PlayStation Blogcast 211: Overwatch and Out

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PlayStation Blogcast 211: Overwatch and Out

E3 2016 is just over a week away! Nick, Justin, and I take a break from the madness to sing the praises of Overwatch, Downwell, and Doom. And a special treat at the end of the show: a spoilericious Spoilercast dedicated to Uncharted 4. Enjoy!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Overwatch: how Blizzard’s new shooter carves its own path
  • DOOM
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, out Tuesday
  • Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, also out Tuesday
  • E3! It’s almost here!
  • Oxenfree is out now on PS4
  • Justin’s Hollywood debut at the Powers Season 2 premiere
  • The McElroy bros commentating on 100ft Robot Golf
  • More robo-spam emails :|

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The Cast

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Sid Shuman – Social Media Sr. Manager, SIEA
Nick Suttner – Lead Account Manager, SIEA
Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA

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4 Author Replies

  • Happy pre-E3 guys! Hope you have a great show and I’m looking forward to all your coverage :-)

  • I need advice some guy invited me to a party chat(audio) and he was making statements like see you in a bit and that they were hacking me and acquiring my IP address i just want to report him but have no idea how because he never sent a message just over an audio file.(party chat not even a sent audio text) i am a little concerned how should i go about this?

  • Thanks for finding some time to do a show this week guys. I can’t wait to see what all you have planned for E3 this year.

    Love the spoilercast for Uncharted 4 and hearing your thoughts on it. I loved so many moments from that game and I’m pretty sure it will end up being my GOTY for 2016. I expect it to rack up the awards much like Witcher 3 did last year. Well done to Naughty Dog and can’t wait for the single player DLC.

  • I almost thought ya’ll done gone AWOL on us for 2 weeks straight!

    Can’t wait to listen tomorrow.


    Nick, I think the moment you´re talking about is when you´re with Elena. The music is amazing and the moment itself is truly beautiful.

  • Hello Sid,

    I wanted to ask where is “No Man’s Sky” for pre order?

    It was taken off the pre order area and has never been put back on. Please get this on the PSN Store this week with the new 9 August 16 date.

    Thank you,

    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Why can’t we get the same pre order items for this game like PSN Store in Europe does? We get 10 Avatar pictures but they get Ship, 10,000 U, Multi Tool Upgrade, and I believe a Dynamic Theme. Couldn’t we combine these two pre order offers so that everyone get everything. If not I would rather the NA PS Store change the pre order goodies so that it’s fair for the entire PS Nation.


    • I’m sure NMS will be back up soon for preorder. As for the preorder bonuses, good question… I’ll inquire!

  • i think the customers should receive an email to let us know that the blogcast is up 4 that week

  • Sid,

    I wasn’t particularly captivated by the Overwatch beta either, but now I can’t seem to get off! As a fellow proponent of team deathmatch in shooters, I don’t think implementing the variant into Overwatch is impossible. Nor do I agree with the idea that certain characters would become useless in the context of team deathmatch. When you use the word “limiting” to describe team deathmatch, I can’t help but feel that lack of the variant is even more limiting.

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