Destiny: Rise of Iron Announced, Coming This Fall

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Announced, Coming This Fall

Greetings PlayStation Nation.

This week at Bungie, we’re super excited to reveal the next adventure in Destiny. This Fall, we’ll launch a new expansion entitled ‘Rise of Iron.’ Here is your first glimpse.

You’re invited to follow in the footsteps of Lord Saladin in a brand new story that culminates in an epic Raid. We’re giving you a new zone to explore, packed with new enemies to fight and new mysteries to solve. We’re even bringing back the most iconic weapon in the Destiny arsenal.

The Gjallarhorn is just one of the weapons you can earn in Rise of Iron (it even comes in Black if you pre-order). As you confront a new threat, you’ll be rewarded with new weapons and armor and make your Guardian more powerful. Rise of Iron will deliver more of everything you love about Destiny. If you missed our reveal stream today, there are even more details you can learn from the development team in the archive of the stream.

This kicks off a conversation about what awaits Guardians that will last all Summer long. Next stop: E3. We’re looking forward to talking with our friends at PlayStation on their own stream, so keep an eye out for us.

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  • WOOOOOT!!! I’m super excited! Looks great :D

  • SUPER stoked for this. Already pre-ordered. LOVE the Iron Lords lore.

    • Should have waited. I was going to as well BUT I’m pretty sure more bonuses and collectors edition will come out.

    • I know so did I but do know when and how we get the iron gjallarhorn like does it come when destiny arrives or can you get it immediately after preorder

    • I’m wit it clan member. We go fight this together!

  • Pre-Order for a Black Gjallarhorn? Why not?

  • Sweet! That new gear looks great, especially the SIVA-inspired stuff. And of course the new raid. Looking forward to any PS exclusives announced during E3. Thanks, DeeJ!

  • *Gruff Voice* I’ll stand with you this Fall!

  • Wow! This looks amazing! Well done Bungie & DeeJ so excited for this, is there a physical collectors edition I can preorder?

  • *Breathing intensifies*

  • I’d be hype of Bungie knew what they’re doing, all I see is $30 for a ok tier raid, a strike and a 3 hour story

    • This is a part of “The Taken King” dlc so if you own TTK no need to purchase it….Destiny is one of my new favorite games so they are doing something right.

    • @ SmokeAdellic – Man you’re crazy to think they would release a DLC of this scale and not price it,this ain’t something like the April Update.Its already priced at $30 even if you own The Taken King lol.

    • my whole question is do i have to pay for this again i just bought the collecters edition online and have been playing since day 1 but are they really gonna charge me for some crap that was released taken away and then re released now if so im done with destiny

  • They should have released this DLC for the older consoles too, lots of people still play them.

    • they really should, don’t they want more people to play this game or not, or are they being as stupid as they were when planning this back in Year 1?

    • Yeah im ****ed about the choice to get rid of last gen but we also have to understand that millions go into the coding but they could also make millions more releasing the dlc,plus half of destiny’s players are on last gen so if they continue with that decision destiny is litteraly going to die

    • They already explained that they would have to remove one of the earlier dlcs to make room for this one and they’re not gonna do that suck it up it was bound to happen eventually

  • Gja…. Gja…. Gjalla…

  • So.. Gonna make us pay for old weapons you made useless when ttk dropped, exotics you used a year ago to promote ttk (but never released)..? While I’d love new content, it’s insulting to loyal players that you’d use gjallarhorn and exotic gear you advertised last year to try urging us to pay for what we already paid for. With new raid, strike and story, you got 20 worth of dlc. If you think of charging 40, plan to lose me and many others. I’ve been loyal for probably longer than i should because at its core, destiny is great. But as you guys overprice dlc, intro’d microtransactions, and withheld advertised content, my loyalty severely wanes. 20 bucks or i’m done

    • This is a part of “The Taken King” dlc so if you own TTK no need to purchase it..

    • How do you know that? They never said anything about this being a part of The Taken King. They said they are launching a new expansion this fall that you can preorder, with a bonus item. That screams something you have to pay for…

    • Gjally is available for EVERYONE who buys the DLC. It’s a quest that becomes available to play. The Iron Gjally is for those that pre-order. It’s the same rocket launcher with a different skin.The DLC is priced at $30… Perfect price because this DLC is smaller than TTK ($40) and bigger than Dark Below and HoW ($20 each)

  • Seriously… I’m so insulted by this blatant grab for cash by using our beloved gjallarhorn you made useless for a f’n year. Anyone happy about this is a fool. We’re essentially gonna have to pay for content we already paid for. TTK was total bait and switch, showing gear y’all never released, that you’ll now release if we pay again..?! Eff you bungievision. I’m done defending you. Straw, meet came’s back. Effff you

  • Ummm if it’s free with ttk, why the gjallarhorn pre-order bonus?

    • Rise of Iron is not at all part of the TTK release, completely seperate. TTK came out September last year and had 1 year of content included with it. That year ends when the new DLC drops and will have a similar time frame most likely before Destiny 2 comes out. The G-Horn comes with the new DLC regardless, only with the pre-order edition, the G-Horn you get is black. You still have to do the quest to get it, but if you want more info, just read the full release and fine print. The details are all there.

    • That was in reply to someone telling me it would be free if u had ttk. My comment was sarcastic. Either way, as a loyal day 1 player, i’m insulted that if i want to get the exotic gear they used to promote ttk, i now have to pay more. Nope, not happening. Day 1 player stepping back, dropping the destiny disc like a mic. I’m done playing a game that continually flips its most loyal players the bird. Bungievision, i’m out. Keep up the good work of listening to your youtube promoters you love to coddle

    • Any y1 player should not be paying for more rehashed year 1 exotics and the 7 they never released at all. No to mention how they ignored demand for raid matcmaking, then give a half a’d attempt at lfg on app. Too many mistakes, i’ve finally had it. Rise should be free as an apology for every lie, mistake, and any number of ways they’ve misled or screwed us

  • hopefully they announce the DLC for ps3 and 360, lots of people still play Destiny on those consoles, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on this new experience. I mean come on Bungie

    • “Destiny: Rise of Iron will be available exclusively on current generation consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. From here on out, we’ll be referring to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 as legacy consoles. If you’re using a legacy console to play Destiny, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware to experience the next adventure.”

    • Not enough space on the old consoles they would have to remove one of the old dlcs to make enough room for it and even then it would have to lose some awesome features so it doesn’t crash the game so it would pretty much be like bo3 on old gen. Crappy looking and slow

  • unless they actually meant you could ONLY pre order on PS4 and Xbox ONE, because I’d be fine with that

    • Last gen is done, ps3 will be 10 years old this year. You can’t blame any game developers for dropping support for a 10 year old console.

  • I really only have one question… will gjally have wolfpack rounds?

  • Last gen consoles get the shaft, unfortunately. It’s an issue that has held the game back, to be honest. I’d be ****ed if i was still on ps3. Problem for bungievision, though, half the community are still on last gen consoles. So us new gen have to buys this expansion with ttk advertised, but never released exotics, and guns that have been useless for a whole year.

  • Hah. My comment confirming it won’t be on last gen systems is “awaiting moderation’ haaaaa we already know, it’s not some huge secret

  • Took me 3wks to decide to buy ttk at the 40 buck price since I don’t do anything that doesn’t have matchmaking. Have only ever done 1 raid and it was by myself. Once I bought ttk I decided I’m all in so yeah can’t wait. Been playing since the alpha

  • price point?

  • Guys, I’m watching the stream that I missed. They said ROI is $30


    Can someone please explain what the point of pre-ordering digital content is? I can’t think of any logical reason.

  • p r e-order you can get a black g j a l l a r horn cause destiny rise of iron will be so a w s o m e when i p r e order this game and it cost like 30 dollars so am going to p r e order this on September 19 then get it on Friday and have me some fun with destiny rise of iron with my dudes

  • Already pre ordered this expansion. Looking forward to the news announcement at E3.

  • I may have to hop back into Destiny! I don’t play too many FPSs, but really enjoyed Destiny when I got my PS4. Having missed out on the DLC, I’ll bet there is a TON of new stuff to do, including Rise Of Iron! It’s a perfect holiday game to enjoy between PSVR sessions! :)

  • Will the Pre-Order be available for people from Asia? R3, I’m from Singapore

  • JaymeSpengler201

    Epic!!! Cant wait!!

  • I hope this years content is actually substantial. It is nice seeing Gally come back I just hope it retains Wolf Pack rounds and Seeking along with the great damage. Unfortunately even for those like myself who were on the fence that little trivial aspect is enough to sucker most of us back into the game.

    Destiny as a shooter and game is incredible but among it’s many issues has been the lack of content along with the unwarranted level & gear grinding each DLC. For us who have now bought the original game, first season pass, Taken King season pass, and now this I hope a friendlier price point for the DLC is in order. Quite frankly last years content did not amount to the price tag. Having said that I hope that old Raids will finally upgraded to provide more incentive for us to play them. The Vault is still one of the funnest, well balanced Raids in the game despite it’s continued bug/s. And please bring back some old faves like Zombie Apocalypse, The Cunning, best of all Fatebringer, VoC w/ elemental primary damage. Hopefully there’s just a ton more content here and not fluffed content like stripping us of everything and calling an entirely new set of weapons, armor part of the “massive update” this time.

  • OKAY! This actually looks pretty good!

  • I don’t comment on stuff. like, EVER. But this is too important.

    I think I speak for all year one players when I say, DARN IT BUNGIE!!!! YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! yet again, I have to pay for my game all over again, the stuff from the previous expansion is gonna get nerfed all over again, and if I don’t get this expansion then my light level will be so nerfed in comparison that I wont be able top do SQUAT. Thanks a lot Bungie. Thanks a lot.

  • Hype!!…I knew that leak was real,can’t wait to delve deeper into the Lords of Iron lore,Destiny has such a huge potential for story Bungie only needs to do it right like they did with Taken King.Lord Saladin looks great without the helmet and thats something rare to see from a character who was always hiding their face.$30 looks a bit expensive to me…cuz I paid $30 for the 3 DLCs but whatever Taken King has so much content that its insane,if Rise of iron is anything like it then it’ll be worth $30…I’m sure Bungie learned the lesson.

    Plus Gjallarhorn!! haha can’t wait.

    Ma only wish is:Don’t do the same crap you did with the Year 1 equipment.Better than that allow infuse to all Legendary Gear from both Year 1 and Year 2.

    • Forgot to say that looks like finally Bungie is giving some attention to Warlocks.Awesome looking good keep it up.

  • I am very stoked for this. About a month ago now me and a couple of friends decided to play Destiny for the first time in months. We immediately jumped into the Prison of Elders fighting Skolas. After numerous tries and being up until after 1-2AM we FINALLY took him down, and I have been hooked back on Destiny ever since. We still have a little bit of catching up to do with completing our first run of King’s Fall and running the Challenge of the Elders. By the time Rise of Iron releases, I am sure we will be ready.

  • Plz can there be a collectors edition? Plz, at least tell me if there isn’t gonna be one

  • This means if I want to play I have to buy The Taken King and then pay for the Rise of Iron?

    (I just have the y1 content downloaded)

  • I like how they took a gun away just to give it back to you as a pre-order bonus. Pure business.

    • “The Gjallarhorn is just one of the weapons you can earn in Rise of Iron (it even comes in Black if you pre-order).”

      Anyone can earn it, but pre-order gets the special Black skin for it.




  • What u guys mean we didn’t got what we pay for “The Taken King” expansion? We got the “Sleeper Simulant” & “Boolean Gemini” and Year 2 we got the “Chaperone”, “Vex Mythoclast”, “The Last Word”…an before that “Necrochasm”, “4th Horesman”, “Dragon Breath”, “Lord of Wolves”, “No Land Beyond”, “Sweet Business” an soo on…If i missed something then add to the list like “Zhalo Supercell”, “Zen Meteor” (Year 2 TTK) & Black Spidle as you guys please

  • Nice! It will be neat to see Rise of Iron bring in Year 3 of Destiny! Mostly excited for the new raid!

  • The new DLC does look awesome, I admit. But what if Destiny 2 comes out a few months later? Then , we all look like idiots. Personally, I think they should just keep adding content, like a true MMO.

  • In the old Xbox Halo days, Bungie would release their DLC’s for free once they had been out a while. What the Hell happened?

    • If I recall correctly, they did make the Dark Below content free once House of Wolves dropped.
      However, back in the Halo days, they didn’t run servers that players were constantly connected to in order to play. They regularly have sales on the Taken King Legendary Edition, which is everything released so far, and considering it’s basically an MMO with no subscription fee, being required to purchase the content to play it isn’t a bad deal, if someone enjoys the game enough to keep playing.

    • Games got more expensive to make and dlcs probably take up more space than most games on old school consoles

  • So if you bought the season pass at the time of the taken king dlc(year 2) is this dlc preordered for you or do you have to buy it, meaning its not apart of the dlc

  • If we have the season pass can we still get the Black jgallarhorn?

    • I was wondering the same thing, I’ve heard from a couple of other players that we are supposed to get it if you hsve the season pass.

  • hey what’s up dudes i have now just pre-order destiny the rise of iron and i am counting down the days for it to come out and that goes for the playstation vr to

  • So does this mark year 3? Or is it still year 2

  • So is rise of iron an update or a disc Jw

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