Paragon Open Beta Starts August 16, Introducing Khaimera

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Paragon Open Beta Starts August 16, Introducing Khaimera

Since we announced Paragon back in December, we’ve been floored by the response from the community and all the great feedback through our Early Access Season. And after millions of games played so far, we’re getting ready to share our MOBA with even more awesome people.

Starting Tuesday, August 16 we will be entering Free Open Beta. That means playing Paragon will be totally free, until then our Founder’s Packs and the Essentials Edition still give you an awesome deal on stuff in the game and Early Access. For all the people currently playing in Early Access, we’re working on a whole host of improvements in the coming weeks, and we will never reset your account progress. We can’t thank you enough for helping us get to this point.

Also, new Heroes every three weeks. Like this one.

We’d like to introduce you to our latest Hero. We call this melee fighter… Khaimera. He’s Paragon’s first duelist, a Hero who excels at isolating targets, and also happens to wield dual axes. Get your first look at Khaimera below. You’ll be able to play Khaimera as part of our update on Tuesday, June 21.

The TL;DR on Khaimera is that he is a melee fighter who specializes in disrupting team fights with close­up encounters. His Pounce leaps to a target enemy Hero, briefly stunning that Hero and dealing Physical Damage around him. While he’s engaged in fights, his Spirit Regeneration stacks more health regen with each basic attack. His Ultimate, Cull, deals a large amount of damage, both rooting and isolating a target from allies.

As always, all Heroes in Paragon are free, so if you’re in Early Access you’ll be able to jump in as Khaimera on Tuesday, June 21. If you’re not in Early Access yet, you can pick up a Founder’s Pack to get into the action, play in our upcoming Free Beta Weekend by signing up here, or wait until Free Open Beta August 16. See you on the battlefield!


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  • Poor Kallari, everyone picks on her.

    Can’t wait for open beta to start!

  • play in our upcoming Free Beta Weekend by signing up here, or wait until Free Open Beta August 16. See you on the battlefield!
    There is no link to sign up!!! I wan’t to try

  • how do i sign up?

  • DOPE! New character looks awesome.

    I have a free founders code to give away. comment number 50 gets the code!

  • This is the most confusing Launch I have seen. Just this tuesday the blog posted “Paragon Essentials Edition Hits Stores Today” now today’s post reads “Paragon Open Beta Starts August 16”. So the Game is on sale now, but hasn’t officially released since the open beta is August. Hmm whats going on here.

    • The game is in paid early access right now. you can pay to play now, or wait for the open beta to play.

    • Yea technically its not launched yet. Consider it similar to what Tekken 7 is doing now with having their tournaments for balancing and such. This is a new thing for consoles though and I hope it doesn’t get crazy like the pc early access.


  • This game is so confusing! You just had a $60.00 retail release and the beta is still over 2 months away? Are you expecting people to pay $60.00 to participate in the alpha? Plus on the PSN, there are digital founder’s packs for up to a hundred dollars! This game looked really interesting, but the launch has been so disgusting.

    • You can get the 20 dollar one and it has a couple of things. Also they give out keys on twitch streams all the time. They also give you two codes to give to your friends for playing, and an extra one if you get the more expensive options. So they aren’t really being greedy. You could also wait for the open beta, or beta weekends which happen pretty often.

    • You obviously haven’t played this because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Do your homework.

  • Azure666Grimoire

    They made a retail version because they are losing out on people who only go to retail stores to get games. And it comes with stuff founders packs give. Almost every game does the founders pack thing nowadays.


  • Looks like Feng Mao just got benched!!!

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