What’s New in Tekken 7 on PS4

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What’s New in Tekken 7 on PS4

One of the world’s most popular fighting games is punching its way back onto PlayStation — Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 entered the E3 2016 ring to prove its worth. We had a chat with Game Director and Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada who offered some hard-hitting reasons why it’s a game you should be keeping an eye on.

Tekken 7, PS4

Interactive Cutscenes Change the Way You Fight

Pumped up by Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 not only looks like it could take most games in a scrap, it also packs a wallop in the gameplay department. Expect a combo of dynamic weather and destructible environments, but better yet: when a fighter’s health is low the battle will slow down during a dramatic blow, driving home the potentially bout-ending strike.

And that’s not all — vital moments during story mode seamlessly break into cutscenes which sometimes require you to make a quick decision to avoid additional damage.

“We wanted to bring extra intensity without taking the player away from the fight, but also make the game even more fun to watch for when you’re not playing,” says Harada-san.

Akuma Brings the Heat from the Street

You’ve most certainly seen that popular Street Fighter psycho Akuma has crossed over into Bandai Namco’s series — and while it’s not the first time the two franchises have mixed, the red-haired shoto fighter now brings all of his moves to Tekken, something which provided its own set of challenges.

“Most people think that it may have been difficult to include Akuma because of things like his projectiles, but lots of Tekken characters have them, and there’s also the ability to sidestep to allow you to get away from them,” explains Harada-san.

“The real challenge was portraying him in a similar manner to how he is in Street Fighter because of the difference of how certain moves look in 2D, so we had to work hard to recreate that style, look, and feel in full 3D.

“Akuma plays a vital role in the story mode — he’s entered a deal with Kazumi to rid the world of her hateful spouse and son, Kazuya and Heihachi, and by the end of the game the Mishima family’s tale will be over.”

Tekken 7, PS4Tekken 7, PS4

Your Rage is Your Strength

The super powered Rage mode attacks aren’t new to Tekken, but here they’re expanded in two ways — the first are Rage Drives, an attack which can be also used in a combo, resulting in increased damage.

“Some Rage Drives can be more defensive than others,” says Harada-san. “We’ve also made them harder to guess as they can be used in high, mid, and low ranges.”

Then there’s the Rage Art, which is a powerful finishing move designed to put your foe on his back or, if his health is low enough, deliver a fatal blow. However, there’s a risk involved.

“You can deliver massive damage, but only in proportion to how low your health is,” explains Harada-san. “So it can be a life-saver, but you really have to think about when you should use it.

More Than Crushing Blows

Another new feature is the introduction of the Power Crush, which is a brutal armored attack that allows you to complete a move even if you’re taking damage. When used at the right time, it’s a potent force that can change the battle in your favor, with its own risk/reward mechanic.

“Skilled players can use this to their advantage, but it won’t go so well for them if they try against low attacks of throws, so you can’t just power your way through each time,” says Harada-san.

Tekken 7, PS4

The World Just Got Bigger

Arcade players of Tekken 7 may be already familiar with some of the new characters, but Harada-san gave Katarina (Brazil), Claudio (Italy), Lucky Chloe (Japan), Josie (Philippines), and Shaheen (Saudi Arabia) a full outing at E3. With such an eclectic selection, Harada-san explained the team’s character creation process:

“We look at the total fan base and divide it into segments to work out what may appeal to certain audiences across the world, or other factors for example female fans, newcomers to the series, or higher end players.”

But even with the newer characters, Harada-san still has his old favorites.

“First of all, I’d pick Feng Wei, because I’m very comfortable with him and he can adapt well to a variety of different opponents,” says Harada-san.

“Then I’d choose Katarina because she’s very intuitive and at first it’s great to feel like you can land attacks successfully on a more advanced player.”

Although this also meant Harada-san had an admission to make: “Sometimes I go for Heihachi, although he’s a bit more difficult to master and I’m not a top level player. I’d say I’m actually more an intermediate player!” he laughs. “So I don’t mind being a Devil [Jin] as well…!”

The latest instalment of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament is coming out in early 2017 on PS4.

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  • Very much looking forward to it.
    That game is a must buy for me.

    • Finally tekken 7 but will there be a demo on PlayStation store and also when can we start preordering the games. To our consoles and also in stores to preorder the upcoming new tekken 7

    • Yea a demo would be nice … even if it’s the e3 one. I’m didn’t play the last two games (besides that online experiment) but this game has my interest in the series again.

    • Who woldnt down load the game any one that doesn’t down load this game is someone who doesn’t like games for me it’s awesome .

  • I’m curious to hear more about the VR support.

  • Absolutely amazing! I’m so hyped!

  • Can’t wait either! Any idea on the video setting tho? I hope it runs a smooth 60 FPS with 1080p display! :)

  • We want Tekken X Street Fighter!

    • Yeah Harada already confirmed the game is not in development. We probably will never see that game come to light for several more years if ever.

    • @gohan16ken BlaqMagiq24 has a point. It’s unlikely that Tekken X Street Fighter will ever come to existence. Therefore, Akuma’s guest appearance in Tekken 7 might as well be the closest thing will ever get to having Tekken X Street Fighter.

  • Can’t wait. Not so sure about akuma, but the rest sounds exciting. Can we expect dlc characters? I’m hoping for a complete game out of the box. None of this killer instinct season pass or street fighter v nonsense. But it is nice to receive some extra characters later. How many stages? Unlockable costumes/stages/characters? Modes? Has training mode evolved? The last one is important as the changes made to jin kazhama and devil jin since tag have been a total kick in the teeth. I think tekken 4 was the beginning of my downward spiral with tekken.

    • My best friend mains Jin since I have known him hworang too we all have our fav characters right, but he has not had issues with him as long as I know him all the way back to tekken 4 on ps2 in 2003, I’m not a Jin player so I cannot speak for what it was before. I’m a good player and he could stand his ground with Jin very well till now. Just be optimistic and there is the arcade stuff to look at while we wait. I don’t think they will nickel and dime us like the rest if the fighting games but I wouldn’t be suprised at paid items for changing your characters look online at you can earn anywyas.

      The tutorial / practice modes range of modes and content at launch has been pretty generous and fleshed out even with some wierd optimal ones like force mode etc. I think true fans will b very happy hararada is very competitve with sf and vocal about their philosophy so we should support the game it’s obviously a labor of love and Namco need a hit.

      Add me if you want to play some when it’s out, might get mkxl this fall been waiting passed of sfv.

  • Get ready for the next battle!

    I am ready got 20% off preordering from amazon, game looks like it’s being polished up for winter release a good time for a fighting game.

    I will see you online with my Bruce lee and chuck Norris (law and Paul), my favourite fighting series since the launch of Psx.

    It is time for the story to be finished and I am excited to play this on and offline. Tekken X sf won’t happen, but I think they have akuma done proper and I have a hunch the reason he is there is to destroy the devil gene for good.

    I’m excited it’s on all platforms too so xone fans can play too hoping for cross network play. Excited for this and God of war the most was a great E3!

  • Sigh…I hoped tekken revolution would have made it onto ps4 to get my tekken fix but oh well. I assume the vampire gal isn’t making her way over to tekken 7? I guess I can wait another couple months for this game…

  • Keep in mind this got delaye in a similar way as tekken 6 so we get the arcade expansion with more characters and stages this is gong to be a lot of fighters on day one not like the intentionally anemic sfv or held back mk X stuff. Something to keep in mind.

  • Tekken has been one of my favorite fight games for a long time now… Can’t wait to fight with King again! And, as a Brazilian, of course I’m curious about Katarina.

  • Wait you left out the single player campaign mode that have you up against loads of baddies what happen to that ?

  • It’s a damn shame this is never coming to Vita. Tekken 6 PSP is garbage, IMHO, compared to Tekken DR PSP.

    • You know there is SF vs Tekken for Vita.

      Wish we got TT 2 for free like Xbox did when they announced Tekken 7.

  • Can’t wait For Tekken 7! It’s Been So Long Since I’ve played a Tekken Game.

  • This is definitely going to be one of the games I’ll look forward to getting for my Playstation Quadruple. I may revert back to my Playstation triple for now just to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 until this comes out.

  • Nothing here that I didn’t know already except that I didn’t know Harada’s favorite was Feng…ha I’m suprised.But anyway I can’t wait for Tekken 7,I’m an old Tekken playa and this is a day 1 buy for me without doubt…the roster is still a shame but its Tekken and I have it on pre-order already.Shame that its coming in 2017 cuz I was really looking forward to play it in 2016…but oh well I hope they add more characters in this time frame…I need Lei in the game.

    Really lookin forward to try out Lucky Chloe….and also to see whats up with this “end of Mishima’s family tale” talk.

    PS:Game’s lookin GORGEOUS!!…can’t wait to see it on ma screen.

  • As long as Lei Wulong is in Tekken 7 I’m okay (I’m still getting it even if he’s not)

  • The interactive cutscene part sounds interesting

  • I am preordering this game for sure. I want dates and times. I will be there.

  • Excellent news !!! (And still waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter, by the way)

  • Waiting for the Playstation store Update! They said “Destiny” by Bungie getting a price cut but i still see it at full price on PS4


    But the PSN store still says;
    Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition
    Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition
    Full Game|PS4

    Who’s at fault Playstation or Bungie? Don’t want the collection cause i already own the PS3 version

  • cant wait to play more of it. played it for like a hour at E3 last week w/ Bandai Namco

  • Hope this game won’t suck as hard as Street Fighter 5.

  • Will lei wu long be in the game? If not it’s a no buy.

  • Christ, it’s about freakin time; I was so happy to finally see a tentative date for a console release at E3. Too bad that Japanese players will have nearly a 2 year head start over most of the rest of the world on knowing the game mechanics inside and out. Oh well, it’s not like I’m good enough to even play any serious competition and I don’t have good enough internet to even play online; but I’ve loved Tekken since the beginning so I feel certain that the game will be in my PS4 sometime in early 2017. The game does look pretty fun from the game footage I’ve watched from Japanese arcade matches and the few tourneys it’s been in so I’m really looking forward to FINALLY getting to try it out.

  • Having Tekken Tag 2 backwards compatible or a demo or anything would be fantastic. Not having this game launch for another 9~ months without anything Tekken to play is sheer insanity.

  • Hopefully we can get updates with extra characters like TTT2 would be nice. This game is going to be epic

  • Tekken was the first game that I played!

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