Gravity Rush 2: Bigger Worlds, Little Details, Silly Side Quests

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Gravity Rush 2: Bigger Worlds, Little Details, Silly Side Quests

Can you feel that rumble? That’s the rippling swell of anticipation for Gravity Rush 2 on PS4, coming off the back of its superb E3 showing.

“A lot of people were asking me about the trailer after the PlayStation E3 Press Conference,” says Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama. “So I felt a bit like Kat does in the game — happy that people wanted to support me and the team, just like the characters in the game support her!”

With Toyama-san cheerfully defying gravity, we joined him up on cloud nine for a chat…

From Kitten to Kat

While the first Gravity Rush was all about the discovery of identity, the themes which envelop Kat this time are a little different.

“You’re going to see a lot of personal growth and the emotional fallout from her journey,” explains Toyama-san. “We gave you a taste in the first game but it’ll be fully explored in this one.

“Gravity Rush 2 is really about development and maturity –Kat is mischievous, but she’s also a great person and we wanted to go into that more and find out who she actually is.”

A Whole New World

Gravity Rush was one of the first stand-out games on PS Vita, but the development team really wanted to take advantage of the increased power PS4 afforded for the sequel. So a staggering amount of detail was put into creating this new environment for Kat to explore. “We wanted to do everything bigger and better — more volume and space,” explains Toyama-san.

Gravity Rush 2, PS4Gravity Rush 2, PS4

“We did a lot of location research in places like Mexico and all across Asia, so there’s a lot of real-world inspiration on how the city looks. The map is two-and-a-half to three times bigger than the first game, so increasing that scale in every respect was something we fought for — along with more options in combat with her Lunar and Jupiter gravity styles, while also keeping the accessibility that made Gravity Rush so easy to get into.”

It’s the Little Things…

The focus wasn’t just on the larger elements of the game, however. Toyama-san and his team were keen to make sure there are a ton of details to catch your eye, too.

“Making the world seem extremely alive was hugely important for us, especially as the series was coming to PS4. We wanted dense cities and environments, with vibrancy about them.

“Every location you visit in the game is an independent floating island, so we wanted to make sure they were all floating correctly and moving independently — this was difficult but we were really focused on getting it right.”

Gravity Rush 2, PS4

The wide range of bystanders in Kat’s adventure aren’t left out in the cold, either.

“There are several different interactions you can have — you can walk by them and they’ll react to you in different ways, they can get caught up in your gravity field and get shocked or surprised,” says Toyama-san. “There are lots of animals to look at as well.”

Feeling Super

Maintaining influences from classic comic book tales such as Mœbius and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Incal, Gravity Rush 2 also features some of Toyama-san’s favorite manga and anime.

“I really like Kamen Rider,” laughs Toyama-san, referring to the brilliantly odd-looking Japanese super hero. “So you’ll see even more elements of that in the game. You can also see the Sailor Moon influences, especially when the characters in the game are doing their finishing moves and dynamic poses.

“I’d really recommend having Kat pose with other people and props in the new camera mode in the game. There are a lot of goofy possibilities!”

Gravity Rush 2, PS4

Keeping Things Light

Speaking of goofy — even though Kat may find herself in peril and situations may take an occasionally serious turn, Toyama-san is all about keeping things fun.

“We wanted to make a positive, upbeat game, but that naturally manifested itself from the concept of controlling gravity,” explains Toyama-san. “It may have been a bit too strange having the story go too dark from that idea, so making it vibrant was something that just gelled.

“There are more than 50 side stories that have nice comedic moments that bring personality to Gravity Rush 2. For example, one mission has Kat becoming an action star for a movie, which is filmed in-game. It’s all very light hearted, as you would expect.”

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  • Oh snap, I just bought The Incal. Guess I’ll make sure to finish it first ;-)

    • Gravity Rush 2 looks soo good.

      I predict an 86 metacritic.

      PS4 has so many good games coming. Ppl shouldn’t forget the gems like GR2, Nioh, Wild, Dreams, Hellblade, Matterfall, Edith Finch, Rainworld, The Tomorrow Children ect.


  • This is one of my most anticipated games right now. I hope you announce a release date soon.

    • Agreed, it deserves more hype and Kat deserves to be thrust into the pantheon of great PS mascots.

      The visuals are stunning.

      I love the added combat stances/fighting styles

      The co op aspect is intriguing.

  • US needs a collector’s edition! ^-^

  • Sony my wallet dude my wallet. How do you expect me to buy all these badass games? I have a baby girl on the way (our player #3 that get’s very active when I play videos games) and have to pick wisely what I can buy. Best believe this is one. Going to pre-order when I get the chance.

  • This is my most anticipated game for PS4. It looks gorgeous. I hate that Sony didn’t show it off more at E3.

  • Psyched for this one. The artwork on the cover is incredibly dynamic and awesome. I’d like to see it get made into a big print. Sony should throw a bunch of money into a proper anime.

  • Must preorder collectors edition

  • One of the best IP created in the last few years!

  • Did they really think the first Gravity Rush game had accessible controls? I felt the controls and concept were much more complicated than something like Assassin’s Creed just due to how you have to play with gravity. Plus the camera was very uncooperative at times. Also it had those repetitive challenges sprinkled throughout that one would have to replay over and over until they beat the time.

    It was not an easy game. Also the I forgot the story motivation over play sessions where I spent time repeating those repetitive missions and ultimately never completed it.

    • The controls were a lot better on the Vita.

    • It was an easy game, all you had to do to do the challenges was wait. Progress through the story, unlock more of your upgrades and it made the challenges easier. Only hard ones were the races that used gravity slide because it’s hard to use on Vita. Those on PS4 were infinitely easier though. iirc there’s a diary section on Vita where you can recap the story… at least the remaster has this.


  • Any news on editions? Hopefully a reasonably priced one comes with a steelbook!

  • Steelbook! But yes, already per-ordered just waiting for the release date. rumor has it its coming this year… but is that all territories or japan? cause Persona 5 is coming this year… in japan.

    Hopefully since there isn’t any localization that needs to be done with the dubbing that can speed up the process.

  • Now if we only had a release date. I enjoyed the first one and it was the best remaster of the year so far

  • will this game add voice during conversations in cutscenes and gameplay ? i finished first one on ps4 version. it is great game ever i playing

    • The voice acting in GR2 is the same as in the first game, a language made specifically for the game, with subtitles.

    • Don’t expect any voices in your native tongue. The language is a fake language for the world of Gravity Rush. Plus, the story has always kind of moved along with a comic book/manga style.

      You won’t hear Kat’s or Raven’s voices until the anime comes out (and even then, it will likely stay Japanese with subtitles).

    • You won’t hear Kat’s or Raven’s voices in a real language* until the anime comes out.

  • October is gonna be busy, fun and expensive. Thanks Sony!

    • I know right! It’s gonna be a epic holiday year for Sony PlayStation! There’s No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy15, PlayStation VR plus the games for it, The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Gravity Rush 2, Tomb Raider! Well done Sony! I’ve haven’t been this most excited since the PS2 era! ^_^

  • I haven’t played the 1st one yet…yep I know its a shame but…I saw this trailer of GR2 some days ago and I was very impressed with it cuz damn the game looks beautiful.It’s a shame that GR was stripped from Vita but at least its nice that the game will be able to use PS4’s capabilities.Looking great in all aspects and I didn’t expect less from JapanStudio…still need to play the 1st one like I said but I know GR is a great game and GR2 is already a must-buy for me.

  • This is one of my top five most anticipated games this year!

  • Looking forward to this game. but important question will the states be getting physical releases? i prefer Physical Media then Digital only games.

  • Fix the combat please, it was garbage and repetitive in the first game. Still looking forward to this.

  • This is one of my favorite game at E3, I hope this come out soon before fall 2016.

  • Since this is a day 1 buy for me, the only information I want (and need) is the RELEASE DATE!!!!!

  • Remember when this game was teased and hinted as being for the PSV back in 2014’s E3? I do. The PSV userbase remembers, Sony~.

    • It wasn’t hinted at Vita at all. In fact, the lack of platform(s) being announced with the game only hinted at it being PS4 exclusive. Which it was. Maybe you should think more logically and you wouldn’t be disappointed that GR2 is going to be infinitely better on PS4 than it would have ever been on Vita. Even the PS3 concept video looked better than the full game on Vita.

      Were you mad the first game wasn’t on PS3? Do you remember that? No? Didn’t think so.

    • No, no one remembers because it never was. If you’re expecting more first-party titles to come to Vita just stop it’s over. Sony said they’re not bringing any more. I love my Vita and I’ve come to accept this. You need to move on as well.

  • Yes!! I’ve been waiting for this, I love this series :)

  • Kat is the only thing to get me to change my Terra avatar for awhile.

    Glad I was able to get a code for GR2 avatars. Looks slick.

    The game is going to rock, I can’t wait!

  • Where’s the Collector’s Edition?

  • Any release window being aimed for? Next year?

  • Rather have this on vita

  • The PS4 exclusives keep rolling it’s like punch after punch PlayStation is going for the Knock out blow this Holiday..
    still waiting to play VR though…

  • It really bums me out whenever Sony America decides AGAINST showing colorful, original, wonderful games like this at E3. You know what was done to death? Stupid, dreary, realistic, desaturated forests – between God of War 4, Horizon and Days Gone, they had it covered. THANKS; I think I’m good. Or do you wanna bust out some Hellblade footage too? Pfft. Meanwhile, the only thing at their presser with color was Skylanders & Crash. The only thing with style was Last Guardian. Like, HELLO! Show this off! It’s awesome. Get behind this IP, Sony America. DAYUM! I hope someone at SCEA felt bad after seeing all the acclaim Zelda got – Sony really needs to be stop being ashamed at showing off Japanese games at E3. They had a great show, but man, they’re stuck with “a type” and it’s a bummer. They need variety. We get it; they really want to chase the success of Last of Us again. But show off what you got that’s NOT THAT because there’s plenty of gamers who don’t give a fig about Last of Us. Jeez.

    I really love the looks of this, btw. Just bitter that this wasn’t shown at E3. Or like, on the side behind closed doors or something. SCEA made it far less important than it should’ve been either way.

    • I agree with you! Sony always markets the big name companys that are exclusives to them where they get the most money from. I get it that most of there revenue comes from those big developers and so forth. But I think they also should heavily market those unique video games that only come out once in a great while. I’m mean the reason why Shadow of the Colossus was such a big hit when it was released on PS2 in America. Is because Sony of America did heavy marketing on that game. I remember seeing commercials on tv for it and were ever I went I saw more marketing of it. I get it that the internet is great for you guys to market and probably cheaper too. But I definitely would like to see more marketing of your video games on tv and the stores too. I just really hope you guys at Sony of America heavily markets The Last Guardian & Gravity Rush 2 just like how you guys market the Call of Duty series and just recently Uncharted 4! Because us fans like to see these one of kind video games succeed too! ^_^

    • Horizon: Zero Dawn wasn’t dreary at all. It was quite a vibrant and beautiful world and far different than God of War and Days Gone. They also showed off plenty of Japanese stuff. Hell, during the 2015 “fantasy E3,” the biggest games were all Japanese: The Last Guardian, FFVII remake and Shenmue III. This one, they had The Last Guardian, FFXV, Death Stranding, and Resident Evil , and all got pretty big exposure. I would have loved to have seen Gravity Rush 2 shown off, but at the same time, plenty of American or European stuff wasn’t showcased.

  • I really love Gravity Rush !! Congrats to all your team for making a excellent game. Hint hint: Put unlockables like the old games (a lot of dresses for the characteres and the cat and other nice stuff).

  • One can only hope that is going to be a 2016 release. Fall?

  • Glad to see you guys giving this game a bit more of a spotlight! Cannot wait to play it. Been patiently waiting 4 years for Kat’s story to continue. Also curious to see if there’ll be any announcements for a collector’s edition or something similar.

  • Any chance that you’ll be releasing a Collector’s Edition of Gravity Rush 2?? I’m really hoping you offer one Sony to the fans of this series! Because I notices you been offering Collector’s Editions recently to all your exclusive video games and I really hope you can do the same with this video game! I’d definitely would appreciated alot and so would all the fans on here too! Thanks Sony! ^_^

  • Omg yes! I have been waiting for this for a long a long time and it’s finally here! ♥~♥ i played the first one on ps vita and it was fantastic! I hope the devs make Raven as a playable character dlc with her own story line gameplay. Thank you Sony for sharing this news to us. ★~★ we are so happy right now.

  • I need this game NOW! PLEASE a collector’s edition!

  • I own the PS Vita version of Gravity Daze but with Sony all but ignoring the console, I will have to purchase the PS4 version now.

  • I would ***** about this not coming to Vita, but honestly, I grew bored of Gravity Rush and never finished it, so I doubt I would have picked it up regardless. It was a cool concept and the visuals were outstanding, but it just couldn’t keep my interest.

  • I would complain about this not coming to Vita, but honestly, I grew bored of Gravity Rush and never finished it, so I doubt I would have picked it up regardless. It was a cool concept and the visuals were outstanding, but it just couldn’t keep my interest.

  • My Favourite game I loved the game in my ps vita I also played the remastered on ps4 It was great I Can’t wait for this one

  • English dubs is what I would like to see in the game, but I’m okay with it if not.

  • Guessing this is 2017 as well. Its been in development for so damn long. Cant believe its not a 2016 game

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