Hawken Launches July 8 on PS4

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Hawken Launches July 8 on PS4

Hawken is a free-to-play, mech- and team-based shooter launching July 8 on PS4. Underlying our shooter is a surprisingly enormous and well-developed universe. So much so that there has been a hardback, 100+ page graphic novel, a five issue comic series, and a Brand Bible that covers a several-hundred-year timeline. When I first started on the Hawken project a little over a year ago, I wasn’t aware of this depth, and it’s been satisfying to see that so much thought and effort went into the mythology behind the game.

What, then, is the Hawken lore?

In the Hawken mythos, approximately 60 years from now humanity pioneers hyperdrive technology allowing for deep space exploration. From there, terraforming and colonizing efforts build a network of habitable planets. Eventually this leads to the discovery of a planet named Illal, which is deemed too risky and expensive to terraform; however, the potential profit prompts a set of multi-planetary corporations (MPCs) to purchase permission to do so privately.

Illal presents exceptionally difficult challenges, but the “Big Three” MPCs (Prosk, Crion, and Sentium) see a string of engineering breakthroughs that result in widespread industrial application of bipedal mechs for construction and mining. These product lines become immensely profitable, and Illal becomes a highly sought-after source of rare resources and industrial machinery.

Terraforming operations accelerate and Illal quickly becomes a near-habitable planet. Natural resource discovery and extraction rates are taken to whole new levels.

And then everything changes. When one of the big 3 MPCs, Prosk, discovers mineral deposits that allow them to create lighter, stronger, and more versatile mechs, they begin to dominate the market. The competition turns to covert paramilitary activities in order to secure this seemingly-magical material, known as cavorite. Mechs designed for industrial purposes are retrofitted for covert armed conflict. The Illal mech industry sets a new high-water mark among all human planets.

With cavorite deposits limited to known meteorite impact craters, research into a potential synthetic replacement becomes a focus for the Crion corporation. During a raid on a Crion research facility, an explosion causes one variant of these materials to be released into the environment. This is the epicenter of the self-replicating nano-virus informally known as the “Hawken virus” in honor of its first victim, the renowned scientist James Hawken.

The nano-virus is indomitable. It converts organic material into a fast-growing metallic crust that ultimately covers a vast portion of Illal’s surface. Whole cities and regions are overrun, and the death toll is massive. It’s only the vast stretches of near-lifeless deserts that slow the growth of what becomes known as the Gigastructure. The nature of this nano-virus results in a quarantine of the entire planet by way of a relentless orbital blockade.

Illal’s economy falters, but the discovery of a high-density regenerative energy source called Vitrolium, derived from the Gigastructure, ushers in overt warfare to harvest the material and smuggle it off-planet through the blockade via “amenable channels”. All the while, the Gigastructure is steadily advancing, reducing the habitable land mass. The galactic human population is aware of the situation on Illal, but due to the nano-virus, intervention is not an official option. The chance to obtain Vitrolium, however, creates an irresistible draw. Our game, Hawken, is set within this turbulent context.

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  • Wow, this one has been a long time coming. I remember this being introduced many years ago. This looks like a lot of fun and is now on my radar. Keep up the good work!


  • Cool I didn’t know that this game has so much to tell but now I’m hooked

  • This caught me by surprise. Definitely picking it up. Never had time to play on PC.

  • Love this game on pc, so glad its finally coming to console! Cannot Wait!

  • This game looks right up my Alley and it will surely help kill time till No Mans Sky comes out. Thanks Sony. Kisses.

  • Are you guys considering PSVR support?, would be nice for this.

  • Looks cool and fun but when I read Free to Play… Instant sad panda face. Give us the option to buy (like F2P Hustle kings on PS4) so we can play Offline.

    I frown upon and tend to dismiss Always Online games with extreme prejudice.

    Thank you

    My. 02

    • If they keep things similar to the PC version, the F2P is actually decent. Also, there is only multiplayer really so what would be the point of Offline?

    • Once the inevitable server shutdown happens, You won’t even be able to boot up this game.

      With an Offline LAN mode the game will still be playable even when the servers shut down. Plus it would be great for those of us with multiple PS4s and friends who come over and want to battle it out with everyone playing on their screens.

    • I’m glad to hear the “free 2 play” is set up nice as far as pricing goes on pc. I’ve been waiting for this since announced

    • maybe they will make an offline practice mode like most have or just solo VS bots or Coop vs Bots something in the eyes of Overwatch, Paragon (but fully offline because i played 1 40Min match of Solo vs AI and it was near unplayable because of lag)

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    Man I cannot wait to play this I heard of it and never knew what it was like but when I saw the trailer for ps4 I was excited this looks really good but I have to ask is this pay to win type of game?

  • Oh look its titanHawk

    • Except that Hawken released on PC in 2012 and Titanfall didn’t release until 2014.

    • yeah i was going to comment about if anyone comments they ripped off TitanFall. well Hawken was made and released before Titanfall so much long ago that they are doing a re release of the game and adding it to all 3 platforms instead of just PC. this has been on my rader since it was announced 2-3 years ago it would be released for PS4. even if i didnt have ps4 until last july for my birthday which will be exactly ONE year since i brought it 23rd of july for AUD$390 which is roughly $200 US dollars.

      also titan fall ripped off so many games before it. it ripped off COD, Armoured Core and Gundam. with bits and peices from other shooters and games. so in reality titanfall should be called Call of Gundams: Armoured Suit Warfare or CoG:ASW for short

  • Hell yeah! This game is amazing! Brings back memories of the dead Mechassault games. So much fun!

    Thank you so much!

  • Haaaa It’s FINALLY happening! I just hope they let me have my predator mech from the PC version so i can prey on some noobs! The won’t know what hit them from where, lol!!

  • Looks nice. Is this going to support the PSVR? Seems like it would be perfect for that being inside a giant Mech in first person, shooting other Mechs.

    Not sure I would bother giving it a chance simply because it is Free to Play and those games tend to have horribly designed progression curves centered around making players grind and suffer or pay to play. I much prefer pricing of game to be $xx.xx and then you can play as much or as little as you want, and absolutely no monetization hooks injected into the game design.

    • I doubt this will get PSVR support, if you want something similar RIGS (from the studio that made Killzone Mercenary) is making a mech/e-sports title. Looks fun!

      And you should still gave the game a shot, there are plenty of free to plays that you should at least try, don’t like the game, then no money spent, right?

  • This game will have cross-play with steam’s PC gamers?
    If yes…. BOOM… headshot !!!

  • Finally, I’ve been waiting for this since the announcement that Sony grabbed this year’s ago… Didn’t even read the article yet but.. I see its free to play, I’d rather just buy it then get ripped.

  • We need more games like this. Mecha action and all. Well I’m a big fan of mecha stuff and that’s why I love Gundam and Mechwarrior. Hawken reminds me of Mechwarrior and I’m a big fan of that series.

  • I’m in, just have to put in overtime at work. This is a game I have not heard about and expected to look so awesome. I am a very picky GAMER and this is one game I plan on getting. Add if needed psn: dontelno1

  • Great game. Reminds me of LAPD Future Cop on playstation 1. Would really love to play this.

  • This looks exactly like Walking War Robots game on the play store, but more detailed.

  • This reminds me of an old Xbox game called Phantom Crash. Maybe it can be just as fun!

  • Is there a co-op story campaign mode of sorts? Would be cool.

  • I haven’t played a good mech game in years. I remember when I was like 7 or 8, my first was Mech-Warriors 2 for PC. Then years of Gundam, Front Mission and Armored Core.

  • Wow I can’t believe an online-only F2P game has such a deep lore,this post was quite the read.Now I understand the 100+ page graphic novel and the other stuff you mentioned.Everything looks pretty cool.

    I was interested in this game when it was releasing for PC,remember watching videos of it cuz it looked good now I ain’t interested anymore at least not in playing it but those comic series and graphic novel interests me.

  • Right on. Pretty stoked about seeing this game make it to console. Hope the port maintains what made the PC version great. And hopefully some new content. Looking forward to it.

  • We’re july 8…. where is it??? its still not on the store… not even a page up dammit!

    • No Idea i spring out of bed turn on my ps4 grab my brand new controller i bought for this game an…..zilch!!? what is goin on!?

  • So its 7/8/2016 why cant i find it on the PS store? it doesnt even come up in the search!?

  • Where is it!!!

  • Playstation app on phone
    Go to store and search
    Add to cart and purchase

  • I downloaded the game but it won’t let me play it won’t let me click play only mech and etc working any suggestions?

  • hawken and paragon still not in psn + asia why? or when?

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