Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Combat Detailed in New Dev Diary

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Combat Detailed in New Dev Diary

Hello PlayStation fans, Dom here from Ninja Theory. Work continues on our upcoming PlayStation 4 title Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and today I’m very happy to be sharing with you a new development diary video – Episode 23 in our open development series. In this diary we give an update on Hellblade’s combat gameplay and show new footage of the game in action.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Combat Detailed in New Dev Diary

Over the past six weeks or so our small team of 16 people has been focused on taking some big strides forward with the look, feel and sound of Hellblade’s combat gameplay. This has included painstaking work from our combat designer to iterate over and over on the feel of Senua’s moves in battle, the blending of motion-captured stunts with hand-animation to bring through both character and realism in Senua’s movement, and the building of an environment in which to demo Senua’s new skills.

And that’s not to mention the character art, FX, audio, cinematics and programming time that has gone into moving our game’s combat further along the road to completion. We still have a long way to go, but we’re happy with the progress that we’re making.

Hellblade development continues at full speed here at Ninja Theory. As our combat group continues to develop Senua’s combat, the rest of the team are turning their attention to different areas of the game.

We’re regularly shooting scenes for the game in our in-house homemade performance capture studio and we are excited to be continuing our work with a great group of actors that are performing the various voices that Senua hears throughout our journey.

Our composer, Andy LaPlegua, is due to visit the studio to plan out the game’s remaining music and a small group within the team is taking on the task of breaking the back of Senua’s movement outside of combat. We look forward to coming back to PlayStation.Blog soon with another update.

If you like what you’ve seen in our latest development diary, you can catch up with all of Hellblade work so far in our previous diaries. Set aside an afternoon and enjoy 22 episodes (!) of diaries covering everything from Hellblade’s music & environment building through to performance capture and character art. All previous diaries can be found on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for all of your support so far from everyone in the Hellblade team.

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  • Looking fantastic so far, and really digging the atmosphere a lot. Definitely on my watch list of titles coming out in the future.

  • Keep the good work!!! I hope to see more at E3.

  • This is looking AMAZING! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keep up the great work!!!

  • When I saw combat footage months ago, I felt nervous. I was missing the feeling of weight.

    After seeing the last video, and how the motion capture has translated into current combat animation, I feel much more confident and excited. I have a great affection for Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, and want this game to succeed. Beautiful work, looking forward to more!

  • TrueAssassin86x

    Cant wait but a releases date and a pre-order announcement would be nice though :)

  • Looking forward to the game, looking forward to a release date. Day 1 purchase!

  • Excellent!

  • Should’ve just made the combat similar to heavenly sword and/or DmC.

  • Amazing job! Day 1 for me. I really like what they are doing.

  • Balor Club!!!

  • Seems like the kind of game where story will be most important motivator driving players to continue on with the journey. Outside of that this reminds of game like Ryse where it is very linear movement and simple mash mash combat.

  • Looks promissing, but is this going to be another one of those games which prouds himself of being EXTREMELY HARD, like Nioh, Bloodborne, etc..? If it will, please let me know now so I can forget about it. I hope publishers and game makers realize many players have enough to do in their lifes other than spending all the time they want us to in front of our consoles. If this will include a variety of difficulty options, than I’ll be all for it.

    • “another one of those games which prouds himself of being EXTREMELY HARD, like Nioh, Bloodborne”
      ” I hope publishers and game makers realize many players have enough to do in their lifes other than spending all the time they want us to in front of our consoles. ”

      You know games being “extremely hard” as you say used to be the normal even for casual players during the golden age of gaming. If you think you must also finish a title in one sitting then perhaps you need a new hobby.

    • There’s this crazy concept of “variety” and “tastes”. Pick the ones that suit you from the many games available instead of asking the challenging ones to be watered down.

  • I’m eagerly anticipating this release! I’ve been excited since announcement Day 1 and this diary only increases that excitement. Will be buying at launch!

  • Finally! Finally we see some gameplay, instead of exclusively being shown the far less important storytelling stuff desperately holding up “mental illness” as a reach for critical approval. I have to say, this has been a frustrating project to watch because of that focus; it’s a game, not some short oscar-bait art film ;) Thankfully, this looks like it plays pretty great. Ninja Theory games always have great combat, but I was always worried to see if the stylish action and precise control they’re famous for would translate to slower, more deliberate Dark Souls-style stuff. Still looks pretty cool, thankfully. I really needed to see a Dev Diary like this to put HellBlade back on my radar, as it’s just looked & sounded so, so boring up until now. I never want to see you guys end up like dontnod; Remember Me was a far better game than their “indie darling” Life Is Strange, after all. Don’t turn into one of those studios that pivots into “indie darling”, barely interactive nonsense that finds a niche audience because it resonates with people who hate, y’know, ACTUALLY PLAYING GAMES. Keep doing you, NT – eventually your awesome action games will get the acclaim they deserve!

  • I also hope, sometime in the future, Funcom asks you guys to make a Conan the Barbarian and/or Red Sonja game (since they currently control that license for games). Man, that would be a match made in Heaven :)

  • Looks fantastic! Quick question, will Hellblade support ps move? The move controller would be perfect for this.

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