Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Ship Assault Gameplay E3 Debut

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Ship Assault Gameplay E3 Debut

We’re way stoked from the rush of having our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ship assault gameplay debut at Sony’s E3 press conference on that massive screen! If you weren’t there or haven’t seen the livestream yet, check out our new gameplay reveal here:

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Ship Assault Gameplay E3 Debut

We’re extremely proud to debut gameplay from Infinite Warfare. This particular gameplay sequence highlights our campaign’s continuous, nearly seamless narrative experience. Captain Reyes goes from bridge, to flight deck, to his Jackal, and straight into space combat, accomplishing the mission with a breach, a firefight to the objective, and an exciting getaway from the doomed enemy carrier. Jackal combat, and the adrenaline-pumping dogfighting you saw in the level, is a brand new addition to Call of Duty gameplay, which we can deliver due to the new space setting. We think you’re going to love the experience picking up the controller and piloting your own Jackal.

Also, Raven Software has put endless hours of work into Modern Warfare Remastered, so it was really sweet to see that come to life on the big stage. We’re all honored to be able to give the fans a game they’ve been so passionate about. The dev teams are taking a careful, thoughtful approach to preserving classic Modern Warfare gameplay, while updating the game’s visuals and key technical aspects, such as audio, lighting, and rendering tech, plus much more, with the power and prowess of this console generation.

It’s awesome that we finally get to show off Infinite Warfare gameplay. It’s going to get even better, as we also look to talk about more campaign details, zombies, eSports and of course multiplayer. We can’t wait to share new game details with you over the next several months!

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  • Really excited for this one. The space battles look intense and the physics engine looks awesome. I am ready to play.

  • I haven’t played a Call of Duty game since it involved Normandy. However, this is absolutely going to bring me back in.

  • was surprised by the game actually.
    Looks great, the first trailer was horrible though..glad they showed it at E3 though.

  • I understand where everyone’s skepticism on this is coming from, yet its actually what everyone has been asking for years…”change.” Well change is here, has been for a while, but yet the more I get to know about this game, the more excited I can get, same goes for Modern Warfare Remastered. I am definitely excited to learn more about them at Call of Duty XP in September.

    • “everyone has been asking for years…”change.” Well change is here”

      Well not a sc-fi change and a high chance of screwing the pooch. This, This really isn’t a Call Of Duty title and they was terrified it would flop. Hence the forcing of the Remaster of a Call Of Duty game being only obtainable in a bundle so they can boast about how well their new “Call Of Duty” sold.

      So as a consumer even not wanting this “Call Of Duty”, to get what I want that should be sold as a stand alone product is a practice that is most likely how they will sell from now on.

      Though most people don’t see through marketing ploys and lap it up on a daily basis.

  • Stunning game! I am so on board for this. Just seeing the grappling line and physics of space really sold me. Of course the shooting looks stellar as well as usual. Keep up the good work this will be a D1P for me.

  • I haven’t enjoyed a CoD since Finest Hour but this looked absolutely amazing. I’ll be buying BF1 for MP but I might buy CoD for the first time since PS2 as well.

  • Loved the gameplay shown during the Sony E3 Conference. I want to know if it will still include split screen co-op through the campaign like Black Ops 3 had? What about a co-op mode outside of that supporting split screen like most other COD games?

  • I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest COD fan, but this trailer made a believer out of me. I’m on board for this ride!

  • yea i thought it was a new vr game then i was oh crap its cod so im excited too see more…

  • Does this support VR?

  • Starwars Battlefront 2

  • Looks amazing. Ever since Advanced Warfare, I’ve been thinking of getting back into COD – the annualization makes it hard to do that since every new one seems to look more exciting than the last. But this one, seriously, is the biggest leap towards hitting interesting/exciting stuff. It may the one that gets me back onboard the COD train. I mean, honestly, this looks awesome! Props to everyone at Infinity Ward/Neversoft/High Moon (I think they help you guys out. They help out you or Sledgehammer, but I think they work with Raven. I don’t know; all the COD studios get confusing) who worked on this. The animators, the modelers, the programmers – it looks freakin’ amazing!

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