PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Announced

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PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Announced

E3 Experience

With E3 just around the corner (wow, is it really only two weeks away?!), I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation E3 Experience is coming back on Monday, June 13, to over 85 movie theaters across the US, Canada, and for the first time, Latin America!

In 2014, we had this crazy idea to partner with Fathom Events and broadcast our E3 Press Conference LIVE to some theaters North America, not knowing if this was something people would even be interested in attending. Two years later, and we’ve had to more than double our seating capacity to accommodate everybody!

There’s just something special about watching the news and excitement of E3 together with fellow PlayStation fans that makes this an event I look forward to every year. Between the loud cheers that, honestly, probably ruin movies for people in adjacent theaters (sorry not sorry), and the camaraderie felt in the air from being surrounded by the PlayStation Nation, there’s no better way to experience E3.

In addition to getting to watch an HD simulcast of our E3 Press Conference, fans in attendance will go home with special PlayStation goods, including a commemorative Coca-Cola E3 Experience Cup and #37 from the PlayStation Collectible Card series first introduced at PlayStation Experience 2015! This is the only way to get your hands on these exclusive collectibles, so don’t miss your opportunity.

Of course, we didn’t forget about the digital gift basket this year, but the contents of that will have to remain a surprise for now…

E3 ExperienceE3 Experience

Tickets for US and Canada

Tickets, as usual, are absolutely FREE and will be available at starting Tuesday, May 31 at 10:00am Pacific Time, so set those alarms. Once tickets run out at any particular location, we’ll be taking names down to go on the waitlist. We have a select number of seats reserved for waitlist attendees, who will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Here’s a list of participating theaters:

Theatre Name City State
Anchorage 16 with XD Anchorage AK
Trussville 16 Birmingham AL
Colonel Glenn 18 with Xtreme Little Rock AR
Deer Valley 17 with IMAX Phoenix AZ
Park Place 20 with XD Tucson AZ
Century City 15 with IMAX Los Angeles CA
Mission Valley 20 with IMAX San Diego CA
Van Ness 14 with IMAX San Francisco CA
Daly City 20 with XD Daly City CA
Greenwood Plaza 12 Englewood CO
Pavilions 15 Denver CO
Brass Mill 12 Waterbury CT
Gallery Place 14 Washington DC
Brandywine Town Center 16 Wilmington DE
Sunset Place 24 with IMAX Miami FL
The Avenues Stadium 20 Jacksonville FL
Sawgrass Stadium 23 with IMAX Fort Lauderdale FL
Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 with IMAX Orlando FL
Hollywood 24 @ North I-85 Atlanta GA
Dole Cannery 18 with IMAX Honolulu HI
Davenport 18 with IMAX Davenport IA
Boise Stadium 22 with IMAX Boise ID
River East 21 Chicago IL
Galaxy 14 Indianapolis IN
Hollywood Stadium 14 Topeka Topeka KS
Tinseltown Louisville Louisville KY
Elmwood Palace 20 with IMAX Harahan LA
Solomon Pond Mall 15 Marlborough MA
Fenway 13 with RPX Boston MA
Rockville Center 13 Rockville MD
Brunswick 10 Brunswick ME
Lansing Mall with RPX Lansing MI
Brooklyn Center 20 Minneapolis MN
Kansas City 18 Cinemas Kansas City MO
Cinemark 16 Gulfport Gulfport MS
Gallatin Valley Cinemas 11 Bozeman MT
Brier Creek Stadium 14 Raleigh NC
Stonecrest 22 @ Piper Glen with IMAX Charlotte NC
Oakview 24 with IMAX Omaha NE
Fox Run Stadium 15 with RPX Newington NH
Hamilton 24 with IMAX Trenton NJ
Seacourt 10 Toms River NJ
Albuquerque Rio 24 with XD Albuquerque NM
Village Square 18 Las Vegas NV
Empire 25 with IMAX New York NY
Union Square Stadium 14 New York NY
Transit Center Stadium 19 with IMAX Buffalo NY
Western Hills 14 Cincinnati OH
Georgesville Stadium 16 Columbus OH
Tinseltown USA Oklahoma City OK
Lloyd Center 10 with IMAX Portland OR
Cinemark Robinson Township with XD Pittsburgh PA
Riverview Plaza Philadelphia PA
Columbiana Grande Stadium 14 Columbia SC
Sioux Falls Stadium 14 Sioux Falls SD
Opry Mills 21 with IMAX Nashville TN
Northpark Center 15 with IMAX and ETX Dallas TX
Houston Marq*E Stadium 22 plus IMAX Houston TX
Cielo Vista 18 San Antonio TX
Metropolitan 14 Austin TX
Salt Lake City 16 Salt Lake City UT
Lynnhaven 18 with IMAX Virginia Beach VA
Westchester Common 16 Midlothian VA
Pacific Place 11 Seattle WA
Lincoln Square Bellevue 16 Bellevue WA
Tinseltown Kenosha Kenosha WI
Morgantown Stadium 12 Morgantown WV
Fox Theater 6 Laramie WY
Scotiabank Chinook Calgary Alberta
SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas Burnaby British Columbia
SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas Winnipeg Manitoba
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto Toronto Ontario
Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal Montreal Quebec

Tickets for Latin America

If you’re a PlayStation fan in Brazil, check
PlayStation.Blog Brazil soon for more details on which theaters are participating and how to get your tickets.

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  • Had to drive for miles last year. This time I’m going to do as the article suggests. Set and alarm!

    • Trenton NJ imax all registered! I went to Buffalo NY past 2 yrs. Ty Sony. Next best thing to e3.

    • CommandingTiger

      Can the PS NEO be an add-on to the PS4 (like the little box that comes with the PS VR) that would boost the overall power of the console rather than an entirely different console altogether. I mean the main reason for that small boost is for VR anyway so you might as well include that inside.

      If you are to release a new PS4, It’s going to have to be more powerful than it currently is. A PS5, compatible with PS4.
      2.6Ghz or higher for the cpu, 12 core. Or Intel core Skylake if they ever drop in price.
      10 Teraflops or higher for the GPU.
      16Gb or GDDR5 running higher.
      No more than 500$

      Honestly, the generation just started and I feel like people can wait until 2018.

  • Pittsburgh!

    • I was at the Pittsburgh region last year. In fact, I was front in line by default. There was a lady representing Sony there taking pictures. Really wish I could see where those were posted.

    • Also, I remember a T-storm happening during the exclusive post-show and how we didn’t know what our digital items were due to lost signal. If you go to YouTube and search “PlayStation E3 Experience Pittsburgh” I’m sure you’ll find the two videos I made there.

  • Would be nice if we could have a PlayStation E3 experience here in Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands, we have theaters too you know.

    • I was hoping for the same thing. Maybe they have us as Latin America? :/

    • that may be kind of hard because Sony left Puerto Rico sometime ago and probably if Sony considered the caribbean for the screening, Caribbean Cinemas since is the only cinema around here it can charge kind of too much.

  • Still no venues on the Canadian East Coast.


  • Nice! I cannot wait for this.

  • Thank you PlayStation this will be my third time going to the E3 theaters Greatness Awaits (^_^)

  • I need to address an issue that happen with Last Years exclusive prize voucher. I had brought home a bunch to distribute to some of my friends who were unfortunately not able to make it and some of the codes didn’t work. I was one of the fortunate ones that didn’t work while some of the others work because I heard that one of the prizes was Batman AK E3 suit. Please double check that all vouchers are 100% ready to distribute I was really disappointed that I didn’t get anything from the code. I REPEAT I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FROM THE CODE last year.

  • Went to it last year, was worth it going to it again this year.

  • Awesome! Was waiting for this to be announced. Went to Union Square the past 2 years, will definitely go again this year.

  • Last year I went to Bellevue, WA and sat with the folks from Bungie. Which was cool, but the 5 hour drive or 7 hour Greyhound ride just isn’t in the cards for me. My birthday in on June 19th which is also Father’s day , this year so it would be nice to go. Maybe you should include SPokane…

    • Talk to the theaters there for a hopeful 2017 showing. If they don’t have the crowds for it, you can yell blue to the face, they will not listen. Where I am at, the minimum city population to get a showing was at 2 1/2 million people. Not everybody is going to get their wish otherwise places like Lynch, Nebraska (Population – 1) would get a showing!

  • Awesome! Looks like Winnipeg is actually getting a showing this year! Can’t wait!

    • LilyAmongThorns

      I know! I never thought the day would come when little ol’Winnipeg would get to see this in theatres. It’s going to be amazing!!

    • Hey! A fellow Winnipegger!

    • ya I was thinking the same. Couldn’t believe they actually found Winnipeg on a map finally! :)

    • Exist2Inspire02

      Did all of you Winnipeger’s end up getting tickets for the show? Looks like it hasn’t sold out yet, so there’s still a chance if you didn’t get one earlier today.

    • Hey you winnipeggers out there, I was wondering if anyone has any extra tickets they would like to give away. I didn’t realize it was coming to winnipeg this year and unfortunately by the time I realized it was coming I was to late

  • Can’t go this year because it’s in Ramadan. If they set aside a room for prayer at 8: 30 EST at Empire 25, NYC I might reconsider but I doubt it. I know my priorities. I hope everyone else has a great time. I’ll never forget E3 Experience 2015!

    • I am also kind of sad I can’t go because of Ramadan, and because of the long drive, but it’s nice to see that someone else is also fasting!

  • It says must be 17. Their might be a way for 16 yr olds to get in. If they dont get in they are still going to watch anyway

  • Of all places in Wisconsin, Kenosha is a really weird choice. I don’t see you having a great turnout there (though I hope you do). Last year in Madison was a great choice (bigger city, also selfishly close to me), but this is probably an event that should be in Milwaukee for the best turnout.

    I’ll be watching the conference either way, but sadly not in the theatre again. Best of luck either way!

    • Yeah. Sun Prairie was awesome last year. Kenosha is a bad choice and I guess I’ll have to watch from home this year.

    • I was surprised by the choice there. Too far of a drive for me to consider it now.

    • Tinseltown is a Cinemark theater (only one in the state). Majority of Milwaukee area theaters are Marcus with like 1 or 2 AMC theaters. Thats my guess on why its Tinseltown, just do to the fact of the company that owns it.

    • Kenosha isn’t too bad, but yeah Milwaukee would be the better choice. Already got my ticket though!

    • They actually had it here in madison last year? How did I miss that?! Now I have to drive to Kenosha to go.

      Which theatre had it?

    • Palace in Sun Prairie.

    • Sadly I won’t be able to go this year due to it being in Kenosha! Loved the fact that they had it at the palace cinema in SunPraire and that’s only 30 minutes from my house. Sony should think about doing it again at the palace at least next year! Just didn’t like that our gifts didn’t get to us but did get digital gifts in a email thanks Sony!

  • Remember to give the Canadian venues Canadian PSN codes this year.

  • Anyone go see it in Burnaby British Columbia last year? If so, how long did it take for tickets to sell out?

    • It was at the Cineplex in Vancouver (W Pender) last year.

      I don’t remember having a hard time getting tickets.

    • Never base a showing based out of past E3 Showings. The theatre I went was sold out 1st year, but last year was only at 30% capacity. Its basically, you snooze, you lose. Id suggest getting your behind to that site at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST) on the 31st and try your luck!

  • Only one city in Georgia? And it’s not Savannah – booo….

    I’ll still be tuning in digitally, of course. Can’t wait to see what that surprise basket is!!

  • Insanely appreciative that you guys have a few locations in Canada! I’m definitely going to make sure that I can snipe one of those lovely Toronto Tickets :P

  • Can’t wait to grab two tickets again for this year :D Greatness Awaits!

  • Again its in Louisville KY instead of Lexington so I can’t go to it. :(

    • @kmtburton I wish it was in Lexington too. We don’t get a lot of big events. That’s why I didn’t go last year; too much of a hassle. But I’ll still try my hand at getting tickets. I don’t think I even got to watch all of it live last year.

  • Thanks for doing this again guys but I wish you could expand it to more theaters. I live in south GA and while I drove to Birmingham AL to watch it the past 2 years I’m going to have to pass now. It makes no sense that the closet ones to me are all 8 hour round trips. Could you please add more locations in GA, AL, and FL? Why don’t you have one in Tallahasee FL?

    • They added another city to Florida this year, I still live in an urban area so I have to options that are both less then an hour away but I know which one to go to.

  • Hmm. I’m tempted to go. I’m in Columbus, OH and the theater where this is taking place for this city is about ten minutes from my house but…watching it on Twitch on my PC just seems so much more convenient.

  • Why is there no RI location this year? The theater last year was packed…

    • Totally agree!! I was there (Cinema World, Lincoln, RI) and it was full of PlayStation fans.. I think they had two RI locations last year actually.

      Such a disappointment that there’s no RI representation this year.

    • Really disappointed no RI locations as well. I went last year to the Showcase Warwick one and there was a good sized crown and I had a blast.

    • Who from RI is going up to Boston?

  • Crash Bandicoot HD collection maybe

  • Yayyyy at my town

  • I’m really disappointed it’s only for 17 and up I’m 16 about to turn 17, can an adult be accompanied with us?

  • Miami AND Ft. Lauderdale, and yet NOTHING on Florida’s east coast? No Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, or Naples? :(

  • Ya know… crazy thing… there’s a whole rest of Illinois that’s NOT IN CHICAGO?!

    • The Chicago area has a population of 10 million. All of Illinois has a population of 13 million. As someone who recently flew in to Chicago and drove to Moline, I can confirm there isn’t much outside of Chicago. Sorry, I grew up in a small town that was 5 hours from any major city. It sucks, but that’s why only Chicago got a showing this time.

  • From houston, didn’t go last year since cousin couldn’t get a ride. Was gonna take bro this year but he’ll be vusy. I’m still gonna go if I can in my cosplay

  • OneManArmyAndres

    Guatemala, plz!

  • I am looking forward to being at 1 of 2 locations, I am not sure where I will be at yet (PA or VA), but will be at one of the two locations on the 13th!

    • PA or VA. Sounds like you’re from Ohio? I was at the Pittsburgh region last year. Was first in line by default.

  • No Madison Wi?

  • Went the last 2 years and it was a blast. I am excited you are doing this again and hope to get tickets.

  • I think it is kinda dumb that there are two venues for New York City, but only one for Los Angeles. Aren’t a ton of tickets going to be swiped up by non-L.A. residents in town for E3? Not to mention there are millions and millions of residents in the county,.. so why treat L.A. like it is Hoboken when it comes to the number of seats made available?

    BTW, this event is shown to be played in Centruy City’s IMAX theater. There is only one IMAX room at that complex, so it isn’t as if Sony planned to reserve 2-3 rooms at that location. I’ll try and snag a ticket, but I’ll bet it will be almost impossible.

  • Can anyone confirm if you can order a ticket for yourself and someone else at the same time? I’d like to go with my girlfriend to this event, but I can’t remember if they allow you to do that.

    • In previous years, they allowed you to sign up and add a companion’s name to your ticket order. That’s how I’ve ordered tickets for my girlfriend and I for the previous years, I am sure it will be similar this year.

    • SlyCooperFan100

      Thank you for the confirmation! I hope the option will be there this year as well. Thanks again :3

  • Kinda disappointed that there is only one in Louisiana. Having one in Lafayette would be nice and not far. Don’t think I’ll make this year either.

  • Went the last 2 years, cant wait to go again this year.

  • Georgesville in Columbus OH is one of the worst in the city. I’d still go but wouldn’t be happy about it.

  • Wait, there’s a place in TImes Square that’s literally called “Playstation Theater” and yet you’re renting out the Regal down the street for this instead?

    • The PlayStation Theater is a concert venue not a movie theater, and its mostly standing room only.

  • And once again. ND is left out of special stuff like this.

  • Sad that there is not showings in North Dakota. Enjoyed going to it last year.

    • I know, I had a lot of fun last year and now I won’t be able to attend :(

      I wonder if they went with a different theater chain that’s not available here or something.

    • I went to Fargo last year with a few co-workers. It was a ton of fun! I am very upset(With my co-workers too), that we are not getting E3 this year. I was very looking forward to this. Please Sony, make a last second set up with Fargo North Dakota!

  • Any ideas on how to get in at the age of 16

  • Oooh nice, the showing in San Diego is super close to me! Never been before but here’s hoping I can snag a ticket…

  • and once again east coast Canada is ignored by a big event. It’s alright, Sony, EVERYONE forgets there is more Canada east of Quebec apparently.

    • Exist2Inspire02

      Next year will be your year East Coast Canada! Winnipeg finally got acknowledged so the East Coast can’t be too far away!

  • Nice I can drive hours east to Montreal or hours west to Toronto. Why would you not include Ottawa which is not exactly a small city (not even going to mention the whole capital thing)?

  • Nothing for Providence, RI?

  • Very excited for this.

  • Man I would love to do this, but I’m not traveling to San Francisco for it. Please add a Sacramento location next year!

  • Oh man, my girlfriend and I were getting worried that it wasn’t happening this year. It was so very great to see this news today! We’ve gone every year since the beginning and absolutely love the fact that you do this for your loyal fans and customers. We can’t make it to E3, but this is a fun event to go to and makes us feel a little special each year.

    We don’t get a whole lot of cool events in Alaska, so I really have to thank you for hosting an event in Alaska for the past three years. We sincerely appreciate it and look forward to it every year!

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