New Update for Sharefactory: Track 2, Green Screen and More

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New Update for Sharefactory: Track 2, Green Screen and More

Today, we are releasing update 1.08 for Sharefactory, which includes some very cool features.

One of the biggest changes to Sharefactory is the introduction of Track 2, which gives you the ability to add a second gameplay video from your Capture Gallery to your projects. This means your gameplay videos can use various picture-in-picture layouts for side-by-side gameplay video playback, with the ability to add effects. This replaces the previous Commentary Track gives you more editing options to bring your creative videos to life, so we hope you’ll have fun with it!

SHAREfactory Update 1.08

We have also added Chroma-key support to video Commentary, so you can use green screen or white screen in your project, as well as a cut-out mode. Using Chroma-key effects, you can personalize your videos to look like a livestream with animated backgrounds, Sharefactory theme art, as well as your own screenshots from your Capture Gallery.

SHAREfactory Update 1.08

For those who like to create playthrough videos, great news – we’re also increasing the video export time limit to 60 minutes. You can also export your Sharefactory videos in the background while you are on the PS4 home screen. Plus, based on the community feedback, we’ve enhanced the Move Clip function so you can arrange of your video clips much easier.

Other features in this update include:

  • Text layers can now rotate
  • 2 new music tracks
  • 15 new filter effects
  • Video Commentary clips are now saved to the Capture Gallery for easier access as well as reuse in multiple projects
  • Trim Lock feature making it easier to trim clips while not altering the overall length of your project

We’re eager to see your creativity using the new features of Track 2, plus the rest of the additions with this update. Our continued growth and support from the community keeps us working hard to enhance your video editing experience on the PS4. Keep the comments coming, and have fun with 1.08!

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3 Author Replies

  • Yay you added move clips back and a while bunch of new features like saving video commentaries which could be used for a intro :D good job

  • How about making recording time longer than 15 minutes

  • Chillionaire_NW

    Amazing app keeps getting better !

  • Every time I record a commentary my mic is so much louder and worse than when I record a gameplay and talk in it. Plz fix.

    • By default they expect your commentary to be heard over the gameplay, so they start the gameplay at 80% volume and have higher volume default on the commentary volume. You can adjust that per your needs.

      The main flaw they have is they should let you set your own defaults, and doing splits and other edits shouldn’t reset to the defaults like they do (or did before 1.08).

  • Excellent. Very cool additions.

  • Amazing update, thank you very much!

    However, for that new 60-minute to be actually used for playthrough videos, the PS4 should have an option to save the 15-minute gameplay chunks to files automatically.

    No one is going to go to their Share menu to save their playthrough videos every 15 minutes manually. If they were automatically saved by the PS4, then all it would take is to paste them together in Sharefactory, which would be much more doable.

    Right now the only reliable way to archive playthroughs is through streaming to YouTube, and that is greatly dependent on your upload speed (and fills your video with those ugly notification blockers).

    You guys should contact the firmware guys to make this happen :)

    Keep up the good work!

    • Just to add to this, I know that you can double-tap the Share button and it will automatically generate a video file after 15 minutes, but the point here is that it’s humanly impossible to start recording another video after that without losing some seconds of gameplay in-between, not to mention that it is quite imersion-breaking to be worrying about this constantly while you play. If the PS4 could handle this for us, it would be perfect.

    • This is the official place to request new features

      First search and see if someone else already requested the same (and then vote/comment on it). If not, post your own. Then hopefully others find and like and vote up your feature request. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to get other gamers attention on your idea and encourage them to vote (post about it in forums, link to your idea, etc). Whatever has enough votes from the community, and is feasible to implement ends up getting prioritized into a future firmware update (or even future console sometimes, if the current console can’t do it).

      Much of why PS4 came out so great is because people took the shortcomings of PS3, put in the time to help prioritize the features important to the gamers, and helped Sony understand and prioritize those features into the PS4 design from the start.

  • Still looking forward to the ability to add in mp4 video so i can use my youtube intro with the videos i creat on share factory.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We receive a lot of requests for this feature. Glad you enjoy the app!

    • Yes – I’d like this too! Was just looking down the posts before requesting it myself! Great updates though, bust need to add .mp4 like you can .mp3’s. Cheers!

  • it would also be nice to get a video example for these updates please.

  • So we can’t just record commentary anymore.

  • awesome

  • Please add Game Characters Stickers Packs, like PlayStation, Lego, Disney, Skylanders, etc, for Title Screens.

  • Love the time length extension. Don’t need 60min but increase from 15 is much appreciated.

    • Think y’all are getting that wrong…article doesn’t say video recording lenght extended to 60 min.

  • Ha nice update but I wonder if it has fixed the problem of PS4 not recording the last 15 minutes of gameplay properly.I record a lot of videos and this is being a major trouble for me.Problem probably introduced by the latest system update which needs to be fixed ASAP.

    I know sharefactory updates ain’t got nothing to do with Share button functionalities since its something changed by the system updates but its just ironic to have sharefactory updates while the Share button is not working properly.

  • Can we get a Smite theme for Share Factory? Smite is pretty big competitively and I would like a theme for it when j share my videos. Please work with Hi-Rez on that. Thanks.

  • Yes!! Thank you. I can now do more with my videos.

  • Hey PlayStation why didn’t you put in your article that you banned/took away certain audio files. Find it really funny I added a bunch of Peter Griffin sound clips to my sharefactory and now none of them work. So I would like some answer ammidiatly to why you hav banned sound files on sharefactory. I am extremely ****ed I cant use my Peter Griffin sound clips. So what was in the new update? Are we now banned from importing .wav .mp3 .any sound clip wtf

  • If you guys look it’s 80 Minutes not 60

  • Sharefactory says I can create a 80 minute video lol. Does anyone else have 80 Minutes or do you have 60?

    • We allow 80 minutes of video on the timeline for editing and arranging clips but the final export is only 60 minutes. Think of the extra 20 minutes as scratch or workspace. Thanks!

  • This is a great update but what my share factory really needs is 2 extra audio tracks. So I can add my own sound effects on top of the music. And so I can fade music tracks into each other

  • I have a question if u have a ps. camera or whatever, does this mean u can do face cam cuz I wanna know cuz if I do buy a ps camera I wanna know for sure so it’s not a waste of money

  • dark_matter2121

    How about a “fade in. Fade out” option for overlays? (i.e. text, stickers, ect.)
    Would also like to see screenshots implemented into the track 2 feature.
    As far as added features for the future; import video clips of our own would be great. And importing pictures. Maybe even sound effects?
    The new update is great, hopefully the next one can have those others :)

    • dark_matter2121

      Oh, and also maybe an animation option for text. Like shaking (to express rage), spinning, slide in… as far as text goes, I’d love to make it so that I can have subtitles that pop as I speak and so far there is now easy way to do that

    • You can already fade in and out. Use the black screen and choose “transition” and “from color/to color”

  • Thanks guys!!! My friends and I have had so much fun with ShareFactory. It is such a great tool that you made better.
    I love that you added the second video track! We tried to see if you had a feature like this back when my buddy and I both destroyed separate walkers at the same time in Battlefront. Now we can throw those in a side-by-side video. Thank you so much!

    • Definitely better. i mostly use sharefactory to upload my wwe2k16 videos (since you know there’s no custom music option for the games lol) so my videos can have the music since we have the usb import feature but this has definitely made it alot better. with the 2nd track option i can do a double feature replay and somewhat simulate how wcw used to do their Battle Royal matches.

  • well i’m going to be able to actually add the real WWE Raw Double Feature Replays to my videos now! Awesome!

  • HELP!!!! Not sure if its the most recent update but my Sharefactory application will not start! Error code CE-30012-6. Does this need to be patched before I can use it again? If I delete and re-install the application will I lose my saved videos as I cannot see application save data for Sharefactory so it must be saved in the game data?

    Thank you anyone who can help.

    • Suart . Im so glad this app is doing good and seeing all the peoples positive replies . Keep up the good work man .


  • Do you have some good developer vids and tutorials? Thanks

  • Has the clip limit been increased from 50? It’d be amazing to have increased it to 100 or even more!

  • The problem is the audio issue hasn’t been fixed. Even at 200% it’s mouse squeak quiet. When is this getting fixed?

  • Does any music you add still go out of sync during the videos?

  • Can you not add other commentaries, can you only add one and not edit it?

  • Do you need PlayStation Camera to record facecam

  • Is there still a limit on how many times you can cut a clip?

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