Smite on PS4 Launches May 31

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Smite on PS4 Launches May 31

It’s official –Smite, the world’s No. 1 action MOBA, will exit beta and launch May 31st on PS4.

Never heard of Smite? Wondering if it’s the right game for you? Here’s a quick quiz:

Do you like action? ✔
Do you like games that are easy to pick up, but tuned for competitive play?✔
Do you think most MOBAs look way too slow/boring/complicated? ✔
Do you think FREE is the perfect price?✔

If you said yes, you’re just like the 20+ million players who have entered the Battleground of the Gods.

In Smite, you become a God from ancient mythology like the mighty Zeus, Greek God of the Sky or the magical Kukulkan, the Mayan Serpent of the Nine Winds. Then it’s all on you to unleash your deity’s unique fighting style, legendary weapons, and earth-shattering powers to defeat your foes.

Smite pioneered – and perfected – the third-person perspective MOBA. Smite puts you into the heart of the action, not looking down at a tiny character or floating behind a lumbering oaf.

If you’re new to MOBAs, there’s no better game to start with than Smite.


Already, millions of PS4 gamers have tried Smite during our ongoing beta test. But if you haven’t played Smite since beta began, you might be surprised at what’s changed:

  • Doubled Frame Rate

  • Smite is now optimized at 60 FPS!

  • Divine Trophies

  • Show off your godly play with awesome Trophies.

  • New Game Modes

  • Our small-scale 5v5 Clash and Siege modes are a great, streamlined introduction to MOBA-style gameplay.

  • New Gods

  • We’ve added four new gods to Smite during beta, bringing our total count to 75.

  • Activity Feed

  • Let all your friends know when you master a God, earn an award, or hit max level.

    SMITE on PS4

    While this may seem like a lot of change for a beta, frequent and free updates are a way of life for Smite: We introduce new content every two-to-three weeks, year-round. There’s always something new awaiting you in the Battleground of the Gods, like our Viking Invasion event starting next week.

    We want to thank our strong PS4 community and the hundreds of thousands of people who play Smite daily on the console. If you would like to become part of our community, follow Smite on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram – and you can unlock some free God skins while you’re at it.

    See you on the Battleground of the Gods, officially launching May 31st on PS4!

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    • As Colin says, MOBAs are best played on home consoles. Can’t wait to try this one out.

      • It’s been in open beta for weeks. You can grab it now if you want. I’ve been playing for months since the alpha

      • Yo e jugado No Man’s Sky en PC, y e esperado ansioso durante mucho tiempo a que lo sacaran en la PS4, porque sabía que lo hivan a sacar.
        Y cuando vi el Twitt de Hi-Rez Studios con el link de obtención de la beta, no tarde ni un milisegundo en darle al link. Y dios…, dios mío, es increíble, la jugabilidad, los gráficos, todo, todo es increíble.
        Gracias Hi-Rez Studios, y también gracias a PlayStation por dar la oportunidad a este juego.

      • luisbep779

        So I could be wrong, my spanish is quite rusty, but I think the jist is that with No Man’s Sky being delayed, you are thanking Hi-Rez Studios for releasing a game that’s fun to play while you wait for No Man’s Sky to come out. You tried the Beta you think it’s incredible.

        I know I could have google translate and get a better idea, but where’s the fun in that? In order to get a language to stick you need to struggle to read it every once in a while. Like the sentiment.

        Now I personally can’t wait for trophies on Smite. I’ve played a decent amount, but trophies will be nice to earn. I already paid them $15 for all the gods when they had that season passy thing on sale. Can’t wait to get back into the fray again in a few days and give Skadi a try.

    • Will we keep our levels and what not??

    • I am really suspicious of any game that is F2P (basically means crap game with crap game design with sole purpose of game design to frustrate players into buying in-game currency to get past loot grind obstacles)

      But I think I will make an exception and give this game a chance and try it out.

      • Just like LoL is a f2p Moba which is the most viewed game on twitch at almost all times. I’d understand stand if this was a f2p mmo rpg. Moba’s are completely different do research and watch people play that know how to play before just jumping in.

      • Then you have a real problem, considering several F2P games are some of the best games available to you. Warframe trumps several contenders in the third person action genre, and it’s free! It looks like it has a multi-million dollar budget as well, making several premium priced games look shoddy by comparison.

        Smite is no different. It’s a solid MOBA in the F2P arena. The difference is F2P games allow you to buy additional content and tailor the experience to you. You don’t want to pay a premium price for dozens of characters you have no interest in? That’s fine, pay for the ones you DO want!

      • Have you played WarThunder, Planetside 2? they are two amazing f2p games that I’ve been playing since day one and not spent a penny on them and they have major updates all the time with so much new content same with Smite. Try before you have negative thoughts about ftp. Games like this get the ftp model right because they make a great game for all and you want to only spend money to say thanks(i’ll be doing soon) some f2p are just grind fests or really bad at getting it right but these 3 games are different.

      • F2P means nothing. It literally means nothing. Other than you don’t have to be a PS+ subscriber to play online that is.

        The real cost of Smite is $30. That’s how much it costs to buy all the gods. You can buy some for a few $ here and there, you can grind for gods, (playing every day you can get a god a week probably) and if you then buy all the gods, you get refunded what you spent on the gods.

        There are $60 games that aren’t as fun and enjoyable as this game is. $30 is a steal, I was hugely skeptical when they had the $30 all gods pass for $15.

        Where they get their monetization from in reality, is goofy stuff.

        Squirrel god Rattatoskr dresses up as Fenrir.

        Ra the Egyptian Sun God being dressed up as an American Bald Eagle in Red White and Blue…

        Something with a name like Yacumama being a little baby sized rapper/gang outfit sort of thing.

        paying $60 for a game often times doesn’t get you as much fun as I’ve gotten out of Smite for free, and then $15 on a sale.

    • Gotta love Hi-Rez Studios and their free-to-play concept. Smite on PS4 will be great! Can’t wait.

      • @LeandroDiFini you didn’t read the article you don’t have to wait till the end of the month to play. You can start playing now lol.

    • Awesome i played this on pc and looks great the best thing is that we can import our accounts from pc :D

    • Loving Smite since I started a few weeks ago. Anyword on clans coming to consoles? It can be hard when you don’t know a lot of people playing to get groups together to play. This could be really benificial for the game.

    • i knew once they added trophies with that last patch it wasn’t far off.

    • I had no idea we were still in beta. What’s going to change?

      • I didn’t know this was in beta either, I’ve been playing it for weeks lol.

      • Yea I’ve been playing since closed alpha and didn’t know it was still in beta until last week. I guess Sony still want it in Beta to test servers etc

      • It doesn’t have much to do with anything Sony related. I can guarantee you that.

        It was in Beta because they were trying to build up their confidence before they said “Yeah we think we worked out enough of the kinks and can consider it a full game”

        If Sony was involved in any way I’m guessing it was for Trophy purposes since you can’t release a game without trophies anymore.

      • wraithslayer101

        to be honest, i have been playing since the closed beta and it feels like the games been out for a long time now.

    • My god! 75 gods thats crazy !

    • Gave the game a try on PC a while back because of a promo code in loot crate. Wasn’t a huge fan, nor was I even certain who was on my team or the enemy’s. Might give it another shot on PS4 (I hated Diablo 3 on PC but loved it on console so maybe MOBAs would be the same for me).

      • Honestly I started on PS4, but jumped on to PC for a bit to try it. The WASD controls didn’t feel right, but I played enough to move some easy XP and some PC exclusive skins over to my PS4 account.

      • Yeah give it a try. Somertimes controllers just give a tactile feedback that keyboard and mouse misses.

        In a game like Final Fantasy XIV I almost never have a problem avoiding attacks unless there’s a lot of lag. Mostly because you get used to deadzones on the controller and you get the hang of moving just enough that you can duck between the tiny gap in 5 AoE attack ground circle targets and feel like a boss coming out unscathed from several large glorious attacks while still keeping up a rotation.

        If you’re not used to PC controls, if you haven’t been using them long enough they feel kinda alien. I would generally jump back and fourth between PC and Console, PC and Console. Did it all the time. sometimes still do it.

        In my opinion aiming is superior on PC, but analog movement is better on Console.

      • Gave it a shot, still not a fan of the game type itself. that plus the fact that my thanatos skin didn’t carry over from PC to PS4 apparently. oh well.not everyone is going to enjoy every game.

    • I’ve never really looked into this game, but it seems awesome. Can’t wait to try it out!

    • can I still play I it are do I have to buy the game what dose this mean the end of smite for ps4?????

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