How We Soar Swoops onto PlayStation VR in Q4 2016

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How We Soar Swoops onto PlayStation VR in Q4 2016

Hi everybody, my name is Tom Turner, Managing Director at Penny Black Studios — a small developer from the UK midlands with some very big dreams. Made up of former staff members from teams such as Free Radical Design and Crytek, we came together in 2015 with a single goal in mind: to take you to places you’ve never seen before and explore in ways not previously possible, all through the power of VR. So, here we are one year later and we’re really excited to be sharing with you our first game — How We Soar, designed for PlayStation VR!

How We Soar is a VR flight experience that gives you the chance to take up the reins of a beautiful, giant Phoenix and explore an enchanting world. With your DualShock 4 controller becoming your reins, you will find yourself seated on the back of this mythical creature and in full control of its every swoop, glide, and dive.

Your Phoenix can gain great speed as you fly, giving a thrilling VR experience as you rush past the environment. Or you can just take it easy, even slowing down to a hover, just so you can take in the scenery. How you fly is entirely up to you!

Everything from the environment to the characters to the Phoenix itself is fashioned in a unique papercraft art style, giving everything you see a very distinct and tactile appearance. One of the coolest things about the game is how you interact with the world around you. Each level that you enter will appear strangely shredded, torn and unfolded.

Through the simple act of flight and exploration, you will cause the world around you to react, curl, and reform into recognizable environments. As you do this, you will uncover many story secrets, as well as restore color to the world, simply by flying close to each surface — painting by flight!

The world that you explore has been created in the mind and memories of “The Author.” You will travel back and forth between the realms of reality and fantasy with the goal of uncovering the memories hidden within and piecing together the tale of The Author’s life.

How We Soar will be launching later this year for PlayStation VR and we can’t wait to show you more.

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4 Author Replies

  • Looks and sounds intriguing. VR is the future of games, so I’ll be supporting every title I can. I hope to see more soon!

    • It is the future that will coexist with current gaming it won’t fully replace it VR is still in its infancy I’m excited about it though

    • Of course it won’t replace it. Never said that but it’s the next step in gaming like online and HD was last gen.

  • Interesting indeed… Looking forward to seeing more.

    But why not just title the game “Soar”?

    • Hey there, back when we were considering titles, “Soar” was on the table, but when we looked at the game’s narrative, the “book” theme built into the visuals (that you might have noticed in the trailer) and the overall experience that we’re going for, we thought a name more like the title of a novel would be most appropriate. But we’ll talk more about that later ;-)

  • I’m interested to know what are the gameplay differences between this game and Ubi’s Eagle Flight, it’s weird having to bird games on PSVR at launch.

    • Hey there, we’re going to be talking more about the game soon, so it should become clear that they’re two very different games. :-)

  • This could potentially be the new Okami for the PS4

  • It looked great and I thought “yeah another nice small game for the Ps4” and then I read VR. Too bad.

    • You read VR after you saw it? VR is in the title though. o.O

      Have you tried any of the new VR headsets for gaming? PS VR, Vive, Rift?

  • Looks stunning. Having tried PSVR recently, I can only imagine how this would look and feel.

  • How we soar reminds me of the experience of Flower. With Flower I was drawn into a completely different world and enthralled to see what would happen next. The video shows me tremendous potential – made me hopeful for such a wonderful experience. I am really looking forward to trying the experience of this game. Thank you for showing us what is coming soon. :)

    • High praise indeed to be mentioned alongside such a fantastic game/experience. We’ll do our absolute best to deliver!

  • This sounds and looks similar to Entwined. (The game with the bird and the fish)

    The music and sound design are VERY similar, and the phoenix design reminds me of the dragon you play as when you merge together at the end of each level in that game.

    That’s not entirely a bad thing though. I loved Entwined!

    This looks interesting and seems like a nice relaxing distraction from the world.

  • Sounds like an intriguing concept, I’m excited for games built for vr from the ground up and not just shoehorned in. I hope to see more soon.

  • This looks great – like Flower with a Tearaway aesthetic! What a beautiful trailer, too :-)

  • TrueAssassin86x

    Cant Play without VR equals NO Buy from me

  • I like the art style, reminds me of Tearaway. Music and the idea seem very nice. I will be looking into this more in the future.

  • I’m very impressed. Most VR games are so stationary. The game looks beautiful. Thank you for taking risks.

  • Gorgeous music! Love the artstyle! I hope the game has something to say or at least makes me feel something. Will keep an eye on this one.

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