Harmonix Music VR: The Dance Detailed

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Harmonix Music VR: The Dance Detailed

This dance party needs you and your music collection to get it started.

Harmonix Music VR brings your songs to life across 4 wildly different experiences. We’ve already revealed two: The Beach, a relaxing, surreal landscape with hidden surprises, and The Easel, which allows you to create virtual 3D art that reacts to your music. Today we’re adding to that list with The Dance!

The Dance is a brand new world for Harmonix Music VR that lets you to choreograph moves for whacky characters. Once you’ve got the party going on the dance floor, you can go to town with a variety of toys at the DJ booth, and even wreak havoc in Giant Mode.

We’ve had a lot of fun creating this world and seeing the silly dances people create. The Dance is a fun experience not only for the player, but everyone in the room! Seriously, once you start a conga line on this dance floor, there’s no stopping one from starting in your living room.

Harmonix Music VR features 17 songs, including music from our PlayStation cult-classic rhythm game Amplitude, 2014’s bullet-hell extravaganza A City Sleeps, and an entire album hand-crafted for Harmonix Music VR by Harmonix’s very own M-Cue. 17 songs not enough? Harmonix Music VR works with your entire music collection! Simply plug in a USB drive in your PlayStation 4 loaded with your favorite tracks to experience your music in virtual reality!

Get ready to unlock the power of your music library with Harmonix Music VR, launching alongside PlayStation VR this October.

We still have more to come in the months leading up to launch.

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  • 1st comment and this looks awesome :)

  • Funniest thing I have ever seen, love it. Will this be a retail game or a free app we get to use on PSVR?

  • This looks like incredible fun

  • “The Dance is a brand new world for Harmonix Music VR that lets you to choreograph moves for whacky characters.”

    Can we just have the world without the “whacky (sic) characters”?

  • I’m really, really excited about this! I was hoping someone would make a cool VR visualizer, but this is on another level!

    • If you have a Samsung gear vr, download an app called groovr. It’s a great vr music visualizer. You can use your own music, connect to spotify (if you have a premium subscription) or connect to soundcloud

  • I think the drawing of 3D objects that react to the music in real time is actually really cool. The dance party stuff… that’s not for me.

  • This looks awesome anything visualizer related is great in my book. Will it work with Spotify though?

  • This looks like a lot of fun! Glad to see some variety in the VR titles coming to Playstation VR!

  • I’m confused… according to original posts on the Harmonix Forums, this was only going to be supported by the Oculus Rift, and wouldn’t work with the PlayStation VR hardware, or has this changed now?

  • jah_92_rastafari

    Wow, I thought harmonix would be just another rhythm game but this looks amazing, the dancing itself isn’t my thing but I can see how that can compliment the drawing, this will be the first game I show to most people when using vr for the first time.

    Amazing decision to let us use our own music, I think it’s been mentioned before but are you still shooting for psvr’s launch?

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    It took me about 20 attempts because it keeps timing out.

    If this is in place to stop spamming it’s working, but it’s also keeping a lot of real comments from finding their way here as well.

  • This looks very interesting.
    I love to see alternative uses for VR than the traditional stuff.

    It would be nice if we could invite friends into a virtual space to listen to music together.

    Also, is there a chance we could listen to our Rock Band tracks in this?

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