Livelock Coming to PS4 on August 2

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Livelock Coming to PS4 on August 2

PlayStation Nation, it’s time to equip your arsenal because you’re humanity’s last hope. On August 2 you will be called upon to battle an endless swarm of robots in Livelock. Livelock will be available on PlayStation Store for $19.99.

Back in January, we gave you the first glimpse of our top-down, co-op shooter developed by Tuque Games. Focused on heavy action and strategic play, we’re looking to take the old school idea of top-down shooters that we’ve grown to love over the years and add in a new-school spin where players will focus more on utilizing their arsenals in strategic ways to eliminate their enemies.

We’re also looking to bring more narrative to the top-down shooter genre. We introduced you to Hex when we first announced Livelock. Since then, we have revealed two additional capital intellects — Vanguard and Catalyst — who bring their own play styles and background stories.

All humanity has ended after a cataclysmic gamma ray burst. Upon awakening as one of the capital intellects you are welcomed by an ally known as SATCOM, who wants to see humanity restored. Your search will tell you more about what happened to the planet and its inhabitants.

Our team is thrilled to get the game in the hands of PlayStation players later this year. For those looking to get an early glimpse with the game, we will have a playable demo available at RTX in Austin. Swing by booth #201 to get your first try at our top-down shooter!

As always, we’ll continue to share more information via Twitter, Facebook, and our blog. We have detailed backgrounds on all three characters and their arsenals if you want to learn more about Livelock!

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  • Sweet. I remember the trailer now. Looks like twin stick fun.

    • Definitely some twin stick fun to be had! We like to think of it as old school twin-stick shooter with new school ideas like strategic AI from enemies.

  • I played this behind closed doors at PAX South, at one point I was leading the devs in score…then they quickly put me back in my place. Cannot wait to download this day one.

  • Is it couch co-op or online?

    • Hopefully don’t repeat the mistake Housemarque made releasing Alienation without local co-op in addition to the online co-op.

    • Unfortunately, we are only going to have online co-op at this time. Our team is working hard to make sure that the multiplayer experience is a solid one, which means we chose to focus on online co-op.

    • While this game seems epic, no couch coop means no-go for me (and quite a bunch of other people too). This company is about to shoot themselves in the foot, just like Housemarque did with Alienation.

  • Wow, this looks really similar to Alienation, with the bright colors and lots of action. But it appears there’s more of an emphasis on melee combat? At least with the character being shown here.
    Seems interesting. Will be keeping my eye on this one.

    • All the characters will have a melee attack that you’ll use with the R1 button. You can either use a quick melee attack or charge it up for more damage. Charging it up does leave to vulnerable to attacks, so use it wisely.

  • From the trailer I saw, the enemies seem to be lacking personality all together, and the character we have to play has too much personality borrowed from the worst of the Transformer movie characters.

    Hoping it turns out as a decent couch and/on online co-op twin stick shooter worth playing.

  • Hi.. I bought the Mighty No 9 for PS3 and it has so many frame rates it is unplayable. not much, just a little of quality control wouldn’t hurt plus I will never know if they are going to fix it because it’s unclear if Sony recommends the developers to fix broken builds.

    • First off man, you are not on just a Playstation topic. The developer here is talking about their game and so Sony is not as likey to be paying attention to this.

      Second you really should complain to Comcept about problems with Mighty No. 9 and the issues with the game are not exactly platform limited. As far as quality control goes that would mostly be between developer and publisher, but Deep Silver could likely care less about Mighty No. 9 or its fans in all honesty. So we really have to hope Keiji is being honest and that his words are not empty when he says that all problems with the game are on his shoulders.

  • Hopefully this will be what Alienation SHOULD have been!

  • This game looks very cool & I’m looking forward to getting either the PC or Xbox One version of this game – not the PS4 version.

    Why? Because Sony has demonstrated that they do not support backwards compatibility & I refuse to pay an additional fee to stream any PS3 game that I already own) on my PS4.

    I will no longer purchase the PS version of a game if there is a PC or Xbox One version too.

    Also of note: several video gaming websites are reporting that a 3-pack of the PC version of Livelock will only cost $45 when it’s purchased through Perfect World Entertainment’s Arc platform. I strongly doubt that a similar deal will be available on PS4 or Xbox one.

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