Injustice 2 Revealed, Coming to PS4 in 2017

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Injustice 2 Revealed, Coming to PS4 in 2017

We are super excited to announce the latest installment of the Injustice franchise, Injustice 2, coming to Playstation 4 in 2017. As the sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, we wanted to come out swinging. We’re doing all of the things you’d expect from a sequel. We’re adding new characters, new environments, and we’re taking environment destruction and interaction to the next level.

Injustice 2 Revealed, Coming to PS4 in 2017

But we didn’t want to stop there. At NetherRealm, we always want to make games that are fun, challenging and innovative. We strive to give players a level of control that makes playing our games a truly personal experience. For that reason, we have introduced a brand new Gear System, allowing players to build their own version of Superman, their Batman and ultimately, their Injustice Universe.

The Gear System uses RPG-like mechanics to reward you with loot drops every time you play the game. With each loot drop, you will earn character-specific gear to outfit and power up your roster – changing not only the look of each character, but your fight strategy and your personal approach to every match. As you gear up your characters, you’re building a roster of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains that reflects your choices, and your preferences, which can be vastly different than your opponents. A few play sessions in, you can expect your Aquaman to look and play different than anyone else’s Aquaman you may come across.

And of course we’re going to continue to tell the epic story of the Injustice Universe. When last we saw them, Superman was imprisoned in a Red Sun prison cell, while Batman was continuing the good fight against the forces that would see Superman’s tyranny back in power. Where do we go from here? And what new characters will join the fight? Of course you’ll have to play the game to find out. And we can’t wait for you to get your hands on this game. We’re excited to see your vision come to life on screen.

Stay tuned! We’ll continue to drop information as we lead up to our launch in 2017.

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  • All that LED light armor screams potential micro-transaction gold mine!!!


      So true. Or they will have chests or just drops you can buy to get more gear. I hope they get rid of so much micro-bull****-transactions.

    • I take it you kids don’t recall The Tomb.

  • TrueAssassin86x

    Cant wait the first injustice was my first Ps4 i ever owned and i enjoyed it cant wait to play injustice 2 i well pre-order

  • I hope this does not make another franchise succumb to microtransactions. It seems like almost every game has them now. Even games like Mortal Combat (PS4), where you can pay for free Fatalities. It is rather ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

    I like innovation and such. But please do not make it as a way to profit more for your consumer audience.

  • WolverinePatriot

    When are they going to show that Detective Chimp is a playable character?

  • Please consider putting Beast Boy in the game as a playable character if it’s not already a planned character ;)

    • I’m curious as to what new characters they will be adding. Most of them are dead already in the Injustice universe. lol

  • The fighting genre is the only genre left that hasn’t changed or innovated in the past decade imo..
    only the naruto games really did something different imo..
    not saying those other games are bad, but it’s the same thing for fighting games since the dawn of their existence ..just better graphics, micro transactions , more moves etc etc..

    really hope this improves further and takes the fighting genre a leap forward in innovation .. can’t wait!

  • Very excited for this, still haven’t got around to the first one yet though, I need to soon.

  • That trailer got me hype af rn. I guess I picked a good time to jump back into IGAU. Got bored with SFV since I only need the 1mil fight money trophy. Going for the IGAU platinum.

  • Mohammad_Ak-bar

    Khai de khai de xD

  • Loved the first game and will definitely play this one.

    • Rarely have I seen a game announcement so transparently centered around a microtransaction system.

      As someone who has played most major Warner Brothers games that have come out in recent memory, they tend to be on the cutting edge of money grubbing. Overpriced season passes with paper-thin content, pieces of the game locked behind a mobile app that is almost nothing but unbalanced grinding and randomness, and now loot crates.

      I have enjoyed the last three NetherRealm games, but knowledge of this game is less than two hours old and I’m already worried about it. That’s not how announcements should go.

    • @ MadLaughter – Well said.

  • Ugh skipping this one. This is as bad as they introduced the same ideas to tekken. Fights no longer made any sense and characters just came out looking like a sad joke. Then there is sfxt with their stupid gems.

    Look turning sequels into glorified customizable stats tables doesn’t work for every game. This better be something special as I’m not playing another soul calibur type system where choosing my items is more important than the character I’m picking.

    This is going to have serious balance issues I’m sure.

  • As much as I’m looking forward to this every WB and Netherrealm game has have a complete edition and I guranatee you this game will be no different. Looks like I’ll be playing this in 2018.

  • Really looking forward to this game. I only have one wish and it is for Flash to have alternate skins like Zoom or Reverse Flash (from the TV show).

  • Please put posion ivy I can related to her more then most DC Characters

  • This isn’t Civil War. Why are they all fighting each other? I thought they were all on the same “Justice” team.

  • awsome dudes

  • fanofeverything

    Finally I’ve Been Waiting For The Sequel Of Injustice. Woo! Man This Is Gonna Be Good. YES! YES! YES!

  • The story mode for Mortal Kombat was epic. I thought that the story mode for Injustice was really short and not as well done as Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe. If Injustice 2 delivers a good story mode, microtransactions can be overlooked. Still, microtransactions are definitely a turn-off.

    I will be keeping my eye out for developments. With WB’s recent history in badly botched releases, this is definitely not a pre-order. I like my fighting games so I want to see great reviews post launch! The day two or day three safe buy is better than playing Russian Roulette on Day One/Pre-order.

  • It would be NICE if spam posts like this one could be blocked, ban, deleted or any combo thereof. They pop up on every single post here!

  • Is that Bryan Cranston narroating?

  • Please tell me that the Gear system is optional, and there are many mode that you can play without Gear. the original Injustice was a great game because of its great fighting mechanics and it’s clear love of the DC universe. It just reeks of SFxT all over again, and arguably the Gems in that game killed any longevity (along with some other factors too).

  • are there playable LGBT characters?

    with the stills shown here, it looks like there is a focus on light. can we expect multi-bounce GI now that your engine doesn’t have to be cross-gen?

  • Nice news but lol they’re all in the edge of becoming Transformers…you devs and your crazy ideas.Well I didn’t fully played the 1st one yet but I know game is good so looking forward to this one too and I hope their normal outfits will be an option.Just make sure the game looks like a PS4 game…Injustice 1 was pretty ugly for a PS3 game,come on MK X looks great make Injustice 2 look somewhat like it.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Can’t wait. Love Supergirl, she’s legit one of my faves. So glad she’s joining the fight. =D

    The Injustice comic series has been fantastic too, BY FAR some of the best comics I’ve read in recent years. Consider me a happy DC fanboy. =)

  • Change the look of your character? Please tell me I can recreate the classic look for Superman or Batman with underwear as well!

  • Which DCU movies are coming out soon?

    There are our new characters.

    Being as Boon is under Warner’s thumb I seriously doubt we’ll get any new interesting non movie related characters.
    Come on Boon, give me an Ultra Boy, an Arak, Jemm, WIlddog, Ambush Bug, I’d even take Captain Carrot over the predicable bunch we will get

  • It’s a very interesting idea to take some of the most well-established characters of all-time, and be able to customize their look and movesets. I’ll be interested in seeing how many variations there are and just how much flexibility there is in the system.

  • Soooo from that the characters shown are Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman. Supergirl, Arkham Knight/Red Hood. There was a strange gun shown in the opening (initializing?) sequence showing gear so maybe Cap Cold? And in the monologue I heard “being reborn each time I enter the pit”. Ras Al Ghul? The first trailer seemed iffy but regardless I am way too excited for this game. It’s long overdue

    • madmanwithabox12

      That’s not Red Hood. It’s Batman Beyond. Which from the looks of it, is just one of the gear sets/costumes for Batman and not a separate character.

      How are so many people getting this wrong?

    • It is Captain Cold’s gun, its hard to see but if you look at the tiny computer font to the side of the gun it says Captain Cold and I agree that that is Ra’s al Ghul, glad to see someone else was looking for hidden stuff…

    • Also the one that is doing the scanning is Brother Eye

  • Golden-Warrior_X

    Injustice was the first fighting game I ever bought cuz i’m into different genres but I like superheros a lot. But…there’s too many characters and moves to remember for me!

  • ThatWhiteGuyyyy2

    I think the new gear system is going to be a great addition and more focused on changing the play style and appearance of the characters rather then making them unbalanced. They said that they’ve made environmental interaction and even bigger part of the game, so being able to change gear can really play into this. For example Batman can’t pick and throw heavy objects but if you give him power armour he could, changing the gameplay quite a bit. And the gear can also change the move sets quite a bit too, you could have a batman beyond styled gear that’s more finess and gadget oriented or BvS power armored batman that’s an absolute brute. Netherealm did an incredible design job in the last game and I can’t wait to see all that they created with the addition of these new variations that they create and that are pulled from the comics and movies. So it’s no longer just a reskin of a character, but changed to make the character actually fight and move like the gear is based off of/or suppose to be.

    • Im somewhat the opposite of you in the comment i posted. (Might be somewhere here. You will probably have to scroll through quite a bit though)


  • I am about to state my honest opinion and possibly rant on about what this game may become.

    So i loved the original Injustice. It was one of the first games i got for my xbox 360 and i played it for at least 100 hours. But this one? I think it will be one of those cases where it is good, but not as good as the original. And on top of that, a gear system? If you ask me, it looks like some mobile-copying microtransaction bull and i am not happy with it. However, i am not completely cynical and if it turns out to be 9/10 and 10/10 material, you can count me in.

    But Warner Brothers, NetherRealm, everybody, please, for the love of god, make something good. Make something worth playing for another 100+ hours. Make something we will enjoy, without the needless microtransactions, and the overpriced season pass. Dont add microtransactions just to make money and a few million “box openings” by youtubers that ake everyone else fell bad.

    With all that being said though, i have hope that it will work. Best of luck to you guys.

  • when i saw it the first time i got chills. i loved the first game and i will def be getting this one.

  • Everything sounds intriguing! Been waiting for some RPG-like progression for YEARS, and the armor system seems the easiest way to do it. Give players skill points, and balance different pieces by making them cost more skill points. Yet no one’s done it really yet. Now you guys are doing this, and Devolver is doing that Absolver game – where were these RPG fighter hybrid systems a decade ago!? lol.

    Anyway, I loved the first Injustice – it plays so much better, more responsive and quicker than MK’s canned combos. CAN’T wait for I2! Though I do hope, next year, WWE Immortals makes the leap to consoles. Until we hear from NetherRealm and 2K that it ISN’T happening, I’ll be crossing my fingers. It’s by far the only interesting thing anyone’s done with WWE since All-Stars (developed by your one-time companion studio, THQ San Diego, well, back when they were Midway San Diego and made Shaolin Monks. Of COURSE they would’ve made a great WWE game)

  • Really enjoyed injustice ultra edition through plus it is a fantastic game. Very fun and I love all of the environment moves and things like that in the game truly a nice fighter.

  • They always deliver the best experience.. BUT i hope they dont add microtransactions cause what stops someone from spending $100 and being OP asff?? But we will see Hope its at E3!

  • I really enjoyed injustice: gods among us I’m so excited to get the game I can’t wait, although I’m really hoping to see the Jason Todd aka the red Hood in injustice 2 I really hope he makes his appearance along with Tim Drake or Damian Wayne Aka “robins”

  • I wish companies would remember games should first and foremost be about fun, not profit. There is nothing fun about grinding for boxes or paying possibly hundreds of dollars to get items.

    It’s a detriment which will make it less appealing to buy. Simply, less fun means fewer sales which means less profit, which is what these schemes are after. Same with making games $100+ with season passes means sensible people will just wait for deals when it’s better value for money. Lower playerbase in a fighting game isn’t a good idea for long term health.

    Putting stat changing items in a game with a competitive setting is beyond silly too.

  • Please put it on PS3 as well. There are still people without ps4’s

  • Please for the love of god put batgirl as a playable character just please oh and maybe starfire thank you

  • Luka_Megurine25

    It’s messed up that they aren’t making it for PS3. Makes me so mad. I’m not going to buy a PS4 just for one guy plus I don’t have the money for it

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