PlayStation Plus: Free Games for June 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for June 2016

PS Plus fans, we’re pleased to share with you two excellent PS4 PS Plus games for June.

First up, to help get everyone hyped for the NBA Finals, we’ve teamed up with 2K to add NBA 2K16 to the June lineup. One of the most critically acclaimed sports titles ever, NBA 2K16 has tons of great gameplay for everyone. With robust offline modes like MyCareer and MyGM, and deep online modes including MyTeam and MyLeague, there is an incredible amount of content to offer all types of gamers. So be the baller you always wanted to be and guide your team to the NBA Championship.

Next up is Gone Home: Console Edition. Gone Home is one of the most talked about titles from the last few years for good reason. While it’s an interesting exploration/adventure game, it’s the narrative of Gone Home that’s so remarkable. The game has a strong development team, including Steve Gaynor, who worked on a few titles in the BioShock series. The Fulbright Company (now just Fullbright) created an intimate and unique story that is well worth your time.

Full lineup:

  • NBA 2K16, PS4
  • Gone Home: Console Edition, PS4
  • Echochrome, PS3
  • Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12), PS3
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus, PS Vita
  • Little Deviants, PS Vita

I’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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2 Author Replies

  • Pretty strong PS4 line up, nice!

    • If you say so..The line up is one of the worst i have ever seen

    • Yeah, I’m convinced that Sony hires people to comment like this now.
      What a drag of a lineup.

    • Nope, While Gone Home is a great walking simulator. I got it back when it came out a few months ago, I have no interest in NBA. So another disappointing month. This seems to be a pattern here, oh at least I have the critically spurned Little Deviants to look forward to :(

    • This just in: people who likes sports will say this is good, people who don’t like it will say it is bad

    • I am excited for it since I’ve thought about buying 2k16 but always have a hard time justifying a sports game. Now I get to play it and try the story mode. So this is a win for me this month.

    • Does this come out tomorrow ?? someone answer please thank you

    • Ok guys you have to admit this month is pretty good. Even if sports games aren’t your things it’s still pretty big game. At least admit this month is much better than some of the other months.

    • don’t listen to deafswin77. he don’t know anything about NBA 2k16.. it is best sport game ever i played because gameplay is incredible and MY GM is awesome and fun mode to play

    • @Baby_Beluga_ Lineup is set to release next Tuesday. The lineups come out every first Tuesday of the month as part of the store update.

    • Thanks for the feedback everyone. And just to confirm, the games will be available on June 7th (the first Tuesday of the month).

    • Don’t understand what everyone is complaining about. You beg and plead for a AAA title, they give you one and a game that is one of the best games in its genre, as well as one of the most talked about indie titles in years. The only gripe you guys should have with the lineup is that it has another PSP game listed, God of War: Chains of Olympus is still one heck of a title despite it being from a legacy system. I mean honestly what more could you people ask for here? This is the best lineup in a very long time. I will admit that PlayStation Plus is not what it once was on the PS3, with the more amplified Instant Game Collection, but this is still a step in the right direction.

    • I don’t play sports games as much as I used to, especially a basketball sports game, but it’s nice to mix it up every now and then. I’d definitely be interested in NBA2K16. A current game for free? I’ll take it.

    • CapnYesterday05

      Remember people, these are free games. PS does not HAVE to do any of this.

    • @CapnYesterday05 They do if they want to compete with Xbox. I’d take 1 of the 4 games Xbox users get this month over all of these.

    • Why did the video of PS4 Linup of june from “Playstation” (official youtube) got deleted?

    • Playstation. I thought this was fake. But it’s real. I was thinking of buying nba 2k. NOW I GET IT FOR FREE. Gone home ehhh. Guys if u hate on nba. Just jump of a cliff. Nba is been my life. Hype for the cavs to win. Playstation finally did something good.

    • What day are these released

    • ninjasandzombies

      Oh that’s right. I keep forgetting that most people dont play sports or have lives anymore. This really is the best linup we’ve had in a while even though Gone Home looks boring.

    • Capn you do realize the original premise behind ps plus was to five free games each month, right? Requiring it for online play was just a gimmick to get more users. Nearly every lineup for the past few years except a few have been complete trash, and I can’t believe sony is getting away with this. By the way, this lineup is not an exception, in fact it is such garbage that it incited my first comment on the playstation blog.

    • I wanted the nba game thas a plus for me and realy like the GOW series. I was thinking on selling my VITA, i guess my psvita gets to live another month. Please next month breathe more life to my vita.

    • It’s been pretty bad for a while now, this is no different. Where the heck are the blockbusters like the good ole days when se got Infamous, Little Big Planet, Wipeout HD? This releases are a shallow cry and have gotten worse and worse. Where’s Tomb Raider, Destiny, COD, Killzone? You guys literally stopped including AAA titles all together. If I didn’t have to pay for multiplayer, I’d probably end my subscription.

    • I knew this would happen when i saw the nba2k16 rumors lol…..”we Never get triple A titles…I hate sports games!!1!!1!” Lol. Thank you sony. Great month.

    • Hit or miss kind of month, but that’s how free games go. Personally I’m not big on sports games, (rocket league is the closest I get… what? It’s soccer right?). However I do appreciate how big and top tier 2k16 is in its genre. I hope they continue with big titles in the future, continuously switching genres.

    • This is why we can’t have nice things.

      If you think the Xbox One has better games for “Free” then go drop $300 on the system, go drop $30-60 on an XBL Gold card, and enjoy.

      This is the exact reason why Hello Games gets death threats. The complainers have no credibility left, because no matter what happens, floods of complaints happens.

      You guys aren’t trying any of the games, you guys won’t try any of the games, and if they do give you a game you like you’ll complain you already bought the game, and then demand some sort of petty refund, or say you’re cancelling PS Plus, and your user icon will still show a + symbol 3 months from now, 6 months from now, 1 year from now, 2 years from now.

      Stop complaining and go find something you’ll enjoy. I guarantee one of the Free PS Plus games you never tried will actually entertain you quite a bit. Though granted you probably didn’t grab it out of protest, and that’s your problem. You don’t ever want to be happy.

      It’s ok to let yourself be happy. Try new things.

    • Is this gonna be available in singapore playstation store? Because tropico is not available.

    • Really nice ps+ lineup. Gone home, and Siren for me. I wish i wuold have ps vita :)

    • baseball or football would have been better but at least it isn’t another indie lineup

    • The lineup has worked out for me as its my second month of the subscription with ps plus!!

    • Kill me.
      What a dreadful month.
      Why not do some up and coming games, like Enter THE Gungeon, or an old launch game like Infamous Second Son?
      Gone Home is a bland game that can be completed in half an hour. You get the enjoyment out of exploring around the house, but if you’re not interested, you can finish it super quick.
      And I’m sure that NBA 2K16 is a great game, but after Tropico 5 last month, and then this, it’s just disappointing. I don’t even play online that often anymore. I wonder why I keep my subscription.

    • triple **** games I an here for the plus dicounts in AAA games the rest free games are ****

    • I will never understand how people get any kind of enjoyment whatsoever from playing a sports game, I get why if your passionate about sports or maybe you can’t enjoy them as others do or maybe they’re fun to play against your friends.. But to me and MANY OTHERS, games are to be played to experience **** you can’t do in your everyday life, to see world’s created by peoples creativity and imagination. How in the hell are you going to enjoy playing basketball THAT much and how on earth is “everyone” hyped for the NBA Finals? That’s a little presumptuous dont you think Sony? I mean this lineup is SO bad… Regardless, I already own Gone Home on steam, so what’s the point here? Man I’m so unbelievably irritated with these past two lineups this month. The one thing you guys do for us that I look forward to, you **** it up. Twice now.

    • This is just great.. It seems I’ll be left out again because i dont currently own a ps4. Having 6 kids makes it difficult to dish out all the money at once so i wont be getting NBA 2k16 for the ps3 since its only available for download for the ps4. Great job Sony. Way to alienate those who at the momment cant afford a ps4. Even if they have been a PS loyalist since the very begining.

    • I dont usually respond to these much but this is a pretty solid line-up one triple-a sports with a good balance of inde and classics. NBA2K16 is an awesome way to get into the series. Gone home is all about the details. Echochrome is a great puzzler. God of war is god of war. Best balaced lineup of 2016

    • Playstation will never give the fans what they want wile xbox drop AAA games be them old 90% pns plus is stuck with indies or a sports game worth £3 sports games lose value fast as they are releaced like rabbits breed. Maybe next month tomb raider or injustice gods among us there cheap old AAA games worth putting on your list and xbox has already done these. I have had my playstation since decembre and fail to see the value of psn + yes the ps4 has the better hardware but no facebook, twitter ect apps no real multi tasking terrible notification systems the only good thing i see is destiny and uncharted 4 maybe kingdom hearts 3 next year but is the console price worth it really and with the 4.5 coming out soon for 4k and a good vr experiance, yup your standard ps4 will not be good with vr and has been quoted by sony. I dont know i may sell my ps4 and go back to xbox as its a re ocuring dissapointment. Pluss the game costs are the most expensive of any console.

    • Nice! I don’t have any sports games yet, so this should be a good “go-to” when I have people over. Gone Home is one that I wanted to play, but wasn’t in my budget.

    • They have a lot of games like Street fighter 4 arcade, skull girls, Medieval chivalry, gungeon,dragons age, etc that are not exactly new but still AAA . And they give us this! Nba 2k16 is going to be at 10 dollars anyways because Nba2k17 is coming soon. A walking indie game.Good job Sony another s h*t month.

    • excellent line-up…..for god sake people you are getting cheap gaming options here

    • I thought it was the first Wednesday

    • I tried to get 2k but it still said it cost 59.99

    • This month us finally good. Every week we get lame dungeon and dragons finally a basket ball game

    • You guys saying Game A and B can be free, Note that Sony is not only one to decide if game should be free, developer need to agree too it, thats why you see more sony published games in it then anything else.

    • This is another crap line up….we should all drop psplus until they start making meaningful lineups otherwise it’s such a waste of money. I don’t know about you guys but wasting money is something I don’t have the luxury of doing.

      Come on Sony, why are you giving us such garbage?

    • TheGamerCyclops

      Finally a triple A title! I’m excited for 2K16 because while sports games aren’t my jam, I’m a high schooler so every one of my friends has it lol.

    • fullmtljacket70

      Wow! What a lineup…

    • what a bunch of moaners we have here…

      the line up is really good, specilly with the nba game that still sells for $40 on the local gaming stores.

      people pay $50 for a year subscribtion, receive a bunch of free games every month and on top of that they complain.

      this past few months have been awesome, hardware rivals,tropico 5, table top racing, grid and now nba 2k, all that and more for $50 a year… thats more than bargain, its outright stealin!

    • I Like That


    • I really don’t understand people that say ” I don’t even know why I have ps plus anymore”. they act like ps plus is just for free games. I have an idea, buy the game you want and don’t wait for it to be free. Like someone said before, they don’t have to do this. Be grateful.

    • Wow this has got to be the most boring lineup yet :D… I played Gone Home like 2 years ago… But Siren is nice if I didn’t already own it :)

    • Man these games bite. Xbox at least has decent games for the month.

    • JremmyTheCreator

      Sheesh what a bunch of crybabies you all are. I already own NBA 2k16, and even I like this lineup. I’d like to try Gone Home, and if not there have been many months I didn’t like the lineups, I don’t sit and cry about it I just patiently wait until the next month. Last month was great too! I love Tropico and the Table Top racing game was OK. Personally I really enjoy getting large discounts and probably about 1 game per month for free (that I like). You all are just so entitled you can’t see that not that long ago we didn’t even get free games at all. What’s your problem people? *Side note* as far as the NMS delay……..that is extremely disappointing as I have been looking forward to that game for YEARS…..but hopefully it’s worth the wait.

    • NBA is a decent game. It is understandable that people that are not into sports will simply complain. I think the strongest reason for complaint is that Sony is simply craping on us. People are not asking simply for an AAA title. People are asking for AAA titles that they want to play, not beaten to death sport franchises that get rereleased every year and only diehard sports fans still actually buy.

      And yes, Gone Home is one of the most talked about Indie game of the last year. People only forget to add that all that talk was negative.

    • Fantastic!

      If you can’t grasp that a best selling game that currently goes for $60 is a cool thing to get for free, then there really is no reasoning with you. NBA2k16 alone covers my $5/month for the year.

    • PharticusMaximus

      This is a great lineup IMO.

      NBA2k16 is a great sports game for fans of the series, or of basketball or sports in general. Its the current edition that still sells for a decent price too.

      I know many do not like sports games, but this is a AAA title, hopefully the first of many to come for us on PS4. Stop being negative and look at it that way.

      If you get PS Plus for $40 a year(when its on sale) then this game alone is worth that much… there is no drawback to PS plus if they keep up bringing us games of this quality. KEEP it up SONY, bring us more AAA titles.

    • Jonny_2_Shoes86

      To all the cry babies out there go buy an Xbox we don’t need you

    • Thank you sony!!!!! Great line up!!!! What about overwatch;)

    • You what I think is funny here? How people can complain about something you’re getting for FREE!!! I mean seriously. Wait a sec, I have a great idea and I think those complainers haven’t thought about so here me out. What if, if you don’t like the games they are offering……………. DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!!!! Good day gamers.

    • xxpooloftearsxx

      I’m starting to get annoyed with the free games Sony has been giving away. None of the games since I signed up for plus in November last year have been any good they’re absolutely terrible. I’m starting to second guess switching from Xbox. At least with them I got a sweet game 9 months or more out of the 12. I hate basketball with a passion. And the other game looks like complete rubbish. Step up your game Sony or your losing a customer, Xbox gives out way better games then you. I at least get my money’s worth out of them. Also with Xbox I can get the game and still play it after my membership expires and not forced to buy it. Take some notes you might learn something.

    • People hating on this obviously just don’t like basketball or sports games. I’m hyyyyped to get this for free. June 7th can’t get here fast enough. And btw I was totally payed AF to write this comment. Good job guys… Got me.

    • Not a great line up But I’m not complaining 2K16 For the free I’m happy!! Thanks Playstation!!

    • How is this a bad line up? Both games were released on counsel this year. Your out of ur mind prob one of the best yet besides rocket league.

    • When does this start, I’ve been checking my psn and doesn’t have the new free psn games? Any advise…

    • What you guys don’t like real sports? A free NBA 2k 16 is like finding lost money.

    • At least it’s not a baseball or Fifa game

    • I for one am happy that I’m getting NBA2K for free, I literally almost just payed full price for it a week ago. Sometimes I wonder if some of you only come here to belly ache, how can you possibly ***** about getting something free? You never know if you’ll like something until you try it. That’s something I learned in preschool. But again, they also tought me you can lead a horse to water but you can make him drink.

    • 2 God of war titles in 2 months!?!??? After playing the first one last month I begged for another one this month and my dreams have come true, thanks sony!!!

    • I love my ps4 but lets all be honest Xbox seems to have the better deals Monthly.A garbage indie walking simulator and a sports game.Nice one PlayStation

    • Why am I paying for PS plus yearly when it always seems like month after month we get crap titles for free? Why not Bloodborne, or The Nathan Drake collection, or I don’t know, something good? C’mon, Sony, step your game up. Literally.

    • TheMuckinFonster

      Oh yay more free garbage from sony. Thanks sony your the f’in best.

    • I like how everyone expects games curated to their personal tastes. Putting a sports game is a bit of an odd move, if you’re a sports fan you probably already own the game as there aren’t many sports games out there (as apposed to say FPS) so it would only appeal to people on the fence about getting sports games or people open to trying new things. I can see why people might be disappointed but at least it’s a good variety of game types.

    • Dudewheresmycobb

      Will I get reimbursed for buying this game at full price like three months ago?

    • Wish you would make more PS3 games available. :(

    • I hope they have better games next month, not to be disrespectful. Why don’t they reach out to the community to see what we the people enjoy as a mass, not assume that everyone will like these games.

    • I doesnt say nba 2k16. It only says a car racing game and something else. Please help

    • Why call them monthly games if u release them a week after the first day of the month

    • Nice lineup….

    • Tropico 5 last month, and 2k16 This Month! This is why i Love Playstation! Come get it in MyPark BrownShirts! I’m giving away free L’s all Summer!

    • This is a joke! Were talking the month of e3 here ppl! Im ashamed i even came back to somy on the ps4, psnow sucks, it doesnt even work! Why not just buy a ps3 and under $20 for each game you wanna play? Plus collections i.e killzone 1-3, jak and daxter collection, god of war trilogy and origins collection, sly collection and thieves in tome eather pay $20/month or $45/3 months, save tons, psvue is a rip off, anyone realize you NEED cable for internet connection?…sonys services suck the life compared to microsofts and in general, luckily ps4 has great titles, and if they dont do the system any justice or stop ripping their customers off with their services then screw em!!!

    • IlI-The-KiNG-III

      when it’s gonna be available?

    • I’m starting to notice a pattern that Sony finally understands that us as consumers who pay for service deserve 1 free full game a month.we get treated worse than xbox but I’ll let this month slide cuz now I don’t gotta waste money on buying 2k16 anymore even tho I’m still paying for it thru subscription :(

    • Sweet NBA2K16 Thanks psn

    • Although I am disappointed a sports game is free this month because it’s not my genre, people are giving this month a bad rap. Many people love the NBA franchise so releasing a big name title is a big deal. And gone home has won countless awards. Some grant it a “walking simulator” but I look forward to appreciating the beautiful narrative. If you overlook those things about it, then you aren’t appreciatin the artistic value of it. Maybe it’s not enough for your tiny brains. Seriously people you guys are as annoying as pc master race nazis

    • Wow! Tropico last month and 2k this month. Amazing! I can’t believe people are complaining about free games

    • Yeah , Really Strong (BS) there is hundreds of Good Games out there , Why No Good Racing Game

    • It’s worth it for online play, if not you have to buy every season pass for all the games you want to play online. Then you get some free games along with it. Win win

    • Personally when i saw they put 2k on here i was rather suprised due to how big of a title it is. If you dont like basketball it is what it is but if you like me, I love basketball and i think its one hell of a game. So props to sony

    • This is a GOOD LINE UP of PS Plus games. How can anyone complain? At this point getting free games like this is a huge welcome. It’s not like it’s NBA 2K 13 and Gone Home was a HUGE critical success garnering GOTY awards. I admit many months of mate haven’t been too exciting but this is good. THANKS, Sony.

    • OrbitalSaturn628

      You guys are so needy

    • OrbitalSaturn628

      Do you guys expect them to be putting out uncharted and gta there free and even so they’re putting out some pretty solid games

    • Agreed! Its funny everyone says Xbone is getting better titles, but if you look at those forums all the Xbone users are complaining about how PSN is getting better games. The bottom line is everyone has different preferences. Some months will be better/worse for any individual. Maybe the people who are complaining should take the opportunity to try something they normally wouldn’t. If you don’t like it, just shelf it, wait for the next month. Or play one of the games you likely actually purchased. Very pumped to see a AAA title here. Also very excited to try Gone Home. Those types of games aren’t normally my thing, so I didn’t want to buy it to try it. Here’s to hoping it lives up to the hype! Everyone just chill about your perceived quality of the line ups and give them a try.

    • What’s the exact date that we are going to get Nba 2k16?

    • MrStreetJumper12

      The games are free if you like them get them, if you don’t no one cares go buy a game

    • This is the best line up so far

      And for the people complain stop your moaning because it’s not gta5 or cod because your to tight to go buy it in the first place…….

      You can always go to Xbox and get 2 games not 6 that Sony offer out FOR FREE!!!!!!!!

    • I have to last time on the ps3 they gave us nba 2k15 and cause of that I really got into the 2k basketball games I did play this on pc but didn’t run good but I think for a sports game this is one of the best, great controls, the story mode part is kinda of lame but least they make an effort to go above and beyond. This is coming form a guy who hates most sports games too other then Joe Montana football on sega CD. Gone Home is also another good game, it is for the most part a walking simulator but, there is more to then that, it more explore every detail of a house to found out the story which for a one time play is great, I would recommend this to anyone that looking for a good decent game that will changeling them but not really bombard them with complex enemies. It’s like playing silent hill with no monsters. The PS3 though seem to have way better games though but over all I think it a good line up

    • Every month some players will like the games and some players won’t. I find it hard to understand the negativity in getting at least 2 games a month for such a small amount of money. I Live in the UK and am generally not interested in NBA since I played NBA jam on mega drive. But I can’t wait to have a go on such a highly rated sports game. I also applaud playstation support of these cool indie titles they put on offer. It’s a thanks from me, had some great titles lately, particularly broforce and tropico 5. Lots of variation month to month. Stop the crying!!

    • Great month. Even though I do like basketball, it’s certainly not my first game I’d pick to play. But, to actual receive are recent game like this that’s big and popular is great. Not sure about the other one. I will check it out though.

      I don’t understand why people are complaining though. It may not be a game your interested in, but for Sony to actually release a recent popular game for free is amazing. I think people need to give these games a chance. I’m not big on the games they have given recently. But I’ve tried a few of them and actually enjoyed them. You people complain about the small indy games and once Sony gives a game that’s popular and fairly recent you still complain.

      I’m just glad to see a good line-up. Been awhile. I’ve always been on PlayStation, but I have to say Sony that Microsoft has done a much better job in the free games department. I’ve only had it a few months and received Thief, Saints Row 4, Sunset Overdrive, and in a few weeks The Crew. This and Infamous First Light have been the only big ones I’ve seen in my 2 years of having my console-which is pathetic.

      Still, happy to see a decent line-up. Thanks Sony.

    • What a PATHETIC lineup!!!

      Most gamers do not like sports games. That’s why we are gamers and not playing sports. No sports game EVER has been a top seller!!!

      They may be fun to play, for about an hour but then 90% are happy to never play it again. Leaving this game for the 10% who will love it. Only those people have already bought the game.

      Gone Home looks like a good game………..if you still play on a commodore 64, or Atari 2600. This is some serious rubbish.

      Oh an awesome PSP game? Problem with that is…….what’s a PSP? I knew someone that had a PSP, they threw it in the rubbish because it was worthless.

    • I think it’s a solid line-up, while I’m not big on sports games, I can’t ignore the fact that they’re giving us a $60 game and I’m excited to play gone home :)

    • Reckkless_Junior

      This is great now I can sell my 2k16 disc to Gamestop put it down for another game and download the digital version for free thanks!! I like the line up!

    • ButtCutter-nuka

      Vary nice not my type of games but vary nice

    • I’m looking forward to getting NBA 2k16. A couple of my friends wanted me to get it but didn’t have the money but now it’s going to be free I’m actually excited and I’ll be able to play with my buddy’s

    • I am so hyped! And 4 those that think I am fake or hired by ps: pls go f*** with a black dildo (KSI, 2016)

    • This better be real ._…_…__.._.I spent 30m0 mins researching this stuff

    • Nice to get NBA2K16 l planed to buy it in early time now it is coming free but we need much big titles to add to ps plus monthly free games row thanks
      to much.

    • Love that 2k is free! I’ve been wanting this game to learn to play. Can’t wait to play and beat all my guy friends. Thanks PlayStation

    • How can I get the 2k16 mab for free ? We are in June and it’s one of June’s free

    • Come on PlayStation when are you gunna put out a decent game out

    • Really nba everyone who wants to play it bought it already god put some actual games up. If you want to beat Xbox you’re failing

    • Why cant i get nba 2k16 for free it tells
      me i have to oay 60 dollars for this and i am a psn member someone please help

    • Greg, is Sony going to fix the Little Deviants server issues that pretty well make the Honour Upheld trophy impossible?

    • When will the new free games of the mouth come out.

    • When is 2k coming out

    • Sorry haters! I think PlayStation plus can’t please everyone! But I actually do enjoy this lineup! On top of that awesome discounts on the witcher 3 last week! Good job

    • People complaining are the same people who want 10/10 games to be free every month because mommy and daddy can’t afford it. Many of these free monthly games are fun. Their just mad that it’s not call of duty so they complain like baby’s. PlayStation keep up the good work with free games.

    • Shocking as usual,its ok everyone saying we have a AAA sports game in nba.its no use to me in the UK where basketball isn’t watched or played not one game in the last 10 months have I even considered keeping I have been loyal to Sony since ps1 and spent thousands what’s happened in general to the developer just aren’t what they were,i think it’s getting near time to jump ship and see if Microsoft has any interest in its customers I feel I’ve been a cash cow long enough.

    • Xx-UnForeseen-xX

      I Love this line up. I’m not going to lie, I love a good Story game but I also like sports. Honestly Not big on indie games… They are kinda boring but I’m not complaining. I will say this, if you don’t like the line up…. Go play XB1! All because you don’t understand a good sport’s game or just sports period because you were never good at sports which is fine this was my first year getting a 2k basketball game, I’m a big MLB gamer but this is really good that you guys are putting this lineup into play. Great job Sony. Don’t listen to these fantasy larping no life gamers☺️

    • One of the best games . Thanks play station for one heck of a month

    • Hi Playstation Plus, is this for all Accounts, or only for Playstation Plus US? because im on SIngapore account am i eligible to download this? thanks

    • So many man baby entitled brats whining like 3 year Olds here lmao. Don’t like ps plus? Cancel it and shut up. Don’t like the free games included with ps plus? Get a job and go buy games you DO like lol. It’s like a few people have said here already…these babies are going to complain no matter what cuz that’s just what sad little trolls do when they get brave hiding behind a computer monitor in mommies basement:) get over it if you’re truly mad. Go buy stuff u like it’s not hard

    • I don’t know what all the complaints are about. This is the first time we are getting a large game that was priced at $60. I’m not even a 2k fan, but this is a great surprise for me and I’ll be sure to download it. I’m happy, but you can complain and get more crappy $3 games.

    • Xghost_killa22X

      Can you get this at 12 A.m. or no

    • Anyone help.Exactly what time do these games come out?

    • @CapnYesterday05 Actually we’re paying 50 bucks a year for the service. They’re not free, especially since I don’t get to keep them if I end my subscription. I think there’s been very good months, especially on the PS3, before PS4 came out, but lately it’s been underwhelming. The only game in interested in this month is GOW for Vita.

    • I can’t believe people are complaining about this lineup. It is unheard of for such a huge game as 2k to be released for free. If you’re not into sports games, fine, but you have to appreciate that that’s a huge title they’re giving us for free. Just goes to show how ungrateful people are.

    • I think it sounds like a cool line up i dont ever even watch or play any sports but a basketball game sounds awesome especially a 60 dollar one and the other game may not be a shoot and Mame people style game but it’s defiantly interesting and i look forward to trying something new and Unique

    • Yo I have a question, I don’t own a psvita YET but plan to get one soon, I have playstation plus and was wondering if you could download the games even if u dont have the psvita? If so that would be cool because I kinda want that God of War game

    • Does anyone know what time the PSN store updates so these games are available for download?

    • So what time do it start

    • I personally love the fact that you are releasing 2k and the other games for free shows us that you actually care about the play station community I gladly appreciate it ✊

    • its tuesday and i still see last months games…..

    • where are the monthley games its jun 7 teusday

    • hey guys 1 more hour

    • Whan to games will be available which time??

    • hey sony where are the games

    • How come it’s still not on there. It’s June 7th 12:22am. Nba 2k16 is not on there.
      Please reply.

    • Its the 7 of june and the games are still not available?

    • omg sony its june 7 put the games

    • pls sony put the games i called ur help line also they said check the store still found the same thing com on sony

    • People say this line up sucks coz they hate sports in general irl. IMO this line up is better compared to the ****** indie games they put month after month.

    • the games are still not there

    • I don’t know why you guys are so bummed out. You’re getting a 60$ game for free and get to try something brand new.Lets all just be glad it’s not as bad as last months line up.

    • It’s the 7th guess we will have to wait til the PlayStation guys wake up to activate the update see u at 7:00 LoL

    • It’s June 7th and game still isn’t available for free… You’d think a company as big as Sony could be on top of their commitments! Smdh

    • What time today do the free games come out?

    • We’re are the games in central time

    • Captain_Chaos48

      I have just been informed that these games will most likely be available for FREE at 8:00 PST

    • Captain_Chaos48

      I have just been informed that these games will most likely be available for FREE at 8:00 PST.

    • Captain_Chaos48

      I have just been informed that these games will most likely be available for FREE at 8:00 am.

    • What time. Today

    • Whoever says this is a bad lineup drink some bleach u nerds cause they are giving away a free $80 game and all u want is $20 indie games

    • Will they become available tuesday night? I’ve been checking since midnight and early morning :-(

    • I do not see nba 2k16. Is this free game of the month available for users outside of the U.S. (ex: Canada)

    • XxINZANE_at_WAR

      At what time will the games be released? I’m already in the future

    • It’s june 7th and it’s not here

    • KimJongKiIIsYou

      Well I’m on PS Store and I have PS plus but I don’t see 2k16 for free at all. Anyone know if there’s an exact time for it to release today?

    • I’m on the store now and I don’t see 2k16 for free. Maybe it’s later in the month?

    • It’s Tuesday and I don’t see there a delay?

    • What time will it be free and available?

    • I was one of the ones that complained about all the indie games. I’m not a sports fan either but I’m excited about this month’s lineup because there’s actually a AAA game in the mix and Gone Home is supposed to be fantastic! I use PS Plus to play games that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to play because I only buy games I’m really interested in. I’m really happy to see games on ps plus that I see on store shelves. No complaints from me this month Sony. Good Job

    • What time are the games dropping for free ?

    • @JokerSmile007 yes, you can “purchase” the vita games and install them later when you get the system.

      To those that keep saying NBA 2k16 is a 60 or 80 dollar game… It’s 30 bucks on Amazon. And I pay 60 a year for the service, these are games I don’t even own. I have a right to voice my opinion and say I don’t like the lineup…

    • Does anyone know how to download 2K16 if you already own a physical disc copy?? I want to get the PSplus freebie and trade my hard copy but I can’t download it… It just wants to launch from the disc, even when I take it out…! Don’t really want to delete any of my progress on the game, had it since it came out so I’m not going through all the Spike Lee crap again!

    • Does anyone know when or if you can find out what the July lineup will be? Also is “Gone Home” any good? I am a big sports fan and am VERY pleased NBA 2k is on there. I had it before but traded it in. So getting it back for free is pretty awesome!!!

    • I’ve never had any interest in sports nor games where you play them. However, I played 2k16 earlier today at my bosses house, and I’m quote glad I did. NBA 2k16 is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try a good game with a huge community.

      Gone home is a fart in an elevator though. At least to me. Way too artsy, coming off as pretentious. I’m sure someone might dig it though.

    • Can someone anwser me a question please???? Al new un all these…if i download 2k is for me por only for one month…..someone please??????

    • One of the best selling games of 2016 is now free. Regardless of if you like sports or not a lot of people do. I give PlayStation a lot of credit for making a full priced game free

    • Ps plus is not worth the money! They have been giving crap games for a year! Sony sucks! #give out better games

    • The staff who control the Aus Vita PSN store need to wake up a bit. The PS Plus tab still links to 6 games; none of which are the above mentioned games, and none of which are discounted either.

      Only a small fraction of the titles in the “Save up to 60%” tab are actually discounted. The majority are still full price.

      Also, there’s still no price or “buy now” button for Hitman Go. It’s impossible to buy on Vita. It’s been like that for a month or more. Is it only possible to buy on console and then download via cross buy?

      Not good folks, not good…

    • Nba 2k16 wont download would like to have this fixed so I can play!

    • Nice games.
      I think the mix unisex choices are a big win..
      Keep it up.
      Im downloading all of them, almost.

    • xTrEmEMuRdAviPeR

      Please make GTA free

    • will i have nba 2k16 forever as long as i keep ps plus?

    • backwood_shorty6

      Does it expire even if you already downloaded it?

  • Damn!!! 2k16 ? thank you soo much <3

    • Sweet. I’ve been looking at the NBA 2k franchise – it’s a little more glitz and glam than I care for, but the gameplay looked solid. I’m probably more excited about this than I’ve been for a Plus title in months!

      Gone Home has possibilities, too.

    • I know right!!! played 15 but missed out on 16 (too many games to play)

  • terminatorx0606

    I must admit, they went all out this month. Well the PS3 was only okay, but they went all out this month. Thank you Sony for NBA 2k16!

    • Speak for yourself on the PS3. I have wanted to try Siren for the longest time, but haven’t thanks to the absurd pricing of it (something like $40 still, I think). This is one of the most solid all around lineups since the service first launched with games like Golden Abyss and the such.

    • I agree Legendia, Siren looks great and I’ve always wanted to try it. I think the only weak link here is Vita. Not that God of War is bad, but we just got one last week…

      And I don’t even want to talk about the quality of little deviants…

  • Gone Home, NBA2K, God of War… wow, huge lineup for June! :-D

    • Unless you’ve played Gone Home, hate sports games and have a higher expectation than rehashed PSP titles

    • Gone Home looks so boring it hurts… nba2k is def the best game on here. little deviants was critically destroyed, I am clueless and baffled as to why this “game” was included… and I’m not too sure how I feel about 2 god of wars games in a row

  • 2k16 is pretty great. Anyone know if save games from the physical copy are compatible with the digital version?

  • wow… awesome line up for June! Thanks!

  • NBA 16? Awesome.

  • PS+ hurts your indie or digital only sales because people will always think that game will come up on PS+ so they wait instead of buying KT.

    • I wonder how that worked out for Rocket League

    • I don’t think you understand, Kid. I doubt people are waiting for a game that’s already been a free ps+ game. Ps+ made Rocket League what it is, so rather than buying a new indie game that isn’t anywhere near rocket leagues popularity, people will wait in hopes it’ll soon be free like rocket league was last year. I’d buy klaus now but I’m waiting for it to be on sale or free.

    • Rocket League is incredibly popular on PC, probably more so than on PS4. PS+ had nothing to do with that.

    • Are you serious Mcdrew? 6 million people downloaded Rocket League on PSN. You don’t think that had ANYTHING to do with its popularity? It literally all began thanks to reddit and all the gifs pouring in from psn players.

    • Shovel Knight sold 400k copies on Steam.

      Sold 120k on PS4, 30k or so on Vita, and like 12k on PS3.

      Sony platforms is a combined 15% of 1.2 million.

      Wii U is 17% of sales.

      Steam is 32% of sales.

      3DS is 29%

      GoG and Humble Bundle being 1% each, Xbox One being 5%

      I’m not sure how you make the argument that PS Plus freebie games hurt indie sales.

      Remember that the Playstation version was released 9 months later than the Wii U version and many copies were pre-ordered as well. Had they both been released simultaneously those numbers would absolutely be shifted.

      There’s no way to know if PS Plus actually hurts Indie sales, or if the people weren’t going to buy the games any way and are just scapegoating because they want more Retail titles.

  • CodKarnageGaming

    2k16 is so bad they had to announce it was free just to get more people

    • Dude, are you for real? NBA 2K16 is definetely one, if not the best sport game out there. HUGE month.

    • So bad that they had to run it next to Gone Home to seem like the *better* option?

    • 2K 16 is so terrible it got an 8.7 on Metacritic, and even landed at a decent-enough-for-free userscore despite tons of Troll 0 reviews!

      It’s so bad it averages 4-4.5 stars on Amazon!

      How dare they give us a game that on average should be considered a great to amazing game!

    • JremmyTheCreator

      They gave 2k15 last year.

  • Very nice lineup for next month. Thanks PlayStation!

  • Please do Siren: Blooded Curse remastered for PS4 :)

    • Blood Curse is a remake of the original Siren. So that’d be a remake of a remake. And BC is visually good enough even today. I’d personally much rather have them make a completely new game, or a Siren 2 remake (From PS2). Of course, it’d also be nice to be able to play Blood Curse on the PS4. I wish they had done “the right thing” with backwards compatibility :(.

  • An okay lineup. Would have been cool if it was Madden.

  • Best month since ever

  • The only sports game I play every year is The Show (Go Cubs!), but I am excited to give NBA 2K16 a whirl. The highlight for me this month is gone home. Really excited to play through that one.

    • If your so excited to play Gone Home you should have bought the game a few months ago to show your appreciation to the development team. :(

    • Thanks. Let me know what you think of both games. And I think you should be able to find a mode for you in NBA 2K16 depending on your preferences – check out MyTeam if you like Diamond Dynasty.

    • LordBattleBeard

      @extreme_ver1 I always do my bit to support games I like but it was overpriced at £15.99. The devs already made their money on PC where it was generally regarded as good but not particularly long. It should have been £<10. I was waiting for it to get discounted to a more sensible price before buying it.

  • CrusaderForever

    Looks great, thanks Sony!

  • There’s still people that are butt hurt and going to complain and while I myself am more into Baseball I can appreciate the quality of games here. Great work guys. Now just try remember the amount of likes and mostly positive comments you’re going to get and apply that to next month lol

    • Who’s butt hurt both games for the PS4 are garbage one a sports game i could care less about and one is a crappy port game from a PC..Yep Epic fail..U mad Bro?

    • Don’t listen to deaf person : Deafswin77. he don’t know nothing about nba 2k16. it is awesome game ever i played

    • JremmyTheCreator

      Deafswin77…………you don’t like sports games. Get over it. I don’t like Assassins creed but if they gave it for free i’d either try it or not…..and I wouldn’t have to post about how crappy a game/month it was.

  • Does this mean Sony will fix the Little Deviants server for MP trophies since they’ve been jacked since the game came out?

  • Not that excited for NBA and they just gave out a God of War game in March or April don’t know why they were giving another one out so soon. TropiCo 4 was decent.

    • It was God of War: Ghost of Sparta in May. God of War: Chains of Olympus is the other one.
      Thing is both were later remastered for PS3 as God of War: Origins Collection.

    • Maybe they are building hype for GoW4 announcement at e3?

    • GoW 3 was remastered for PS4. As for GoW 4, I’m not counting on it.

  • TrueAssassin86x

    Sweet i just traded in my physical edition of NBA 2K16 too towards a few games a few weeks ago now i get back for free. Welp my renewal for plus just payed for its self. And i had my eyes on gone home for awhile glad i waited. Anyone who says this is a bad lineup is just a xbox troll

  • Another awesome month of great free games.
    Let the entitled complaints begin!

  • Pretty underwhelming month for me. Not a fan of basketball games and definitely not a fan of interactive walking simulators.

    Also, you can just stop with the PS3 and PS Vita games if this is what you’re going to give us. Three games from 2008, wow! I would take 4 (or even 3) PS4 games instead, and just dont bother with PS3 and Vita anymore.

    • TrueAssassin86x

      Q the whiners dont like plus dont use it simple

    • I like Plus I just don’t like the games this month.

    • Doesn’t mean you should moan about it just because your 6 favorite games aren’t free.

    • Im not a fan of ps4 games too

      But I own ps3 and vita and I pay as to have games for those systems too

      Ps4 isn’t only for ps4 users

    • Ps plus isn’t only for ps4 users*

    • I have a PS3 and Vita too. Definitely not excited about getting 8 year old games like Echochrome and terrible games like Little Deviants.

    • Facepalm!

    • These guys make a good point…I think I’m actually gonna join the bandwagon and stop paying for PS+ if it’s gonna be like this from now on. Just not worth it anymore

    • Here’s a revolutionary idea, buy the damn games you are interested in instead of hoping someone hands them to ya for free. If you get PS+ strictly for games than if you get just three games all year that you even mildly enjoy than that alone is worth more than you pay all year. I never “hope” I get something awesome each month simply because if I want something I work to get it. Any free game I get and may enjoy is only a bonus addition to my library. PS+ is for online gamers. Not for giving whiners 2 games at a value of double what it cost you for a entire years subscription. God, I’ve never seen so many people whine about being given something for free. You’re like vultures picking at road kill then spitting it out when it don’t taste like prime rib.

  • OneManArmyAndres

    Thank you very much for giving us the best psp games for the ps vita. Thank you for being nice with us vita owners. We vita owners have suffered a lot.

    • I’m not too happy about two god of war games in a row… and little deviants? isn’t it little more than a tech demo for the vita? not very good month if you ask me, the last flash sale got me more excited for vita than junes free games

  • Always love E3 month! They always go out here. 2 ps4 games i plan on playing quite a bit. Thanks a lot guys!

  • This looks like one of the rare solid months for PS+. Too bad I’m not a sports game fan, but I think many will be very happy with NBA2K16. Another GOW on Vita is also nice. PS3 games or just OK. Hopefully, we will consistently get games of this quality or better going forward. However, I’m not optimistic. I suspect we only got this high-quality basketball game because the NBA basketball season is almost over and this game will be considered obsolete with the 2K17 arrives in the fall.

  • Awesome!!

  • I don’t care for basketball but I’m happy with the month’s lineup. A shot to try Gone Home, and I’ve been interested in Siren. As well as Echochrome being a classic.

    I’ll just say I’m not happy about little deviants, it’s well known that’s just trash. You could get it for mere change these days.

  • Last month was a great lineup all around. This month was great because of NBA 2k16! I was disappointed earlier in the year due to many months in a row of games that I didn’t like, but it looks like PS+ team is doing an excellent job now. Very pleased right now!!!

  • Awesome lineup good job

  • Siren: Blood Curse is worth PS+ alone this month. Great lineup.

  • All well respected games.

    I do not care for basketball, would rather baseball or football or soccer. Still yea, for a sports game.

    I do not care for God of War, I’m okay with PSP games for Vita, but with the PSP catalog, there is so much better than GOW.

    • Thing is, both Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta, which were psp games, later got remastered for ps3 as Origins Collection.

  • Please Sony.

    Stop giving us PSP-games.

    • There really isn’t anything else to give, given the lack of vita games…

    • Except that for months, when Vita’s free games were lower-tier indies, all the Vita owners whined and complained and said “At least give us PSP games…”
      Totally didn’t see your reaction coming, no I didn’t…


    • Did you want them to give out God of War: Origins Collection for ps3 instead?

    • aizawa, youre out of touch with the vita userbase. we want some decent psvita game for once.

  • great lineup!

  • It would be nice if you guys still wrote something about PS3 and Vita games and included them in your promo videos!
    Thanks for NBA :)

  • I seen the leak of this a week ago.Though it wasnt going to happen but im glad it did.Good job Sony

  • Gone Home? Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for the PS4 now ,eh? At least Siren: Blood Curse will give me a reason to turn my PS3 back on this month.

    • Scrapping the bottom of the barrel? Gone Home was up for and received several GOTY noms and awards a couple years ago. May not be your cup of tea, but it’s a critically acclaimed game that is perfect for Plus (i.e., getting games for free you may not take a chance on otherwise).

    • Agreed Gone home is one game im passing on even if it’s free..

    • I can’t believe they wasted money on Gone Home. It’s such a stupid game. It didn’t win anything, it just has a bunch of LBGT stuff in it so media had to give it high scores or they’d look like “bad people” for not liking it.

    • @skeetys Gone Home didn’t win anything? yeah, right

    • exactly gone home looks like a terrible “game”…. walking around a little house looking for notes and audio recordings is not a F*ing game people, the bad thing about it is we’re seeing a rising trend on these terrible “games”

    • Gone Home: Console Edition. (Metacritic)

      Critic Score: 85
      User Score: 3.8 (ouch)

      But it’s free – don’t like it!? Play something else. :o)

      Personally I’ll be playing the AAA games I actually purchased.

  • Is this dropping today or June 7th?

    • Just remember:
      If you don’t like God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP; along with God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP, (offered this month), you can get both for ps3 as Origins Collection Both games have been remastered with trophy support, among other things.

    • Next week. Ignore the last comment, due to a mistake.

  • Gone Home made my day, NBA is gravy. This is the PS+ I like.

  • Won’t be planning to play 2k16…maybe play. The online trophies ruin any chances…better get it fast before server shutdown.

    Gone Home…great would have not bough that.

    Echochrome..not going to play it.

    Siren Blood Curse…shame it has no trophies…interested in playing it.

    Predictable God of War….wish it was cross buy with the ps3 versions.

    Little Deviants…happy, have seen it for 3 dollars or less physically. Ignored it….maybe will try it now. Please fix the servers for it….It unplattable.

    • You want a ps3 version of God of War: Chains of Olyumpus, along with Ghost of Sparta (May 2016 IGC)? Look for God of War: Origins Collection in the store. It has both psp games remastered in HD, along with other things like trophy support.

  • Good now those who always complaining about indies for PS plus games will stop complaining.

    • No chance, the eternal complainers are already complaining that the games aren’t ones they like. Some people are never happy. If Uncharted 4 was in PS+ I’m sure some would find something to moan about.

  • Now THESE, these are some fantastic PS4 offerings. Very excited! Well done, Sony.

  • Greg,

    Why do you ignore the PS3 and Vita free games by just posting images and descriptions of only PS4 free games? You do know Sony is still giving those away, right? Why the snub then?

    I’m dead serious: my PS3 is 6 years old and my Vita is 2 years old and I’ve never bought nor played either of those 4 games being given away. I would definitely benefit from more information and I’d appreciate if you did better next month.

    • Let me be dead serious as well.
      Doesn’t matter how old your current systems are. The PS3 ecosystem is almost 10 years old, the Vita ecosystem is over 4 years old and isn’t performing as well as Sony needed it to in order to justify continued first-party investment.
      The PS4 is currently tracking to be the best-selling console ever (even if it doesn’t quite make it), so Sony is putting it front and center and trying to keep the attention there. It’s called marketing. Deal with it.

    • The PS4 is not threatened or cannibalized by the PS3 or Vita’s continued existence, but Sony is free to do with their company and their blog as they see fit. They are also free to ignore me.

      Still, my opinion continues to be that as long that they’re giving away free games for PS3, Vita and even PSP, they should make it “notable” instead of “footnote” and it would serve them better.

    • Difference is, nobody buys a PS3 or PS4 because of PS+. They might buy a Vita because of PS+ though. Way I see it, Sony has a very good incentive to improve their Vita offerings and visibility. People who already subscribe to PS+ for their PS3 or PS4 and don’t have a Vita might be convinced to buy one if the games were interesting enough. The games they’ve been offering, though, all they’re accomplishing is making Vita owners want to stop playing their handheld.

    • exactly well said. aizawa’s stupid arguments do not justify sony ignoring a huge and active consumer base. if your arguments applied, then we would simply not have any free ps3 or vita games anymore at all. and if it was for marketing reasons, don’t you think marketing 6 free games is better than 2?? ps4 is not going to sell any less just because they include and/or market free ps3 and vita games. more common sense please.

    • PS Plus has always been “nice to have” and it pays off the most if you have all Sony consoles. I sort of see the genius in it:
      the reason I got a Vita was because I had a sizable library of games thanks to Plus. Now, it makes no sense for me to buy a different current-gen console, when I already have a ton of PS4 games waiting in line.

  • Now if we could do this on a regular basis, that’d be great!

  • Decent lineup.

  • Excited for Gone Home! Glad I didn’t end up buying it! Too bad my PS3s dead, would’ve played Siren.

  • Quick question, is this the same for Asia PSN accounts? because last month it wasnt now im worried :D
    i probably wouldnt care much about Gone Home but i want the NBA 2k16

  • Good month for the PS4 :)

  • Wow wow wow thanks so much ps thanks for hearing us gamers ,i am happy because i had said to put some sport games and you did the next month wow three months are good carry on the good work ,now wish you have put one free ps2 game and make 3 free games for free ,thanks again ,and wish you happiness and healthy and success and progress forever by god thanks

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    Not really a sports game fan or a exploration game fan but I’ll give NBA a try

  • NBA2K16?! Was NOT expecting this. Thanks so much Sony!!!!

  • Awesome lineup! Are these available tomorrow?

    • If tomorrow is the first Tuesday in June, then yes. If tomorrow is NOT the first Tuesday in June, then no.

    • Nope — these are available the first Tuesday of each month. Unfortunately, the first Tuesday of June isn’t until next week — June 7th. They’ll be available then =)

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