Insomniac’s New PS4-Exclusive Spider-Man Game Revealed, First Trailer

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Insomniac’s New PS4-Exclusive Spider-Man Game Revealed, First Trailer

Hey everyone,

Today at PlayStation’s Press Conference, we revealed our new Spider-Man game coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. (Surprise!) You can see the trailer below. There are a few fun details embedded throughout the piece, so take your time watching!

From a personal and professional standpoint, this is a dream come true. I’ve been an avid Marvel fan all my life. When I first learned Insomniac was approached by our long-time friends and collaborators at Sony Interactive Entertainment with the opportunity to create a blockbuster Spider-Man console game experience, I practically ran into Ted’s office professing my passion for Spider-Man – along with a desire to serve as creative director. Fortunately, there are many more longtime fans and professional admirers of Marvel at Insomniac. From comics to films and TV, Marvel has a stellar reputation for unique characters and storytelling filled with personality and humor. Those are tenets we value deeply in our own craft.

From our first meeting, Marvel, Spider-Man and Insomniac have felt like a match made in heaven. So much so that for the first time in Insomniac’s 22-year history, we’re working on an IP that didn’t originate in-house. We love building big games, with incredible gameplay, deep stories, and beautiful graphics. Spider-Man is one of the most iconic and well-known characters in the world, and we’re thrilled to be given the responsibility to create a brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story. Nope, this isn’t the same Spider-Man you’ve met before, nor is our game based on the upcoming movie. This is a more seasoned Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City. At the same time, he’s struggling to balance his absurdly chaotic personal life and career. All while nine million New Yorkers depend on him for their safety… no pressure indeed.

This collaboration also allows us to quickly return to action developing on PS4. Having released Ratchet & Clank, we feel confident in our ability to create a showpiece for the console. And we’re downright giddy bringing Spidey’s acrobatic abilities, improvisation, and web-slinging to life. But we also want to introduce new elements that players have never experienced with Spider-Man, ranging from traversing with parkour and utilizing the environment, to new combat and blockbuster set-pieces.

We can’t wait to share more about our Spider-Man game in the months to come. For all the latest, follow Insomniac Games on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

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  • A match made in heaven. Can’t wait for this.

    • I know you guys will make the best Spidey game yet. If your looking for inspiration and you haven’t yet done so, please play these games… Spiderman Web of Shadows (PS3) and Maximum Carnage (SNES) The best ever for simple reasons. Awesome Web slinging that didn’t RELY on Stopping Time to choose which direction to go. Excellent combat with perfectly paced progression. Cool cameos. And proper secrets collectibles and actual hidden areas.

    • SLEEPYsleep, have you not played Spiderman 2 on PS2? If not, then I’m afraid you don’t actually know what a good Spiderman game is. :/

    • When is the release date?

  • YES. Thank you so much for making this! I have faith in you guys that you will make this a great game!

  • Where are the PS Vita games???

    • They all suffer a tragic death and are now decomposing in their graves. Unfortunately the PS Vita has been dead for quite some time now.

    • PS Vita is not dead, don’t talk about my sweet prince like that. It’s not like Sony didn’t mention it even once at the press conference…

  • Sooooo good, you guys. Can’t wait to play this one. First Ratchet and now Spidey? NICE.

  • Finally a Spider-Man game on PS4 that’s going to be awesome. I didn’t buy that Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie game because of all the bad rep it got not just from the critics but the general public as well (maybe as a PS Plus game I might get it).

    • I recommend playing it if just for the web-swinging. It’s not spider-man 2 quality, but its the closest I’ve seen since the ps2 days. Buy it for cheap, the story is ok, the combat is bland but functional, the side missions are a little too plentiful, but ignoring them makes swinging around much more exciting at the end of the game. lots of costumes too. food for thought, but I paid 10 bucks for it and don’t regret it. plus you can get black suit for like a buck as dlc.

    • I’m playing it now and am planning on platinuming it (which is rare for me). If you love Spider-Man and don’t expect this game to be on par with like Batman Arkham games then I think you’ll have a good time. Story is crappy but short. The web-swinging in my opinion is really nice. I get a rush every time I fall and catch myself right as I’m about to hit the ground. Get it for cheap and I think you’ll get your money’s worth.

  • I’m not even a huge fan of Spider-Man or superheroes in general but I am a huge fan of Insomniac making exclusives for PlayStation! This will be amazing!

    By the way, thanks for the Crash trilogy remaster but now we NEED a Spyro trilogy remaster. Please Sony!

  • Can’t wait to play it.

  • Insomniac is gonna give Spider-Man the same love that Rocksteady gave Batman. I’m on board!
    Thank you! You’re gonna nail this

  • And I can’t wait to see more! This was such a pleasant surprise at an already jam-packed conference. You’re really on a roll with the latest R&C, so I’m looking forward to this new Spider-Man even more :-)

  • PlayStation is the shizz nit

  • Looks amazing! Great work, Insomniac! You guys rock! :D Oh, and #BringBackSpyro now that Crash is coming back. :D


  • Amazing and all, but where is sucker punch?

  • My jaw is still on the floor lol, just take my money, I don’t need to see anything else!

  • Can’t lie, as much as I’m wanting a Ratchet and Clank follow-up, this game looks really nice and I’ve had a blast with Spider-Man in the past. Hopefully the story’s amazing and showcases plenty of memorable fights against his plethora of villains.

    Still though, Insomniac, a continuation of Ratchet and Clank would be greatly appreciated. I’d be perfectly fine with the movies being scrapped and an Up Your Arsenal remake being made (with the movie plot differences, especially about Nefarious, being Qwark’s secret discovered in the side-scrolling minigames).

  • Holy crap. I never knew Insomniac and Spider-Man would work so well together. As a hardcore fan of Insomniac, I’m very much looking forward to this…

    oh, and sneak in a little Ratchet easter egg. ;)

  • I’m an older Spider-Man fan, so I’m jaded, as such; I don’t really like the costume shown here. However, I have faith in Insomniac (big Resistance fan), and I’m confident they’ll do my favourite superhero justice; please don’t let me down.

    PS: alternate costume DLC at launch (traditional red and blue), and I’ll buy it all.

    • You’ll buy it alternate costume or not.

    • I’m a die hard spidey fan as well, and I agree I’m all about the traditional red and blue. But I have a feeling soon as you jump from a tall building and shoot that first web… Yeah I doubt we’ll care anymore lol

  • infamousguy12238

    can you guys add it to ps vita too?it will be an amazing acomplishment beacause people have not created a new ps vita game in a long time.

  • Great news, just go easy on the collectibles.

  • Can’t help but wonder why they would make such ugly changes to his costume though. I hope there are at least alternates to switch to.

    • They’ll definitely include alternates, its practically required for spidey games. But personally I like it, Spidey changes suits pretty often in the comics, why not give him a new one in the game?

  • To me, this is the best news from all of E3 so far.

    To everyone at Insomniac: Good luck! No matter what you do, stay true to the character and you can’t go wrong. So excited to play! I’ll be there day one.

  • Looking Great!! Hope it’s a blast like Ultimate Spiderman (PS2) but has more depth and variety to it. Surely Insomniac can deliver! Keep up the great work & can’t wait to get my web slinging, web swinging, curb stomping Spidey game on.

  • I need this on PSN for pre-order right away. Sony pls

  • Those sure are some Inner Demons in the trailer. Mr. Negative confirmed, woo!

  • I don’t like the costume…. that said the game looks fantastic, spectacular, maybe even amazing

    • Small correction that I will likely get corrected on later. Are you not missing sensational? Note this is more a joking thing.

  • Game looks gorgeous, looking forward to it

  • Spider-Man is quite possibly my favorite character ever so this announcement was the highlight of the night for me. And Insomniac are developing the game! :D

  • Probably the first Spiderman I will care about since Spiderman and 2 Enter Electro on PS1.

  • Hmmm, I though Sucker Punch was the one supposed to be working on this game. Wonder if that means we’ll get another Infamous soon…

    Anyways, I’m pretty excited for this.

    • It’s been 2 years already since Second Son released.An announcement of a new Infamous is popping up anytime soon.

  • Hope to hear more details on the webslinging, I’ve always wanted another Spider-Man game with web mechanics like Spider-Man 2.

  • All I can say is that it’s a great time to be a PS4 owner! E3 was incredible!

  • What I loved the most about certain Spider-Man games in the past is to swing and traverse around the city with the learned acrobatics skills to do so whilst still going full speed…I would still be playing the game JUST do that for hours even after completing the main story. It had so much replay-value for me personally as a fan!

    Insomniac already create brilliant stories – So if the parkour, acrobatic abilities, and web-slinging actually attaching to buildings is done correctly whilst free roaming around the environment (even after 100% completion!)…This will be THE game Spider-Man truly deserves, and what we’ve all been waiting for!

  • I cried tears of joy watching this trailer. I’m going sell my car, my kids and my balls for devotion to this game. Nothing comes before SPidey

  • AssassinKing1990

    Now this looks awesome, take notes Activision watch as Insomniac takes the game you originally had the rights to and turns into something that you never could

  • I love how excited you guys are about being approached for this project! What an awesome opportunity, so happy for you all!

    As a long time Marvel and Ratchet & Clank fan, I am beyond excited to see your take on Spiderman.

    • Oh, and I love the suit! I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the white in it, but I actually like it quite a lot.

    • I like the suit too. I think it’ll just take people some getting used to. On Twitter they said there was a reason for the white spider.

  • I like what I see, aside from the costume. That costume is uuuuuuuuuugly.

  • I. Can’t. Wait. I’ve been wanting a good Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2. Just get the swinging right, avoid repetition in the mission structure, and I will be happy.

  • I’ve liked most of what Insomniac has done, and I’ve liked most of the Spiderman games that have come out recently… so I’m definitely excited.

  • This was definitely a huge surprise. Its so good to see you guys at home where on PlayStation where you belong. I know this will be in good hands with you guys and you will go out to create the best Spider-man game since Spider-man 2.

  • What’s up with that awful looking white Spider logo on his costume? I hope they change that before release or at least give us the option of changing it. It just does not suit Spidey well at all. Maybe if they made the logo an orange or gold color would be better. Or back to good old black.
    Why couldn’t they give him his Civil War look? That was perfect. I was so looking forward to using Civil War Spidey in a game!

  • I can’t wait! I’m a huge fan of both Insomniac and Spider-Man, so this was a dream pairing for me.

  • I don’t have any faith in Insomniac although I’m a big fan of both Ratchet and Resistance but this was the best news from the whole E3.I’m a huge Spidey fan and having a Spidey game in the hands of Sony is like a dream coming true…I can’t believe we’ll finally have a good Spidey game cuz its been like what 16 years?…last good Spidey game I saw was Spider-Man 2 on PS1.Anyway I believe this has 0 chance of going wrong the trailer looks great.

    I can’t wait to see more about it.


  • I don’t mind changes to costume and such, but that big white spider looks so out of place. Will likely give this game a go if it reviews well.

  • I am very excited for this game coming out spidey is my second favorite super hero and always will be. I love the suit but I am hoping there will be dlc so we can get more suits to swing around in the city. I am looking forward to getting this game than any other. Thank you for this game I am literally praising it hahaha I’m super thrilled.


  • PLEASE CHANGE THE SUIT. or make more suits you can wear. Also add a time system Pls. The suit looks Bad honestly.

  • please get rid of the huge ugly white spider or at lwasr let us choose which suit to wear at the beginning instead of an unlockable.

    i cant play the game with that ugly white spider in my face

  • Looks like Insomniac is about to do for Spidey what Rocksteady did for Batman! This looks positively amazing (heh-heh) so far, and I can’t wait for this to come out! I’m hoping for alternate costumes from the comics and shows, and with the eye dilation, definitely wanting the Civil War costume from the movie; Black Cat team up or at least an appearance; Venom boss battle; a gracious cameo from the man himself (you know who); and and I hope the controls are as smooth as this teaser makes em look! I have never been more hyped for Spider-Man! Godspeed Insomniac Games! Excelsior!!!
    Also, does anyone else hear Yuri Lowenthal or is it just me?

  • #BringBackTobey for the “Spider-Man 4” movie at

    Also they should use Christopher Daniel Barnes as his voice in this new game, he was great in the Spider-Man animated series.

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