POWERS Season 2: Watch Episode 1 for Free

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POWERS Season 2: Watch Episode 1 for Free

Hello once again, my darling PlayStation nation! I hope you were able to get outdoors on your long weekend, because Powers Season 2 launches today with its first three episodes in the US and Canada! Episode one is completely free to everyone on PlayStation Store, or you can watch it in full on PlayStation’s YouTube below (let me know what you think!).

POWERS Season 2: Watch Episode 1 for Free

Starting with episode two, active PlayStation Plus members can continue to watch for free, with new episodes dropping each week until the season finale on July 19.

Season 2 delves into the storyline made famous by the first comic “Who Killed Retro Girl?” as the Powers Division investigates the shocking murder of world-famous superhero Retro Girl, and the mysteries that her death uncovers. In addition to the return of Sharlto Copley (Det. Christian Walker), Susan Heyward (Det. Deena Pilgrim), Logan Browning (Zora) and Olesya Rulin (Calista), Season 2 welcomes Michael Madsen (Supershock), Tricia Helfer (Agent Lange) and Wil Wheaton (Conrad Moody) to the already very talented cast. We want to thank all of the PlayStation Nation for the countless support that you’ve shown since our Powers journey began two years ago. The team behind Powers has been hard at work making season two more action-packed than the last and we hope you will enjoy it!

And, for those hardcore Powers fans, as was announced last week, After Powers premieres today on Machinima’s YouTube Channel at 8:00pm PT — a weekly talk show discussing the week’s episode with creators and stars of the show. Hosted by Chloe Dykstra, this week’s After Powers will feature executive producer Remí Aubuchon and Olesya Rulin.

Before we go, we all had a blast at last week’s premiere and wanted to share some pictures of our Powers friends and family, take a look!

Powers Season 2 Premiere

Powers Season 2 Premiere


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  • I’m ready to watch all three tonight, cannot wait!!!

    • CommandingTiger

      We would love to see this in Canada.
      Netflix can do it with Daredevil so can you.

      Also, we want to be able to download movies off the PS Store for our PS4 not just the PS3.
      I ain’t buying Movie “streams” because then I might as well just stay with Netflix.

  • Season 2 is out and I’m still waiting for Season 1 to come out here in Canada.

  • US and Canada…. how sweet…

  • Rewatched s1 throughout weekend n still wasn’t ready for that ending. My body is ready for s2

  • Surely this should be available to ALL paying PS+ members regardless to where they are in the world

  • Can someone compare this series with something else that’s on TV (or used to be)?

    Do I need to watch Season 1 before Season 2? (this might be answered after knowing S2.E1 ‘s connection to S1)

    • I don’t want to sound disrespectful to either series but it’s hard not to draw some parallels to Heroes in the premise (people with special powers) but the approaches and style are way different.

      Heroes was about keeping secret what powers people had, and controlling them, while the universe in Powers embraces people with these and they see what might happen in reality if this were true (people with powers having agents, label deals, celeb status etc.)

      Style is a bit more edgy compared to Heroes as well thanks to being on PS Originals and having looser guidelines than cable

      While the promo content for Season 2 likely spoiled lots of Season 1, I think it’s worth watching it first! There are a lot of good moments for characters and learning who they are, and it’s free for PS+

    • +dead-sync

      Thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed Heroes causally, guess I’ll check out Powers.

  • soundandvision77

    Nice to finally have Season 1 in Canada too. I hope it’s interesting.

  • This is your own show, why do you IP lock it? Being stationed overseas, I haven’t been able to eatch this show, despite being a PS+ member. Would love to see it, but have been overseas since 2010 (long before this show) and will be until at least 2019 if not longer. Netflix makes their originals work internationally, why can’t y’all? Surely you own the rights?

  • Watching Season 2 episode 2. I’m hooked like the first season. Playstation plus members should give 3 Episodes per week lol

  • Doctor_Hank_Pym

    Canada, finally!!! I never understood why it was blocked here to begin with, considering it’s a PSN exclusive product with no local syndication rights held by or purchasable by a Canadian network.

    Anyway, Brian, thanks, and I’m looking forward to watching it from the beginning!

  • “…in the US and Canada!” I hadn’t realized that it was now available in Canada too; nicely done. Hopefully Season 1 is on the PlayStation Store as well, so I can get caught up, before diving into Season 2.

  • Really loving the look of the new season!

  • Why is the episode no longer available on youtube?

  • Wasn’t sure what to expect watching season 1, started watching it quite late (just a 2 months ago or so) and as the season went on and on it got better and better. You can tell that the cast and crew started to gel and I’m really excited for this season to see what happens! Plus I really dig the unique take on heroes/powers that this franchise has compared to what’s normally out there.

  • I’m part way through episode 2 and I love it. That club scene was unexpected and hilarious. Dude with the sparkler was really enjoying himself lol

  • Subsided_Assasin

    Hello, can anyone confirm if Canada will be getting Season 2? I know season 1 never came and i was not happy :(

  • And now I’m done episode 3. Awesome show

  • You had me at “Sharlto Copley”, then lost me at “Wil Wheaton”. Seriously, how does he keep getting acting gigs?

  • is this any good like Agents of Shield?

  • Enjoyed some of season 1 will defiantly be watching it again this season. Any word on fixing the ps3 store it’s super low and loads for ages.

  • Im seriously upset because ive paid for ps plus and it will not open any episode of season two it keepsbring me to the ad page what heck is going on?!!!!!

  • Sorry but Madsen is not gonna be able to save this series. Sure he was awesome when he first hit the scene in Species but now not so much. The show is a love/hate for me. There’s times when I’m on the edge of my seat and like yeah this is going to get good now but then it just falls flat. The acting is still stiff and kind of silly when they start throwing in the curse words just enough for me not to allow the grand kids to view it, (they thank you btw) I’ll admit it looks better than the dark greenish look from last season but I’m still having a hard time falling in love with it. I still have hopes that it proves me wrong so I’ll continue watching once there is a reason for me to renew my PS+

  • Why can’t I watch Powers Season 2 on my PlayStation 3?! I have a PS PLUS account which ends in June 2017. I would have a PlayStation 4 but with all these NEO rumors I don’t want to have to buy a second PS4 next year. I’m not made of money.

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