Horizon Zero Dawn: Special Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Special Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

At tonight’s PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference, Guerrilla Games was excited to share more gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn. In this demo, we follow Aloy as she journeys beyond the walls of her village to defeat a ‘demon’ which is terrorizing locals and breeding fear throughout the valley. Aloy will have to use every ounce of her knowledge, intelligence and agility to survive this encounter. If you missed the show, don’t worry, we’ve included the segment again below:

Horizon Zero Dawn: Special Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Horizon Zero Dawn will offer a deep and satisfying action RPG experience with a narrative to match when it launches on February 28, 2017. And we’re pulling out all the stops for the Collector’s Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn, collaborating with Gentle Giant Studios and Dark Horse Comics to produce a set of unique and exclusive physical extras on top of our in-game bonus content.

Pre-Order Bonuses

We’ll elaborate on the different special editions of Horizon Zero Dawn in a little bit, but we’d like to start by talking about pre-order bonuses. First we have a universal pre-order bonus that will come in handy when you face the machines in the game:

Nora Machine Trapper Pack – a resource pack that includes modifications for your weapon and outfit, and resources for crafting ammo and traps.

GameStop and EB customers will get additional pre-order bonuses on top of the Nora Machine Trapper Pack that give the player in-game upgrades:

Nora Lookout Outfit – a unique outfit with enhanced camouflage and an extra modification slot.

Nora Longshot Bow – a hunting weapon with improved accuracy and an extra modification slot.

Special Editions

In addition to the regular physical and digital versions of Horizon Zero Dawn, there are two special editions available for pre-order from selected retailers. Choose the edition that’s right for you:

Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Limited Edition ($69.99)

For digital customers who are looking for the full Horizon Zero Dawn experience, the Digital Limited Edition has what you need. It includes:

  • 2 Resource Packs – the Carja Trader Pack and the Nora Machine Trapper Pack
  • 2 Outfits – the Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and the Banuk Trailblazer Outfit
  • 2 Weapons – the Carja Mighty Bow and the Banuk Culling Bow

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition ($119.99)

The Collector’s Edition offers a terrific bundle of physical and digital items to enhance your Horizon Zero Dawn experience. It includes:

  • 9” Statue by Gentle Giant – featuring heroine Aloy in amazing detail
  • 48-Page Artbook by Dark Horse – featuring Horizon Zero Dawn concept art
  • Steelbook Case – with exclusive cover artwork
  • 4 Resource Packs – the Carja Trader Pack, the Banuk Traveler Pack, the Nora Keeper Pack and the Nora Machine Trapper Pack
  • 2 Outfits – the Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and the Banuk Trailblazer Outfit
  • 2 Weapons – the Carja Mighty Bow and the Banuk Culling Bow

Please note: The Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Limited Edition is only available from the PlayStation Store. Please check with your retailer of choice for available pre-order editions and bonuses.

We hope you’re as excited for the official launch as we are here at Guerrilla. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Horizon Zero Dawn news and information.

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  • I hope this means the game will have outfits/skins for the main character. Because she looks absolutely awful.

    • Looks like it will. Sounds suspiciously like they’ll be microtransactions though with all the resources packs, outfits, and weapon bonuses. Hopefully nothing that is only available via real money. Game looks great and I’ll buy it regardless but I won’t be spending money on outfits. I miss having loads of outfits and they were just part of the game!

    • She fit the setting really well, no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Different outfits would be a nice addition but just for the heck of it cuz its a RPG you know…but for real you’re trippin,she looks great in that outfit she’s a damn well designed character as a whole…outfit included.

    • Agreed, her design is fantastic. I think this complainer just wants more skin showing since it’s a woman.

  • Awesome. That game play was great! So damn hyped for this game.

  • Where are the PS Vita games???

    • They all suffer a tragic death and are now decomposing in their graves. Unfortunately the PS Vita has been dead for quite some time now.

  • I swear this game looks better and better every time I see it. Keep up the great work and looking forward to playing it for myself :-)

  • Was hoping for an Analogue Limited Edition. I’d love a physical art book, but don’t want the statue.

  • Love it ! Been excited for this since it was shown but that stage demo was enough to sell me on the CE. Going to be an incredible Winter in gaming, can’t wait!!!!!! Keep up the great work GG.

  • Why cant we get the Limited Edition like Europe. I really want the steelbook, but I strongly dislike the statue. PLEASE BRING THE LIMITED EDITION STATE SIDE!!!

  • I was excited for Horizon since the rumors…last year gameplay already sealed the deal for me and I pre-ordered the moment it was available.Have 100% trust in y’all at Guerrilla…I gotta say I was drooling for some more gameplay and you guys sure delivered ha mounts,dialogue tree damn I can’t wait to play this game,I can’t wait to see how big is the world and to explore it.We sure had a lot of great games announced today but Horizon still is my most anticipated game.

    CE looking lovely.Great job.

    Gonna share here a thought…in one of the trailers we see a flying machine creature,just imagine if we can tame it and mount on it like Aloy does with the Broadhead in the gameplay shown.DAMN!!

  • February 28 cannot come soon enough!

  • Resource packs? Please don’t tell me this is going to be a beautiful game that destroys itself with DLC greed.

  • Is the Collector’s Edition coming to Canadian retailers too?

  • Just pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition. Thanks Sony, this was definitely my favorite game during the E3 Conference last night.

  • Please give us limited edition with steelcase and artbook but without statue, like europe. I like steelcase and artbook but I don’t have place for statue, thanks.

  • Is it available in Canada this time. Uncharted 4’s wasnt but this doesnt say its only US.

  • I’m confused. If I preorder the Digital Deluxe edition on the PS Store do I still get the Lookout Armor And LongShot Bow too!?

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