E3 2016: The Best Trailers

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E3 2016: The Best Trailers

E3 is in the air, and awesome new games are dropping left and right. Here are my favorite trailers from the show so far — check back soon for more picks, or cut out the middleman and visit YouTube to see every single video.


Supergiant’s latest is a spellbinder.

Titanfall 2

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer side is looking strong, with more varied mechs, more diverse weaponry, and the acrobatic pilot takedowns that made the series famous.

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Titanfall 2 first-ever single-player campaign explores the relationship between man and machine.


E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Dishonored developers Arkane are bringing a fresh, weird perspective to this classic sci-fi IP.

Dishonored 2

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

A new playable character and more supernatural powers inject more variety to Arkane’s action-stealth hybrid.

Gravity Rush 2

One of the most talked-about games from E3 2016, Japan Studio’s sequel is dazzling to the eye.


Giant Squid’s beautiful undersea game is being developed by some of the minds behind thatgamecompany’s Journey.

God of War

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Santa Monica Studio reimagines the iconic PlayStation franchise, and the results look promising indeed.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

This exhilerating look at Jackal dogfighting and close-quarters combat in zero g left me reeling. Our first look at the Retribution’s futuristic bridge and loading bay is one of my favorite moments of the entire show.

Days Gone

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Bend Studio knocked me out with this one — we’ve seen post-apocalyptic games before, but not ones with this emotional center. One to watch.


Marvel and Insomniac Games team up on one of the most-talked about games from E3. I love the score on this one.


I’m a sucker for sci-fi, and I’ve been waiting to see an FPS take in PlayStation VR.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Capcom takes the landmark horror series in a new direction, with a new first-person perspective and PlayStation VR support for maximum immersion.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s not a true trailer, but it’s still super impressive to see more than eight minutes of Guerrilla’s open-world epic in action.

The Last Guardian

Consistently powerful stuff, with a lovely soundtrack and dreamlike visuals. And hey, who’s that other guy?

Detroit: Become Human

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Quantic Dream has always asked players to make difficult decisions. But this neo-noir thriller set in a futuristic Detroit looks to turn the consequences up to 11.

Final Fantasy XV

I continue to be fascinated by this game’s scale and style, and this trailer ably demonstrates why..

Death Stranding

E3 2016: The Best Trailers

Kojima’s back. I need say no more.

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5 Author Replies

  • Excited for a God of War game with a soul!

  • Death Stranding (terrible name btw), literally shows you nothing of the game and it will be several years before it is released. Also, why doesn’t Kojima ever acknowledge the other people that work on his games.

  • Spider-Man’s definitely at the top of my list.
    God of War looks to be a great step in the character development department, something a bit lacking in the first two main entries, fun as they were.
    Horizon looks amazing as usual.
    Resident Evil 7 has my attention.
    Was great to see Kojima again, that man hasn’t smiled like that in years. His game looks like what we’d get if Stanley Kubrick had made games instead of films so I’m interested to see where that goes.
    And I never thought I’d say this again, but… CoD looks AWESOME.

  • Everything looks so good I REALLY need a job in the industry because damn, whats to become of my bank account! Lol! Lastly is there like a legacy web viewer for the blog? Not feeling the new setup.

  • Kratos and Norman Fetus. Sony done job right!

  • For Honor looks sooo good!

  • Farpoint and no Gravity Rush 2 here? Shame on you Sony! :p

  • Well, it looks like I’m going to have to talk to the boss to sign up for some extra shifts, because this will require a large wallet!

  • I’m fully sold on Detroit, Horizon and Spider-Man. Those are preorder games for me. And I’m at least interested in pretty much every other game that was shown. Obviously, with limited time and budget, I’ll not get to everything. But I am as excited as ever about PS4’s lineup.

  • Really worried about Bend. Days Gone just makes people think of The Last of Us with hoards. I really hope that next year when the game is shown off it can find a way to differentiate itself from The Last of Us. I also hope that this means there won’t be a The Last of Us 2.

    Anyway I’ll pick it up because I believe in Bend (even if some sources say it doesn’t exist) and I hope Sony convinces the rest of hte community to believe in Bend also.

  • Damn shame you guys left out the Gravity Rush 2 trailer from the presser, and this list of the best trailers. There’s several games here that take place in interchangeable dreary forests, damn (God of War, Days Gone, Horizon). Could do with more visual variety, jeez. Particularly when GR2 looks bloody fantastic.

  • Great e3. I’m pretty excited.

  • *Meanwhile, at the bar*
    Sony: Hey Microsoft, what have you revealed at E3 this year?
    Microsoft: I revealed a slim Xbox One along with an upgraded one coming up for the holiday season of next year, the fourth Dead Rising game, a Halo Wars sequel, another Forza game, and another Gears of War game.
    Sony: That’s cool.
    Microsoft: What have… YOU revealed at E3 this year Sony?
    Sony: VR stuff, a new God of War game, remastered versions of the original Crash games on the PS1, a Spider-Man game, a new game made by the guys who did Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, all that good stuff.
    Microsoft: Wow! That’s awesome!

    • *continued*
      Sony: How about you Nintendo?
      Microsoft: Yeah? What did you reveal at E3?
      Nintendo (all worried and scared): Well um… I revealed… a… a… a Zelda game… and… a… a… a couple Pokemon games… and… a… a… *proceeds to cry*
      *Both Sony and Microsoft laugh at Nintendo*
      Nintendo: Shut up you two! I’ll beat you both once the NX arrives!
      Sony: What about that “NX”?
      Microsoft: It is another gimmicky underpowered system?
      Nintendo: You’ll be guessing wrong soon enough!

    • Lol, sounds about right.
      Both MS and Sony had a lot of good reveals and announcements for their players. Nintendo… can’t really say the same. I almost feel pity for them at this point.

    • Nintendo may have not announced any big games for wii u besides zelda, but they still had like 19 games to show at E3. and at least they showed off Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest and a New IP for their handheld, sony didn’t show off **** for the vita. sony may have had a ton of great AAA games but Zelda took best game at E3.

  • Sweet, sweet E3 trailers. And this was an exceptionally good batch :-). I’m considering playing them on a loop endlessly until these games release (which could be awhile in some cases ;-)

    • Nintendo: We show a lot stuff for make happy those 60 millions of 3ds owners, Sony what do you did for your Vita Costumers ?



  • No Persona 5, NieR, Nioh?

  • So many great games. As fortunate as it is to be off work due to back problems it’s a great year to have plenty of time to game!! Sony, their Developers and 3rd parties are killing it on PS. Can’t wait to play a rebooted GoW. Herizon Zero Dawn is another incredible piece from GG. Insomniac + Spiderman = Pure awebsome. Detroit, another phenomenal story and game from Quantum Dream. GT Sport is the best thing since Driveclub. Skyrim, you’re joking right. Final Fantasy XV and Square Enix just killing it w/ KH 2.8, KH 3, Star Ocean. After all this time The Last Guaradian, I can’t wait!! Canceled my order and went with the CE. Until last year I’d had it pre-ordered on PS3 since E3 back in what, 08-09? Days Gone, please, please be a great story driven game like Last of Us. And all that VR!! I was somewhat skeptical but after seeing all that great stuff going on for VR I have a feeling I’ll be snagging on of those as soon as I’m able to work again. Incredible stuff and that doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg!

  • Hey sid! quick question! Is Dead Rising 4 coming to ps4?

  • im not feeling the new gow, the world looks great but not kratos , they took out tc carson and that really sucks, and also the blades of chaos will not be in this game. **** the axe, i can care less about kratos feelings with his son, i want that anger and rage back , like the game doom says rip and tear, btwy no one can ever replace the original actors voice , this guy sounds weak and not sure of him self,if you make another gow behind this one please bring back my boy tc carson , if not just kill him off ,he looks like he should be on his death bed anyway,so to me at this point kratos is dead, no tc no gow, gow4 sucked becuase he was to tame,i gotta feeling this is gonna be the same way

  • After Sony’s absolute lack of support for the Vita, what would stop them from abandoning the PS VR a couple of years later? The way Sony has treated their products, particularly PS Vita and PSTV, would make many doubt if they’ll ever invest in their consoles anymore. Sony simply has lost their credibility in supporting their products. And do not think the PS VR will be any different. It will come and go, and will be forgotten about in no time.

    • People voted on those products with their wallets. Not enough bought into them. Really the memory card prices killed the Vita. PS TV was just way too late into the cycle. I wouldn’t expect a company to hemorrhage on a product no one is buying.

  • Devilking-Nikkai

    As much as i love this E3 2016. I strongly believe we need more Japanese ANIMATED games. Games like Persona 5, Why didn’t you guys advertise it ? It’s like you guys afraid the art-style and game won’t get well receipted….
    Believe it or not, there is biased in video games, people love Japanese games > western games, especially in ANIMATED division, such as Legend of Zelda, Last Guardian, most people like it solely for the art-style and being Japanese. There is hate trend toward photo-realistic right now. Sooner or later, photo-realistic will become the next Infinite Warfare, people will get fed up, then decide enough is enough. They will switch back to the good old time, animated one, just like they did with Battlefield 1.
    To counter this, Sony should stop investing too much money on the west, especially STOP making the same photo-realistic and going back to their origin. Make 1st party JAPANESE ANIMATED games, and don’t just make a half-butt one, make a serious one like The Last Guardian or persona 5 or the nintendo counterpart.

  • Detroit become human was the most surprisingly good trailer to me. That game has me really intrigued, but I really am excited to play Horizon Zero Dawn in February.

  • Days Gone was such a disgusting and uncreative new IP shown at the conference. I’m very disappointed that a Sony first-party studio has created another stereotypical bounty hunter/ zombie game. Yuck.

    • My highlights were:

      Horizon: Zero Dawn
      Crash Bandicoot Remastered Trilogy
      Gravity Rush 2 (which should have been shown DURING THE CONFERENCE)

  • So excited for God of War!

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