Valley Coming to PS4 This Summer

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Valley Coming to PS4 This Summer

Since we first announced Valley a couple months ago, many of you have been itching to see more jumping, swinging and life-giving action. The response has been incredible and we cannot wait to launch the game so you can all experience the L.E.A.F. suit’s amazing powers firsthand.

As our team at Blue Isle Studios gears up for the release, we thought we’d offer a deeper glimpse into some of Valley’s gameplay. Take a look at seven new minutes of footage and hold tight just a bit longer — you’ll be equipping your own L.E.A.F. suits later this summer!

As you’ll see in the video, intrepid players can do some truly incredible things as they seek to further uncover the mysteries of the valley: give life to dying trees and animals; leap the distance of an entire football field; swing through a Pathfinder training forest of ginormous trees; and even defend oneself against some mysterious enemies. These are just some of the many awesome things you’ll be able to do as you explore the ancient depths of the valley, all the while keeping both it and yourself alive.

Valley launches this summer on PS4. There’s so much to explore and discover, we hope you look forward to an amazing adventure to be had.

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  • Was hoping this was an error and was meant to be Stardew Valley :/

    • Idk how the screenshot on the front page of the PSN Blog cemented that impression unless you can’t see images on your display.

      You should have held back your comment- why “hope” Garett’s game to be in error? He’s trying to inform gamers.

      In other non-related news, Stawdew will arrive on consoles. No eta yet.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait to try this out. :D

  • Strange to imagine someone in real life walking around with their arm sticking out all of the time like that. Looks neat though.

    • Yeah, that kinda bothered me.

    • Yeah, they could have made it so you can “holster” your arm so it doesn’t get in the way of “immersion” =/.

    • That looked weird to me too. The running hands also weird. There is a lot of weird here.

      Mainly what I didn’t get is why. Why are we going one direction vs another? Simply because that is the only path forward? If that is all it is, it needs more contextual motivation to make me follow that linear path.

      I mean the game play shown is pedestrian and shallow, so why do I move forward?

      Do I have to move forward just to find out why I moved forward? What if I ultimately don’t care for that why… I’ll feel like I wasted a lot of time finding out.

  • Looks interesting is this a disc title or digital ?

    Also will a demo be available before the release?

  • Looks like it would be great in VR.

  • Holy. Crap. That looks AWESOME!!!

  • So… Are we going to know everything before E3? I don’t know about you, but I think all this trailers are giving away all the surprises.

    • Wait until E3 is over. If they didn’t have any surprises left in the tank for the show, then you have a right to be upset. Right now, you’re simply speculating that because they’re releasing trailers they wont have anything else to show, which I HIGHLY doubt is the case.

  • The only thing i don’t like is the static hand that sits out in front of you all of the time. That isn’t how things look from your own perspective.

  • The gameplay sounds like a ton of fun… but the video makes it look like its first person, which means I probably won’t be too interested.

  • The game itself looks great — the character model looks just terrible. The arm sticking out is awkward as many have pointed out, but the character animations in general are abysmal. The left leg keeps popping in frame in a really awkward way. It’s like someone posed a mannequin in a weird crouch and is pushing it from behind, and that’s the player.

    This needs to be fixed before launch or you can expect every review to focus at least a paragraph on it, with another mention in the wrap up.

    Again, it stands out mostly because of how gorgeous and incredible the rest of the game looks. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this title!

    • The perspective is also WAAAAAAY too low. It’s almost as if they recorded this whole trailer while in crouch! Maybe that explains the weird leg thing…

  • Color me excited for this title!

  • Grunt Valley? Why?

    I clearly thought the title was named “Brother Nature”. A game where Flower meets Destiny!

    The game looks pretty cool though. Looks lots more to do than no man sky I admit. I love the freedom with his high jumps and flying. Maybe he shouldn’t be doing that though if nearly every landing ends with a loud grunt.

  • I agree about the hand, it doesn’t look good. In general the animations look plain, the way he revives the animal and how it walks away, along with the landing animation when he hits the floor. It feels a bit rushed.
    I’m surprised the release will be do soon.
    I rather see a delayed release with a 99% good product instead of a 85% game that’s on time.

  • Looks very cool, super interesting stuff going on here. Mysterious

  • Never heard of this game before. It looks incredible, though! Great graphics. Love that it has a central mechanic of restoring life to the world. Reminds me of Okami in that sense. The running, jumping, swinging all look like fun. Will definitely keep an eye out for this one!

  • The prosthetic-like arm sticking out is annoying enough to me to avoid buying this game. I hope they fix that.

  • Lovely idea that seems like it would appeal to me, but for the love of gaming, work on the character animations. They really really distracted me and took me out of the experience. The stiff are was so out of place and the landing in particular just didn’t make any sense to me.

  • Looks very cool. Glad to see its not just a game where you look at stuff. Yay for combat!

  • It looks good, but I don’t get why the hand constantly has to be up. It feels unnatural, and I can’t tell how tall the character is. Looks a bit short.

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