Skylanders Imaginators: Crashing Into Skylands

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Skylanders Imaginators: Crashing Into Skylands

Welcome back to Wumpa Island! It’s been 20 years since Crash Bandicoot first invaded our hearts and consoles. And Activision, Toys For Bob, and Vicarious Visions are beyond excited to bring him back as a guest star in Skylanders Imaginators for his 20th anniversary celebration.

Vicarious Visions has a long history with Crash and our office is full of hardcore fans. When we were given the opportunity to bring Crash Bandicoot to Skylands, we knew we’d need to really deliver on a true Crash experience. It was no easy task, but I’m happy to say we’re extremely proud of the version of Crash we’ve brought to life. We’ve maintained Crash’s unique and quirky personality and his, y’know, innate Wumpa-ness, as both a 3D character and a new toy.

The Model

Our early focus was to nail Crash’s look. We wanted to make him feel at home in his new high-definition surroundings, while staying as true to his original design as possible. To kick off this exploration, we dug deep (and I mean DEEP) into the archives for inspiration. We even unearthed a pile of ancient, mimeographed documents of the original “Willy the Wombat” concepts that were shared with Vicarious Visions ten years ago when we began to work on the franchise. (We may or may not have unleashed a 32-bit mummy on the office in the process. The good news is he can only travel on one axis, so he’s pretty easy to avoid.)

Crash’s look has evolved over the years, but these timeworn images made it clear that the lines and proportions of his character have been consistent since day one. With that in mind, we began churning out concepts for Crash’s in-game look while we brainstormed how best to translate his energy and personality into a real-life toy.

We went through sooooo many versions of Crash’s toy pose. It had to capture everything about Crash that makes him special and also represent him as a true member of the Senseis in Imaginators. We brought in lifelong Crash fans to evaluate our sketches, early 3D prints, and test figures at every stage to make sure we were creating a toy THEY would want for their favorite furry protagonist. When we were happy with Crash’s pose and look, we did a final consistency pass and just like that… Crash was ready to run amuck in the Skylanders Imaginators line-up.

The Moves

After finalizing Crash’s model, it was time for us to bring him to glorious, fully-animated, 3-D life. It was important that we stayed true to how he moved in his earlier incarnations, from his edginess, trademark wackiness, and swagger as he navigates the world, all the way down to his idles and timeouts. If you want to see one of those fancy throwbacks, just set the controller down for a second and see what happens! But, that’s just the beginning of our obsessive attention to detail:


  • No Crash game would be complete without these ubiquitous wooden boxes. Jump on the TNT Crates to blow them up, or collect the Bazooka Crate to get a rocket launcher and jetpack that allows you to attack from high in the air!

The Yo-yo

  • Every Sensei in Skylanders Imaginators has a devastating Sky-Chi attack, their most powerful move. Crash’s Sky-Chi attack is to use his yo-yo to yank his enemies into a
    spin attack!


  • Crash Bandicoot would not be complete without his signature spin attack. Rest assured that we have heard your silent demands and delivered on this classic move.

Life System

  • Anyone who has played a Skylanders game knows that the game uses an RPG-style health meter, while the Crash games have traditionally used a life system. It was important to us that we kept the spirit of that feature while folding Crash into the Skylanders game system.
  • To achieve this, we built a special Life System just for Crash in Skylanders Imaginators. When Crash is defeated in our game, he reappears with an animation inspired from the past Crash games!
  • Not only that, when Crash throws crates around he has a chance of throwing one that holds up an extra life.

Aku Aku

  • Crash doesn’t speak (most of the time) and we wanted to make sure that he communicated in a way that was familiar to fans but wouldn’t confuse new players and soon-to-be new fans!
  • Enter Aku Aku! He provides a voice for our silent Bandicoot when the player needs to communicate with him.
    • Aku Aku has been Crash’s best friend and guide since day one. We would have been remiss if we’d excluded him.
    • As a Sensei, Crash has some special abilities he can impart on player-created Imaginator characters. Aku Aku handles all the voice stuff.
    • Not only that, when Crash is defeated, he is shielded for a short period of time by the wise and wooden Aku Aku!

And that’s all we have for today folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek behind-the-scenes at Crash in Skylanders Imaginators. I also hope you are as excited as we are to get your hands on this crazy awesome Crash Bandicoot toy and bring him to life in a new Skylanders adventure. The game is crammed full of fun and sprinkled with fan service for all of you who have supported this guy for the past two decades. Stay tuned for more announcements and Wumpa-flavored news in the months to come by following us @SkylandersGame on Twitter for the latest updates!

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  • Where are the PS Vita games???

    • They all suffer a tragic death and are now decomposing in their graves. Unfortunately the PS Vita has been dead for quite some time now.

    • What he said!!

    • hakumen that is

    • Vita has been discontinued in North America and other regions. Stores aren’t even selling it anymore. Want new Vita games? Gotta get the ones from Japan. Support the niche publishers who localize a lot of these games.

    • @G-Force08. Only a rumor, and it can still be purchased in stores.

    • Sorry to say, prospective Vita owners should have heeded the warnings of PSP users and stayed away, unless one is into the homebrew scene. Good hardware, good potential, company that treats its customers as disposable. Many of us knew that the Vita had a VERY limited supported lifespan. :/

    • i Have A Question For PlayStation, Um, Will You All Put More Japanese PS1 Games On The PS Store, Like The Famous Japanese PS1 Game, Boku No Natsuyasumi ( My Summer Vacation), Or Twlight Syndrome : Saikai, Or Some Fighting Games Like Bakumatsu Roman : Gekka No Kenshi, Or Naruto : Shinobi No Sato No Jintori Kassen, I Hope You Put These Games On The PS Store !!!

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this: CRASH is BACK! :-D

  • I can see that you’ve done A LOT of research for Crash’s design, he sure looks a lot better than Skylanders’ Spyro. Skylanders isn’t really my cup of tea, though, with its way of selling DLC through toys, but I’m happy that this will get today’s kids excited about the Crash remastered collection, which I’ll definitely be getting! I’d love to see a Spyro trilogy remake after that!

    I wonder if now we’ll finally be able to play the Crash PS1 games on the Vita in North America now…

  • I don’t really care for Skylanders, as nothing’s capable of convincing me to jump back on the franchise after its “Series 2” nonsense and heavily emphasizing the repurchase of old characters, and although making new characters sounds good, I’m certain it’ll be carefully calculated to maximize profit as well.

    I’m more excited by the trilogy remake that was announced, albeit a little disappointed at the lack of Crash Team Racing in it. Hopefully the remake excels and propels the franchise forward, without being smothered by Skylanders like Spyro was.

    Another note, I’d like to second the request for the Crash and Spyro PS1 games to be re-enabled on the Vita in North America. They already work and since Sony and Activision are working together, it’d be a nice little gesture to the PS Vita owners that’d like to play those classics.

  • Be careful Crash, we all know what happened to Spyro once he journeyed to the Skylands. You already got the same bad design he did.

  • Crash actually look really great here! I think I’ll finally check out Skylanders, but…


  • Do not care for skylanders, just glad crash is back I will be buying the bandicoot trilogy. Adam Boyes did not do a good job of denying the return

  • No CTR remaster with online makes me extremely sad…. like really…… :’-(

    • I bet they might do it if the trilogy sells well….which it will. Crash was easily one of the best video game series on the PS1. To this day I don’t think I’ve played another 3D platformer with as much spunk and ingenuity.

  • His design is a lot better than Spyro’s in Skylanders. So thank you for that. Actually not too bothered by this now that I see him.

  • Why is Crash trilogy remaster not coming to Vita? It would have been perfect on it.

  • I love you guys. Really I love you

  • Ruined hype..

  • Pre order page isn’t working btw

  • Cant wait for the classic Crash remakes. Hope we’ll see some info & pictures! :)
    Skylanders’ Crash is cute too, its a good start after many years without our hero, Crash.
    Favourite childhood character & game, best childhood gaming moments. :)
    I almost cried when they announced Crash at E3. Shawn Layden was very nice, and that Crash Bandicoot shadow… UUUUHHH. So hyped. I cryed in joy.

  • I dislike skylanders because you have to pay over $200 to unlock everything

    • Forgot to say sucks they didn’t just make him a new game

    • Nah man; you gotta adjust your thinking ;)

      I mean, firstly, the actual games are stupid cheap if you pick ’em up a few months after they come out (you can pick up Trap Team for, like, $15-$20 now TOPS at most places). Secondly, since the series has been going on for years now, if you only buy like 2 figures a year, then after 2 sequels you end up with all the elements to unlock all the gates, and never have to buy newer characters if you don’t want to. So you end up spending like $60 – $80 over three years or something, but you end up with 3 games and a handful of sweet little figurines (with skill trees and persistent abilities that can be imported into the future games)

      You can easily spend way less on Skylanders than most people do throwing cash away on random loot boxes in most modern shooters, lol. You should stop hatin’ on Skylanders for such a silly reason if you’re a fan of platformers and character action games, and just give an older game a try. Like I said, they’re SUPER cheap now. Though they didn’t have platforming until SWAP Force, so you should probably avoid the first two.

  • I’m thrilled to see Crash in this! I remember seeing “rumors” (actual fact with photographic evidence, lol) a few years ago that VV had a “Skylanders Crash” design ready to go. I’m a fan since Swap Force; they’re really good games. Fun, innovative, well made and freakin’ gorgeous. The toys are cool, as is growing these characters and bringing them over to newer games. You guys did great with Donkey Kong and Bowser for Superchargers; I’m happy to see you guys do Crash now :)

    It’s also great to hear you guys have deep access to his history. Willy Wombat? CRIPES that’s old! I think I have an old Gamepro where they called an “upcoming PSX game” that, but they also called the first Oddworld, “Soulstorm” (it’s cool that they’re getting around to using THAT name now, actually). I recently found out that there is a Willy Wombat for Sega Saturn, thanks to Import Gaming FTW. I thought VV and Crash only went back as far as the GBA; it’s really cool to see you’re still super passionate about Crash after all these years and able to dig into ancient Naughty Dog work. It really shows!

    Guess I’m picking up Skylanders on Playstation this year, and I hope we see a new Crash series come out of this in time :)

  • please make the crash ps1 classics available to buy and donwload for ps vita

  • why not included CTR on remaster with multiplayer online, i play that more than any crash game on PS1.

  • detectivecameron

    Activision: here is my question:

    WHY is crash bandicoot being designed similar to his original appearance, when, for whatever reason, you made Spyro look like an evil gremlin troll that was hit in the face with a pan?


  • The reaction at E3 was priceless. We will remaster Crash Bandicoot! (YAAAY!!!) But Skylanders (The crowd and the world goes MILD!).

  • I”m Glad My Childhood Hero Crash Bandicoot Is Back On The PS4 But Him Being In Skylanders I Am Not Ok With. You Saw What Happen To Spyro The Dragon And They Completely Ruined Him. I Just Hope Crash Is Gonna Be In This 1 Time Only Skylander Game And That i’ll be it. I Can’t Wait For The Remakes of The Original Crash That Were Made By Naughty Dog At The Time , Now Those Are The Real Crash Games They Always Have Been Always Will Be. It Would Be Cool If They Remake Crash Team Racing And Crash Bash I Will Totally Get That Next. I Hope Spyro The Dragon Gets The Same Treatment Like Crash And Ratchet And Clank. Man This Was The Best E3 I’ve Seen In A Long time.

  • There is nothing wrong with crash in Skylanders its all a plus to me. First its exposure getting crash out the more the better it would only help with possible new Crash Bandicoot game. Figurine I love that and want in on my desk NOW! Skylanders are big with young players! Its a great way to introduce Crash to a whole new generation of players. Not just for the young Skylanders is a simple but fun Platformer game. It reminds me of many of the Saturday morning cartoons I watched as a kid.

    Many people are critics of Skylanders just because they don’t like the game style. They never played it and don’t care to, that’s fine just don’t buy it. I have however played every Skylanders game as a adult and still enjoyed them all. I love the Figurines I only buy them on deep sales to save money I have 3 or 4 Spyro’s I will have Crash in November when Black Friday sales hit. I hope they make a elite version of Crash Bandicoot also. When thinking of Crash Bandicoot original I wonder if Skylanders will be a better experience. The original Crash was very simple jump and collect fruit game and about 2 hrs long.

  • TN_DARK_EYE_G994

    This game is very beautiful and attractive. From an early age I was and still am in love with this game. I was waiting for the beautiful game :)
                                                                                                    Thank you

  • slyratchetdaxter

    Totally awesome! Hopefully this’ll make Activision make a new Crash game! It’s way overdue.

  • Jogava esse jogo no play 1 e era realmente difícil, espero que a mantenha a dificuldade.

  • Meh, it was such a low-key reveal. This was more like a Skylanders advertisement than the Crash game. Maybe that was all about.
    The highlight of the show are:
    God of War
    Spider-Man (still surprised that some how you got an exclusive deal, anyways, huge kudos to you Sony!)
    Death Stranding
    And The Last Guardian.

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