do people want arcade mode so much? What value is there in fighting 8 or so brain dead AI fights.

    • Well for those asking. Story mode is like a one round fight emphasising on story telling. So it’s not the actual gameplay simulation of an online match. U don’t expect new players like me to get the game go home and get my ass kicked online do u? That put me off straight away. Arcade mode simulates u playing online with another person. Which gets u prepared for real matches.

      And don’t give me ur practice mode nonsense. There is only so much u can do at practice mode. It’s not even fun as well. We wanna see the cool cinematics from finishing ur opponent with a super combo. We want to feel the rush we get after winning a final round in a 3 round match. Arcade mode is a staple to fighting games. So that newcomers and advanced players alike can feel the thrill without waiting for the system to match u up with an opponent. If u can create online matches, there is no excuse why u can’t include an arcade mode. Just none.

  • First Players will be hosting a non-pro Street Fighter V tournament on July 2nd, 2016. The winner will receive a $60 gift card.Start your summer off with a fight, and sign-up today! more info at 1stplayer .com

  • Cory Barlog’s coming to Street Fighter!? Holy sh- wait…Sorry, read that wrong. Never mind.

  • I’ll count this as early bday present

  • No Sagat… No buy…

    • I’d like to see Sagat too… but i’ve been told by unpleasant veteran SF players that… we don’t “need” Sagat because there are characters “similar” to him. Like Ryu. Because he “plays the same”. Which I think is silly to say… but that’s the explanation I got…

  • So, still no arcade mode at all. And basically, you lied, the only real way to get any of the extra fighters or content is the season pass, unless you spend your every waking hour playing the game for “fight money.” Glad I only spent $10 on this game, it wasn’t worth a penny more.

    • It really doesnt take that much time getting 600k fight money, my friends have made that amount playing story and survivor with different characters. You cant make it in a day but is definetly achiavable. I dont like single player, or care about playing several characters so I will be buying the seasons pass :)

      PD: Just remembered they also added the combo challenges that are an easy way of getting fight money, try them ;)

  • “While they aren’t ready for official release just yet, they will be playable in the Cinematic Story Mode,”

    If they aren’t ready for release, how are they even playable???

  • Damn, Juri’s looking like…Juri alright

  • Sony its time to give us info on the next PS4 firmware update comon

  • Ha nice!!…not interested in balrog but all I needed to see was news about Juri,just saw her teaser in balrog’s trailer and she’s looking great,nice outfit but I hope her old costume will be available as well.Nice Karin costume too.

    Game’s getting better,nice to see that…release Juri and I’ll lean towards your side.

  • Tekken 7 is going to launch next year with arcade mode before SFV gets it if ever. Really disappointing.

    • Indeed… it’s quite incredible that Capcom are surprised that there’s a “demand” for an arcade mode… like what??? You put this in every other previous game and you are surprised people want to play arcade mode? Seriously? Of course there’s a demand! I don’t know what’s going on in Capcom’s heads…

    • So the trophies for beating arcade mode on Super Street Fighter IV is 28% for medium, beating it at least once.

      Without continues is 14% so half of that.

      10 Trials is 16.5%

      31% of people won 1 ranked match.

      3 ranked matches in a row is 18% so 5% more than people who did arcade mode without continuing.

      23% won at least 10 matches online.

      17% won 30 matches online.

      10% won at least 100 matches online.

      Maybe it was just pressure to be out in time for VEVO maybe Sony pushed them to release it in a playable state and then add features over time so that the development for the game is more transparent. Maybe they were worried the game was too niche’ to develop everything and still be profitable, maybe they had way better statistical analysis than I can do just looking at trophies and determined Arcade mode was a back burner mode.

      But is it really obscene to think that maybe the people who should buy it before arcade mode comes out are the more hardcore people and expect them to not care as much? Then when more features for casual audiences come out you can have sales and blog posts and drive up demand…

  • Capcom is getting closer and closer to releasing a full game! I’ll still wait for SFV Ultra Arcade Edition, or whatever the full version of the game will be called.

    • Didn’t they already say that this is more of a service than a game and that they aren’t going to be releasing a “Full Version” but just iterating on the game over time for the generation?

      I personally like that model better. I don’t begrudge them at all with what they’ve done. I’m not a huge street fighter fan not a huge fighting game fan, but I knew what was up. It’s one thing to pretend a game is a full game, it’s another thing to treat a game like a platform in order to not segregate your audience.

    • @Makai

      He means the state it should’ve launched at.

  • At long last, the full story mode… it’s all I wanted. I can’t wait!

  • I’m glad n can’t wait to play Akuma in Tekken 7. Too bad we gotta wait what now seems like an eternity to play it. Oh well…

  • HOLY CRAP KARIN’S BEACH (including her outfit) IS AWESOME

  • Will other characters be getting “summer” costumes?

  • @2 Stages, Costumes you have to BUY they are Not part of the SEASON PASS! Or you can get them with Fight Money ingame that’ll take you FOREVER to get…. Good Luck…

    • People aren’t asking about the costume they’re asking about the stages. When Guile’s Classic Air Force Base stage came. Everyone with the season pass had it. So people are wondering if they will have to cough up the 140,000FM.

  • Arrrggg! Still no OFFLINE Arcade Mode…. WTH Capcom???

    Play Story Mode and last time I’ll being playing SFV 60.00 DEMO unless Arcade Mode gets added it’s a 60.00 Waste of $$$

  • Too little, too late. Happy to see this game bombed hard. Excited for King of Fighters and Tekken, and really happy with my Guilty Gear Revelator purchase.

    Capcom should really take notes instead of screwing over the consumer.

  • I thought Balrog was that giant demon monster that pulled Gandalf down into the hole in LoTR…

  • I LOVE THIS GAME… get hype

  • i hope Capcom would work on making an all new character representing the Philippines; a fighter that uses eskrima sticks. namco already has a Philippines stage in Tekken Tag 2 and a Filipina character, Josie in Tekken 7. it would be nice if Capcom adds one or two more characters from Street Fighter 1 like Retsu, Geki, Lee or even Joe but more fleshed out and updated. and if they out in Rival Schools characters like Batsu, Kyosuke, Natsu, Akira, Hinata or Tiffany. but definitely a Filipino character in Street Fighter V

    • typo; if Capcom put in Rival Schools characters like Batsu, Kyosuke, Natsu, Hinata, Akira, Tiffany

  • I had the season pass before this update. I even did the “story” for Guile and Alex and now I can’t even play as any of the DLC characters. Does anyone else have this problem. I have been waiting just to try Balrog and now I can’t.

  • Can you please bring in Akuma! Skull-O-Mania! Shadow Geist! E. Honda! Doctrine Dark! I know 3 wont make it but its a wish… lol

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