Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Comes to PS4 This Summer (Update)

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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Comes to PS4 This Summer (Update)

Update: We are sorry to announce that, due to unplanned issues with the distribution of the game in the United States and Canada, the release of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter will be postponed for a release during Summer 2016 on PS4.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will keep you updated on the progress and let you know when you will be able to purchase your copy of the game.


Hello, PlayStation.Blog! This is Aurélie from Frogwares studio. We’re really happy to present our latest trailer, a glimpse into Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Comes to PS4 This Summer (Update)

As you know, each of our games plunges Holmes into a new situation which pushes him to his limits. It’s always fun to see the hero suffer, isn’t it?

What if Holmes risks losing everything this time? No, not his reputation; something far more precious…

A New Holmes

Some people have asked us why we changed Holmes; I’m going to use this post to answer that.

A cold and “old school”‘ Holmes can work really well when it comes to playing a detective who is manipulative and/or unfeeling. This time around, though, we wanted him to be open to emotion. We needed a character who was a credible father. Clumsy — OK, but still loving.

So we reworked it that way to create a strong emotional bond between Holmes and his daughter, Katelyn.

But you can’t modify just one character — you need balance. Katelyn has to be cheeky and reactive, Watson a believable friend, everyone around them dynamic.

In other words, it’s not a matter of making cosmetic changes, but rather a fundamental change to the game itself.

Therefore, the game universe has to be modern and open. While there are still investigations drawing Holmes’ attention, our Baker Street has come to life; thus we had to revitalize all the other areas too.

In The Devil’s Daughter, the suspects appeal to Holmes’ sentiments, the situations remind him of his duties, and his conclusions are not without consequence for life in Baker Street.

The world around Holmes is now more than just a stage prop: it acts and reacts.

We’ve changed the depth, but not the DNA. So if you’re worried, don’t be. The gameplay presents the same dynamic: it doesn’t renounce the classic Sherlock Holmes fundamentals of conducting the investigation and uncovering the truth. You know how much we like deducing! We still want you to feel like you’re an extraordinary detective!

It’s just that the investigations, while still as complex, are darker and leave more room for emotion.

Why? Quite simply because the more intense the cases, the deeper they twist the knife. Let me explain: when he sets off on an investigation, Holmes thinks he is leaving his problems with his daughter behind him. But the darkness of the stories only serves to reflect his mistakes all the more clearly.

Who is he to demand the truth when he can’t speak it to his own daughter? What right does he have to decide the fate of the unlucky when he himself does harm?

So take a deep breath and make your own decisions! Darkness and grey matter. Love and humour. Action and questions… We hope you’ll have something to mull over starting June 10 this summer on PS4!

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  • WesterosTrueKing

    Digital or/and retail for North America? I haven’t been able to pre-order this anywhere for console!

  • Should someone have played the last Sherlock Holmes game to be on board with the story?

    • Nope, no need to play the other Sherlock Holmes games to get the story of this one, all of them are kind of stand alone even if there are some small connection in between each of them :)

  • TrueAssassin86x

    I have my eyes on this game but i dont know if i wanna buy it yet or not. I guess you could say i’m mulling it over ;)

  • Why can’t i pre-order this in PS Store as digital ? i don’t see it in PS Store is so strange. i has 133.68 in my PS Store wallet.. that so frustrating

    • TrueAssassin86x

      We all know your trolling the max amount the wallet can hold is 120.00$

    • OMG i am not trolling. max is 150.00. not 120.00

    • Max is 150. 120 is barely 2 new games and they want you to be able to buy all that fun DLC to go along with them.

    • You should never keep more than 5 dollars in your wallet and always remove your cc/paypal details after transaction. Best to use PSN cards.


      Looking forward to this when it comes out, wish I had a PS4 to play this. Will have to wait it out.

  • So… Physical release? Cause I can’t preorder and I’m not buying a 60$ Digital game. Which is sad cause I really like these games but seems I’m waiting till its discounted before I pick it up or wait till its on plus.

  • This is what is said on the Sherlock Homes games Facebook page.

    Hi everybody!
    Unfortunately, we’ve had major issues with our release date in the US and Canada, preventing us from releasing the game at the planned and announced date, we so have to postpone it to a release during summer 2016… :(
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Of course, we will keep you updated of the progress through our social media and let you know when you will be able to purchase your copy of the game in retail stores.
    Nevertheless, the PC version of the game will be available for everybody through Steam on June 10th :)

    • Their PR team sucks to write this PS blog post on the same day that you postpone the game on this platform. No need to add the last line about the PC release either. They need to get it together.

    • The marketing team is getting better and better. Guess they don’t want jobs anymore.

    • The trailer does say Summer 2016 instead of June 10

  • Is there a story thread running through the game? Past Holmes games just had several different cases, with really no main story line.

  • @Aurélie Ludot, can you please confirm what is going on with this release in North America? I would like to pre-order, but there are no details on a physical release at any retail outlets like GameStop, or Amazon, etc. Thank you for your quick reply, I know many of us are eager to dive in.

  • This’ll go onto my ‘maybe if I run out of stuff to do’ list. There’s definitely some interest, but it just can’t compete with this summer’s stacked lineup.

  • Too bad….I’m making $100 an hour laughing at you online.

  • This is one of those series that has just been plugging away for years, slowly improving and doing it’s own thing. And now it legitimately looks really awesome and I figure it’s time for me to dive in and see what’s it about! I’m looking forward to some coverage for this; if a Giant Bomb Quick Look, for instance, looks good, I’m sold on this :)

  • This looks gloriously good. I loved Crimes & Punishments so very much and it’s nice to see another high quality looking entry in the franchise. Thanks frogwares!

  • No replies… I was hoping they address the delay guess not. Well on the bright side their will be plenty of reviews and spoiler filled coverage till it hits North America ps4 and by then I can make an educated guess on if I’d like It or even want to play it. Rats.

  • Any update for time of release ?

  • Any updates on whether this is coming to PS4 in NA?

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